Outrider Horizon 2 Series Review

Outrider Horizon 200 Series Electric Bike Review
Outrider Horizon 200 Series
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Passive Motor Cooling 15 To 1 Step Down
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Custom Battery Box 48 Volt Venting Cap
Outrider Horizon 210a All Electric Foot Rests
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Steering Bars Twist Throttle On Left
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Enclosed Cell Neoprene Seat Vented
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Carbon Belt Drive Rear Swing Arm
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Custom Cargo Rack 75 Lb Max Load
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Electric Bike Review
Outrider Horizon 200 Series
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Passive Motor Cooling 15 To 1 Step Down
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Custom Battery Box 48 Volt Venting Cap
Outrider Horizon 210a All Electric Foot Rests
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Steering Bars Twist Throttle On Left
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Enclosed Cell Neoprene Seat Vented
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Carbon Belt Drive Rear Swing Arm
Outrider Horizon 200 Series Custom Cargo Rack 75 Lb Max Load


  • A highly customizable recumbent trike, hand cycle or adaptive platform with electric power in the form of a twist throttle, ships with 750 watt output and 20 mph top speed, unlocks up to 25 mph
  • Heavier, larger and more expensive than traditional two wheeled electric bicycles but comparatively cheaper and lighter than many adaptive Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Devices
  • Offers full suspension, a custom vented foam seat with front, back, up and down adjustability, optional head rest, rear fender, LED tail whip light rod and a sway bar for stability, loops for side bolsters and seat belts
  • Can be difficult to transport given the 100+ lb weight and footprint, limited turning radius (may have to hop off and lift the rear wheel for sharp turns), produces a high pitched electronic whine when in use, battery pack not removable for charging separately or reducing weight
Warning, in some configurations this electric bike is classified as an Off-Highway Vehicle or moped and may not be ridden on cycling trails or paths. It may qualify as an Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Device and require proof of impairment. It may require licensing, insurance and lights when used on public roads.

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Horizon 2 Series


$12,985 (Options up to $22,144)

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Trail, Mountain

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2), Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Limited


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

105 lbs (47.62 kg) (Up to 148 lbs)

Battery Weight:

12 lbs (5.44 kg) (Per Kilowatt Hour, Ships with 1 Pack)

Motor Weight:

6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Frame Material:

4130 Chromoly Steel, 5042 Series Aluminum, 6160 Aluminum

Geometry Measurements:

~32.5" Width, ~87" Length (Shortest Boom Setting, 6" Length Adjustment), ~36" Tall, 6" Ground Clearance

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Black Wrinkle Powder Coat or Four Free Colors: Sage Green, Powder Blue, Military Tan, Military Green (Custom Colors $250)

Frame Fork Details:

Two RockShox Monarch R with Adjustable Rebound and Compression 200x51 mm, Independent Control Arms and Sway Bar

Frame Rear Details:

RockShox Monarch R with Adjustable Rebound and Compression 200x51 mm, Swing Arm

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Seat Frame Bosses,

Gearing Details:

11 Speed 2x11 Electronically Shifted Shimano Alfine Internally Geared Hub

Shifter Details:

Electronic Push Button on Right Bar End, Heel Shifter on Crank Axle


Schlumpf Drive Integrated Planetary Chainring 42T to 100T Equivalent


Origin8 Two Sided (SPD and Flat) Aluminum Alloy Platform, Optional Wellgo or Funn


Custom Vertical Push Pull Steering, 22 mm Alloy Tube

Brake Details:

TRP HY/RD Hydraulic Over Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors, Avid Levers


TSI Silicone, Flat, Gray


Adjustable Position (Forward Back and Tilt, Vented Neoprene Enclosed Cell, Waterproof, Optional Head Rest


Sunwrangle Envy Rims, Origin8 36 Spoke J-Bend Standard, Optional Industry 9 Straight-Pull Aluminum (6 Color Choices)


14G, Stainless Steel Black

Tire Brand:

