2021 Bunch Bikes The Coupe Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



The Coupe


Class 1





Hydraulic Disc



720 Wh

720 Wh

132 lbs / 59.93 kgs



Frame Details

6061 Aluminum Alloy Bike Frame, Steel Front Box Surround and Undercarriage, Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Box with Stainless Steel Floor and Beech Laminate Front Door



Single Side Mount Thru Axles, 12 mm Threaded Solid Axle, International Standard Disc Brake Caliper Mounts

Ryde Andra 40, Double Wall, Aluminum Alloy, 32 mm Outer Width, 36 Hole | Spokes: Stainless Steel, 12 Gauge, Adjustable Nipples, Silver

Schwalbe Big Apple HS 430, Front 24" x 2.0" and Rear 26" x 2.125", Front: 55-507, 35 to 75 PSI, 2.0 to 4.0 BAR, Rear: 55-559, 30 to 55 PSI 2.5 to 5.0 BAR, Both: Performance Line, Level 4 RaceGuard, Reflective Sidewall Stripe



Enviolo AUTOMATiQ CO Controller, (Wireless Remote with Three Buttons: Up, Mode, Down, Press Any Button to Wake Up, Press Up or Down to Change RPM by 1, Hold for Faster Changes, Set Your Preferred Cadence Then it Automatically Does the Rest, Red LED for 3 Seconds Means Replace Coin Battery)

Bafang Aluminum Alloy, 170 mm Crank Arm Length, 38 Tooth Steel Chainring

Enviolo AUTOMATiQ CT City, Electronic Stepless Automatic Shifting with Wireless Remote, Enviolo Powered by Ebike Battery and Remote Powered by Coin Battery, Gear Ratio Range: 310% (.55-1.7)

Enviolo AUTOMATiQ CT City, Electronic Stepless Automatic Shifting with Wireless Remote, Enviolo Powered by Ebike Battery and Remote Powered by Coin Battery, Gear Ratio Range: 310% (.55-1.7), Rated to 50Nm Continuous Torque

17 Tooth Sprocket

38 Tooth Steel Chainring


22.2 mm Diameter, Flat, Steel, Mounted to Box, Adjustable Height

Faux Leather, Padded, Stitched, Extra-Long for Multiple Hand Positions, Flat

Aluminum Alloy, CNC Shaped, Ergotech 2, Single Bolt Clamp, 30.8 mm to 27.2 mm Shim


Selle San Remo, Monaco, Hybrid Comfort

Union SP-2828, Plastic Platform with Rubber Grip and Reflectors

Hydraulic Disc

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180 mm E-Twin HD-E525 Rotors on Both Front Wheels and One 160 mm E-Tune HD-E530 Back Wheel, Dual Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach, Motor Inhibitors, and Parking Brake Switch

More Details

Cargo, Neighborhood

United States, Canada

Lifetime Frame, 2 Year Electronic and Other Major Parts

9.3 lbs (4.21 kg)

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

20.5 in (52.07 cm)

20.5" Seat Tube, 21" Reach, 46" to 49" Handlebar Height, 21" Stand Over Height, 34.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 42.75" Maximum Saddle Height, 83.5" Length, 32" Width, Box Dimensions: 31.25" Length, 18.25" Width, 16" Height

White, Black, Mustard Yellow, Azure Blue, (Powder Coated Alloy Tubing, Electro Galvanized Steel Tubing)

135mm Hub Spacing, 10mm Sliding Vertical Dropouts with Integrated Tensioner and Extended Non-Drive Side Dropout, International Standard Disc Brake Caliper Mounts

Rear Rack, Fenders, Two Three-Point Seat Belts, Rear Wheel Frame Lock

Plastic Front Fenders with Side Coverage (Protects Passenger Fingers from Tires and Walls), Curana CLite Aluminum Plastic Rear Fender, Hebie Chainglider Full-Wrap Chain and Chainring Guard, Twin headlights Integrated into Frame Tubing (150 Lumens Per Light, 3 LED Per Light), Integrated Spanninga Elips Rear Light (Attached to Rear Rack, 6 LED, 13 Candela, 320° Visible Angle), Two 3-Point Removable Seat Belts, ABUS Shield 5650L Lock on Rear Wheel (Cafe Lock, Not Keyed Alike to Battery), Optional Rain Cover $299 (Has Reflective Striping), Optional Cargo Box Cover $119 (Has Reflective Striping), Optional Seat-Floor Pad $79 (Bench Cushion for Child, or Floor Pad for Pet), Optional Thule Yepp! Maxi Cosi Adapter $249 (To Mount Child Car Seat into Cargo Box), Optional Dog Leash Mounting Ring $15, Optional Additional Battery Pack $600

