Juiced Bikes ODK U500 V3 Review

Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Electric Cargo Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Gearless Front Hub Drive Motor
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Extra Long Rear Rack Mounting Platform
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Riser Bars Twist Throttle
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Sram Gri Shifter Led Control Panel
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Front View Plastic Fenders
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Panasonic Large Battery Pack
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Sram I 3 Internal Hub
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Prowheel Cranks Adjustable Kickstand
Juiced Riders Odk V3
Juiced Riders Odk V3 500 Watt Motor
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Battery And Light
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Controller Shifter
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Rear Rack
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Electric Cargo Bike Review
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Gearless Front Hub Drive Motor
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Extra Long Rear Rack Mounting Platform
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Riser Bars Twist Throttle
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Sram Gri Shifter Led Control Panel
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Front View Plastic Fenders
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Panasonic Large Battery Pack
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Sram I 3 Internal Hub
Juiced Bikes Odk U500 V3 Prowheel Cranks Adjustable Kickstand
Juiced Riders Odk V3
Juiced Riders Odk V3 500 Watt Motor
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Battery And Light
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Controller Shifter
Juiced Riders Odk V3 Rear Rack


  • A sturdy, high torque, cargo style electric bike with enormous range thanks to a 48 volt 15 amp hour battery pack with premium Panasonic Lithium-ion cells
  • Powerful 500 watt internally geared front hub motor by 8Fun, benefits from a smaller wheel diameter for climbing and hauling, updated to start more smoothly and avoid spinning out
  • Oversized rear rack is welded directly onto frame and is compatible with a wide range of accessories (child seats, cargo baskets, platform seats), hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power under heavy load
  • Three speed internally geared hub makes shifting at stop possible, fenders keep you clean and dry, battery does not easily detach for charging or reducing weight (65 lb total bike weight with pack), no suspension, basic LED console with limited readouts

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Juiced Riders




$1,995 ($2,500 for 23 ah Battery, $3,199 for 32 ah Battery)

Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Urban, Cargo

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Frame, 1 Year Battery


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

67 lbs (30.39 kg)

Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

16 in (40.64 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

70.2” x 29” x 44” (178 cm x 73 cm x 112 cm), 17" Stand Over Height, 20" Reach

Frame Types:

Step-Thru, Cargo

Frame Colors:

Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Metallic Orange

Frame Fork Details:

JMF02 Steel, 6 mm Anti-Torque Dropouts, 10 mm Skewer

Frame Rear Details:

10 mm Skewer

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Front Basket Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

3 Speed 1x3 SRAM i-3 Internally Geared Rear Hub

Shifter Details:

SRAM i-3 Twist Grip on Left Bar


Prowheel ATIA, 52T Chainring, Metal Chain Guide


Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform




Promax 180 mm, Quill


High Rise Moto Style, 28" Length, 6" Height

Brake Details:

Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Tektro Dorado Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Velo Lock On


Velo Comfort, Wide

Seat Post:

Promax, Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

370 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

31.6 mm


Double Wall, 36 Hole


Front: 12G, Rear: 13G, Stainless with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Kenda, 20" x 2.125"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in (50.8cm)

Tire Details:

Extra Thick

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve, Extra Thick


Heavy Duty Welded Rear Rack, Plastic Fenders with Mud Guards, Spanninga Lineo Rear LED Light, USB Charging Port on Battery, Adjustable Side Kickstand, Five Cross Rear Rack, Chain Guide, Aluminum Alloy Chain Guide, (Optional Two-Legged Center Kickstand), Optional Front and Rear Baskets, Optional Cycle Analyst LCD Display


400 lb Maximum Weight Capacity, 2.5 Amp stock Charger, Optional Programmable Grinn Fast Charger

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

8Fun (Bafang BPM)

Motor Type:

Front-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

15 ah (Optional 23, 32)

Battery Watt Hours:

720 wh (Optional 1104, 1536)

