2019 Yuba Supermarché Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 1




Hydraulic Disc



482.4 Wh

482.4 Wh

78 lbs / 35.41 kgs


VP Custom, Semi-Integrated, Threadless, Internal Cups, Straight 1-1/2"

Aluminum Alloy, Adjustable Angle -40° to 40°, 100 mm Length, 31.8 mm Clamp Diameter, Two 20 mm Spacers, Ten 10 mm Spacers, One 5 mm Spacer

Intek, Low-Rise, Aluminum Alloy, 730 Length

Velo Ergo Grip, Ergonomic, Rubber, Locking

Aluminum Alloy


Yuba Branded, Velo Comfort

VP-501 Aluminum Alloy, Platform with Fixed Pins

Hydraulic Disc

Magura MT5 Next Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Quad-Piston Calipers, Magura MT5 Two-Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach

More Details


2 Year Comprehensive

United States, Europe



16.5" Seat Tube, 23.5" Reach, 18" Stand Over Height, 30.75" Minimum Saddle Height, 29.5" Width, 104.5" Length, 42.5" Minimum Height (Stem Flat or Down)

Gloss White with Metallic Brown Accents

Rear Rack Bosses, Front Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Magura MT5 Next Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Quad-Piston Calipers, Magura MT5 Two-Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach

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To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This review was sponsored by Yuba. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of Yuba.

Yuba is known for their many cargo bike products like the Spicy Curry or the elMundo. Now they have the new Supermarche, which translated form French means Supermarket. The Supermache is a front box cargo bike, unlike their usual rear focused cargo bikes. You do however get a pretty nice rear rack here still that we will go over later. In a nut shell, the Supermarche is a Bosch mid-drive front cargo bike with hydraulic brakes and a selection of specific accessories to meet various needs. However, there is a lot more than that, so let’s dive in. The bike is $5,999 and comes in just one size. What it doesn’t come with is the box in the front which may be off putting to some, but we priced the bike with a bunch of accessories like a deck, padding, front seats, and also the bamboo box and it still came out to be less expensive than many other front box electric cargo bike offerings. The frame is a low step so it is very approachable and there are a lot of gussets here keeping everything sturdy. Actually, the weight distribution is very good. With the rider in the middle and the box in front and rack in the back, there is almost no frame flex. The weight helps keep it stable and the one we tested here with the box and all these accessories came in at 104lbs total. 25 of those lbs or so are likely from the extras. In total, the front of the bike is rated for an additional 250lbs and 80lbs in the rear. Looking around the bike and starting in the front, you have a steel fork which will help with some vibration dampening and a set of 20” wheels. The tires are Schwalbe Ballon Big Apple’s with reflective sidewalls. These are rated for 30-55psi and since they are smaller, they do have a higher attack angle. However, the extra long wheel base helps spread bumps throughout the frame a bit better. In the front, connecting that wheel is cable actuated steering. Most cargo boxes have a big large swing arm, but this set up is very precise and easier to replace as well as maintain. The rear rack is very sturdy and has a Yepp! window to add a single child seat. Both the front and back are setup with aluminum alloy fenders, so those are gonna stay extra sturdy as well. Quite a bit of adjustment here with the 30.9mm seat post and the adjustable angle stem with a bunch of spacers and a swept back handlebar with ergonomic grips. Battery integrated lights are here as well with the headlight pointing where you steer and has little peek windows on the side for visibility. The rear light has about 2 LEDs and seems to stay out of the way. Loading is made easy with this wide double legged kickstand with rubber feet, however I did notice the ground clearance overall on this bike is not as high as some of the other competitors. We also got to test out this cool over too that goes over the front box. It keeps the kids away from the elements or bugs and even has a skylight and a little pocket you can unzip near the middle of the handlebars so you can look in and check on the kids or talk to them. Other features include a plastic chain cover, bottle cage bosses, aluminum alloy pedals, and an integrated bell.