Maxxis Holy Roller, 20" x 2.2", Maxxis Minion DHF, 26" x 2.5"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in (50.8cm)26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

Kevlar Belted

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Right and Left Handle Bar Mirrors, Trouser Guard on Front Chain Ring, Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Chain Tubes, SKS Plastic Rear Fender, Custom Rear Carry Rack (75 lb Max Load), Glow Whip 4' LED Whip (White Standard, Optional Orange, Green, Red, Blue Where Legal $15), Optional Arkel Orca 35 Waterproof Panniers $239, Optional 1,000 Lumen LED Headlight $150, Optional Electronics Accessories Package: 240 Watts at 12 Volts with 4.8 Amp USB Ports and Direct Tap for 12 Volt Accessory or Inverter (Required for Solar Charger) $575, Optional Solar Charger $575, Optional Parking Brake System $280 (Requires Mechanical Disc Brakes), Optional ICE Brand Head Rest $140


Carbon Belt Drive Step-Down System from Motor to Rear Wheel, Integrated 1,000 Watt Onboard Battery Charger with Load Balancer, Delrin Skid Rails on Battery Box, Bash Guard on Front

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

AstroFlight (Customized 3220, Runs at 12,000 RPM, 93% Efficient)

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

750 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1650 watts

Motor Torque:

104 Newton meters

Battery Brand:

Allcell (American Made), Integrated BMS

Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

23.2 ah (Optional 46.4 and 92.8)

Battery Watt Hours:

1113.6 wh (Optional 2227.2 and 4454.4)

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Polymer

Charge Time:

1 hours

Estimated Min Range:

30 miles (48 km)

Estimated Max Range:

170 miles (274 km)

Display Type:

Backlit Monochrome LCD Display by Cycle Analyst V3, Fixed Backlit Multi-Segment LCD Shimano Alfine for Electronic Shifting


Volts, Voltage Cutout, Current Limit, Watts, Amps, Speed, Speed Limit, Distance, Time, Drive Mode (Low, Medium, High), Gearing

Display Accessories:

Electronic Gearbox Switch

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle (On Left Bar)

Top Speed:

25 mph (40 kph) (Limited to 20 mph in Economy Mode)

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Written Review

All of the current gen Outrider electric recumbent trikes share the same basic componentry but differ with respect to the gear box, motor power output, ground clearance (ride height) and stock color. The Horizon is by far the most versatile, offering standard pedals, foot rests vs. pedals in combination with hand cranks, hand motion activation (tri-pin) or even sip blow activation (possibly joystick in the future). There are several ways to interface with the complex steering and power controls with limited movement (simply elbow and wrist, and all controls can be set to left or right side). This is designed to accommodate people who are paraplegic, quadriplegic, those who have lost limbs or suffered strokes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) or other debilitating diseases or handicaps. The Outrider Horizon one of the only electric assist vehicles that’s this powerful, this fast (up to 25 mph unlocked for use as an Off-Highway Vehicle) and this capable off-road. People who might have enjoyed hiking and mountain biking under human power at one point in their life may now experience the same environments, keep up with friends or just get out into nature on their own… It’s inspiring, but it comes at a high price tag starting at roughly $13k and going up as high as $23k.

Each Outrider is built to order, they come in different stock colors with matte wrinkle black on the struts and a customizable battery box. There are lots of upgrades and accessories to choose from including an electronics accessory package with USB and 12 volt ports. With this option installed you can also add a solar charging system for use off-grid. It’s a pretty awesome setup if you’ve got a Prepper mindset or just want an additional large source of portable power. Also, if you’re into this sort of personal mobility vehicle, be sure to check out the No Barriers Summit (where Outrider was headed) to demo similar models. It’s held twice per year.