Total Bike Capacity 350lbs, Rear Rack Load Capacity 100lbs, Front Box Load Capacity 220lbs, 1.8lb 4 Amp Emergostar Charger, Locking Removable Battery Pack (Mounted at Base of Cargo Box, Charging Port on Front of Bench Seat), Fits riders 5'5" to 6'5", Anti-Tip Cornering Geometry (Captain Leans Into Turns), Front Wheels Angle Inward for Stability

Independent Button Pad on Left, Buttons: i, +, -, Power, Lights: Toggle Lights On/Off, Walk Assist: Hold -, Settings: Double Tap i Button (Use Password 0512)

Assist Level (0-5), Battery Charge Level (10 Bars), Current Speed, Trip and Odometer, Max Speed and Average Speed

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence, and Pedal Torque, Power Output Relative to Pedal Input)

15.5 mph (25 kph)(Can Raise to 20mph in Display Settings with Password 0512)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

This review was provided for free, but Bunch Bikes did provide a temporary demo bike and accessories to test. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Bunch Bikes products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Bunch Bikes forums.


  • Box bikes are pretty special, and tend to be rare. They usually weigh more than other types of cargo bikes because the box requires more material. This is actually one of the lighter tadpole style box bikes that I’ve reviewed because it uses EPP foam vs. wood. Three-wheeled box bikes, like this one, offer improved stability and can handle more weight (I was told 350lbs total in this case, up to 100lbs on the rear rack and 220lbs in the front box). Box bikes with electric assist are a perfect combination in my opinion, because the motor helps riders to overcome the additional weight while still experiencing all of the benefits unique to the platform.
  • Box bikes with a cargo bay up front tend to be highly sought after for transporting kids and pets because they allow parents and other guardians to keep an eye on them. It also makes communicating between the captain and the passengers much easier than a trailer or rear seat setup. Bunch Bikes offers some great covers for their electric cargo bikes, and they all seem to have been designed in a way that lets the captain see and speak to the passengers easily while improving the visibility of the bikes with reflective accents.