Driving this electric bicycle is a trail optimized mid-motor from Bosch called the Performance Line CX. It’s rated up to 75 newton meters, considerably more than the standard Performance Line and Performance Line Speed, which peak at 63nm. Given the slightly heavier footprint of this bike and possibility of carrying extra cargo, it’s a great choice. Part of me feels that the motor is overkill for this application, and it probably inflates the price a bit, but you do benefit from a special eMTB drive mode that only the Bosch CX offers. I do have to mention here however, this mode is only available if you ask your dealer to install it. Your motor is capable of it on the Yuba Supermarche, but it needs a software update in order to enable it. In this mode, which is the third step up just before Turbo, the motor performance can operate from 120% to 300% based on how hard you push. The other modes (Eco, Tour, and Turbo) have more limited power bands. This drive mode was introduced as a way to make motor performance more automatic and intuitive for mountain bikers who might be focusing on trail obstacles and gear shifting. For the Supermarche, which has super smooth Enviolo shifting and is not designed for trail riding, eMTB mode is just one more way that the bike can be ridden without distraction or thought. Just hop on, arrow up to eMTB, start pedaling, and the bike will respond naturally based on how hard you pedal. All current generation Bosch Performance Line motors weigh roughly 8.8lbs, which is more than Shimano, Yamaha, or Brose drive units. The CX produces more noise, especially in high power and a higher pedal speeds, and it also uses more energy… but it’s known for being reliable and having a good network of certified repair shops. This motor responds based on three signals: rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque. It uses some of the most advanced sensors and can even sense when gears are being shifted. However, that’s not really relevant with an Enviolo CVP hub, because shifting is so fluid. Even though you can shift while the motor is operating, I find that it’s more efficient and physically easier to do when you ease off a bit. Aside from increased noise and weight, the one other trade-off with Performance Line drive units from Bosch is that they utilize a reduction gearing system that adds some pedal drag. This only happens when the motor is turned off or you attempt to pedal beyond the maximum supported speed (20mph 32km/h, or 25km/h in some markets). It’s not enough to ruin the experience, but when combined with the traction fluid drag introduced by an Enviolo CVP (especially within the first 500 miles of break-in) this ebike can seem a little sluggish. Keep this in mind when test riding at dealers and know that it will get better with time spent riding. Stopping the Supermache is a high end set of Magura MT5 hydraulic brakes. You get 180mm brake rotors in both the front and the rear, which is a huge mechanical advantage given that smaller 20” wheel diameter.

Powering the motor, integrated lights, and backlit display panel, is one 482.4watt hour battery pack from Bosch. The battery, a PowerPack 500, clicks neatly into the headtube. You can charge the pack off of the bike frame or on the frame as well. Lithium-ion cells, including the 18650 cells used in both of these packs, tend to be very reliable if you maintain them at 20% to 80% capacity when not in use and store in a cool dry environment vs. extreme heat or cold. I frequently store my electric bike indoors because it isn’t as heavy or smelly as a moped or motorcycle, and this keeps it clean and safe while also protecting the battery from extreme temperatures. Charging happens quickly here, thanks to the included 4amp Bosch charger, yet it’s relatively compact and lightweight compared to others on the market. Bosch does sell an even smaller, lighter charger, that delivers 2 amps. They call this the travel charger and I read many comments from people who use it at a work site or carry it along in a backpack or pannier. In closing, the PowerPack weighs less than the PowerTube at 5.7lbs vs. 6.3lbs, but you’ll want to make extra sure to hear it click into place on the frame when mounting before rides. If you have an older PowerPack 400, it will work with the same interface as the PowerPack 500, so you can swap packs or rent and borrow if you travel frequently.

Operating this bike is very natural Bosch Intuvia display panel and control pad. Once the battery or batteries are charged and connected to the frame, you simply press the power button on the Bosch Intuvia display panel, and it quickly loads some menus. The main dashboard shows bike speed, battery level (a five bar indicator), chosen level of assist (four levels) and a power meter to the right. Along the bottom, a rotating menu shows trip stats including max speed, average speed, clock, trip distance, clock, and dynamic range estimate (that changes as you select different assist levels). You can cycle through these menus using the i button on the display and also on the button pad mounted near the left grip. You really only need that i button and the up/down arrows on the control pad to use the bike once it’s switched on, and they produce a satisfying tactile click that helps you understand what’s happening, even if you can’t look down while riding. You slide through gear ratios (since technically there are no gears) using a half-grip twist shifter on the right. Given the potential power of the Bosch Performance Line motor, I found shifting to be most efficient and comfortable when done as I eased off of the pedals a bit (which decreases motor output). I should mention the integrated Mini-USB port, great for maintaining smartphones for GPS or music on the go, and I want to call out the always-on white backlighting of the Intuvia LCD. It’s convenient in the dark, but can sometimes feel a bit bright and distracting. There’s also a walk mode, which is accessible if you are in one of the four assist levels and press the button on the top edge of the control pad and then hold +. This activates the motor very slowly, to help you push through grass or limp home if the tire goes flat. It’s very handy if the rear rack does have cargo or you have a flat tire. In closing, the Intuvia display panel delivers almost everything I have grown to know and appreciate in the world of ebikes. It’s removable, easy to read, full of useful features but not too complicated… I just wish it showed battery percentage in addition to or in place of the basic five bar infographic.