There are so many positives and negatives to explore with this platform and it’s so incredibly versatile. I already mentioned price but weight and transport are also big considerations. Depending on your environment and your situation, the product may not be allowed on trails and paths. You can hear the noise it produces in the video review and this can be a bit distracting. For the review, we were given permission to ride off-road with bits of operation on path. I love that the width of all Outrider e-trikes is just under standard door openings so you can wheel it inside or out. In order to turn it around sharply you may need to hop off, lift the rear wheel and pull to the sides… but it’s not super light. I found myself making multi-point turns on a couple of occasions. As long as you keep it moving and plan ahead, this thing can be a lot of fun. It’s incredibly well designed, built with quality parts (over 80% from the USA) and is customizable. It’s not for everyone but I think you’ll know if it’s right for you. Big thanks to Outrider for partnering with me for this review.


  • Highly off-road capable with 6″ ground clearance and a 26″ rear wheel chosen to accommodate a wider selection of tires (primarily knobby for off-road use) and increase contact patch size, the front two wheels are still 20″
  • The motor on the Horizon is geared down at 15 to 1 vs. 9 to 1 and 5 to one on the other platforms (Nomad and Alpha respectively), this allows it to start from standstill and climb the steepest grades, the motor does not require active fan cooling because it runs at a lower wattage, so overall it’s less complex and draws less power
  • Relatively narrow 32.5″ track width means you can get the Outrider Horizon through most standard doors, great for storing inside or bringing into shops for repairs
  • Six inches of boom length adjustability to fit more riders (if you get the L edition for pedaling), the seat also slides forward and back and tips back and forth to maximize ergonomics
  • The foot rest option (two buckets for feet to rest in) are great for paraplegic and quadriplegic riders, can be used with hand cycle cranks, tri-pin arm movement or sip blow
  • Much quieter and cleaner than the majority of gas powered all terrain vehicles, offers 75 lbs of storage capacity on the rear rack and overall max weight of 350 lbs, could be great for hunters, fishers and off-roaders
  • The seat design is now custom (vs. the stock KMX seat on their older bikes), it’s soft, designed not to soak up water and works with an optional headrest, this combined with the full-suspension design offers excellent comfort that’s necessary (in my opinion) for true off-road use
  • Lots of attachment points, drilled holes, on the rear rack platform, the sides of the rack and even the sides of the seat, there are also larger loop holes for side bolsters or straps if you want to secure yourself a bit
  • All controls can be migrated to one side – single sided hand controls on the left for example, when paired with the stability of a trike makes it very approachable
  • They work with a company called Body Point to add special straps to secure riders with limited mobility, and it might also act as a safety belt to avoid contact with the hand cycle option as shown in the video
  • If you opt for the hand cycle build of the Horizon 2 Series you’ll be getting one of the first shaft steering recumbents out there meaning that you “pedal” and steer with the same bars, the cranks can be set asynchronous if you want or next to each other
  • The trike is stable whether you’re able bodied or in need of adaptive technology, it’s easy to mount, rest in and handle because it has three wheels
  • In some configurations the Horizon isn’t exactly a bicycle… it might not have pedals at all, they explained to me that mobility devices are often excepted to the standard ebike rules and allowed in more places
  • It uses cable actuated hydraulic brakes which are easier to repair but offer similar benefits to hydraulic (smooth, powerful stopping)
  • If you get the “L” leg powered or “H” handcycle edition of the Horizon you will benefit from an internally geared Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub which can be shifted at standstill, perfect for if you stop half way up a hill and need to shift down
  • The trike comes stock with some great safety accessories including bar end mirrors, an LED tail whip and automatic overheat sensors that will maintain the motor (as well as a safety cap for venting when charging)
  • The Cycle Analyst, Di2 electronic shifting and tail whip (and LED Lights if you get them) are all powered off the main battery pack and there’s a custom power connector point to the rear left of the saddle where they plug in
  • Lots of clever special design features including disc brake rotor burn guards! These stick out and keep your calves from touching the hot disc if you stand up after a long descent :D
  • Underneath the battery box there are several plastic slider strips “skid rails” and at the front there’s a metal bash guard so the bike won’t get beat up over rough terrain
  • I was told that the Horizon runs at about 25 watt hours per mile which is very efficient, you get a lot of benefit at higher speeds from being recumbent vs. upright on traditional bicycles
  • Onboard 1,000 watt power supply is super fast, you can charge a single pack setup in about one hour! That’s 48 volts 23.2 amp hours… almost double the size of traditional electric bicycles I test, all you need to bring along is a light weight power cable… the charger weight is kept low and center inside the bike for improved handling, stability and convenience
  • The Cycle Analyst and Shimano electronic gear LCD are both backlit and the Cycle Analyst can swivel to reduce glare… it has a bunch of great readouts including voltage, amp hours used, speed, odometer and power setting… it can even roll back power based on motor temperature for improved durability no matter how you ride
  • Solid two year warranty covers everything except for consumables (brake pads, tires etc.), Outrider has been in business since ~2009 and has a solid track record
  • Highly water resistant systems and hardware, the trike is designed to stand up to rain, snow and mud and is tested rigorously