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

30 miles (48 km)

Estimated Max Range:

100 miles (161 km)

Display Type:

LED Console on Left Bar


Battery Level (5 Dots), Cruise Control

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

The original Juiced Riders ODK U500 V3 review was done in fall of 2013 at Interbike and you can watch that video review here and see images in the gallery (they are the blue ones towards the end). Over the past two years the company has changed its name to Juiced Bikes and made some minor adjustments and improvements to the ODK U500 which is still in its third generation. The green images in the gallery show this newer model with those updates which include: the handle bar does not sweep back so much but still offers a six inch rise, the controller has been refined for smoother starts (to reduce spinning the front wheel), the brakes have been upgraded from mechanical to hydraulic for less effort in activation. And so, without further ado, here’s the written review.

The Juiced Riders ODK line of electric bikes offer unsurpassed cargo hauling capability. Whether you’ve got a child seat rack, storage box or insulated food storage container this bike will get the job done. The frame is custom designed with oversized tubing that’s welded at all points instead of bolted on. The weight is distributed fairly well and kept low to the ground thanks to 20″ wheels (as compared with traditional 26″ or 24″ wheels). Originally offering an entire kilowatt-hour of battery capacity at 48 volts, 23 amp hours and now offering three sizes at 15 ah, 23 ah and 32 ah, this bike can deliver excellent range. Hydraulic disc brakes make stopping a breeze, even with heavier loads, and the 500 watt motor makes starting again feel like no problem at all. By leveraging a three speed SRAM internally geared hub, the chain is kept tight and thus won’t fall off and you can switch gears even at standstill. It’s a focused offering that really delivers something special.

While I opened this review focused on the hauling strength of this bike, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for commuting or cruising. The soft seat is pretty comfortable and the upright body position puts less strain on the back and neck while keeping your head up and alert for other bikes and cars. Pedaling this bike feels pretty average, it’s not setup for racing and it doesn’t offer pedal assist. It’s really setup to drive and the twist throttle works great for this but could get tiresome on longer journeys. Thankfully, there’s a cruise control feature built into the display that you can press while holding the throttle to engage.

The ODK V3 is a relatively heavy bike. That’s due in large part to the big motor, enormous battery pack (that’s protected by a metal case) and oversized super-tough frame. This means that in order to move it effectively, a large motor was required. The 500 watt geared design they chose works very well and really helps to balance the weight of the bike out because it’s mounted in the front wheel. In some cases a front-mounted motor can seem vulnerable (adding stress to the dropouts, suspension and headset) but the fork on the ODK V3 does not use a shock and is reinforced very well with an extra long head tube. By keeping the motor up front, the rear hub is be freed up for use as a three speed pedaling hub which avoids the maintenance, wear and noise of a cassette. It also means you can change gears at rest, making the first few starting strokes much easier. The one concern I have about the hub motor is that the power cable protrudes from the end of the axle and might be vulnerable to snags or bends if the bike tips. Thankfully, the included kickstand feels solid and you can also upgrade to an even more stable double-leg design that splays very wide, making loading a lot easier as well.

The battery pack on this bike really steals the show. It offers 48 volts of power which is on the very high end along with 15 to 32 amp hours of capacity which is quite a bit more than other ebikes offer! This thing is custom designed and uses trusted Panasonic cells. Not only is it large, it’s well protected and feature rich. Built right into the aluminum casing is the charge port, a rear light and a female USB jack for charging your phone or other electronic device. I love that everything here is integrated! I wouldn’t mind if it had a headlight in addition to the rear brake light but that can easily be added later if required, even wired in with help from a shop as discussed in the video. One downside to this battery pack design is that it’s not easily removable. That could make charging at work or transporting the bike (which weighs nearly 70 lbs using the smallest battery) a bit arduous. thankfully, the pack is so large that most trips won’t require a half-way top off.

