ProdecoTech Mariner 7 Review

Prodeco Mariner 7 Electric Bike Review
Prodeco Tech Mariner 7 1
Prodeco Mariner Front Hub Motor 1
Prodeco Mariner Battery Back 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Throttle 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Folded 1
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Prodeco Mariner 7 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Battery 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Electric Bike Review
Prodeco Tech Mariner 7 1
Prodeco Mariner Front Hub Motor 1
Prodeco Mariner Battery Back 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Throttle 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Folded 1
Prodeco Mariner Disc Brakes 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 1
Prodeco Mariner 7 Battery 1


  • An affordable, but heavy, folding electric bike with twist throttle only
  • Available primarily online, offers solid two year warranty including battery pack
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry is stable and long lasting but heavier than other Lithium-ion technologies

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Mariner 7


$1,399 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Comprehensive, 30 Day Replacement


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

46 lbs ( 20.86 kg )

Frame Types:

Mid-Step, Folding

Geometry Measurements:

Folded Dimensions 36" x 29" x 16"

Frame Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Colors:


Frame Fork Details:

Zoom Suspension with 30 mm Travel

Attachment Points:

Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

8 Speed 1x8 SRAM X5, 11-32T

Shifter Details:

SRAM X7 Grip Twist on Left Bar


HTI Folding Aluminum Nylon Platform


Integrated Cartridge Bearing


Promax Folding, Aluminum


Promax T-Bar 500 mm, Aluminum

Brake Details:

Avid BB5 Mechanical Disc with 180 mm HS1 Rotors, Avid Speed Dial 7 Black Levers


Kraton with Alloy Lock Rings


Velo Plush Vacuum

Seat Post:

Suspension Shock

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Double Wall 24 mm Aluminum


18/8 Black Stainless Steel 12G

Tire Brand:

Continental Contact 20" x 1.75"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in ( 50.8 cm )


Adjustable Single Leg Kickstand, 43.8V 2 Amp Charger, Aluminum Bash Guard on Front Ring, Bell on Left Bar


Quick Release Front Wheel, Optional 12 Amp Hour Battery Upgrade

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Front-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

300 watts

Motor Peak Output:

500 watts

Battery Voltage:

38.4 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

9 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

345.6 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), 24 Cells

Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

25 miles ( 40 km )

Estimated Max Range:

35 miles ( 56 km )

Display Type:

LED Console


Battery Level (Green, Yellow, Red)

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

18 mph ( 29 kph )

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Written Review

The ProdecoTech Mariner 7 is a folding electric bike that costs significantly less than competitors but takes a hit on weight, drive mode options, frame balance and in-person support. All ProdecoTech electric bikes cost less than competing brands because they are primarily sold online, bypassing a physical bike shop outlet. This savings is passed on to the buyer but it also means you may not have a chance to test ride the bike or get maintenance support as easily when the bike inevitably needs repairs. You’ll also have to build it yourself the first time. Still, with a 2 year warranty on all parts including the battery pack this could be an efficient way to step into the world of ebikes.

The motor driving the Mariner 7 offers 300 watts of power with a 500 watt peak and it’s geared meaning you get more torque. This is fairly standard for ebikes where 350 watt geared hub motors have been the most popular choice for full sized offerings. Given the frame size and reduced torque here, this bike is probably ideal for riders under 200 pounds.

The battery pack fueling that hub motor offers 38.4 volts of power and 9 amp hours of range. Again, fairly standard offering and enough to power the bike up to 35 miles in perfect conditions. The cell technology is Lithium Iron Phosphate which provides more cycles than other Lithium-ion types but has a lower energy density meaning in order to reach the 345 watt hours this pack delivers, it ends up being heavier. And this is where the real trade offs begin…

It seems to me that one of the primary benefits of any folding electric bike is the ability to fold and store it. With the Mariner 7 this action becomes more challenging due to the overall system weight. This folding bike weighs nearly 50 pounds while other competing offerings weigh closer to 40. This starts matter when you’re trying to the bike down in a boat compartment or up in an RV closet. Thankfully, the battery pack is removable so this challenge can be somewhat mitigated. Please just be careful when storing this bike so as not to hurt your back.

The ride quality of the Mariner 7 is acceptable. The pedals are plastic and therefore not that stiff. The weight of the battery is elevated high off the ground and all towards the rear which makes it a bit less stable than mid-frame designs but the inclusion of a built in rear light is a nice touch. Since the hub motor is built into the front wheel, that actually helps balance out the weight. I appreciate the seat post shock and idealism of the front shock but honestly, the travel is so short and the springs so stiff that it was hardly noticeable when I rode. The bike could save weight and would ride nearly the same without a front shock of this quality.

