2014 Kalkhoff Pro Connect S27 Review


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Pro Connect S27


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504 Wh

504 Wh

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The Kalkhoff Pro Connect S27 uses the Panasonic E-Performance mid drive system offering excellent climbing ability and great range. This Euro style electric bike comes with fenders, rear rack and lights powered off the main battery but delivers more power and speed for a US market. While it does not offer a throttle mode, the torque sensing pedal assist is responsive and combined with the larger battery capacity, perfect for touring or longer commutes. Unfortunately I was unable to film a test ride on this ebike but the video review does show the main components.

The motor offers 350 watts of power, which is a lot for a mid-drive system. It’s made by Panasonic and uses a combination of torque and cadence sensors to provide smooth and powerful acceleration. Unlike many other Kalkhoff ebikes, this one delivers higher top speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour. The weight of the motor is kept low and centered on the frame, improving balance, and the front sprocket is nearly enclosed by a chain guard that will keep your pants clean and snag free.

The battery pack is also mounted low and central on the frame. It’s removable for easy charging, or lifting during transport, and uses Panasonic cells. The chemistry is Lithium-ion which delivers high energy density, meaning it can be lighter weight while offering the same capacity and power. The pack offered with the Pro Connect S27 provides 36 volts of power and 14 amp hours which is quite a lot. This bike can reach 65 miles in pedal assist mode (depending on rider input, weight, terrain and weather).

The neatest feature of the S27 in my opinion is the unique gearing system in the rear hub and cassette. In order to achieve a higher number of gears, 27 in this case, they combined 9 sprockets with 3 internal gears. Most 27 speed bicycles will do 9 sprockets in the rear with 3 rings where the cranks are, at the bottom bracket. This is a challenge with mid-drive electric bikes because the motor occupies space at the bottom bracket, where a second derailleur might otherwise sit. It might also pull too hard or make a front gearing system too vulnerable so this rear solution is quite ingenious.

Although my time with the Pro Connect S27 was limited, I could tell the quality and feature set was top notch. Having ridden other Kalkhoff designs, I can say that their craftsmanship is solid. Currently their availability in the US is limited but that may change in the coming years. There are very few high speed mid-drive electric bikes to begin with but even fewer that are setup for commuting or touring. The suspension fork, ergo grips and handlebar combined with the fenders, rack and lights makes this a functional ride but one that won’t stand out or look too much different from an ordinary bike and that might be a good thing if you’re cruising at higher speeds :)


  • Built in seat post shock pairs nicely with Verso III Magnesium suspension fork to smooth out the ride and add comfort
  • Front and rear lights are powered by the main battery pack for easy use and less waste with disposable batteries
  • Excellent range due to torque sensing pedal assist system that requires rider input to go
  • light weight Lithium-ion battery pack mounted centrally on bike keeping weight low and centered
  • Great combination of extras including front and rear fenders, LED lights, adjustable stem, swept back handlebars, ergonomic grips, chain guard, standard gauge rear rack, built in pump and kickstand
  • Solid two year warranty, bike is made by Kalkhoff which is part of Derby Cycle Werke, one of the largest German ebike manufacturers with a solid reputation
  • Keyed battery pack locks to frame and is removable for improved convenience when charging
  • Larger 350 watt motor is a capable climber and provides higher speeds (up to 28mph) due to speed pedelec design


  • Offers torque sensing pedal assist mode only, no twist or trigger throttle
  • Bolt-on style rack require proper assembly and maintenance to avoid rattling loose over time vs. welded but the Kalkhoff hardware seems very high quality
  • Very limited availability in the USA, harder to test ride, service and honor warranty as a result
  • Regardless of the amazing features and unique gearing, this bike is pretty expensive

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