2022 Momentum PakYak E+ Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



PakYak E+


Class 1, Class 3




Hydraulic Disc



496 Wh

496 Wh

84 lbs / 38.14 kgs



Frame Details

ALUXX Aluminum Alloy



ALUXX Aluminum Alloy Rigid, Six Utility Mounting Points (Threaded Bosses), Boost 110 mm Hub Spacing, Momentum DC511 Sealed Bearing Hub, 15 mm Thru-Axle with 6 mm Hex Bolt

Aluminum Alloy, Ebike Optimized, 35 mm Inner Width, 32 Hole Front, 36 Hole Rear, Reinforcement Eyelets | Spokes: Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge, Black with Nipples

Maxxis Hook Worm, 24" x 2.5", 65 PSI Max Inflation, 4.5 BAR Max Inflation, MAXXPRO 60a 2-Ply Casing Pinch Flat Protection, EXXON EXXPRO Inside, Wire Bead, 60 Threads Per Inch (TPI)


CANECREEK ViscoSet (Returns to Center), ZS44/28.6 , Custom Tuned, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Straight 1-1/8"

Giant Contact, Aluminum Alloy, 6° Rise, 60 mm Length, One 5 mm Spacer, Two 10 mm Spacers, One 10 mm CANECREEK ViscoSet Base, 31.8 mm Clamp Diameter

Aluminium Alloy, Low-Rise, 720 mm Width, 50 mm Rise, 20° Backsweep

Momentum Branded Dual Compound Rubber, Non-Locking

Combination Dropper Suspension Seatpost with Remote Adjust (40 mm Suspension Travel, 70 mm Height Adjust)


Selle Royal Essenza

Composite Platform with Rubber Tread and Alloy Core

Hydraulic Disc

Tektro M45 Orion Hydraulic Disc with 203 mm Rotors, Quad-Piston Calipers, Two-Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach (Large Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir)

Ebike Systems

Class 1, Class 3


Giant SyncDrive Pro, (Based on Yamaha PW-X)


RideControl Dash, 1.5" Color LCD Screen with Control Pad, Buttons: (Power, Lights, Walk, Info, +, -), Change Readouts: (Press i Button), Lights: (Press Once to Change Backlight Brightness High/Low, Hold for 10 Seconds to Turn On/Off), Auto Assist: (Hold + or - Button for 10 Seconds), Walk Assist: (Hold Walk Button)

Optional Bluetooth App (RideControl), Readouts: Battery Percentage, Motor Tuning, Map, Ride Statistics, Trip Planning, Goal Planning, Ant+ Wireless (Compatible with Garmin Devices, Heart Rate Monitors, and More), USB C Charging Port on Right Side of Display

496 Wh

496 Wh

Giant EnergyPak Smart Compact 500 (Panasonic Cells) 36 Volt, Lithium-ion, 13.7 Amp Hrs, 7.2 lbs

More Details

Cargo, Neighborhood, Commuting, Touring

United States, Canada

2 Year Comprehensive, Lifetime Frame

7.2 lbs (3.26 kg)

6.8 lbs (3.08 kg)

17 in (43.18 cm)

17" Seat Tube Length, 23" Top Tube, 15" Reach, 23" Standover Height, 31.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 41" Maximum Saddle Height, 29.25" Width, 50.5" Wheelbase, 77" Length

Matte Orange, Matte Green

135mm Hub Spacing, Replaceable Dropout Hangers, Threaded Keyed Axle with 15mm Nuts

Six Bosses on Fork, Fender Mounts on Fork, Cafe Lock Mount on Fork, Two Bottle Cage Mounts on Front Rack, Front Rack Mount, Rear Rack Mounts, Running Board Mounts

Flick Bell, Clear Top Tube Protector Sticker, Paint-Matched Aluminum Alloy Chain Cover, Aluminum Alloy Fenders (75mm Width), Bolt-On Aluminum Alloy Front Tray Basket (33lb 15kg Max Load), Bolt-On Aluminum Alloy Rear Rack (102lb 46kg Max Load), Custom Designed Heavy-Duty Double Leg Kickstand with Spring and Leverage Step (Partially Alloy and Partially Steel, Rounded Base for Roll-Away Mounting), Lockable Storage Console (Optional Battery Mount Inside, Keyed Alike to Battery), Supernova E2 Mini Pro Integrated Headlight (Fender Mounted, 550 Lumens), AXA BlueLine Steady E6 Integrated Rear Light (Rack Mounted, Well Protected)

