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Started in 2017, Bunch Bikes is based in Denton Texas and was started by Aaron Powell. He is a former band teacher who would commute to school 20 miles round trip each day to save money, pay down student loans, and stay fit. He visited Europe with his wife in 2016. They had one child already and then had a second around the time of this trip. He realized that he wanted to be able to ride with his entire family, including the young kids, while also getting groceries! He saw what was possible in Europe, felt inspired, but didn't see a lot of affordable options in the US, so he started a company to begin importing them. He says that they want to help normalize these bikes because they improve quality of life. He visited the Copenhagen area, where these types of ebikes are very popular and accepted. Over there, 25% of families with two kids own a bike like this!

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