VoltBike Mariner Review

Voltbike Mariner Electric Bike Review
Voltbike Mariner
Voltbike Mariner 500 Watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor
Voltbike Mariner 48 Volt Sanyo Removable Battery Pack
Voltbike Mariner Apt Led Display Panel Shifter Compass Bell
Voltbike Mariner Led Integrated Headlight And Steel Fender
Voltbike Mariner Folding Wellgo Pedals Bottom Bracket Stand Guard
Voltbike Mariner Kenda Krusade 4 Inch Fat Tires
Voltbike Mariner Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes 180 And 160
Voltbike Mariner Carry Rack With Light And Pannier Blockers
Voltbike Mariner Electric Bike Review
Voltbike Mariner
Voltbike Mariner 500 Watt Bafang Geared Hub Motor
Voltbike Mariner 48 Volt Sanyo Removable Battery Pack
Voltbike Mariner Apt Led Display Panel Shifter Compass Bell
Voltbike Mariner Led Integrated Headlight And Steel Fender
Voltbike Mariner Folding Wellgo Pedals Bottom Bracket Stand Guard
Voltbike Mariner Kenda Krusade 4 Inch Fat Tires
Voltbike Mariner Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes 180 And 160
Voltbike Mariner Carry Rack With Light And Pannier Blockers


  • A miniaturized fat tire electric bike that's sand and snow capable, you get fenders, a rack and integrated lights for utility and safety no matter the terrain
  • Mid-mount battery design keeps weight low and centered, it's removable for reduced weight (when folding and transporting the bike) but requires that the seat be removed to get it off
  • Seat post suspension improves ride quality, you get nine levels of assist as well as trigger throttle mode that overrides for help climbing or slogging through soft stuff
  • Key must be left in when riding and can jingle a bit, the display is not removable and it along with the compass, bell and throttle could get bumped when folding, no clasps to keep it folded

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$1,249 ($70 Flat Rate Shipping)

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Sand and Snow, Trail, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Comprehensive


United States, Canada

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

59.5 lbs ( 26.98 kg )

Battery Weight:

7.7 lbs ( 3.49 kg )

Motor Weight:

12 lbs ( 5.44 kg )

Frame Types:

Step-Thru, Folding

Frame Sizes:

16 in ( 40.64 cm )

Geometry Measurements:

23 reach, 24" Stand Over Height, 67" Length

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum

Frame Colors:


Frame Fork Details:

Rigid, 11 mm Axle

Frame Rear Details:

11 mm Axle

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

6 Speed 1x6 Shimano Acera, MF-TZ20, 11-28

Shifter Details:

Shimano Tourney TX50R6CT Thumb Shifter Plus


Alloy Bash Guard, 52T Chainring


Wellgo F-265T Aluminum Alloy Folding Platform


Telescoping, SVMONO SM-A150-8R


Promax Flat, 23" Length

Brake Details:

Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Front Rotor and 160 mm Rear Rotor, Artek Vigorous Levers with Motor Inhibitors


Flat Rubber, Black


Velo VL-8020E, Comfort

Seat Post:

Promax SP-252, Aluminum Alloy with Suspension

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

27.2 mm


Double Walled Alloy, Black


13 Gauge, Stainless Steel

Tire Brand:

Kenda Krusade, 20" x 4"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in ( 50.8 cm )

Tire Details:

5-30 PSI

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Integrated LED Lights, Floating Ball Compass, Flick Bell, Steel Fenders, Carry Rack with Spring Latch (25 kg Max Load)


Locking Removable Battery Pack, Rust Resistant Z Chain, Hold the Up Button to Activate Lights

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:


Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Torque:

50 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

48 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

10.4 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

499.2 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

15 miles ( 24 km )

Estimated Max Range:

35 miles ( 56 km )

Display Type:

APT Development, Fixed Backlit LCD


Battery Gauge (5 Bars), Assist Level (1-9), Speed, Avg. Speed, Top Speed, Odometer, Trip Odometer

Display Accessories:

Independent 3 Button Pad

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (12 Magnet Pedelec Disc)