There are lots of little extras on this bike that really take it to the next level in my mind. The front and rear fenders work great, the chain guide doubles as a bash guard to protect the front ring from contact with curbs and other obstacles which is very nice considering the frame rides lower with the small wheels. The oversized disc brakes are almost required with large loads but the fact that they are hydraulic makes them easier to use and more responsive, the cruise control is neat and comes in very handy on long rides, the enormous kickstand stabilizes the bike and any attached racks very well, the double-thick tubes help avoid flats, the high quality Wellgo metal pedals are stiff and grippy and they even managed to add braze-ons for mounting a water bottle cage to the V3! This is wonderful in my opinion but try not to kick the cage since it’s exposed more with this low-step frame design.

This is one of the best electric powered cargo bikes that I’m aware of and the price is very reasonable considering the high end specs… Just under $2k! The founder of Juiced Riders is responsive and continuously improving the lineup (this is V3 after all) and should be available to address any questions or concerns that come up. The bike also comes with an amazing two year warranty which should put your mind at ease. Whether you’re interested in the bike for personal transportation and appreciate the ultra-high power and low-step design or you’re a food delivery person looking to make the ride easier for yourself, this would be a great choice.


  • Now offered with three battery pack sizes 48 volt 15 amp hour and 23 ah or 32 ah for maximum range, considering this is a throttle-only ebike, which tend to use more power than pedal assist, it’s impressive that you can still get up to 100 miles per charge with the largest battery option
  • Low center of gravity thanks to the smaller wheel diameter (which also tends to be stronger), the frame is easy to mount thanks to the step-thru design so it’s stable (the optional two-leg kickstand makes it easy to load)
  • Fairly well balanced front to rear since the battery is in the back and the hub motor is up front, the frame feels pretty stiff thanks to the extra tubing at the step-thru point
  • Tough metal chain guide on the chainring, helps to reduce chain drops and also protects the sprocket teeth if you come into contact with a curb or rock (more likely given the lower frame of the bike due to smaller wheels)
  • Beautiful custom front and rear basket options made by Ivan Stewart in San Diego, CA that are functional and light-weight, I like that the front basket is frame-mounted so it doesn’t impact steering
  • I LOVE that the bike includes a bottle cage mount on the downtube… there’s enough room to step-thru but be careful not to kick it since the design is a bit more exposed, consider a bar mounted cage and using the frame mount for a mini-pump to allow more space
  • It sounds like Juiced Riders will help to recycle your old battery or even give you a discount on a new one (perhaps by re-packing the shell)
  • Extra thick tires and tubes are designed to be durable, more thorn resistant and longer lasting than basic bike tires but they do add a bit of weight
  • This electric cargo bike is rated for 400 pounds (passenger and cargo combined), the rear rack provides numerous top mounting points that work seamlessly with the Yepp child seat, mobile food boxes, seat pads, the official Yuba baskets, a passenger seat and other accessories
  • The cargo rack area also features side-mounted narrow gauge tubing for use with standard bicycle panniers that clip on and there’s a hook point below to keep them secure
  • Ultra durable aluminum alloy battery box is protected on all sides by the rear rack in case the bike tips or you lean it against a wall, note that the motor cable is a bit exposed and vulnerable on the side
  • Internal SRAM hub gear can be shifted from standstill which is helpful when hauling large loads, having to stop and start (especially when climbing)
  • Solid Welgo platform pedals, high end Tektro ebike brakes (with motor inhibitors to reduce accidents and offer you control) and quality fenders that match and don’t rattle
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are easy to activate without using so much hand strength, I find that they are also very smooth and responsive vs. mechanical
  • Built in “cruise control” button on the display panel allows for twist-free riding over long distances, helping to reduce strain and fatigue