Aside from the weight and balance concerns with the Mariner 7, the lack of pedal assist also gives me pause. While this isn’t the only “non pedal assist” electric bike out there, it doesn’t include a cruise control setting which means you’ll need your hand on the grip shifter at all times in order to keep the assist. It’s one of the sacrifices you make for that lower price point. I think of this and other ProdecoTech bikes as entry level scooters. The battery is durable, the components and frames are mid grade and the system works, it’s just less refined. Compare this bike with the EZ Pedaler F300 that weighs less and does include pedal assist but costs $600 more or the IZIP E3 Compact that weighs over 6 pounds less, keeps the battery weight much lower and also offers pedal assist for $1,899.


  • One of the cheapest folding electric bikes available
  • Battery pack is removable and features a built in rear light
  • Fantastic 2 year warranty, free shipping for fixes in the first 30 days
  • Seat post shock smooths out the bumps but don’t lift by the seat as the shock may become loose or break
  • 300 watt geared motor offers good torque and power with 500 watt peak output
  • Oversized disc brakes offer great stopping power
  • Aluminum bash guard protects front chain ring when folding and storing


  • Challenging to find and test ride in person, mostly sold online
  • Battery tends to be heavier due to lower energy density of LiFePO4
  • Battery is positioned high off the ground creating a less stable ride
  • Overall weight of bike makes it less convenient for stowing
  • Frame components are mid-grade, twist throttle is basic, pedals are soft, front shock hardly works
  • No magnets or other fasteners to keep the bike in folded position
  • Can’t mount anything on top of the rear battery pack, also won’t work with panniers


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Ronald Boykin
2 years ago

It would be nice if it was possible to put fenders on this bike!

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2 hours ago
Are there any pics of the Mariner folded in half, I cannot find any anywhere and what to make sure the it will fold fairly tightly and concentrated for a fat tire bike.
2 hours ago
Which is another reason that I wish there was some way to turn that damn governor speed limiter off. Sometimes squeaking a couple of MPH fast could get you out of a bad situation where having the engine just shut itself off can be quite dangerous in a lot of these heavily congested area of travel. I understand the legal reason of having the speed limiter built in to the design of the bike but there should be a way the owner of the bike could disable it somehow with a liability waver stating disengaging the governor speed limiter removes all liabilities to the bikes manufacture. Abide by state or countries law but have the consumer be the final say on how they want the bike to operate and function not the manufacturer or government. My wifes ebike has a 20 MPH max on flats but if going downhill and you exceed 20 MPH by 1-3 MPH it doesn't just shut down the engine. Come on Volt give us a choice on the governor limiter, ship it from the factory with the 20 MPH speed governor on, but let the consumer be able to disengaged if they wish, relinquishing any liability issues to the manufacturer.
I totally agree with you Roflo. Some ebikes have an "OFF ROAD" mode in their settings which when enabled will allow for speeds greater than 20 mph. I've exceeded 30mph - going down hill - on the Mariner. The ebike was as stable as any road bike that I've ridden. User defined speeds should be an option.
9 hours ago
Are there any pics of the Mariner folded in half, I cannot find any anywhere and what to make sure the it will fold fairly tightly and concentrated for a fat tire bike.
10 hours ago
Can anyone provide any pics of the Mariner folded in half. I cannot find one and wanted to make sure it folds in half fairly tight and clean. Still waiting for my Mariner to arrive ,release date has been delayed three times so far.
4 days ago
I was also looking at the Ness bike , but had a hard time finding many reviews. I read a very few that were on company sites that were actually selling them ,but I always take those with a grain of salt. For the money it looks like a great bike with a lot of good features but with close to no actual reviews I decided on a Green Bike USA GB5 for my wife (tons of great reviews) and a Volt Mariner limited edition for myself. Both my wife and I wanted folder bikes only.
1 week ago
Ann M.
Glad you found us,
1 week ago
@Cnugget My mistake. I see now that you said "fatbike" Mariner. Prodecotech's Mariner does not come in a fattire version lol.
1 week ago
I have a set of: Sunlite XL Cruiser Tires in 20 x 4 on my RadMini and they work pretty well for road, but they are not light Sang
Good to know about the weight. Because the tire is wider, it might not work with the Mariner without creating conflict with the chain. The clearance is pretty tight even with factory tires. One reason a smaller width would be awesome. Do you think I could get away with a 3" tire if I could find one at the 20" width? In the dark about what will fit or not fit the rims I have. AK! Sorry for hijacking the rotating tread/wear thread.
1 week ago
@Roflo While engaging the motor slowly is possible, it is a bit more of a challenge than a motorbike to complete. Normally on a motorbike you have both feet on the ground to balance where a bike has you(or at least me) are up higher off the ground for pedalling. I found I could not balance upright and slowly start the motor off because my feet don't touch the ground.

