Juiced Bikes OceanCurrent Review

Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Electric Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 500 Watt 8fun Motor
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 48 Volt Battery
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Comfortable Cruiser Handlebar
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Trigger Throttle Led Console Display
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 180 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Plastic Chain Guide
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Motor Cable Cassette Torque Sensor
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 8 Speed Shimano Acera
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Step Thru
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current 500 Watt Planetary Geared Hub Motor
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Removable Downtube Battery Step Thru
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Rubber Grips Low Step Frame
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Shimano Revo Grip Shifter
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Rigid Alloy Fork
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Kickstand Wellgo Platformpedals
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Velo Comfort Saddle
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current High Definition Hall Sensor Tmm4 Torque Sensor
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Kenda Small Block Eight Tires
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Electric Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 500 Watt 8fun Motor
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 48 Volt Battery
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Comfortable Cruiser Handlebar
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Trigger Throttle Led Console Display
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 180 Mm Mechanical Disc Brake
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Plastic Chain Guide
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Motor Cable Cassette Torque Sensor
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent 8 Speed Shimano Acera
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Step Thru
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current 500 Watt Planetary Geared Hub Motor
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Removable Downtube Battery Step Thru
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Rubber Grips Low Step Frame
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Shimano Revo Grip Shifter
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Rigid Alloy Fork
Juiced Bikes Oceancurrent Kickstand Wellgo Platformpedals
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Velo Comfort Saddle
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current High Definition Hall Sensor Tmm4 Torque Sensor
Juiced Bikes Ocean Current Kenda Small Block Eight Tires


  • An affordable high-speed cruiser electric bike, available in traditional cantilever high-step or relaxed mid-step for easy mounting, choice of five fun colors including traditional black or red
  • Excellent frame balance, the downtube battery keeps weight low and center, the compact hub motor blends in and offers immediate throttle on demand power as well as torque sensing assist
  • Impressive low price, you can find the OceanCurrent at some dealers to test ride or order online, optional rack and fender set adds utility, solid Wellgo pedals and plastic chain guide
  • Decent mechanical disc brakes, externally routed cables don't look as nice but are easier to work with, limited readouts on the LED display panel vs. LCD computer

Video Review



Juiced Bikes





Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Cruising

Electric Bike Class:

Speed Pedelec (Class 3)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Battery, 2 Year Mechanical, Lifetime Frame


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

51 lbs (23.13 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.5 lbs (2.49 kg) (6.9 for 10.4 Ah)

Motor Weight:

8.4 lbs (3.81 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

18 in (45.72 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

Step-Thru: 18" Seat Tube, 25.5" Reach, 23" Stand Over Height, 76" Length, Cantilever High-Step: 18" Seat Tube, 25.5" Reach, 29" Stand Over Height, 76" Length

Frame Types:

High-Step, Mid-Step

Frame Colors:

Gloss Sea Foam, Gloss Greenery, Flat Black, Gloss Red, Matte Army Green

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Aluminum Alloy, 9 mm Axle with Nuts

Frame Rear Details:

10 mm Threaded Axle with Nuts

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

8 Speed 1x8 Shimano Acera Derailleur, 11-32T Cassette

Shifter Details:

Shimano Revo Grip Shifter on Right


Prowheel Forged Alloy, 170 mm Length, 48 Tooth Chainring, Plastic Chain Guide


Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform


Neco, Threaded 1-1/8"


Frank Alloy, Quill, 180 mm Height, 100 mm Length


Frank Alloy, Cruiser, 27" Length

Brake Details:

Shimano BR-M375 Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotor in Front, 160 mm Rotor in Back, Wuxing Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Flat Rubber


Velo Comfort

Seat Post:

Promax Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Double Wall, 36 Hole, Flat Black


Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge Rear Spokes, 13 Gauge Front Spokes, Silver with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Kenda Small Block Eight, 26" x 2.35"

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

30 to 50 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Optional 20 mph Speed Limiter for Class 2 (Canada, Australia), Optional 8 Amp Quick Charger from Grin Technologies ($299)