  • This is a sturdy bike but it doesn’t offer a lot of extra cushion aside from the oversized saddle and can thus feel jarring at high speed when the road or sidewalk gets rough (smaller wheel diameter, rigid fork feel hard)
  • The stock LED console is pretty basic, doesn’t list your speed, odometer, trip distance, precision battery level or other nice details the way an LCD does but you can upgrade to a Cycle Analyst LCD if you’d like
  • Because the battery is more permanently fixed to the frame it’s not easy to take off for charging separately or reducing weight when you want to transport the bike
  • Twist throttle only operation, you don’t get pedal assist here but there is a cruise control feature to reduce wrist fatigue
  • The wires on this bike aren’t internally routed and don’t look as nice as some of the other ebikes around (they are just run below the downtube) and can get even messier if you add your own aftermarket lights and accessories
  • It’s not easy to pop the front wheel up curbs on this bike because of the heavy hub motor, I tried to do this (and made it barely) but kind of got bounced off and cut my shin… so be careful ;)
  • A rear light is included but you must buy and mount a separate front light and power it independently (though it is possible to wire it into the main battery along with other electronics as shown in the video, like a USB hub for speakers or charging your phone, mp3 player etc.)


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3 years ago

This new version is actually retailing for $3,199 , not $2,199 as stated, and $1,000 more than last years model the ODk v2…

3 years ago

Hey Court,

Thanks for the quick fix on the price.



3 years ago

Is this bike a good choice for taller riders (6’4″)? thanks

Court Rye
3 years ago

Good question Kevin, it’s certainly one of the more powerful ebikes with a geared rear hub motor and 48 volt Lithium pack. If you were climbing big hills the three gears would provide decent enough range that you could help the bike out without straining the motor and heating the battery pack up (it would auto shut-off in that case to protect itself anyway). So power wise yeah, I think it would be fine for a taller (presumably heavier) rider. But the other question is really the fit and feel of the frame. This ebike only comes in one size to my knowledge and is designed with a more upright feel. The big soft seat and swept back handlebars make it easy to reach for even medium sized riders so it could feel a little short to you but because you will be upright, I bet it will feel fine.

The founder of Juiced Riders is a taller gentleman as I recall and he test rides these bikes relentlessly and really puts in a lot of care and attention. I’ll try to get him on here to answer your question more directly but my thoughts are that it would be fine for you and that most ebikes are going to feel a bit cramped. Adding a taller seat post could help to extend your legs and then positioning the handlebars pointed more up vs. in might also help.

3 years ago


Court Rye
3 years ago

Hi Kevin, here’s the official response from Juiced Riders, they also included some updated images which I’ve added to the Google+ album for the bike.

For the rider that is 6’4” will be at the upper end of the height range. But it should not be too much of an issue. If a taller seat height is needed, a longer seat post can be used. The adjustable handlebar stem is the longest available at 180mm. New for 2014 are taller handle bars were custom designed especially for the ODK platform. This setup will give a wider range for different body types.

The other thing to note is that the seat tube angle is quite relaxed compared to a mountain bike. The result is that the crank is more forward. In this situation, the seat does not need to be super high or super optimal position to be able to pedal comfortably.

Everything Court stated is correct. Additionally, we will offer the Cycle Analyst upgrade which lets you read the Voltage, Watts and exactly how many Ah drawn from the pack. Additionally, the 1000-Lum pack powered LED is now an upgrade (Grin Tech).

We have moved to a new facility and the additional space gives us the ability to do more customization and add upgrades to this cargo e-bike before shipping. The first of the production bikes will arrive just before the end of January 2014.

For the new pictures, notice the new taller handle bars customized for the ODK platform. The chain tensioner is gone, front accessory frame mounts added, lower minimum seat height, and new battery casing design with a darker color. Lots of minor changes add up for a cleaner final product.

3 years ago

I think you mentioned this both here and in your review of their 2013 model, but I just wanted to iterate how great the customer support from Juiced Riders is. After poking around on their website a bit, I had some questions and went ahead and submitted an email from their contact page. I received a detailed response in mere hours, and Tora kept up a prompt, informative email correspondence with me pretty much throughout the few weeks that I was researching and test-riding ebikes up and down the California coast in search of my “perfect” bike. By the time I placed my order for my ODK, I was very confident that I was not only getting a great bike, but that I was also buying from a company that would help me out if any problems arose.

