Snelheid Cycles Leider Review

Snelheid Cycles Leider Electric Bike Review
Snelheid Cycles Leider
Snelheid Cycles Leider 1000 Watt Mac Motor High Power
Snelheid Cycles Leider Lithium Polymer Battery And Controller
Snelheid Cycles Leider Voltage Temperature Displays
Snelheid Cycles Leider Front Mechanical Disc Brake
Snelheid Cycles Leider Single Speed Drivetrain
Snelheid Cycles Leider Upgraded Saddle
Snelheid Cycles Leider Variable Speed Currie Twist Throttle
Snelheid Cycles Leider Electric Bike Review
Snelheid Cycles Leider
Snelheid Cycles Leider 1000 Watt Mac Motor High Power
Snelheid Cycles Leider Lithium Polymer Battery And Controller
Snelheid Cycles Leider Voltage Temperature Displays
Snelheid Cycles Leider Front Mechanical Disc Brake
Snelheid Cycles Leider Single Speed Drivetrain
Snelheid Cycles Leider Upgraded Saddle
Snelheid Cycles Leider Variable Speed Currie Twist Throttle


  • One of the fastest and lightest weight electric road bikes I've reviewed with a powerful Mac motor and fast discharge Lithium polymer battery
  • Efficient smooth tires, rigid steel frame and single speed gearing are simple and durability but not as comfortable as ebikes with suspension forks or larger balloon tires, especially at higher speeds
  • The battery box is wide and may scrape your leg or snag your pants when stepping off the bike if you're not careful, it looks decent for a custom build but isn't as polished as mass produced electric bikes, upgraded front disc brake improves stopping power
  • You get a one year stated warranty but the company is very small and not yet proven in my mind, you may have to rely on your own ability to tinker with this thing long term, the higher top speed and throttle-only mode means this ebike is not legal except on private property
Warning, in some configurations this electric bike is classified as a moped or motorcycle and may not be ridden on cycling trails or paths. It may require licensing, insurance and lights when used on public roads.

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Snelheid Cycles





Body Position:

Forward Aggressive

Suggested Use:


Electric Bike Class:

Moped or Motorcycle (Class 4)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Motor, 1 Year Battery


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

46 lbs ( 20.86 kg )

Battery Weight:

12 lbs ( 5.44 kg )

Motor Weight:

9 lbs ( 4.08 kg )

Frame Types:


Frame Sizes:

21.3 in ( 54.1 cm )22.8 in ( 57.91 cm )

Frame Material:

High Tensile Steel

Frame Colors:

Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Silver

Frame Fork Details:

Carbon Fiber

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed


170 mm Aluminum Alloy, 48T Chainring


Plastic Platform, Black


5 Degree


Flat, Aluminum Alloy, Black, 51 cm

Brake Details:

Avid BB7 Road S Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotor in Front, SRAM Apex Aluminum Alloy Caliper with Pull Style Avid FF7 Levers


Flat Rubber, Black


Generic Active

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

25.4 mm


45 mm Deep-V


Sapim from Belgium, 13 Gauge on Rear, 14 Gauge on Front

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Energizer Plus, 28" x 1.4" (700 x 35c)

Wheel Sizes:

28 in ( 71.12 cm )

Tire Details:

Performance Line GreenGuard

Tube Details:



Bell Cycle Computer, Power Cable Key, Optional Vader Sport Saddle


High Torque Motor Winding, Steel Dropout Reinforcements (Oversized Torque Arms), Rubberized Cable Channels (Partially Internally Routed)

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1000 watts

Battery Voltage:

51.8 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

9 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

466.2 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Polymer

Charge Time:

3 hours

Estimated Min Range:

20 miles ( 32 km )

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles ( 40 km )

Display Type:

Blue LED Console


Voltage, Motor Temperature

Display Accessories:

On/Off Toggle Switch, Power Output Selector Toggle Selector (1-3)

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

27 mph ( 43 kph )

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Written Review

The Leider is one of the fastest accelerating, most powerful electric bikes I’ve ever tested. It’s a race car… and you feel the road much as you would with performance vehicles because there’s no suspension and very little in the way of creature comforts. Snelheid means speed in Dutch and the founder, Tony, was born into a family that immigrated to the US from the Netherlands. Leider is also a Dutch word and it means “leader” which makes sense because this model offers “leading” performance. The frame is available in two sizes and made from high tensile steel which helps to dampen vibrations a bit, you also get several fun color choices and an optional pedal-strap upgrade to really lock in.