dm nelson
1 week ago
@Cnugget My first ebike was a Prodecotech. Phantom X3 to be exact. I'm not sure if the the tire would work with Prodecotech's choosen wheels for your Mariner. You could buy one tire to check and if it fits buy the other. Or buy two on Amazon or eBay and return them if they don't work. If they do work, you wont regret your purchase. I wish I could put my Hookworms back on my heavily modified Radrover every time I ride it. The Supercells just aren't the same.
Wondering if those Hookworms still fit or does the bike's modification make it so they don't fit anymore?
1 week ago
@Cnugget My first ebike was a Prodecotech. Phantom X3 to be exact. I'm not sure if the the tire would work with Prodecotech's choosen wheels for your Mariner. You could buy one tire to check and if it fits buy the other. Or buy two on Amazon or eBay and return them if they don't work. If they do work, you wont regret your purchase. I wish I could put my Hookworms back on my heavily modified Radrover every time I ride it. The Supercells just aren't the same.
James Kohls
1 week ago
Fall is here and temps down in the 30’s F have arrived as well. I am certainly noticing a hit in battery performance in the cold weather. Especially on longer rides. I keep my bike indoors and charge it indoors too. So the entire bike is nice and warm when I leave. A 5 mile test in constant Turbo mode left me with 84%.

Had my first display glitch at 650 miles (approaching 750 now). The bike diagnostics showed a flashing light when it got to the display diagnostics. Next time I turned the bike on, the display would power up and then immediately turn off (no motor assist). I unplugged the silver inline screw-connector leading to the display and plugged it back in. That seemed to solve the problem and it hasn’t reoccured since. Part of me was hoping for a battery failure so I could get a “Turbo S-X Lite” like @Douglas Ruby =). But no such misfortune/luck?

The bike still performs well in the cold weather. Even if the range is reduce (which was expected), the power is still the same. I’m still not sure what I am going to do once it starts snowing. I’m seriously considering buying a Voltbike Mariner to use as my “Winter Beater.” Ha! A $1300 winter beater bicycle =).

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Turbo, but I’ve skidded out many times in the past on my pedal only road bike with studded tires in the winter and doing so on my larger and significantly heavier Turbo scares me a bit. I like the Mariner with its ground hugging mass and fat tires. Still not sure I want to buy a bike sight unseen, but I figure if I don’t like it for some reason, I could sell it. That, and I’d only use it like 4 months out of the year.
1 week ago
Staying Alive Part Two

Orfos Light Flare

In a effort to further increase my visibility I purchased Orfos "White Flare." Its intend purpose was to be a daytime running light. Producing an intensely bright light, the Orfos is an unfocused light source emitting 500 lumens. It adheres to powerful neodymium magnets making for quick removable. Their magnetism is soo great as to make the Mariner's supplied compass ineffective. The magnets are zipped tied to the bike.
• 4 Modes: Hyper, Blink, Pulse, Steady
• 3 Power Levels
• Power Saving Mode
• Magnetic Mounting
• Water Proof
• USB Charging
View attachment 11291View attachment 11294View attachment 11297View attachment 11300View attachment 11303
1 week ago
Staying Alive

I ridden bicycles most of my life and I've rode various motorcycles as well. I find riding, whether on a bicycle or motorbike an enjoyable pastime.

Torch Apparel Bicycle Helmet
I purchased a Torch T2 helmet for commuting. Nowadays, I only skateboard style helmets because of "full coverage" protection they afford. Ventilation is the least of my concerns. Understanding the need to make cyclist more visible their helmets incorporate both front and rear lights. The helmet fits snug do its front and rear straps
• Front & Rear LED Light Panels
• 4 Different Lighting Modes: Steady High, Steady Low, Flash Fast, Flash Slow
• Both Chin Strap and Back of the head Dial Adjuster
• USB Battery Charging
View attachment 11276View attachment 11279View attachment 11282View attachment 11285View attachment 11288
1 week ago
@dm nelson That is correct. They will mount up just fine to the stock Radrover rims. I am running them on my Mongoose Malus fatbike at the moment (with the Radrover wheels & motor) and they work great. Plus that bike is 1/3 the weight of the Radrover.
Would this spec (2.5" x 20") work on the 4" x 20" rim configuration too? I have a fatbike Mariner similar to the RadRover Mini and doing a lot of pavement. Not sure if these tires would work but would be delighted if they did. Not experienced in tire fitting & bikes and what is compatible.
1 week ago
Hey guys. Very cool photos... as always Voltbike owners are very passionate.
We also noticed that some companies are offering 20ah. However given the price they offer the 20ah I am in doubt it's in fact 20ah. Also we are not sure that 20ah battery would fit in the compartment of Voltbike Mariner. In fact 20ah battery is twice bigger in size compared to 10ah battery. It's would also be twice the price too. It's probably more wise to purchase 2x 10ah batteries and swap them as needed. Please note that Voltbike Mariner is coming with high performance Sanyo (by Panasonic) cells.