Also, you have a great website here. Both your written and video reviews were incredibly helpful for me in my search. I started out with a google search on a whim, knowing almost nothing about electric bikes aside from the fact that they existed, and I ended up feeling like I was making a well-informed purchase a month later, largely thanks to this website. My ODK just arrived this afternoon, and I’m going to make it a point to keep an eye out for your reviews on upcoming ebikes in the future. Keep it up!

3 years ago

Any thoughts on how to adapt it to winter riding? I’m in Minnesota so that’s about half of the year here :)

2 years ago

You could decrease the latitude by about 15 degrees.

Court Rye
3 years ago

Hi Ian, great question… I’ve seen a few products designed to make riding in snow and ice easier. One of them is called Grip Studs, these are little metal spikes that you can screw into your tires to add traction. Another option is to add a ski to the front wheel of your bike but you might still need a grippier rear tire to make it work. Of course, you can always try regular stock studded 20″ tires for the ODK V3 before moving on to these more extreme solutions.

You’ll notice that the ski/board product I shared above is featured on a fat tire bike which is already somewhat optimized for snow and sand riding. The larger surface area provides improved grip and keeps the tires from sinking in and getting stuck on this kind of terrain. A bike like the Pedego Trail Tracker or Surface 604 Element Electric could be a good fit for your neck of the woods. They have a more limited range than the Juiced Riders bikes but are fairly comfortable and perform well enough on normal dry pavement surfaces.

3 years ago

I do a lot of riding on paved bike trails that advertise “no motor vehicles” on them. Do you think one could get away with using this bike on those kinds of trails going 20-30 mph as long as you slowed down when near other riders?

I personally would not have a problem with a rider on an electric bike going fast around me as long as they were respectful about it. I have never seen any kind of bike police around that would be able to enforce the signage so I do not think fines would be an issue, more the public opinion.

Just curious for your thoughts on this with regards to this model of e-bike since it’s more conspicuous with the huge battery pack!

Court Rye
3 years ago

Hi Ian! I understand your concern about riding on bike paths with the “no motorized vehicles” sign posted. There are paths like that where I live and I usually shut my bike off and pedal when using them. At the very least I’ll only use the motor to get up to speed and then shut it off. You may be risking legal action if an accident happens and you’re breaking the posted laws. I’m not a lawyer and really can’t offer professional advice but I hope this at least gives you a feel for how I behave. I also bought bicycle insurance in case something bad ever does happen (or the bike gets stolen). One other thing I do is ring my bell when passing other riders or pedestrians and I always slow down. My behavior changes a lot when riding on streets (I go faster and am more aggressive). Almost everyone I meet on the path responds to my ebike with interest and favor because I’m friendly and polite as I ride. I learned a lot about manners and right of way surfing in Northern California and I think respect goes a long way. It doesn’t matter so much what your bike looks like, people will just think it’s funky, it matters how you act :)

3 years ago

Hey, killer review! Do you think this bike can go up a 5% grade for 5 minutes?

Court Rye
3 years ago

Hi Walter, I reached out to Tora, the CEO of Juiced Riders and he provided the following answer for you “The bike can go up a 5% climb for 5 min with no problem. However like all bikes, the speed that it will go up the hill depends on the payload weight and some other factors. The battery will discharge about 18 Amps under this kind of incline and can sustain this level for over 1 hour. In fact, every battery is tested at 15 Amps for 1.5 hours before it leaves the factory!”