Compared to the Snelheid Tyro (the entry level, legal offering) this model has a larger chain ring to help you keep pace with the higher top speed of ~27 miles per hour. One of the big drawbacks or question marks about this e-bike in my mind is the higher top speed. Because it’s throttle operated and not pedal sensing this bike is not classified as a speed pedelec. It’s basically an electric motorcycle that lacks the proper signals and safety testing outlined by the US government. It may be used legally on private property or retrofitted with signals and ridden on streets as a motorcycle (which is how I tested it during the video review above as I have a motorcycle license) but that’s a huge limiter and I suspect many owners will simply choose to sidestep the law. Normal pedal-powered bicycles can top 20 mph (which is the stated legal limit) but that argument won’t fly if you damage property or another pedestrian so proceed with caution.

Legal considerations aside, this bike was built for urban environments… city streets with congested traffic where cyclists split lanes and take side streets. The Leider flies off the line beating most cars from standstill and puts you right where they can see you, out in front. It feels empowering and “safe” in that sense because it commands respect. Just be careful because that same unexpected boost could put you in harms way if cross-traffic is trying to run a yellow light and doesn’t see you. So the motor used here is the same as the one built onto the Tyro, just running with more amps. It’s a 500 watt nominal 1,000 peak internally geared MAC hub and there are two custom aluminum torque arms reinforcing the rear dropouts so it doesn’t spin itself off. Please note that in both video reviews for Leider ebikes I said the motors offered 1,000 nominal and 1,500 peak which was misinformation provided by the founder then later corrected when I explained the legal limit of 750 watts nominal in the US. He declined to share the exact motor, battery and controller details to preserve the value of his offering. The rear spokes have been upgraded from 14 Gauge to thicker 13 Gauge using Sapim brand which is often used for racing and known for being high quality.

What you get with this ebike is a stock city bike frame modified for the motor and battery. The battery box is beautifully designed but nowhere close to what I see on mass-produced electric bikes in terms of polish. It’s almost as if you took a rear rack style battery box and just moved it onto the downtube for improved weight distribution. The reality is that the box is built “around” the downtube and not on top of it but the sides still stick out and may snag your pant legs or scrape your thigh when stepping off as they did to me. Don’t get me wrong, you can make this thing work and it’s a huge achievement for Tony, the carbon fiber plates look cool and he’s reduced weight considerably but the controller screwed to the top looks tacky and the holes and exposed metallic connector bits made me feel hesitant about riding anywhere near water. I was reassured that the innards are all sealed separately and was told that there’s a year long comprehensive warranty but this thing is hand built… and a warranty isn’t useful if something happens to Tony or he changes his focus to another venture someday.

I’m being brutally honest with this review because this is a potentially dangerous niche product. And I don’t mean dangerous in terms of falling down at 27 mph, that hurts for sure but I used to be a competitive snowboarder and I’ve nocked myself out twice with a helmet doing road gaps and double backflips… that kind of danger is inherent to walking out your front door and even approaching a street with cars racing through. The type of danger that the Snelheid Leider presents that is unique to it verses other electric bikes is a legal one. If you have the same accident as you did with an officially sanctioned Class 2 electric bicycle, colliding with a pedestrian at even 20 mph, you would be liable for a lot more (operating a motor vehicle without a proper license, illegal motor vehicle lacking proper safety features and signals). If you happen to own a private parcel of land with a long smooth paved surface then this thing could be a blast but I think that’s pretty rare.


  • One of the zippiest electric bikes I’ve ever tested, it blasts from zero to ~27 mph in just a few seconds (be careful as an accidental jerk on the twist throttle could become destabilizing, especially on a turn)
  • The frame comes in two sizes and a whole range of colors so you end up with something that feels good and is pretty unique
  • Weight is distributed pretty well across the frame thanks to the custom battery box, compared to most other high power ebikes it weighs less because the frame is so minimal
  • I like the upgraded e-bike specific tires from Schwalbe which use thicker rubber and “GreenGuard” liner technology to reduce the potential for tube puncture and flats, the tires on the Leider are wider (more squishy and stable) than those on the Tyro
  • The single speed drivetrain is quiet and durable, you’re less likely to drop the chain or need tuneups and the cadence is set higher so you can actually pedal along at top speed pretty comfortably
  • Upgraded mechanical linear pull brake in the rear and a disc brake in the front to help slow you down more effectively