  • Measuring just under 32″ wide, this electric cargo trike can just fit through most common household doors. This makes it easier to store safely inside sheds, to repair, and to transport. For those riding in crowded urban environments, it makes navigating through traffic and some gates much easier.
  • This is one of the only electric box bikes I’ve seen that comes in more than one color. In fact, it comes in four colors and they all look great. Consider the lighter white or mustard yellow to maximize your visual footprint for safety. I appreciate that Bunch Bikes powder coated the aluminum portions of the frame and electonically galvinized the steel portions to improve durability. if you do get scratches on any of the tubing that supports and surrounds the front box, consider using some automotive touch up paint to prevent rust.
  • Beautiful and functional design, Bunch Bikes went with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) inside the front box because it weighs less than wood and is more comfortable for passengers! They sell an optional cargo cover, clear rain canopy with excellent zipper design, and a padded cousin for kids or pets riding up front.
  • I was really impressed by the 100lb weight capacity of the rear rack and Thule Yepp! rectangle window system that makes it easy to mount the Thule Yepp! child seats with the EasyFit system. Given the higher weight limit, you can also mount pannier bags to carry picnic supplies, groceries, or whatever else you might need for a weekend excursion.
  • While you do have to pay at least $199 USD for shipping in the US and Canada, Bunch Bikes really does a great job protecting the product. My demo model came in a huge wooden crate, was ready to ride, and had no damage. I was amazed because many ebikes come in a cardboard box and require some real effort to assemble.
  • All of the hardware that I saw on this bike was top-notch and designed with safety in mind. The Schwalbe tires are puncture resistant and have reflective stripes, the Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes use larger 160mm rear and 180mm front rotors to handle the extra weight of the bike (the front has a splitter so two brakes are activated from one lever), and the integrated triple-LED headlights produce 150 lumens per light! I love that the headlights point where you steer. The rear light uses 6 LEDs which is amazing to me, because most ebike lights just use one or two LEDs.
  • Given the weight of this ebike, especially when fully loaded, I wasn’t sure about the range per charge. Since Bunch bikes chose a multi-sensing pedal assist with torque as an input, you get a much more fluid activation that encourages you to “help out” but doesn’t leave you struggling. The mid-drive motor is more efficient than a hub drive, because it can leverage gears, and the automatically-shifting rear hub allows you to focus on steering, braking, and keeping the front cargo or passengers secure while the bike optimizes your input. This combination of design choices leads to efficiency and impressive range of 50 to 75 miles per charge… and they sell additional batteries for $600 if you wish to double your range.
  • It’s great to have fenders to keep you dry and clean, especially if they don’t rattle or add much weight. The rear fender on this ebike is a combination of plastic and aluminum that is very sturdy but light and quiet, while the front fenders double as finger protectors (from the tires and walls or other external objects).
  • The plastic chainglider chain cover keeps the captain’s pant legs or dress ends from touching the chain, which could be greasy or cause snags.
  • I appreciate how approachable the bike is, the deep step-thru means you don’t have to lift your leg up high or swing it over the rear rack. Note the adjustable height saddle and handlebars to accommodate riders of many sizes.
  • They used a shim to adapt from 30.8mm seat tube to the more common 27.2mm seat post size. I asked about this and found that the shim reduces scratching on the seat post as you change heights for different captains, and provides a very secure fit. I appreciate the 27.2mm standard because it allows for many choices of suspension seat posts that could improve ride quality.
  • In addition to the foam box, padded hybrid saddle, and optional suspension seatpost, the larger wheels and wider tires chosen for this bike further improve ride comfort. They offer a lower attack angle than the 20″ and 24″ wheels on “The Original” model from Bunch Bikes.
  • I love how clean the cockpit is, despite all of the brake lines, shifter cables, and electrical wires running from the controls. The wireless shifter module contributes a lot here, and is pretty intuitive to use. Simply press the up, circle, or down button to wake it up, then click up or down to raise or lower cadence by one RPM (pedal rotation per minute) or hold the button to change RPM faster… then just leave it and the AUTOMATiQ CVT hub does the rest.
  • Secure three-point seatbelts in the front box ensure that kids won’t be able get up while you’re riding… the button mechanism required some finger strength and they just felt solid to me. That said, the buckling step might be tricky for parents because it’s a three-strap interface where the two top straps end in a half-buckle that stack and then insert into the base, it can sometimes feel like a lot of straps floating around!
  • The bike ships with a 15.5mph (25km/h) top speed, which felt plenty fast for me! However, you can lower or raise this limit by entering the settings menu on the display panel. The maxumum supported speed is 20mph, and you simply double tap the i button on the control pad, the navigate to password and enter 0521, then adjust the second menu there.
  • Even though the Bafang display panel is not removable, I appreciate that it’s fairly large and easy to read, is backlit for use at night, and has a 10-bar battery infographic for more precise range estimation. This is an ebike that wouldn’t be super fun to get stranded on! I do also appreciate the dedicated headlight and information button here vs. some ebike controllers that only have three buttons and require long presses or a combination of presses to access the lights and other systems. Double tap the i button to enter the settings menu.
  • As mentioned in the introduction sections, this ebike can support up to 350lbs of total weight (up to 100lbs on the rear rack and up to 220lbs in the front box) and this is enabled by rims with 36 holes vs 32 or 28, and thicker 12 gauge spokes, along with the overbuilt frame. I did not feel frame flex when riding, and the bike actually angles the captain leaning into turns for stability.
  • I love how they designed the front gate on the cargo box. There are two spring loaded pins that allow it to swing down and become a ramp for kids or pets to climb up! The metal tubing has two plastic rings that protect the paint from touching the ground, and the beech wood panel appears to be multiple sheets laminated together with a plastic cover to prevent the wood from getting chewed up over time.
  • I love how the base of the box area on the bike has a stainless steel pan that will be more durable against gravel and dirt than the EPP foam walls and bench, and appreciate the addition of little drainage holes there to make cleaning easier!
  • This may not be relevant to everyone, but Bunch Bikes sells an adapter system for the front cargo box that is compatible with Thule Yepp! Maxi Cosi car seats. It allows the car seat to face the captain and adds some spring suspension for comfort for your child. This is pretty cool, I didn’t know something like this even existed and I am not aware of other electric box bikes that work with this system.
  • Given how heavy the bike is, I love that both brake levers have parking switches on them… so you pull the brake in hard and then flick this switch to lock it in place. This keeps the bike from rolling away!
  • Bunch Bikes designed the the steering to be extra smooth and stable by adding a gas spring damper (like on the trunk of a car) so you don’t get speed wobble or have as much risk of making an abrupt hard turn that could tip the bike. They also designed the main portion of frame to lean into the turn, but it also means you lean away from the handlebar a bit and it feels unique compared to other bikes.
  • The bike itself was designed by a team in the Netherlands, and is manufactured there with a high level of care. Many less expensive products I’ve reviewed come from China and may not include the lifetime frame and two year comprehensive support coverage offered here. I trust Bunch Bikes as a company, and it seems like their international partners are high-quality as well.