Locking Removable Downtube-Integrated Battery Pack with Paint Matched Plastic Cover, Giant EnergyPak 3.2lb 41.8 Volt 6.0 Amp Smart Charger with Dongle Adapter for Off-Bike Battery Charging, Maximum Motor RPM Support 170, KMC Z1eHX NP/NP Heavy Duty Chain, 361lbs 164kg Total Bicycle Load Limit, 440lbs 200kg Maximum Gross Weight, IPX6 Water and Dust Rated, Rated to fit 5'2" to 6'3" Tall Riders

Optional Bluetooth App (RideControl), Readouts: Battery Percentage, Motor Tuning, Map, Ride Statistics, Trip Planning, Goal Planning, Ant+ Wireless (Compatible with Garmin Devices, Heart Rate Monitors, and More), USB C Charging Port on Right Side of Display

Lights Icon, Battery Infographic with Percentage, Main Readout: (Speed, Odometer, Range Estimate, Trip Distance, Odometer, Current Speed, Avg Speed, Max Speed, Heart Rate, Cadence)

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Rear Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence, and Pedal Torque. Offers Up to 360% Assistance)

20 mph (32 kph)28 mph (45 kph)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

This review was provided for free using a demo bike and accessories. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Momentum products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Momentum electric bike forums.


  • Giant is one of the “Big Three” bicycle brands that serve North America, and Momentum is their urban transport lifestyle sub-brand. Their network of dealers is extensive, providing opportunities for fitting, test rides, and post purchase service and repairs.
  • Like other premium brands, Giant / Momentum is such a large buyer that they can have their hardware co-branded and customized. This is the case with their drive system here, which is actually manufactured by Yamaha. I’ve covered Yamaha mid-drive motors on Haibike and Yamaha ebikes in the past, and dealers have told me that they tend to be very reliable. I was very satisfied with the motor performance here, and appreciate the ebike specific internally geared hub and upgraded brakes.