  • Very limited display technology, you get a battery voltage readout which could be interpreted as how full the battery is but it will take some practice, the traditional cycle computer helps a bit with speed, odometer, timer etc. there is also an optional system temperature display
  • The battery box is wider than most and the edges and corners are sharp angles which could rub on pants or scrape your shin and thigh when standing over the bike, I bumped my knee into it when I stopped and put a foot down during the ride tests
  • The frame, seat and wheelset are all pretty rigid so you definitely feel bumps and this can be uncomfortable over longer distances, the aggressive body position got to my arms, back and neck a bit
  • In my opinion the price tag on this electric bike is a bit high, you can get higher quality mass-produced electric bikes with more drive modes, purpose built frames and accessories for the same price or less… but to be fair they won’t be as powerful
  • No quick release for either wheel or the seat, I like to bottle cage bosses but the rear rack bosses are partially used for the torque arms so you may need custom screws to make it work
  • You cannot easily remove the battery box from the bike frame which makes charging more difficult, you have to bring the bike inside or park near an electrical outlet and that might not work for people who want to commute to work
  • I admire the spirit behind this ebike but most of the electronic systems are hand built and they probably aren’t UL certified, insured or produced with a level of quality control as a larger manufacturer
  • The battery box rattled a bit when riding over bumpy sections on the street, I didn’t notice this as much with the Leider models so perhaps it was just the mounting done on the demo
  • Despite there being a stated “one year warranty” on the bike, I have some concerns about the longevity of the company as a whole and feel that this e-bike might be best suited to engineer types who are willing to dive in themselves if need be
  • Basic accessories including the generic saddle, plastic pedals and rubberized grips, it’s a single speed and wouldn’t be much fun to pedal (especially up hill) if the battery was expired
  • This electric bike is basically illegal everywhere except on private property based on the higher top speed and may put riders in a compromised legal position if used on public roads


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More Snelheid Cycles Reviews

Snelheid Cycles Tyro Review

  • MSRP: $2,299
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A hand built, aggressive city style electric bike with high power MAC motor and custom Lithium Polymer battery. Efficient narrow tires, rigid steel frame and single speed drivetrain offer simplicity and durability but…...

Burak Gezen
12 months ago

I LOVE THIS BIKE. It has by far the quickest and smoothest acceleration of any E-bike I have ridden. You go from 0 to top speed in what feels like a second. Despite that, it's a very smooth transition and I feel well balanced and stable. Being able to stop and go reliably through city traffic like that gives you a great control. At a red light, it takes cars a half a block just to catch up to you because you take off so fast. This is a niche bike, for people who looking for fun and performance. You should definitely try one out if you can and you'll see what I am talking about.

Court Rye
12 months ago

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the Leider electric bike Burak. I know I was extra sensitive in this review about speed and acceleration but your points are correct, it offers control and builds confidence in traffic.

12 months ago

Why not get a motorcycle or moped instead?

Court Rye
12 months ago

Those definitely require a license and insurance where some people may sneak this as a bicycle and fly under the legal radar. Mopeds and motorcycles with internal combustion engines often require more maintenance, make more sound and are heavier and they smell bad and fuel costs more but to your point they often go further per "charge" or fill of gasoline and they usually go faster and have signals, horns and fenders as well as suspension for a more comfortable ride :)

12 months ago

This thing DOMINATES! A perfect blend of form and function. After my test drive i didnt feel like I'd need a car again unless I was moving a couch. Forget the motorcycle or moped! You can pedal this bad boy if the batteries get drained. Good luck pushing your scooter 2 blocks or more. Plus it charges in the amount of time it takes to have lunch or do some shopping. It's comfortable, powerful, efficient, sleek and blows the competition away. Keep it up Snelheid!

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2 weeks ago

I would like to know if a rear rack can fit on it.

Chris Klest
11 months ago

I bought this bike last spring and I cannot ride it enough. It's light
enough to be carried up flights of stairs, such as when I frequent the L. I
actually look forward to rush hour traffic on Friday's just to spite all of
the cars I pass. It's perfect for the city or for side streets in the
burbs. I hope to meet some other ebike owners in Chicago this summer to
cruise with.