2 years ago

This bike is a candidate for my landscape photography legs and porter but I would like to hear other opinions on using it like that. Presently I use a mountain bike with a rack but it just doesn’t have the capacity. I would be hauling only perhaps ten or fifteen pounds of equipment but one of the pieces is a tripod, famous for nonportability, and a couple of medium sized cases together with some diversions such as books, tunes and games since landscape photography can be a waiting game. While the stuff isn’t heavy, it is bulky and needs sorting so the gear is at hand when needed. I like the design of the brute and can see using it recreationally which I can’t imagine with some of the other cargo bikes. I like the radio in one of the bike scooters, but an iPod would work, I guess. Perhaps a Pelican case could be screwed down to the rear rack. Any thoughts would be golden.

Court Rye
2 years ago

Sounds like a creative way to use this bike. The frame definitely feels sturdy and the battery pack is designed to get you excellent range. The drive system is very simple and the ride can be bumpy given the smaller wheel size but it offers a lot of utility. I’m sure you could mount a little bike speaker system or something and this one even has a USB port so you could run your phone or MP3 player off the bike battery :)

Jim W
2 years ago

I talked to Tora two weeks ago. He said that the price for the ODK version 3 with 48 V/15 Ah is $2,199; the cost for the 48 V/23 Ah is $2,499; and the cost for the 48 V/32 Ah (when it becomes available in the Fall in limited numbers) is $3,199. He said that since 2014 there was a tremendous price drop, so he is able to offer the prices I mentioned for 2015.

Court Rye
2 years ago

That’s awesome! Thanks for bringing this to light Jim. I’m excited to check out his new models (I saw a few updates at Interbike 2014 but have been holding to post until things are finalized).

2 years ago

I live in St.Augustine Florida and ordered the new ODK U 500 / V3 / 32ah with front basket from local dealer to be here in the fall , I would like to put a lg. heavy duty hard shell storage trunk with lock & key on the back of this bike.Please tell me where to get the best product to fit this bike. Thanks , Wayne

Court Rye
2 years ago

Hi Wayne! I spoke with the founder of Juiced Riders and he recommended the Emgo Travel Trunk saying “It works very well with our frame” so yeah, give that one a try and feel free to post here or in the forum based on your experience with it :D

1 year ago

I love the design and look of this bike. I live in a pretty hilly town (Scranton, PA.) and believe this will be perfect for my work commute and on the way home errands. My concern is about the lack of any shock. If you’ve known or dealt with Pennsylvania roads you’ll know why I’m asking. Not exactly a California bike path. Is this a good candidate for my region?

Court Rye
1 year ago

Hi Bob! Good question… I’m a little sensitive to bumps and jolts due to a car accident and concussion when I was younger. My back and neck have whiplash now and the added weight of a helmet can agitate me when there’s any kind of bumpy terrain. For this reason I prefer full suspension bikes and even opt for suspension seat posts like the Thudbuster (there are other more affordable suspension posts but this one has the longest travel). I guess what I’m saying is I’m on the extreme sensitivity end of the scale. Most people are fine but you are considering an ebike with smaller diameter wheels here so they can “fall into” potholes vs. spanning them. The tires have a decent diameter which means more air and cushion and you get excellent power and range with this bike but yeah, it can be rougher. If you like the design, price, branding etc. just know there are things you can do later to add some cushion and maybe ride a traditional bike around for a bit and imagine going faster on average and further because that’s what most ebike owners report. Hope this helps :)

Chris Stratton
1 year ago

Court, looks like currently the $3199 price is for the 32-ah, 1536-wh version, not the 22-ah version as listed. I know because I just bought one based in large part on your review. :) Thanks!

Court Rye
1 year ago

Thanks for the heads up Chris! Some of the details are off due to the site migration recently (and also companies sometimes change prices or features). I’m glad you found a great bike and that the reviews helped :D

11 months ago

Court riding on the rack and Sam in boots. What a hoot! My fav review yet! That is a truly unique bike offering.

Topology: Juiced is one of the few companies to make the front hub look and function well. The best COG (center of gravity) appears to be the mid drive motor and center battery. For a large battery in the back, moving the motor to the front is a nice balance.