Locking Removable Battery Pack, 1.7 lb 2 Amp Charger, 15 Amp Controller Output

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

720 watts

Battery Brand:

Samsung or LG

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

8.8 ah (Optional 10.4)

Battery Watt Hours:

422.4 wh (Optional 499.2)

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

20 miles (32 km)

Estimated Max Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Display Type:

King Meter, Fixed LED Console


Battery Level (5 Dots), Assist Level (Eco, 1-4, Sport)

Display Accessories:

Sport Button (Jumps to Highest Power), 5 Volt Standard USB Port on Battery

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (TMM4 Torque Sensor, High Definition Hall Cadence Sensor)

Top Speed:

24 mph (39 kph)(Optional 20 mph Limit with LCD)

Written Review

Juiced Bikes, which used to be called Juiced Riders, is an electric bike company with humble origins and a wicked smart founder. Tora, who helped me with this review, is a former Olympic athlete, multi-language speaking, mechanical engineer, businessman who bounces between Asia and the US to create products like the OceanCurrent we see here. It’s a cruiser style electric bicycle with balanced mid-frame battery, high-speed operation, and pedal assist plus throttle override modes. Many other cruisers in the space have heavy rack-mounted batteries that cause frame flex or feature mid-drive motors that often lack throttle mode. And all of them tend to cost more. Tora describes the Ocean Current cruiser as sporty, which isn’t what you’d expect from a beach cruiser. The large saddle, swept-back bars, and fat tires are all present as expected, but the zippy motor and responsive frame set it apart. It’s a unique take on the category and I thoroughly enjoyed the test ride. One the one hand, it feels like Juiced Bikes tried to do everything with this model… but then again, it doesn’t come standard with fenders or a rear rack (they do offer some basic aftermarket options that are guaranteed to fit for a little extra money). And there are no lights here. What the Ocean Curren lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for with an extremely low price. And it’s not just an online bike, many shops actually carry this thing! That’s especially useful considering the one-size frame that comes in either cantilever high-step or easier to approach mid-step wave. The bikes are not overly heavy like some other cruisers but the frames are completely rigid, all-Aluminum with a solid fork. At high-speed, they feel steady and solid, in part thanks to the oversized spokes, but they can also pass the bumps of the road through to your body. Consider a seat post suspension to smooth out the ride but note that it will raise the minimum seat height about three inches, which could be too much for petite riders, padded grips might be another comfort option.

Driving the bike is a 500-watt nominal, 720-watt peak, planetary geared hub motor. It’s compact and well supported in the rear wheel with thick 12 gauge spokes. You can really hear it zipping in the video review above as I near the 28 mph top assisted speed in Sport mode… but later on, when riding in the lower three levels of assist, it operates much quieter. Geared hub motors tend to be light and compact, freewheel when coasting and open to throttle operation (as we see here) but aren’t as powerful when starting at low speed. You’ll need to pedal a bit if you weigh more or are starting on an incline. And this is where the advanced torque + cadence sensor comes in. Rather than relying on one type of sensor, Juiced Bikes has combined two to create a fluid feel. It was one of the better pedal assist setups that I have ever seen. Having used TMM4 sensors only, and cadence sensors only… this combination was both quick and less tiring than some competing offerings. And the motor operates completely separate from the drivetrain that you pedal through. That means, there’s less wear happening when you shift gears and the bike can work even if the chain falls off or the pedals get broken somehow. That shouldn’t be an issue however because the chainring has a plastic guide to keep the chain on track and your pants or dress clear and clean. With an eight-speed mid-level Shimano Acera drivetrain, the bike offers a good enough range to climb or accelerate with. Note the larger 48 tooth chainring that slows the cadence, allowing you to pedal comfortably above 20 mph. One vulnerability with the motor is that its power cable protrudes through the right axle. This is also where the shifter cable is passing by. Be careful not to snag or bend those wires, if the bike tips to the right side for example. One mixed thing about the bike is that most of the cables are tacked onto the frame vs. routed through as seen on more expensive bikes. Mechanics appreciate this because it makes service easier (and it can actually make shifting easier if the cables don’t bend as much when going through the frame) but it also doesn’t look as clean and could snag your clothes more readily.