Chris Klest
11 months ago

+Chris Klest BTW, I added a rear rack and I'm looking for a rigid
waterproof lockable storage solution so that I can more easily toss my
items in and go. I have a saddle bag, but it's loose and rubs in the
spokes, so I took it off.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Dublin Loves Bikes (dlb cycles Ltd)
I've itemized your comments to stay organized, and make sure I address all
the issues you present. Let me know if I don't sufficiently
answer all your concerns, and I'll do my best to fulfill them.

1. crashing
2. knees
3. different
4. Europe
5. Botch and Hack
6. No Compromises
7. different rims
8. disc mounts
9. controller wires
10. weight
11. RM Roadster
12. Proves my point

1. Yes, it is true that I don't have much experience crashing. Much of this
is attributable to the quick direction changing capabilities, powerful
brakes, and quick acceleration of our bikes. That is the result of having a
neutrally balanced design with the batteries up front, counter acting the
weight of the motor in the rear. The center of gravity is actually lower
than a standard roadbike, and is therefore very easy to maneuver, even at
slow speeds. Being lightweight minimizes fatigue, and increases control, as
well as increasing overall efficiency and road holding capabilities.
The brakes are strong, and combined with the 35mm tires provide ample
stopping power without locking up. Quick acceleration gives yet another
option for getting out of a dangerous situation. All of these factors
contribute to rider safety, however as we all know, the biggest factor
affecting the safety of the rider is not traffic, or the bike, or even road
conditions, but the riders themselves...

The battery box is located on the Downtube, not the Top Tube. Therefore it
is no where near your knees. The next time you ride, look down at your
water bottle cage. That is where the box is mounted. You'll notice your
knees are no where near the bottle cage. Even in a crash your crotch would
hit the top tube before your knees touched the box. And that would be a far
worse injury!
This isn't the type of bike you stand up and climb in anyways. In fact, I
tell first time riders not to stand up at all! This is the type of bike
that you remain seated, and feed in power through your legs, and with the
throttle in proportions of your choice, as you fly up the hill.

3. You are right that our design is different. In fact, many aspects of the
bikes design, not just the battery box itself, are very unique and
different. However, the purpose for the differences are not for the sake of
being different. This bike was designed from the ground up, component by
component. Each area was evaluated as to what was ideal, then worked
backwards eliminating what was not feasible, or effective. The result is
what you see. And what you see is a marriage of components which are
virtually all either modified, or created entirely from scratch. Not for
the sake of being different, but for the sake of creating either something
that is better, or what didn't exist prior.

4. European Ebike power and speed laws are draconian, and prevent us from
considering marketing there. However, our Leider can probably beat any
retail ebike over there from 0-25kmh. That's good enough for now...

5. Botch and Hack is a new expression to me, and I'm determined to use it
in the near future! However, I would strongly disagree that this ebike is a
messy, sloppy, poorly done project. It is true that there is no Duct Tape,
or Zip Ties on the Bike. For example, most manufactures use tiny wires,
grouped together in a single cable from the controller to the motor. This
cable is usually zip tied all the way to the frame. Even on Ebikes which
cost 3 or 4 times as much as ours. We use heavy, fat, 10ga wires for the
motor which are connected to the controller inside the battery box, are
routed through the frame, then come out where they are protected by the
rubber covered, metal Wire Covers that we make. These covers are fastened
with straps that we make in the same way. This is costly and time consuming
compared to no wire modification, no wire covers, and the use of zip ties.
But bigger wires, especially to the motor, are better. Protecting them with
wire covers is much more durable and effective than leaving them exposed as
is standard for the industry.

6. No Compromises to us means that we are not going to settle for anything
that is antithetical to our fundamentals. Excluding components which are
not cost feasible. We wanted to use Lithium Polymer batteries with a large
battery capacity, with a geared motor, in a lightweight package, with
balanced handling. We've achieved this without compromising our
fundamentals in exchange for low priority, ineffective, or non essential
components or designs.

7. The 2015 spec Tyro did in fact use 2 different rims. The 2016 spec
however uses the same 45mm deep v rims. Our website is being overhauled,
and will soon feature pictures of the Tyro with matching wheels.

8. There are disc mounts on the motor, but the frame we use does not have
the mounts for the caliper. Since we use a Singlespeed frame, our options
are limited, and it would cost $400-$500 more for a similar frame with
mounts. Custom built frames are even more. Strap on mounts are out of the
question. We could have mounts welded on, but at a price, and downtime.
They would also need to be painted, adding time and cost. Also, rear disc
brakes are not as important as front disc brakes which we provide standard
on this bike. Therefore, if a customer really wanted a rear disc brake, and
was willing to wait and pay for it, it could be done. Otherwise it isn't
very effective, and not cost and time feasible.