  • This Momentum PackYak E+ is extremely well done, one of the nicest electric cargo bikes I’ve ever seen. I feel that the price is justified, and it will hold up very well over time. I love that it comes in two colors, and understand that they focused on one frame size to keep costs lower but optimized with the seat post dropper to accommodate a wider range of body types.
  • The bike is sold globally, and customized for each geography! If you get it in the United States, it will be Class 3 for higher speed riding. This makes it a great choice for commuters or those who are interested in long range touring. Although it may have the higher speed rating, the motor is still extremely powerful for hauling and climbing.
  • The frame is purpose built with internal cable and wire routing that looks great and reduces the potential for snags. Motor and battery weight is positioned low and center to maximize stability. A special headset was chosen to slow steering a bit and help the front wheel return to center, which also improves stability when the bike is heavily loaded.
  • The frame design is stiff and handled well at speed and off-road. I love that Momentum chose thicker than average disc brake rotors to reduce warping and zinging. They also chose boost hub spacing for the front wheel and a thicker 15mm thru-axle vs. traditional 9mm skewer.
  • Excellent wheel size and tire choice. Momentum chose a smaller 24″ wheel that brings the frame closer to the ground, making it easier to mount and load with gear, but they didn’t go all the way to 20″ which has a high attack angle that can feel more jarring. The tires are brand name Maxxis Hook Worm with sturdier build and wide 2.5″ that increases air volume, acting like a shock absorber.
  • Speaking of comfort and shock absorption, the seat post on this ebike provides 70mm of heigh adjustment as well as 40mm of suspension travel! It allows different sized riders to use the bike easily and improves overall comfort when riding on rough terrain.
  • Awesome drivetrain setup here with the narrow-wide tooth steel chainring, alloy chainring guard, and paint-matched alloy chain cover! The extra-long chain does not bounce around because of the single rear sprocket and double pulley guide system. The Shimano Nexus 5E is ebike specific to be sturdy and shift under load… and it really works. While 5 gears isn’t a whole lot, this thing is tough and allows for shifting at standstill. Sometimes low cargo bikes can have the derailleur get bumped on curbs and other obstacles, so the IGH is just cleaner.
  • Excellent hydraulic disc brakes here from Tektro. The calipers have been upgraded to quad piston for a larger braking surface, which adds power and cooling, and the levers offer adjustable reach. The rotors are large 203mm vs. 160mm or 180mm, improving the mechanical advantage and offering better control, and they are extra thick. This reduces warping and zinging… and is important because the wheels are closer to the ground and the rotors could bump on obstacles like bike racks more easily.
  • While I do have some complaints about the size and weight of the charger, it is nice to see a fast device like this which can reduce your times between rides or fill the double battery option more quickly. It offers 6 amps vs. the more common 2 amp or 3 amps devices I usually see.
  • I appreciate that the battery cover is securely attached to the pack vs. being one that anyone can tamper with at the bike rack. The color matched cover is nice, and the side-mount design of the battery is easier to work with than a bottom mount design in my opinion. It’s setup so there’s a half-step when unlocked, so the pack won’t just tumble out!
  • The battery packs use premium Panasonic cells that are known for being near the top in terms of reliability and overall lifespan. I like that the battery has a 5 LED charge level readout on the base, so you can store it separately from the bike but know how full it is easily. I’ve heard that it’s best to store in a cool dry environment and keep at 50%+ full when not in use.
  • I believe that the optional second battery is the same design and capacity as the main one, it just doesn’t have a shield on it. The benefit is that the same charger can be used and the price is probably lower, based on economies of scale.
  • The bike comes with a black storage box with a key-matched lock! It’s perfect for storing gloves, jackets, and other loose items, and this is also where you can put the optional second battery. I think there is still some space in there, even with the battery! Cool concept, great execution.
  • I really like the display panel and button pad. It has dedicated buttons for walk mode, lights, info, as well as the standard + and – for assist levels so you don’t have to memorize combination presses. The control pad has a 1amp USB C charging port built in to maintain portable electronics. The LCD readout uses colors to communicate concepts vs. making you squint to read details, and there are three brightness levels so you don’t lose your night vision! I love that there’s a percentage based charge level indicator here vs. a 5 or 10 dot readout, and a range estimator!
  • Great headlights here, the rear light has two LEDs and is protected by the rack. The headlight is extra bright with 550 lumen output, and is positioned on the fender vs. the rack, so it points where you steer.
  • Great fender design, they are sturdy enough and well supported enough to not vibrate and make noise when riding off-road. The front fender supports the light, and I didn’t see it bouncing very much.
  • I appreciate that Momentum added two bottle cage mounting points on the included front basket! This keeps the frame stronger, the stand-over position clear, and still keeps the bottles within reach.
  • The custom kickstand is very well done. It uses steel legs that are super strong, and has rounded bottom portions that roll easily into standing or out to riding. There’s an extension on the left side of the kickstand that can be stepped on to increase leverage, making it easier to lift the bike up into the standing position.
  • Nice touch points: the saddle looks good and felt comfortable to me, especially with the suspension post. The grips are fairly basic, but still feel comfortable and are ergonomically shaped.
  • I appreciate the premium wheelset with reinforcement eyelets that reduce the chances of cracking as wheels are flexed and trued over time. Momentum also chose thicker 13 gauge spokes for both wheels, and the rear wheel has 4 additional spokes for added strength for hauling kids or cargo.
  • The included rear rack can support two child seats, a custom made pair of pannier bags, and also has a support rod for third party panniers! There’s an optional deck saddle, a child surround, and running board pieces. It’s fairly comprehensive and all of the accessories that I saw were done very well. Higher than average 102lb weight limit on the back rack and up to 33lbs on the front rack.
  • Momentum says that the bike can support up to 361lbs total, riders between 5’2″ and 6’3″ because of the seat post adjustability and lower mid-step frame.
  • I love that the latest control pad includes Bluetooth and Ant+ for use with their RideControl smartphone app and ANT+ wireless devices like Garmin! This was a big deal for Dave because it showed a more precise battery readout and other detailed specs.
  • The motor controller measures pedal cadence, torque, and rear wheel speed. The motor performance felt dynamic and responsive, I was even able to go up a curb and climb off road at very low speed! The bike climbed very capably, and shifting gears was smooth.
  • I trust Yamaha motors because shops have told me that they are reliable, and the PW-X (which the SyncDrive Pro is based on) is very proven. Giant tweaked this motor a bit to create their SyncDrive Pro. It has a narrow 168mm Q-Factor, is fairly lightweight, and similar to other high out put motors in terms of noise. You get up to 80nm of torque and 360% power output relative to your pedal input.
  • Vast network of dealers means that you get in-person advice, fitting, post-purchase tuneups and warranty support. This should not be overlooked if you ride frequently or have limited experience with bike tools, even though it does add to the price of the initial purchase. All of the electronics are IPX6 rated against dust and water, so the bike seems extra durable and might avoid damage to begin with.