Powering the motor is a 48 volt 8.8 amp hour battery pack. The design is sleek but not as hidden as fully-integrated batteries on the most expensive polished electric bicycles. It brings weight down and forward, balancing out the motor, and allows the top tube on the step-thru model to be lower making it easier to mount. The default battery can be upgraded for even higher capacity if you plan to ride further or use more energy hauling a heavier load. Notice how the black battery casing matches the saddle, bars, grips and fork. I was a little surprised that the forks are all painted black vs. matching the bright fun colors of the frame… but it probably saves money and does blend well enough. Anyway, the battery can be charged on or off the bike and automatically locks when pressed into place. There’s a lever on the left side that pulls out in order to unclip the pack (once the locking core is unlocked) and I found that this lever is useful as a handle to carry it around. Lithium-ion batteries like this tend ot last a long time and offer a good weight to power ratio. The battery is the single most expensive part of the bike so make sure you order the appropriate size the first time. The larger packs don’t add much weight and will tend to last longer as they may not be fully cycled with each ride. Store your battery in a cool, dry location and keep it at ~80% if you plan to not use it for a month or two.

Operating the OceanCurrent is quick and easy. Some of the older ebikes required a two-step on/off process where you’d insert and turn the key or press a power button on the pack before pressing a second button on the display… but that’s not the case here. Once the battery is mounted and charged, just press the power button on the LED control panel. This panel is compact and simple, likely costing less, but mounted close enough to the left grip that it can be reached while riding. It controls the level of pedal assist being put out which influences how fast the bike will go. I tend to enjoy the lower three levels but appreciate that there’s also a Boost button which jumps up to the highest level with just one press. This is useful for passing other riders or ascending inclines. And at any time, you can press the variable-speed trigger throttle for extra power up to 20 mph. It is also very easy to reach and I find the design to be intuitive… but a little dangerous. I don’t mean to freak you out… but once the bike is on, this throttle is active even at standstill. If you bump it while moving the bike or getting on, the motor will kick in and potentially startle you. For this reason, the motor inhibitors brake levers are especially useful and warranted. Any time that either one of the levers is pulled, all of the motor systems will be stopped (or prevented from starting). So the display shows you a rough indication for how full the battery is (five dots) as well as the six levels of assist. There’s no easy way to tell how fast the bike is traveling, how far you’ve gone, what time it is etc. unless you pay a bit more for the optional LCD panel that Juiced Bikes sells. it’s great to have choice, and I suppose they prevent waste for people who don’t want the distraction of an LCD… and the LCD option is not removable so it could attract unwanted attention and get scratched up in some situations. One complaint with either display and control system is that people can tamper with this bike fairly easily. They could turn it on and press the throttle even while the bike is locked to a rack, and this could spin the rear tire or cause other damage. It’s a good reason to consider bringing the 5.5+ lb battery with you when parking.

All things considered, I was very impressed with the OceanCurrent and appreciate how it balances comfort, an upright body position, and low price with a solid, sporty feel. You don’t get a whole range of sizes but the mid-step frame is adjustable enough to comfortably fit a range of riders and the high-step is very solid and stiff compared to other larger cruisers with rear-rack batteries. I love how the drive systems are integrated and more hidden and well protected here. It’s a bike that you might be able to find and test ride through a dealer who could offer proper assembly, fitting and accessorizing… or you could get one online. To me, even though this is a cheaper product, I don’t view Juiced Bikes as a low-end brand. Their team is smart, hard working and connected to the source. They have more visibility into what is actually being produced and delivered than some of the marketing folks at larger companies. It’s not perfect, you do sacrifice some comfort and get raw power and throttle operation that other companies might purposefully avoid, but for those who are seeking something a bit more… this thing really delivers. Big thanks to Tora, Rich and the rest of the team for partnering with me on this post and meeting me in Irvine, California for the test rides. I welcome owners and shops to chime in here on their experiences with assembly and longevity of the product.