9. The wires coming out of the controller and into the Battery Box are only
about 80mm. This is a result of the placement of the controller. The
controller can get hot, and is best out in the open in order to stay cool
and efficient. It is located on the top of the box which keeps it isolated
from rocks, road debris, and even rain. It's location is a short distance
to where all the connectors are located within the Battery Box, therefore
the wires can be short and efficient, as opposed to mounting the controller
elsewhere which would extend the length (and weight) of the wires.
The Stealth Ebike which costs $8-9000, mount their controllers on the
underside of the bike, with the wires exposed. You can't see them unless
you bend down and look, but that doesn't mean they are in a optimized
location. On our bikes, other than the short wires from the controller to
the box, the only other wires you see are 2 brake cables, 1 single cable
for the throttle and voltmeter to the box, and another 80mm from the rear
wire cover into the motor. Added up, this is far less exposed wire than the
majority of ebikes at any cost.

10. 46lbs, for an ebike with 466whr of batteries, is unheard of. My
personal standard for what a lightweight Ebike is, is 50lbs. Most Ebikes
are more. Some are 60-70lbs+. For example, the RM Roadster HS is 53lbs.
7lbs, (3.1kg) is a huge amount! That's a 13% difference in overall weight.
I don't want to add half a pound, let alone 7! I could almost double the
battery capacity by adding 7lbs!
Also, that listed weight is probably their smallest (lightest) frame size,
whereas Court weighed mine himself at 45.8lbs with the largest frame size.

11. The R Roadster HS, despite being able to reach 45km/h, is not High
Performance. For one, at 53lbs it is heavy which will make it's handling,
and quick change capability limited and sluggish compared to a Snelheid.
Dodging obstacles in the urban environment such as holes and road debris,
is more fatiguing with increased weight, and is therefore detrimental to
rider experience. The front shocks dampen bumps, but take away grip from
the front tire giving you less control while executing high speed
maneuvers. Front shocks in the city are heavy and unnecessary.
The battery pack is well engineered by a huge corporation, and looks nice.
However it is 36v vs 52v which is inherently less efficient. Higher voltage
is not only more efficient, but it also reduces heat build up which is
detrimental to the longevity of components such as the batteries,
controller, and motor. Higher voltage also provides much quicker throttle
response. Some describe this as "twitchy" or "jumpy", but it is an
admirable attribute for a High Performance Ebike. Once accustomed to the
analog, linear feed in of power, the throttle becomes an afterthought, and
it seems to just do what you want, with very little mental input.
The R Roadster HS has a low powered (250w) Mid Drive which is very well
engineered, has great center of gravity, but is no way considered High
Performance by my definition. Our Leider would destroy it in a 0-45km/h
race. It is Pedal Assisted, or Pedelec which excludes it from being high
performance by default. You can not quickly and rapidly modulate the amount
of power through the pedals on a pedelec system as you can with a twist

12. The conclusion is, yes, you can spend $1000+ more for an Ebike with
much less performance, with much more weight, which is less efficient, and
undoubtedly much less enjoyable to ride.
Or, you could purchase a Leider, have the fastest accelerating Ebike ever
tested by Electric Bike Review, and have money left over to pay for all the
fines. :)

Good luck!

Fugunabe Puffer
12 months ago

That bike looks awesome. On my wish list.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Fugunabe Puffer Thanks Puffer! Feel free to contact us directly if you
have any questions!

12 months ago

powerful little city whip !

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+NWforager Thanks! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any
questions or want to take a test ride!

Hannah Lee
12 months ago

I own this bike, and I love it. Maybe it is not the sexiest looking bike
out there, but it works great. People need to own or test ride before start
trashing it.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Hannah Lee Thanks Hannah! I appreciate your support!