  • The pedal version of this bike (the Horizon 200L) does not include a Schlumpf gear in the front like the Alpha and Nomad models so you’re limited to the standard 11 speed internally geared hub in the rear, that’s alright in my opinion given the lower top speed of ~25 mph unlocked vs. 35 mph and 45 mph respectively
  • The larger rear tire makes this Outrider the longest in the group (might be an issue if you have a short bed truck or limited garage space)
  • Any of the Outrider recumbent electric trikes are going to be heavy at 100+ lbs, this makes moving and repairing them more time consuming and difficult, fixing flats on the go can be an issue so bring some tools and get good tires
  • Most recumbent trikes are incompatible with hanging and even platform bike racks, consider a small trailer to pull behind your car or a ramp if you’ve got a truck or station wagon so you can put it inside with the seats folded down
  • All of the Outrider models I tested had limited turning radius so it took roughly the width of a two lane street to do a 180, they quoted it at ~17 feet, I had to do a multi-point turn on several occasions where we were because the sidewalk was narrow… however, because they offer independent braking (on the front two wheels) you can “bias brake” and turn sharper if you have some momentum, this happens when you activate the inside brake harder than the outside
  • Expensive… the trike starts at ~$13k and can range all the way up to ~$23k depending on the features you add and the setup desired (including more battery capacity)
  • In my experience testing the trike, traction was the biggest limiting factor (and stability at low speed if you turn hard on a hill, it can roll onto its side), unlike traditional bicycles where the powered wheel is more directly below your body weight, the Outriders have a rear wheel that’s pretty far back, it helps to load the rack up to improve traction but it’s still not as good as most bicycles on steep loose terrain… it has the power, just not the traction
  • There’s a .5 second delay in the electronic gear box (going from low speed high torque to high speed operation with lower torque), it’s not a huge deal… just acknowledging it, easy to activate with the blue button on the right near the red “arm” button
  • When pedaling, there is some chain drag through the long plastic tubes (designed to keep you clean and snag-free) it’s noticeable and feels like a loss of efficiency, I guess it’s a trade off with most recumbents and ultra-long chain bikes
  • When accelerating quickly with the motor and pedaling at higher speeds if you don’t shift correctly it’s easy to have your foot position slide on the pedals (I think clip-in pedals would help), I also snagged my shoe on the chain cover tube a couple of times
  • Outrider used to offer fenders for the front two wheels but their newest models don’t, apparently the were rattling a lot and didn’t offer much protection
  • Produces a high pitched electronic whining noise that could be distracting to other riders or wildlife
  • No traditional water bottle cage mounting points but there are lots of holes on the seat, side racks and back rack where you might be able to tie down a bladder or mount a cage
  • More complex computer system and charging routine than traditional electric bikes with two caps to remove, it has improved a lot since the original Outrider recumbent trikes
  • In the event of a fix or maintenance requiring help from Outrider they will help advise a local shop, some parts may have to be shipped back to North Carolina


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Ben Crabtree
2 months ago

Who long to fully charge with solar panel

Tomas The Sinner
2 months ago

Are they flirting using coded language?😂😂

Hans-Joachim Baetz
3 months ago

ein geiles Trikebike wo kann man das kaufen??