  • Five color choices and two frame styles, the step-thru “mid step” model felt stiff and sturdy vs. flexy like a lot of other cruisers, I love that the high-step cantilever frame had room for bottle cage bosses on the seat tube
  • The downtube mounted battery keeps weight low and improves balance on the OceanCurrent compared to a lot of other cruisers with rear-rack batteries
  • The price is excellent and Juiced Bikes are available through some ebike shops so you can actually test ride them before purchase (and know that they have been built properly), this is also a great time to compare other bikes and get feedback on quality from dealers
  • I was impressed with the eight-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, it’s perfect for neighborhood riding up to 20 mph and a step up in quality from many other value ebikes that use Shimano Tourney
  • There’s a plastic guide on the chainring that keeps your pants from getting snagged and dirty while also preventing chain drops, this is especially important when riding on bumpy terrain and in throttle mode but a lot of ebikes don’t offer it
  • Large, stiff, grippy alloy pedals from Wellgo, these are some of my favorite pedals for low-mid level ebikes and they come standard
  • The rear portion of the frame is setup to work with an aftermarket rack but Juiced Bikes offers their own rack and fender accessories that are guaranteed to fit
  • Advanced pedal assist sensors measure your pedal torque and speed so the bike responds better than just torque or just cadence, I love that the throttle can be used to override assist at any time (to climb or catch up with a friend perhaps)
  • Very few cruiser style e-bikes offer the Class-3 speeds, the Ocean Current can reach ~27 mph in the highest levels of assist or you can limit it down near 20 mph by using the lower levels
  • Solid warranty coverage with a long history of building and selling electric bicycles in the USA, you get a year on the electronics, two years on most of the bike parts and lifetime on the frame
  • High charge and discharge rate on the battery cells, optional larger battery packs for increased range (which fits on both the high-step and step-thru)
  • The battery slides in from the side so it won’t bonk the tubing above and allows the sloped downtube on the mid-step frame to be lower, I like that the locking core on the battery pack is spring loaded so you can click the battery in without the key
  • Thicker spokes, front and rear, which helps to support heavier loads and the added forces of a powerful motor and high-speed operation
  • Both brake levers have a motor inhibitor cutoff switch, anytime you pull the brakes, even if the throttle or pedal assist is active, the motor will shut down for safety
  • The electronic systems are all modular and use water-tight connectors, that means it’s easier to replace the display or throttle if they get damaged but they should hold up well against the elements
  • The cockpit is really clean, the grip shifter is intuitive and seamless compared to trigger shifters (though it’s not as fast and requires more effort), there’s room for a cup holder, speaker mount or phone mount up there


  • The 2.35″ tires, comfort saddle, and long cruiser bars reduce vibration somewhat but the all-Aluminum frame and fork feel a bit rigid and stiff, consider adding a 27.2 mm seat post suspension but keep in mind it will raise the minimum saddle height
  • The display is pretty basic, you get five dots for battery level and a readout for assist level but no speed, odometer or trip stats as you would with an LCD, the good news is that the systems turn on quickly with just one step vs. older systems that required the battery to be turned on separately, Juiced Bikes does offer an aftermarket LCD display for those who really want the extra information
  • Mechanical disc brakes get the job done but aren’t as powerful or easy to actuate as hydraulic, the levers aren’t adjustable reach so people have to adapt more… but for this price, they aren’t bad at all
  • The black fork, battery pack, chainring, stem, handlebar and seat all match but aren’t as seamless as if the battery were completely in-frame or the fork was color matched
  • The kickstand is mounted near the bottom bracket and gets in the way of the left crank arm if you pedal backward (to turn the chain) while it’s deployed, I prefer rear-mounted kicksdtands
  • Shifter cables, brake lines and electronic wiring is routed externally which doesn’t look as nice and can snag easier, the motor power cable is vulnerable to bending if the frame tips to the right
  • Sometimes the thicker spokes can come loose over time as the bike experiences vibration,
    consider working with a shop and using Loctite to keep them trued
  • I didn’t see a slap guard on the right chainstay which means you could see chips there over time if you ride on rough terrain, consider using a clear piece of masking tape or buying a neoprene cover like this
  • Since the throttle is always active when the bike is on, it’s easy to accidentally bump it and have the bike lurch forward, I’ve had this happen when parking and loading ebikes before so be careful
  • The bike is easy to turn on but can be tampered with by third parties, they could press the throttle and spin the rear wheel if you leave the battery mounted while parked at a rack for example
  • Despite the presence of a standard sized USB port near the right top corner of the battery pack, I’m told that it is unpowered… If yours works, consider getting a right-angle USB adapter to keep wires out of your way when pedaling