12 months ago

Any reason why a bike with a suspension wasn't chosen? I am a fan of power.
But I'd like to see that setup on a fat bike modeled after the Haibike
XDURO Fatsix. Safer tires and the power would overcome the weight gain of a

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+ForbinColossus Good question. The reason has to do with it being designed
and developed in and for city riding. Our design is based on a Single Speed
bike which is very common here in Chicago where it's flat, but not so
common in the Ebike world. This turned out to work very well. Even at slow
speeds you can contribute by pedaling, and there's enough gear all the way
up to top speed to contribute pedaling effort. The more you contribute, the
less energy is pulled from the batteries. Anyways, a mountain bike frame
for now, is not in our game plan. But If we ever become a bigger company, I
would like to look at a Lightweight, High Performance Mountain Ebike
concept, because I love the idea!

12 months ago

This bike needs to be seen/ridden in person to appreciate. I've test
ridden this Snelheid on several occasions in various conditions and come
away impressed every time. It is an amazing performing ride that is safe
and smooth. (10:19-10:40 illustrates this nicely). It's hard not to smile
when riding it. The battery box is not an issue.. period. And personally I
actually think it looks pretty darn good! I can't stress enough that this
bike needs to be ridden to appreciate.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+jjm31usa Thanks J! Let's go riding soon!

Elhajamin Young
12 months ago

So I have a Snelheid and I absolutely love it!! I bought it back in 2014
and I ride it all the time. It's a very fast and convenient way to get
around Chicago. I have NEVER scraped my legs or clothing on the battery
box!! It is much smaller than the pictures show and there is only one way
to know how awesome it is... Get on and Ride It!! I'm sure you will love it
just as much as I do!!!

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Elhajamin Young Thanks Elhajamin! Let's ride when it warms up a bit!

Ahlers Center
12 months ago

Fast and light?! I'm sold. Looks like a lot of fun to ride.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Ahlers Center Thanks Ahlers! Feel free to contact us directly if you have
any questions, or would like to go for a test ride!

12 months ago

For the power and speed, this bike rides really smooth. I've given a test
ride on this bike as well.

12 months ago

wouldn't the battery box get damaged if you had a spill over?

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+DrZarkloff Good question. Actually, no, it is too narrow. The box is only
about 2in wider on each side of the downtube. The pedals, handle bars, rear
axle, seat are all wider, and hit the ground first. It has been blown over
right in front of me, and crashed a few times (you know who you are;) )
with zero damage to the box, since it never made contact with the ground.
But, the box is strong, yet with built in flexibility, so it is very
durable and can survive a lot of abuse.

Eclectic Feel
12 months ago

The box doesn't seem like it would be a problem at all. It looks like a lot
of fun to ride and it would be nice to get around in, I'd love to test one
of those suckers out.

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+Eclectic Feel Thanks Eclectic! If you are in the Chicago area feel free to
contact us directly, and we'll go for a ride. Otherwise, follow us online
as we'll announce our movements as we travel around with our bikes which
will be available for test rides.

Justin Lapp
12 months ago

there is nothing like this out t there I'm telling you. I was going top
speed I'm 6/3 almost 290 pounds and had no problem with the bike. in fact I
never wanted to get off the damn thing. we even thought about riding to a
cubs game at Wrigley field but didn't know where to keep the bikes safe. I
highly recommend this bike.

Justin Lapp
12 months ago

I rode this bike all over Chicago for two weeks. as you can see I'm not in
the best shape. I loved the bike and plan on buying one. battery box never
got in my way. first time I ever rode an electric bike. I had a blast. and
within an hour I was keeping up with Tony in down town chicago. amazing

12 months ago

given up with my ebike hub motor to costly to maintain and mine always
breaking down motor got a mind of its own works when it wants .. i dont no
what bafang are like. not going to find out for a couple of years if i do
go other to bafang .i was saving up for a spare battery now that will buy
me a new road bike :) i can strip a bike down put it back together easy but
a motors power supplies this and that a pain in the back side back to
sweating and doing it the old way for me .. stick e bikes up there back
sides as for as they will go costly piece of shit

Mark Elford
12 months ago

I like it /plain and simple.

Snelheid Cycles
12 months ago

+Mark Elford Thanks Mark! If you rode it, you would love it!!

12 months ago

The general design of this bike is just anything but beautiful. There are
way nicer components out there to use and apply on this bike, such as lcd
displays, controller pads (not sure if that's the right term) and of course
batteries and battery cases.
Of course it's faster than others but only because others stick to the law.
If Tony came to me and told me, "hey man, I just upgraded my bike in my
garage to an ebike on my own and now it's goddamn fast!" I'd be totally
impressed, but as a buyable product as is, it's definitely not the greatest
Still a cool review though! :)

11 months ago

The point is, it appears too "I-did-this-myself"-like. And, yeah that's
"just" my opinion, but maybe it should make you consider working on a case
that's more asthetic. It's just feedback. Same for other components like -
again - the display. An LCD one isn't too "bulky", and the extra weight is
nothing to speak of. Also I think they all have background light - at least
mine does.

