2016 IZIP E3 Zuma Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



E3 Zuma


Class 2




Mechanical Disc



417.6 Wh

417.6 Wh

54 lbs / 24.52 kgs


VP Threaded

Promax Alloy Quill, Gooseneck Style

Promax Swept-Back, 600 mm x 75 mm Rise

Velo Stitched

Aluminum Alloy, Quick Release Collar


Velo Urban

Plastic Platform with Non-Slip Tread

Mechanical Disc

Promax Render Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Artek Vigorous Levers with Motor Inhibitors

More Details

Upright Relaxed

Lifetime Frame, 2 Year Motor, 1 Year Battery

United States

18, 20

Step-Thru (73" Length, 22" Reach, 18" Seat Tube, 21" Stand Over Height), High-Step MD (73" Length, 22" Reach, 18" Seat Tube, 30.5" Stand Over Height), High-Step LG (73.5" Length, 22" Reach, 20.5" Seat Tube, 30.5" Stand Over Height)

High-Step (Black, White, Lime Green, Blue) Step-Thru (Black, White, Lime Green, Turquoise, Salmon Orange, Red)

Rear Rack Bosses, Front Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Promax Render Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotors, Artek Vigorous Levers with Motor Inhibitors

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Written Reviews

The 2016 IZIP E3 Zuma retains all of the things I loved about prior iterations and improves the display panel by making it smaller and tougher but still easy to reach and read. Instead of using a plastic box with LED dots strewn across, the new display ring has rubberized buttons (that are backlit) and a smaller LED console with a battery graphic and number readouts. The other upgrade for 2016 is a smart sleep-mode built into the battery to extend its life. This mode goes into effect when you’ve left the bike alone for 30 days, at this point the battery hibernates and requires the charger to be re-activated (basically, just plug the battery or the bike in and the display should wake up).

My favorite parts about this electric bike are the upright comfortable riding position it offers and the fact that it comes in two high-step sizes, to accommodate a wider range of riders, as well as an easy-to-mount step-thru. The motor is powerful and zippy, especially in assist level four or when using the throttle. I had no problem climbing hills or reaching the 20 mph top speed quickly but did hear the distinct whirring sounds often accompanying planetary geared motors. I also love how beautiful the frame looks with its matching chain guard and optional rack and fenders. You can even get integrated LED lights which would be nice and frankly, I wish you got all of these things for the $2,500 price point but it’s actually $50 cheaper than 2015 and you still get a lifetime frame, two year battery and one year “everything else” warranty including the motor.

The Zuma is a great bike for zipping around the neighborhood and is the only model for 2016 from IZIP that offers the twist throttle with full power up to 20 mph vs. partial requiring pedal assist. There’s no suspension but the tires are relatively large, the saddle is medium-firmness and the swept back bar and padded grips are great. You get 160 mm mechanical disc brakes with cheaper levers and calipers but they get the job done and include motor inhibitors. Because this is a cadence-sensing pedal assist ebike you don’t have to push hard for the motor to start, only pedal consistently. For me, it hits the mark as a cruiser and I appreciate the little extras like a plastic chain guide to reduce drops while navigating bumps and a nice sturdy kickstand that’s black to blend in. Even the spokes on the rear wheel have been upgraded to 13 Gauge vs. 14 on the front, to stand up to heavier loads and the peak output of the motor (40 Nm of torque and 650 watts)


  • Unique quick release system for the battery and seat post (which are mated together for easier carrying), I love the plastic handle moulded into the saddle and appreciate the optional hex-screw and bolt to secure the battery for those who want to leave it on while parked in public spaces
  • Bountiful color choices ranging from traditional black or white to lime green, bright blue, turquoise, salmon orange or red and the chain guard matches
  • Seven speed cassette has an extra large ring for climbing and the derailleur is mid-level quality so it should perform well and stay in true longer
  • Electronic wires, brake cables and shifter cables are all integrated through the frame for a beautiful aesthetic, though it does make shifting a bit more firm
  • Plenty of mounting options including fenders, front and rear racks or baskets and a traditional pair of bottle cage braze-ons
  • The oversized saddle offers good support and pairs nicely with the padded leather grips, vibration dampening steel fork and large 2.3″ Kenda tires, I like that the tires are pre-Slimed to slow punctures
  • Quality oversized kickstand with length-adjustment screw, the plastic chain guide should help you avoid chain drops, quick disconnect point on the motor power cable makes maintenance easier and the front wheel has a quick release skewer for easy maintenance or lighter transport


  • The charger can be used to fill the battery on or off the bike but requires a special little dongle to work with off-bike charging that could get lost easily so consider zip tying it to the cable coming out of the charger
  • I noticed that the down shift trigger required extra effort and was told that the cable is longer on this bike (since it wraps through the frame) and this creates more friction
  • I wish the throttle had an option to override pedal assist, as it stands you have to click down to level zero before the throttle will operate
  • The price tag is decent considering the 500 watt motor and 48 volt battery but some of the other cruiser style ebikes come stock with fenders, a rack and lights while those cost extra for the Zuma

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