Court Rye
11 months ago

We had fun with it, was awesome to see what some of the customers had done to customize the bike!

11 months ago

I bought mine a few days ago and it should be here by the end of the week – very much looking forward to it! I plan on making some videos on my YouTube channel – Pioneer7777777 of test rides, accessories, add-ons, etc. Also looking to outfit it for winter when that comes so I will detail how that works. Looking forward to doing my 44 mile round trip commute on this bad boy!

Court Rye
11 months ago

That sounds awesome Ian! You’ve got an impressive commute but the Juiced Bikes definitely offer the battery size you’d need to get it done. I can’t wait to see your videos :D

Chris Stratton
8 months ago

My wife and I got the 32ah model and love it. It’s SO versatile. It’s got room for an adult passenger along with dropped pannier rails. And the front basket! Is immense and sturdy. Can also tow — we use it with a Burley trailer and a Bikes at Work trailer. I once hauled 600 lbs of lumber 4 miles with it — no sweat. Customer service is very responsive. We were having some trouble with the throttle and contacted them. Heard back from Tora directly, sent us a new wiring kit right away. It’s been fine since. Couldn’t be happier with this bike. And we heard about it from you, Court. Thanks again.

Court Rye
7 months ago

Chris! Thanks so much for sharing feedback about how you use the bike AND the customer service from Tora. That’s awesome… glad you’re enjoying it and definitely happy I could help you discover it :D

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3 months ago

Cool bike for daily commute black bike is cool👍🏻🇨🇦

John Cunningham
4 months ago

Why use a moped tire?

Andy Casbo
7 months ago

I like this bike, one of the best you ever review. 100 miles pr charge is a winner

7 months ago

Hey Andy! I agree, the price is decent, it's custom and meant to be an electric bike but done in a way that's rugged. I'd probably put that suspension seat post on but otherwise I really like it!

7 months ago

like your reviews but you gotta let other people talk more.

Kevin Chapman
7 months ago

I like Sam's shoes.

Dan M
8 months ago

Great video thanks for that .
Have to say though ..... you guys looked super gay riding together lol :)

9 months ago

I just ordered one of these bad boys. I got the 32HA metallic blue version. Should have it this week, I can't wait to ride this around.

Thought Criminal
6 months ago

So how is it?

ohretyah -
11 months ago

I thought Tora was working on pedal-assist. No doubt it will come. He seems to have honed this bike very well. What is the name of the shop this man owns? I know the interviewer is enthusiastic, which is a good thing, but he might have let the shop owner get a few words in!!!!! Good video this, and a marvellous bike. I like the idea of heavier tyres giving a flywheel effect.

Douglas Shieh
11 months ago

What is the name of Sam's shop?

Mr- Buenfang
11 months ago

How much???

joes joey
11 months ago

another great video~~!! these guys are great!!

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Denis Santos
11 months ago

Eu sou um fanáticos em Bicicletas, e gostei muido de todas esses modelos, mas infelizmente aq no Brasil ainda não temos lojas especializadas para trabalha com esse tipo de Bicicletas.!
Seria um boa ideia se vcs tentassem abrir uma loja q posse vender e também fazer o concertos dela.!

11 months ago

I want that :)

John Cunningham
11 months ago

Why use the moped tire?

John Cunningham
11 months ago

This would be a good bike for a gates belt?

11 months ago

+John Cunningham I wouldn't think so as the current frame design does not open up in the rear to allow the belt to ass through

11 months ago

Cool stuff.
Thanks for sharing!!!
keep it up too.

Brian Smith
11 months ago

Somebody forgot to check the tire pressure.

mike x
11 months ago

when will the manufacturers start to offer lightweight high power 2-3kw chain drive ebikes with chain and gear systems engineered for high power motors

Casey Neistat
11 months ago

Brilliant I want one.