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Comments (20) YouTube Comments

7 years ago

I just got this bike, and it now has a kickstand that is rear mounted, and does not collide with the pedals.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Sweet… Juiced Bikes is one of those companies that makes little improvements throughout the year. I appreciate you chiming in with this to help others and I hope it performs great for you :D

7 years ago

I got this bike to commute to work (36 miles) because I injured my shoulder and I couldnt ride on my xtreme baja ebike for such a long distance. It’s being great, easy to ride and very comfortable and fun. The battery is a plus because I don’t need to charge.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Cool, glad to hear that you’re enjoying it Rey! The frame and tires on the OceanCurrent do appear more comfortable than the xtreme but I have never tested one of their products before. It also sounds like the Juiced Bikes battery is lasting longer than the xtreme, maybe it offers a higher capacity?

Rey Souza
7 years ago

Yes It does. Baja 36V 8amp and Ocean 48v 12.8 amp. Huge difference. I’m able to commute 36 miles to work without charging with plenty of juice at the end of the day. You review once a bike very similar to Xtreme Baja here.
I want to thank you very much for your reviews and website. You have being my Ebike guru, I really appreciate. Much Peace and Success!!!

6 years ago

This is the most fun bike that I have ever owned. I love the swept back handlebars that provide for an upright and relaxed seating position. The tires are thick enough to comfortably go over most bumps, cracks, and gravel that you would encounter on an average city/suburban commute. As always, Juiced Bikes come with torque sensing pedal assist that I find much more superior to cadence sensing pedal assist. A few modifications that I have made:

  1. I swapped out the seat to a Cloud 9 for added comfort
  2. I added a rear view mirror and front and rear lights
  3. I added a Thule bike seat in which the base attaches to the bike seat tube. The initial reason that I got into e-bikes is so that I can take my toddler around town more easily, particularly when going up some of the steeper hills in our area

The throttle system did make me a bit paranoid because you can activate it from an idle position if the brakes are not pressed. I worried about accidentally activating it while at a busy intersection, particularly if I am with my kid. I therefore had the bike store owners deactivate the throttle system for me prior to buying it just for added peace of mind.

With the addition of the bike seat, I no longer have a place to attach a water bottle cage. This doesn’t bother me too much since I usually ride around with a backpack anyway, but to some people this may be a problem.

Overall if you are looking for a comfortable electric bike that is suited for both cruising around town and commuting in areas that are mostly paved, this is an incredible bike for the price.

6 years ago

That’s wonderful Alok! Glad that you and your child are getting out for some fun rides this summer. I appreciate the tips about modifications. Perhaps you could add a cup holder adapter to the handlebar to bring a drink along? The longer bars seem to have plenty of room towards the middle. Glad to hear that the shop was able to help you disable the throttle for peace of mind. It seems like many times you can simply unplug the throttle and then even take it off and replace the stock grips if you want. Down the road, if you want to experiment with the throttle, you can simply plug it back in.