Yuba has always be a foundational brand for cargo bikes and even electric cargo bikes. Their experience and expertise have allowed them to put together bikes that get the job done while creating loyal customers. There are some tradeoffs here we should go over real quick though. For example, as shown in the video, we noticed the optional box cover we tested was really flappy compared to others with no way to really tie it down. This could be complicated on a windy day paired with the speed of the bike. I also noticed the clearance is a little lower than some other bikes. I love EMTB mode on the Performance Line CX, but you must as for a software update to get it on this bike. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. But the largest trade off is that a buyer for this bike will likely want a front bucket, seats, and pads. Sadly, it comes with none of these and they must be bought in addition to the bicycle itself. As said earlier though, when coupled with the price of the bike, it is still lower than some of the competitors out there with $8,000 cargo bikes. This is a pretty tempting proposition considering you get the top of the line Bosch motor that they offer right now, high end hydraulic disc brakes, a sturdy weight balanced frame, and a super smooth Enviolo shifting system. I would like to thank Yuba for letting test out their brand new bike, the Supermarche.

As always, I welcome questions and feedback in the comment section below. Whether you own a previous version of the bike, have taken a test ride, or are brand new to the space, my goal is to provide an objective and honest resource. You can also join the Yuba Ebike forums and share your own photos, videos, and review updates to help others! Have fun out there, and ride safe :)


  • Yuba is a well-recongized and trusted company with years of cargo bicycle experience and electric cargo bicycle expertise and leadership, they have had many happy and loyal customers over the years
  • Most electric bikes are rated to carry 250 lbs but the Supermarche can handle up to 330lbs! That’s two adults and a child, lots of groceries, lumber for a project etc
  • Safety is a big deal to me because I sometimes ride in the early morning or evening surrounded by traffic, so I love reflective tires and the integrated lights that run off of the main battery
  • Some electric cargo bikes feel flexy because they are so long and lack the proper reinforcement, some position the battery or motor at the end vs. the center but the Yuba Supermarche felt very solid and stiff, even with an adult riding on the front
  • The motor used here is one that I have reviewed hundreds of times before on other electric bikes and it has earned my trust as being reliable, it’s also very responsive and powerful, I have never felt out of control with it or like it wasn’t helping me enough on a hill, coupled with the Enviolo CVP, it only adds to the smooth experience
  • I am happy the battery was a Bosch PowerPack 500, it is an industry leading battery at the moment and definitely a nice addition
  • I love how the battery pack can be charged on and off the bike, this is convenient for those who commute to work and need to fill-up for a long ride home or errands and then home, the Bosch charger offers 4 Amps vs. the standard 2 Amp which is slower
  • Power and range are important but so is stopping, especially with a heavier bike and potentially more gear or multiple passengers, the hydraulic brakes are fantastic! You get quad-piston calipers vs. the standard dual-piston design which spreads out force and improves cooling, the 180mm rotors are almost overkill for the 20″ diameter wheelset, these are basically mountain bike brakes meant for full sized wheels
  • Yuba chose the kickstand well, it deploys and stows easily while offering much more stability than a single-side stand that you’d find on most traditional bicycles, I also like the spring that keeps the front wheel relatively straight for loading and steering with heavy loads
  • So many awesome accessories! Whether you’re taking people or cargo, there are plenty of ways to stow gear, I especially like that there are pannier supports so you could use this for long distance touring, the front box mounts to the head tube and stays straight as you turn (so it doesn’t impact steering)
  • The swept-back handlebar, ergonomic grips, and plush saddle made the bike a lot more comfortable than it could have been
  • I love the cable actuated steering, most cargo box bikes have a big large swing arm, but this set up is very precise and easier to replace as well as maintain
  • With a lower 20″ stand over height, you can easily step-thru the frame vs. having to swing your leg up and over the saddle or over the rear rack (which might be loaded with cargo)
  • The fenders are aluminum alloy so they are very sturdy while keeping your clothes clean at the same time


  • The bike is $5,999, but you don’t get the front box or any of the seats or pads that can go in it, but it must be noted that you get an Enviolo CVP, Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive, and PowerPack 500 battery (which is a $800 value in itself) so although it is not lower price point, it is defiantly a worthy bike
  • The Performance Line CX motor is capable of EMTB mode which is one of my favorites, but on this specific bike you have to ask your dealer for a software update to access it
  • The smaller diameter wheelset makes the bike easier to mount, load, and stabilize when starting or stopping but it also brings the kickstand lower, the clearance on this bike is less than many other cargo models so be careful when parking near a curb or other low obstacles
  • Very minor complaint here, but the Bosch Performance Line motors have a reduction gear that creates some friction when pedaling vs. a 1 to 1 pedal ratio, the smaller sprocket also brings the chain very close to the frame tubing which could create some noise or nicks on bumpy terrain
  • The optional box cover is really cool, but was really flappy compared to others with no way to really tie it down, this could be complicated on a windy day paired with the speed of the bike
  • No suspension of any kind on the bike, you may want to get a suspension seat post since the smaller wheels have a higher attack angle

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