  • This is a minor gripe, but the grips are pretty basic and do not lock. They feel good and are setup to work with the half-grip shifter, but they aren’t very premium given the price of the bike.
  • The 5-speed drivetrain seemed to be geared high, I was using the first gear more frequently than expected and struggled to climb steeper grades from standstill. I think it’s setup to support the 28mph Class 3 speed pedelec use case, but compromised on the low end a bit. Internally geared hubs also weigh more than cassette and derailleur setups.
  • The bike is very heavy at 84lbs, one of the heaviest electric bikes I’ve reviewed. It will only get heavier with additional baskets, racks, panniers, child seats, and second battery pack. The upside is that the frame is very stiff, and I did not experience speed wobble at all. The weight seemed to dampen vibrations when riding off-road, improving comfort.
  • The battery packs charge and discharge sequentially, starting with the main downtube battery. That means you will probably end up cycling that one more completely, more often, which leads to faster degradation. Ideally, batteries are kept between 20% to 80% and I’m not sure when the ebike controller decides to switch to the second pack. If it drains the first one completely, that could cause premature wear vs. a balanced charge/discharge design.
  • The charging port for the batteries is positioned low on the left side, which requires bending down. This port is in the direct path of the left crank arm, which could snag the charger cable. I hit my head on the handlebar when bending down to plug the bike in because it’s so wide, please be careful!
  • The battery charger is very large and heavy, possibly the largest and heaviest I have seen for the past few years. It does put out more energy, charging faster, but it’s just less portable than some competing designs.
  • The charging port on the bike frame is different from the battery interface, so you need a dongle adapter to charge the pack when off the bike. This dongle is an extra step and can be lost vs. just having one plug… and it adds more weight. I am thankful that Momentum has a plastic leash clip thing that allows you to connect the dongle to the main charger :)
  • Since the main battery pack has a plastic shield semi-permanently fixed that matches the frame, it’s not as convenient to switch batteries if you want to change the charge order and cycle the second pack more frequently. It may also fade differently than the metal frame, and could be difficult to replace down the line if scratched as colors may change or the bike design may change. I’m a fan of the matched color, but appreciate the utility of a universal battery cover.
  • If you choose to purchase a secondary battery, it appears that the seat will have to be raised to its maximum position (or twisted to the side) in order to insert the battery into the storage box. I discuss this in the video review above at 12:14
  • This is a very minor consideration for me, but the LCD screen is fairly small. This makes it less prone to scratches, and leaves plenty of room for a phone or other handlebar mount accessory if you wish.
  • The pedals leave something to be desired, as they are fairly narrow plastic with rubber grip. They are decent in terms of quality, but something I’d expect to see on a lightweight city bike vs. this heavier high speed cargo bike with fenders etc. the good news is that they are easy and cheap to replace. Consider these Wellgo BMX platform pedals as an alternative.
  • There’s no shift sensing built into the Giant (Yamaha) motor controller, and this can lead to increased chain and sprocket wear if you don’t back off a bit on your pedaling while shifting. I think this is less of an issue with the ebike specific internally geared hub, but the heavy loads and high speeds are probably still fairly demanding on the drivetrain components like chainring, chain, and rear sprocket.

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