  • None of the wheels offer quick release and the rear wheel and axle system supports the ENVIOLO continuously variable transmission, Chainglider plastic chain cover, fixed length chain, and a disc brake rotor. It’s a lot to deal with if you need to change a flat tire! Keep in mind, the bike weighs 132lbs, so that adds some difficulty as well (you almost need a car jack). Try to keep the tire pressures in the recommended range so you don’t get a pinch flat, and avoid thorns and glass.
  • As great as the large shipping crate is for protecting the bike, it takes some effort to disassemble and dispose of. It’s literally made out of 2×4 planks and is super big and heavy. This is part of what adds to the $199+ USD shipping charge.
  • I appreciate the length and aesthetic of the long stitched leather grips. They wrap from the top to the side of the handlebar to give you multiple hand positions for steering the bike. However, they are not locking and may twist, they are not setup with thick foam or an ergonomic shape, and the stitched portion could feel a bit uneven compared with a traditional foam or rubber grip.
  • Despite than angled-in front wheels and lean-in orientation of the captain seat during turning, this ebike can still get up onto two wheels and tip. I felt the box swaying left to right a bit with each pedal stroke, especially at lower speeds and with an empty front box. Just keep this in mind when starting out… go slow, and be extra careful with sharp turns and especially when turning while going down a steep hill.
  • Steering is a bit wonky in general, because the entire bar swings left and right when turning (almost like if you were pushing a lawn mower). You might have to walk your hands across to get a full turn, or move your hands from the top to the side of the bar (so it’s nice that the grips extend down a bit)
  • The turning radius of the bike is decent, you can make a u-turn on a single lane street, but you might have to do a multi-point turn or get off and lift the rear rack to complete a very sharp 180-degree turn. This is the case with most three-wheeled bikes and box bikes in general.
  • I like how the bench box served as a locking storage container on The Original model from Bunch Bikes. There isn’t an obvious place to store diapers, food, toys etc. on this bike without them rolling around in the box or being put into bags for the rear rack. That bike also had a USB charging port, which I liked. Both of these box bikes lack mounting points for cup holders, but I was told that many owners have purchased the ROBOCUP drink holder that clamps to the handlebar and provides space for two drinks. I feel that there was room to add some mounts on the back side of the box or framing like Riese & Müller have done for some of their models like the Packster and Load, so it would be cool to see something this in the future from Bunch Bikes.
  • The battery locking cylinder does not match the ABUS frame lock, they are not keyed alike. This means you have to keep track of two sets of keys vs. one.
  • You can charge the battery while it’s mounted to the bike using a port that is built into the front of the foam seat (lower left), but it’s kind of tiny and difficult to plug into in my experience. I don’t love the plug design that they chose here. You’ll have to get close enough to an outlet to plug into the bike (which can be challenging given the bike size), or take the battery off the bike from the low and tight space on the back of the cargo box… it’s not super easy or convenient either way.
  • The stock battery is fairly high capacity at 36.5 volts (they just told me 36 volts) by 20 amp hours for roughly 720 watt hours. This powers the motor, ENVIOLO CVT hub, display panel, and lights… but not the ENVIOLO AUTOMATiQ shifter button pad. For that, you’ll need to occasionally replace a single-use CR2032 coin battery. This does allow it to be wireless, which keeps the cockpit clean at least. I was also a bit confused by the design of the AUTOMATiQ CO shifter unit, becuase it almost looks like it should have an LCD or LED readout, but it’s just this flat shiny reflective surface that is as large as it is probably in order to fit the coin battery on the back side.
  • The display isn’t removable, but can be swiveled forward and back to reduce glare. The AUTOMATiQ control pad could also cause glare, and didn’t seem as easy to tilt… I wish that part wasn’t shiny, it would be less confusing and less reflective.
  • The ENVIOLO continuously variable transmission (CVT) hub is heavier and less efficient than a manual cassette and derailleur. This is because it has more metal, orbs inside, and traction fluid inside. In practice, it seems to be very durable and possibly more efficient than a rider who never actually shifts gears on a traditional setup, but it does add significantly to the cost of the bike, and a bit to the weight.
  • Given the higher capacity rating of the battery pack here, 720 watt hours, it’s too bad there aren’t any USB charging ports to maintain your smartphone, add fun lights, or run a portable speaker. This was included on The Original Bunch Bikes model, but not here.
  • The box area on this bike seems a bit tight, and only really useful for two children if they are very young and small. After a while, if only one child is riding, it didn’t appear that the seat belt could be moved to the center of the seat very easily, if at all.
  • It’s great that the two front wheels are smaller, because that lowers the box for easier loading and stability. The downside is that you now have two different wheel sizes (24″ in the rear, 20″ up front) so you need different sized inner tubes and replacement tires. I’m not suggesting that they change the design, because the 26″ wheel in the rear adds comfort for the captain, but the configuration just adds some complexity that customers should be aware of.

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