Nguyen Dang
7 months ago

awesome review just want too know how long does the battery will last ?

Tom Thumb
11 months ago

Very cool trike. I don't like how noisy the trike is. Even on asphalt roads that motor whine is too much.

1 year ago

can you still pedal that first one too and remove the foot rests? these type of bikes are not practical for most people one because of price but all the safty things you need to know and maintenance seems kind of complicated, and requiring to register and license it, seems a bit to much. do you have similar recumbants with pedal assist that only goes 20 mph and less that can go off road including the beach and trails and not be so heavy and so complicated?

1 year ago

When he says you get 1 mile for every 25 watt hours, is that the weight of the bike or with a passenger that weighs 175lbs?

Stephen Dufort
1 year ago

The only critic I ill give after seeing many of your video's is you talk allot but ride too little,please spend more time riding because its the ride that is in the end,most important!

Mark Job
1 year ago

Love the Horizon, but with scary price points like $23,000.00 USD, these are toys for rich folks.

1 year ago

+Mark J... I don't consider ebikes to be particularly green. In general, you really can't come close to replacing a car with an ebike. You can supplement a car, but in that case you are only on the margins because the cost of car ownership only goes down on the margin (ie.. Gay money) if you commute 'when you can' on your ebike. As for those elites, I would refer to them as virtue signalers. Look at ME with my tiny house, look at ME with my Prius... Almost without exception, these people are also gigantic hypocrites. Putting a tiny house in the backyard of your McMansion is the epitome of these people.

Mark Job
1 year ago

+tarstarkusz Yes, it's all very frustrating to green energy enthusiasts like yours truly, who want to adopt the lifestyle, but is priced right out of the market ! This is the very essence of high fashion and trends. Most fashion, by definition is not democratic by nature ! Fads are started by, and aimed at "The Elitist Mentality." You can really see this by the same bunch of Elitists who are following the Tiny House Craze ! Greedy Guts entrapaneurs have moved in and jacked the prices up to the exact same as a regular sized stick and mortar home - All the while "Green Washing" their offerings and marketing to the same ass hole Elitists who just paid $13,000.00 for his electric trike, and is willing to pay upwards of $85,000.00 plus Dollars to look equally cool to his friends with his tiny house ! Some of these people are actually putting these tiny homes in the front yards of their very large estate homes ! Ridiculous and absurd !

1 year ago

Absolutely. I agree that they really don't want the price to drop and the big bicycle manufacturers probably don't want the liability risks and the headaches of dealing with the electronics and battery issues with their customers. I have seen a lot of rental e-bikes in my city, but very very few people with their own e-bikes. As you said, toys for rich people.

Mark Job
1 year ago

+tarstarkusz The unreasonable price point has always been, and still remains, my biggest issue with the whole electric bike movement. There are just so many greedy-guts electric bike entrapaneurs out there who really are not looking for the "regular" customer at all. They want the "Rich" enthusiast who us going to pay big dollars just to look cool to his friends ! Furthermore, I would dare to say these kind of makers don't actually want to see any type of price drop. These makers really like the "prestige" factor. I'm not saying these aren't wonderful machines and that I wouldn't buy one if I had the cash to burn, but that is the price of a car, and I just can't justify it rationally. These machines scream "Elitist Customer," all over them !

