2013 ProdecoTech Outlaw EX Review


Technical Specs & Ratings


2013, 2014

Outlaw EX


Class 2


Front Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



460.8 Wh

460.8 Wh

62 lbs / 28.15 kgs


CNC Sealed Bearing

Truvativ AKA 5º 100 mm

Truvativ Huss 31.8 Mid-Rise 700 mm

Leather with Alloy Lock Rings

Truvativ Hussefelt


Gyes Brown Leather

Truvativ Huss Aluminum Alloy Platform

Hydraulic Disc

Avid Elixir 5 Hydraulic Disc with 200 mm HS1 Rotors and Elixir 5 Levers


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The Outlaw series from ProdecoTech features some of the coolest looking electric bikes I’ve seen. These things are monstrous with long travel suspension, oversized tires and enormous motors and battery packs. Unfortunately, the steep geometry of the front fork and high rigid position of the battery pack at the rear create a ride that feels unstable. And even though the motor driving this beast is gearless, the electronics themselves are very simple and forego pedal assist, regenerative braking or LCD display unit with speed, range or battery level.

The motor driving the Outlaw EX is a 750 watt gearless design that accelerates smoothly and stays very quiet. Gearless motors generally offer less torque than their geared counterparts but considering the high wattage of this motor, it should be enough to move larger riders and even take on large hills. It would have been nice to see a regen mode or even just regenerative braking as that could save some major wear and tear on the disc brake pads when coasting down large hills but likely would have cost much more.

The battery pack on this and other ProdecoTech bikes consists of Lithium Iron Phosphate which has a lower energy density than some other Lithium-ion chemistry options. This means that in order to offer ~48 volts to power this bike, it had to be heavier and thus contributes to the 62lb weight of the bike. Overall, LiFePO4 is stable and lasts longer than other battery types and ProdecoTech offers a generous two year warranty on the bike and the pack. With 12 amp hours of capicity, this pack is capable of distances in excess of 25 miles which is decent. Pedal assist would increase that range but again, would cost more and complicate the system.

Overall, the electronics on this bike are very simple. There’s an ignition where you insert a key (and have to leave it when riding) then you press the on button near the trigger throttle on the right bar and three LED’s light up for full, medium and empty. Next, you press the trigger and the bike speeds off! This makes the bike very easy to learn and even share with friends. Pretty much anyone can figure it out and have a good time but don’t get too carried away because as mentioned earlier, this bike is a bit unstable.

Take a look at that steep angle for how the fork and front wheel are mounted. It’s sticking way out front like a chopper style motorcycle. Now look at the battery pack, firstly it’s huge, secondly it’s almost as high as the neck at the front. Also note, both the battery and motor are mounted in the rear. The result is a ride that leans naturally as you turn and wants to lean… all the way over. Honestly, this bike freaks me out more than any other ebike and I would not take it off road, it just feels too sketchy. Add to this the lack of a kickstand and you have a bike that will definitely fall over at some point (potentially breaking stuff or hurting you) and may even crash when riding.

So in conclusion, this bike looks awesome and comes at a great price point but has a few drawbacks. I love the fact that it has a rear light built right into the battery pack. I love the higher end hydraulic disc brakes that offer great stopping power and the soft tires and shock at the front. ProdecoTech has addressed some of the issues with the rear rack coming loose by adding an addition set of struts for support. The pedals feel stiff and solid, the grips are beautiful, it’s clearly an enticing bike. This bike might be good for someone who is on a budget, is familliar with downhill geometry and has good balance but isn’t actually going to use it for downhilling and who wants the extra power and smooth acceleration of a gearless hub motor.


  • Affordable and feature rich
  • Soft long travel front fork with 140mm of travel
  • Great hydraulic disc brakes with oversized 200mm rotors great for stopping
  • Beautiful grips, easy to use twist shifter controls 8 speed cassett
  • Battery pack is removable and features a built in rear light
  • Solid two year warranty, free shipping for fixes in the first 30 days
  • 750 watt gearless rear hub motor offers great power and torque, also very quiet


  • Can’t mount anything on top of the rear battery pack, also won’t work with panniers
  • Have to leave the keys in the battery pack when riding
  • Offers throttle mode only, no pedal assist
  • Despite using a gearless hub motor, no regen mode or regenerative braking
  • Overall the bike feels unbalanced due to steep fork angle, also has no kickstand for parking… which makes it unstable at rest
  • Challenging to find and test ride in person, mostly sold online
  • Battery tends to be heavier due to lower energy density of LiFePO4

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