Of course it's all a matter of taste and if you're successful this way,
then you did everything right. Though maybe there's more potential...

That's just my two bits, so please don't let this be part of this
discussion anymore and simply consider it as stuff to think about.

I rather wanted to know what the benefits are from your lithium polymer
batteries. Are they more durable? What's their capacity in watt-hours?

Snelheid Cycles
11 months ago

+nerdexproject The Leider is only illegal because it is throttle only. This
is because Pedal Assist, and High Performance don't mix. You can't have a
High Performance pedelec. One or the other. So we pick Throttle only, legal
or not.
The design is supposed to be discrete in that it pretty much looks like a
normal bike. Viewed from profile, the most common angle, the box blends
into the frame. From a slight distance, its nearly invisible, especially
compared to most Ebikes out there.
Off the shelf components such as LCD displays, batteries and battery cases
do exist. However the reason we custom design our parts, such as the
battery box, and 2 dozen other components, is that the off the shelf parts
you mention for our bikes do not exist, or are not up to our standards.
This bike uses Lithium Polymer batteries which is the most unique thing
about it. It's so unique, that there are not off the shelf battery cases
for them. Therefore, it was necessary to design and fabricate our own box
and even all the wiring. The benefit though, is that it has be optimized to
fit our specific needs. No need to compromise with "one size fits all" off
the shelf components. LCD displays are bulky, add weight, and are hard to
see in the dark. We make our own Voltmeter which itself is small, but has
big, brightly lit numbers which are easy to read. And it's very precise
since it displays the actual voltage number, rather than "bars" or a
percentage. The cyclometer provides Speed, Distance, etc. Between the two,
it's all the information we need while riding.

Jack Tyler
12 months ago

The marriage of a 1000W motor with less than optimum brakes and a
vulnerable, angular battery box seems one of the big misses to me. OTOH
those wire channels on the chain stays seems like a great idea for Lectric
Cycles to adopt for their ERad kit conversions, to reduce that 'aftermarket
appearance'. There's always something to be learned from these reviews,
Court. Thanks again.

Dublin Loves Bikes (dlb cycles Ltd)
12 months ago

The battery pack? Wtf? Dangerous and instantly smashed when crashing.
Nonsense. Especially with such high speeds it can go at.

Dublin Loves Bikes (dlb cycles Ltd)
12 months ago

+Snelheid Cycles you obviously never crashed a bike or try to handle the
frame with your whole body, especially when climbing and accelerating out
of saddle your knees come into very close nearly contact with top tube
where here on the way you meet a nice shiny carbonfiber box with sharp
edges, I get that its electric bike, but for the sake of being electric it
shouldn't be any less a bicycle. Its good trying to be different but you
shouldn't try to be doing it this way, I am pretty sure there are more
neater looking and safer ways this can be done to be still original. Never
mind its completely illegal here in Europe to ride such bicycle that's
exceeds 25km/h or have to be equipped with number plate, licensed and
insured and the box would not go through CE control, for sure. I just
looked at you site too, ''no duct tape, zip ties, no compromise''? I don't
know but botch and hack like this doesn't deserve any of those words.
sorry. you don't even use 2 of the same rims, those motors are available
with disc mounts, even we use them, and the cables sticking out into to the
controller? seriously? and the best is the 20+ kg weight? That is pretty
average and by far not lightweight even at your price point. RM Roadster HS
is fully packed with features (incl disc brakes), NO carbon fiber, and
weighs only 2 kg more reaches 45km/h and has lower center of gravity. Comes
with lifetime warranty and only 1000$ more expensive. If a person has
nearly 3k$? I think this would be much simpler and easier to live with
choice. Peace.

Snelheid Cycles
12 months ago

+Dublin Loves Bikes (dlb cycles Ltd) The box is narrower (obviously) than
the crank arms, and does not come into contact with the ground when it's on
it's side. We don't recommend crashing any Ebike, however this design is no
less dangerous than any other Ebike in the event of a crash. And with it's
superior handling and maneuverability, it is likely to avoid accidents
which may be unavoidable on a heavier, less responsive design.