1 year ago

+Mark Job They are pretty optimistic about how far these things will take you. Then there is the fact that they always quote you the nominal battery power, but take 10% right off the top because you can NEVER take these batteries down to zero. Then there is the yearly decline in your battery and the replacement costs are a fortune. 23k is just downright stupid unless you can get your insurance to pay as a mobility device. But even then you have to pay for battery replacement which will most likely be around 3 years on a motor only trike. By the end of three years this will have lost at least 50% of its original range and if that doesn't cut it, you have to get a brand new battery. E-bikes have been around long enough that we should have MUCH cheaper E-bikes. Maybe if Huffy or Schwinn (not Signature) who can manufacture hundreds of thousands or even millions (just the drive train that can be put on various types of bikes) of bikes is really the only hope that these things will come down in price. The batteries aren't going to get much better for quite a while, probably a decade or more away. Over-production in N. America with the giga-factory may drop the price, but they won't be any better. If their stupid wall thing doesn't catch on, we might get a decent price drop, but then these guys are probably not going to pass on the savings.

Rob K
1 year ago

For such a powerful, fast trike what durable tires do the Outrider team recommend? Thinking for safety...
Great video.
May I propose a different word? The word Disabled is so limiting, let's try "People with Other Abilities".

Zachary Thomas
1 year ago

We normally say "adaptive". We use Maxxis tires for all of our bikes.

evolution rhythm
1 year ago

lol@ the scene where the reviewer accidentally powers down a bank due to the turning circle "pretty stable".

Wm Napier
1 year ago

Nice product and review, very informative indeed,,, especially the blown up price, its nice but just because it is designed to help people with mobility problems doesn't make it worth over $10K. I really think that a lot of manufactures take advantage of people with disabilities in product cost!

Richard Dagenais
1 year ago

the host is being an asshole and really casual about serious mobility challenges

Mexican Rick Sanchez C138
4 weeks ago

Mobility can u elaborate

Trekkie 4Life
1 year ago

youre a
n asshole callin someone an asshole...asshole!

Andrei Popa
1 year ago

As a cyclist and a subaru fanboy, I can say this guy is living the dream

Sita van Waarde
1 year ago

I like to ride in THE nature , mountain S are rare in de Nederland. Mountainbike in is a lot of fun So long you dont have iT too do Daily , i Am bike mostly across country s from village to city and back Some times from Enkhuizen to Amsterdam and back or i go too THE beach !

1 year ago

Whats the best ebike under 2k in your opinion ?

1 year ago

One wheel too many...

C Henry
1 year ago

Interesting, the options for disabled riders on these reminds me of the old "invalid bikes" that showed up following the first and second world wars, and that is actually what they were called. Its actually a pretty cool story, apparently Britain actually provided them free of charge to veterans who had been severely injured during the war so they could maintain some semblance of independence. I think where I saw them was on the show American Pickers.

Outrider USA
1 year ago

Hey C Henry,
Thank you for the comment and for checking out the review. Very interesting history info about past generation bikes for people with disabilities. Not too keen on the name, but it was a different time! We pride ourselves in having the Outrider be an experience equalizer. As an able-bodied individual, I could go on a trail using the foot pedal version Horizon and can be accompanied by my paraplegic friend on the electric handcycle Horizon and my quadriplegic friend on the all-electric Tri-pin controlled Horizon. All of us could go on the same trail, for the same distance and share in the same experience. There are already too many things in this world that separate us, and we want to help bridge that gap by creating equipment that bring people together and allow individuals of all different ability levels the opportunity to share in thrilling experiences. Thanks again!

1 year ago

Wow! That's wonderful, thanks for the tidbit... I hope we offer more resources like this to people with special needs, I think VR is going to be huge very soon and it could open a whole world of possibilities up!

joes joey
1 year ago

another great review man!! really appreciate your videos thank you!

joes joey
1 year ago

thanks!!love the fact that you always give the little details in your reviews its so important for choosing the right electric bike!

1 year ago

Thanks man! Really appreciate the props XD

1 year ago

this is sooo cool!

1 year ago

+Outrider USA Hey if you guys dropship to customers, I'd be happy to list your products on my bicycle website :)

Outrider USA
1 year ago