It would be nice if somebody in the forum can give some feedback regarding those cheap 20ah batteries going around.

P.S. We are definitely going to offer later on different size battery packs like 16ah or 11.6ah for example.
2 weeks ago
Fat tires are made for winter. Voltbike is a Canadian company, the voltbike mariner would fit the bill nicely.
2 weeks ago
Volt Mariner
2 weeks ago
Volt Mariner 20" fat tire folding bike 500 Watts/48 Volts/ 10.4 AH for $1249
2 weeks ago
I have seen some of these bikes advertising 20 ah. I was dubious of the specs from the website offering it though. The Mariner is unique in many ways but I am not sure if it is the first of it's kind either. The 48 Volt battery appears to be on par with many bikes of a much higher value for 2016. I am sure once
2 weeks ago
KNOG OI Bicycle Bell Review

As I mentioned in my review of my eMoto/Voltbike Mariner, the original equipment, combo bell/compass, cracked and fractured.

The Good:
• Available in 4 finishes: Black, Cooper, Silver and Brass
• Fits various diameter - ROUND - handlebars: LARGE 23.8 mm to 31.8 mm, SMALL 22.2 mm bars
• Both their tones are very good
• Large bell's volume being louder
• Designed to capture cables
• Seem well made

The Bad:
• None so far

View attachment 11180View attachment 11183View attachment 11186View attachment 11189View attachment 11192View attachment 11195
2 years ago

Hello, I'm thinking of buying an electric bike to ride to work and I'm
looking at the 2015 prodeco mariner 8 and ejoe epik we. Which of them is a
better choice consider the price specs, and warranty? Thank you.
2 years ago

+Tuyen Nguyen I like the integrated e-Joe battery and suspension fork. You
get pedal assist as well as throttle on that bike and the fenders and rack
are pretty useful so it's a winner all the way around in my opinion

2 years ago

Ejo epik se

2 years ago

I just bought it and i ride it once and then i charge it and the hub motor
starting to do a Lot of Noise! and when i do the throttle does not work
everytime .. so sad!
2 years ago

That's a bummer! They offer a solid 2 year warranty... I think they would
help you out if the motor is having issues and you haven't voided the
warranty in any way. What do the noises sound like, is it something you
could film and link to here?

2 years ago

Hello Sir ! i'm going to upgrate my i-zip i and was wondering which one
would you choose from this 2 bikes: the prodeco mariner? or the cyclamatic
bicycle electric foldaway ?
2 years ago

Good question! I've never tried the Cyclamatic before but it appears to
have a rear mounted hub motor and includes fenders and a usable rack with
the battery placed near the downtube vs. the rear. For all of these design
reasons I'd go with it but considering that ProdecoTech is a large well
known brand they might be better for getting customer service and having a
warranty. I hope this helps! By the way, this is the image I was using for
comparison, if this is not the bike you meant please let me know and share
a link so I an provide more thoughts:
3 years ago

Hey Christopher, for some reason it won't let me respond to you with a
reply (You might have replies turned off?) so I'm just making a new
comment. While these bikes are repairable and do work alright, I'm less of
a fan when it comes to the high center of gravity and plastic case that can
crack and fall off (I've heard this from several shops). Another
inexpensive folding ebike that is better in my opinion is the Epik Ejoe and
it comes in two flavors (one with rack, fenders and lights for city stuff
and one without that's more for off road riding). I haven't posted those
reviews yet but the bike is solid.

Nothing against ProdecoTech, I just think your money will go further with
Ejoe in this case. If you do get the Mariner 7 I think you can order
straight from their website and have it shipped direct. You'll have to do
some configuring with the handlebars, maybe true the wheels but that's true
of any online ebike :)

Mo Ramahi
6 months ago Is this model any different from the mariner 8?