6 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep in mind the throttle for down the road and the cup holder adapter can definitely come in handy during my weekend coffee runs!

6 years ago

You mentioned an upgraded LCD panel option, but the only one I see on their website is not compatible with the Ocean Current model. Are you able to point us toward the one you were referring to?

6 years ago

Hi Eric, I’m not sure if Juiced went that route after all. This review was shot quite a while back and I was sharing information that Tora gave me. It’s possible that something changed or maybe they don’t sell the option anymore. I can’t say for sure but would love to hear back from you if you figure it out. Juiced is a nimble company and I’ve seen changes and delays in the past based on supply chain. I’m only guessing at this point and cannot really say for sure :(

6 years ago

I bought an OceanCurrent 1 year ago. It seems to have been a lemon. The brakes never worked well. They either rubbed too much or had too little friction causing some near miss accidents. The electric motor occasionally stopped working leaving me without power while peddling in the street. At other times, it randomly accelerated without me trying. The gears stopped working months ago, so I essentially now have a 1 speed bike. The electric motor no longer works. It simply turns off after about 1 minute. At first, Juiced Bikes responded to my requests for help by sending the same rudimentary videos that I had watched already. They are now totally unresponsive, and I have zero technical support. My bike is useless and the company that sold it has disappeared.

6 years ago

Ouch, thanks for sharing this experience with the rest of us, Josh. I’m bummed to hear that you’ve been left without a lot of solutions. Sounds like you keep making the best of it… I hope your next model works a little better and holds up longer.

Brent Ecton
5 years ago

Is this bike still available from Juiced? I cannot find it on their website?

5 years ago

Hi Brent! It seems like Juiced has updated their line a lot in recent years and I’m not sure about the OceanCurrent. They haven’t been in touch with EBR for new reviews, but I do plan on reaching out shortly to get an answer about this for you and ask about their new stuff. Hopefully we can get some updates ;)

5 years ago

Thanks so much for replying Court. Yeah I really liked your review of the OceanCurrent, it seemed like such a great design, quality product and affordable price. This would be my first e-bike and I’m getting older and have a lot of pain issues with my neck and shoulders so I need and upright cruiser type bike. Do you know of any others of this quality and price range that you can recommend?
thanks again for your time

5 years ago

This bike would be fine if it had a company behind it with a shred of integrity. Mine had an electrical fire and I spent the next half a year fighting for them to honor warranty. They sent four shipments of (sometimes dangerously faulty) parts and took weeks for email replies. Eventually they were able to find an authorized repair service that got this dumpster fire rolling again. If they hadn’t sneakily downgraded the battery it may have billowed black smoke all over again. But I would at least like the extra money I payed for a 12ah battery to be sent back. They sold out their whole stock of this model; at least that’s the excuse they used to get out of replacing my defective bike. I cannot imagine a better reason to get a replacement too! Remember kids, buy in installments on credit.

5 years ago

Oh man!! That’s such a bummer, so sorry to hear this Dylan. I’m glad you’re safe, especially with the electrical fire situation. I feel like Juiced has been working hard on their business model, trying to nail down the coolest bikes at the best prices. I’ve seen Tora’s videos in Asia at the factories. They work hard… and we’ve tried to cover some of the newer ones, but they haven’t been available. Maybe their hands are just full, and maybe it’s for the best since I tend to dig deep and provide an open forum of comments here. I just hope that you and others are safe and that you can find a better ebike in the future :/

5 years ago

Hi Court, Thanks for saying that. I try to be understanding of this kind of thing. The odds are that this could happen to anyone but probably few, how few is in the hands of qc. Coming from manufacturing I know how hard it can be to deal with supplier issues. They ought to double down on a solid RMA department. I wouldn’t have been nearly as upset if their business ethics were better, it costs money but it’s right.

I made the decision for my purchase based on price and reassured myself that the warranty made it worth it. The restocking fee and two week return window should have been red flags for me. There’s just no knowing what the customer service will be like until after the fact.

Ride safe,

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