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313.2 Wh

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The Riide electric bike came to life on Kickstarter in February 2014 reaching more than 100% of its funding goal. At ~$1,800 it’s designed to be affordable but still offer quality components that will last and feel good cruising around a city landscape. This ebike is stealth… meaning it blends in with regular bicycles. The battery pack is built right into the downtube and the motor is painted black to match the frame, pedals and other accents (note that the bike I reviewed was a prototype so the motor is silver). The coolest part is just how quiet the bike rides! In the video review all you can hear is the freewheel, disc brakes and tires – no motor noises. Riide focused on durability and minimalism with its single speed design and won me over even though it only offers one speed, no suspension and no LCD display. The simplicity, weight distribution and solid feel make you forget about the bike and focus on the ride.

The motor used on this bike is made by TDCM and is similar to those used on Stromer electric bikes which are known for being quiet and powerful. It’s a 350 watt direct drive setup with peak output of 600 watts. The benefits of this configuration are silent operation, durability and regeneration (which is offered when you pull the brakes). The downside is that the motor is a bit heavier than a geared alternative and doesn’t freewheel quite as efficiently. During my tests it worked extremely well and felt so smooth and quiet I was delighted and then re-impressed when I edited the video and realized I couldn’t hear it at all. I also did a quick hill climb test in the video review which worked out pretty well, the motor had no problem ascending even from rest. At just ~35lbs the bike is light and I’m also light (at ~130lbs) so depending on the hill and your weight you might need to carry some speed going in.

The battery pack chosen by Riide uses custom configured AllCell batteries that are built right into the downtube. This keeps weight low and centered but also means you can’t easily remove the pack for charging or transport. If the pack gets damaged somehow (not likely given its position) or eventually wears out you can remove a panel below the tube to remove it for replacement. The big downside to this design is that you basically need to bring the bike inside for charging or use an extension cord. This isn’t a huge deal for most of the city riders I know who already store their bikes inside for safety. Doing so here will also reduce the chance of extreme cold or heat damaging the chemistry. Inside are Lithium-ion 18650 cells that are similar to those used in electric cars. They last well, are light weight and are surrounded by a special material that insulates them from the bicycle frame to keep it from getting hot. The 36v power and 8.7ah size is about average and keeps the pack light weight, helping to make the bike portable.

The cockpit of this bike is about as simple as they come. No gears, no displays… just brake levers (that activate regen) and a half-grip twist throttle on the right portion of the handlebar. Aside from being stealth this layout minimizes distraction and complexity making it intuitive. I experienced the same joyful romping on this bike that I used to get on my single speed Huffy as a kid. It’s just solid and responsive in a way that opens up a different type of riding. It’s more an extension of the rider than a machine he or she has to operate. The one drawback is not being able to easily tell how much battery is remaining but I suppose the light weight and regen option mean it’s not too bad to pedal home if you do run out and you might even have some juice stored up when you get there ;)

In conclusion! This bike performs quite well and I found myself using the throttle to start and gather speed before switching to the pedals. The solid no-rattle feel and quiet operation cannot be understated. It’s awesome and I think it really sets this bike apart because nobody will give you grief about using electric (if you’re worried about that). You could even put a rear wheel cover on to go completely stealth! While the motor cuts out at 20mph for legal reasons you can easily top that by pedaling and the disc brakes make stopping a no brainer. The price point is reasonable and the enthusiasm and focus by the team is admirable. They created something unique in the world of ebikes that speaks to me (and I’m sure many others) as a solid, fun city bike that can overcome hills, take you further and fight the weather without downgrading your style.


  • Extremely quiet thanks to the gearless hub motor and single speed design, nothing rattles or whirrs
  • Very well balanced with battery weight kept low and center in the downtube
  • The bike blends in thanks to the integrated battery and all-black frame, pedals and hub motor
  • Requires less maintenance thanks to the single speed design, no derailleur to tune up, tighter chain won’t fall off as easily, no shifters or extra cables to adjust
  • Durable, heat resistant Lithium-ion cells by AllCell will last for 1,000+ charge cycles if used properly and cared for (avoid extreme heat and cold, charge after use and every couple of months if not used)
  • Solid two year warranty on hardware with service provided by Riide, enthusiastic startup team
  • Regenerative braking extends range, slows the bike on hills and reduces wear on rotors and pads
  • Extremely simple to operate… just hop on, power up the bike and twist the throttle
  • Oversized city tires provide great traction, efficiency and a bit of cushion on cracks and bumps
  • One of the lightest ebikes I’ve tested at ~35 pounds, easier to carry up stairs, mount on racks and transport


  • No pedal assist options, this bike only uses a twist throttle to activate the motor
  • No display to let you know how much battery is left, how fast you’re going or how far you’ve traveled
  • Direct drive motor drags a little bit when coasting due to cogging (magnets inside repel the stater… this is true of all gearless direct drive motors)
  • Battery pack cannot be easily removed from bike for transport or storage, it’s designed to stay inside the downtube

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