Top Speed:

20 mph ( 32 kph )

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Written Review

The Mariner is one of just a handful of mini sized electric fat bikes I’ve seen that are designed to be both easier to mount and ride for short people as well as transportable for people who maybe have a boat, RV or trunk space. It’s a bike that’s fairly adaptable with telescoping stem (to raise the handle bars) and a seat post that can also raise and has a built in suspension element for comfort. The frame on the bike is sturdy but rigid and it comes with a bolt-on rear rack so you can add a trunk bag or panniers. Also, it has a headlight and tail light for improved safety and perhaps a bit of off-road nighttime adventure! Ultimately, it’s a surprisingly affordable little bike with a big personality that younger people, women and even large guys can enjoy on nearly any type of terrain.

For this review, I was able to get the company that makes them, VoltBike, to send a unit to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for testing at a resort called Cabo Adventures. This company specializes in scuba, zip line and biking adventures and has been considering adding electric bikes but was unsure how they would fare in the soft sand (and with different types of riders). Ultimately, the bike worked VERY well in the sand… even soft sand, which surprised and delighted me. To be fair, all of our fat tire ebikes handled the sand and the larger-wheeled models performed best, but even the 20″ x 4″ tires on this folding model made it through once the tire pressure was lowered sufficiently. Note, lowering the tire pressure makes a HUGE difference on soft terrain like sand or snow. The 500 watt internally geared Bafang hub motor zipped along in pedal assist and throttle mode without a hitch. Being able to add power on demand with the throttle (overriding assist on demand) made a big difference for me and my girlfriend and the fact that VoltBike uses a trigger throttle helped to keep the grips feeling solid vs. the half-twist design that some other bikes employ. It’s personal preference though and I noticed that the throttle on this bike is always active which means it could get bumped if you forget to turn the bike off after riding (if you lift it or decide to fold and pack it up).

Getting in to some of the gripes I have about the bike… activating it is a two step process which takes a bit of extra time and attention and can leave you wondering if it’s charged or has some sort of issue if you haven’t ridden for a while. First, insert the key into the battery and turn to on then hold the little on button at the control pad near the left grip. At this point the display comes to life showing speed, assist level, battery level and sone other stats about ride time and distance. You can activate the LED lights by holding up which is very nice and you can arrow up or down to navigate nine levels of assist but you cannot go to zero. So the throttle and assist are constantly active once the bike is on. Also, those keys mentioned earlier are constantly dangling and at risk of snagging or bending… but at least they’re harder to lose. I appreciate that the battery pack on the Mariner is mounted low and center, just behind the seat tube, and that it has a handle on top for easy removal. But you do have to slide the seat and seat post off in order to actually remove the battery in my experience.

Riding the bike is easy enough because the fat tires are wider and more stable than traditional ones. They cushion the ride a bit and offer plenty of traction. I found that braking with the rear kept me stable on soft sand and became almost fun like sliding out. Both brakes are mechanical disc and the levers have motor inhibitors so any time you activate them the power cuts out instantly for safety. I love that the cadence sensor they chose (for motor activation) features 12 magnets vs. six on some other models because that helps it respond quicker and on soft or unstable terrain it’s nice to feel in control. I also appreciate the black color scheme they chose for the bike because it hides the cables and wires coming from the brakes, display and shifter up front as they snake towards the rear end. You get six gears here which is very minimal and basic but the chainring is extra large to help balance out the extra small wheels. Pedaling feels normal and shifting is tight thanks to a slightly upgraded Shimano Acera derailleur. The shifter levers are extra large and take up some space at the handle bars but may be easier to use with gloves… and that’s nice if you’re getting this bike for use in the snow.

VoltBike is a Canadian company with a whole range of different styles of electric bikes that are all value priced. They only charge $70 to ship to the continental USA and offer a solid year long warranty. Note that anytime you’re buying an e-bike or other heavy, large and somewhat intricate product online there’s room for error. The Mariner we got made it all the way from Canada through the USA and into Mexico with just one busted part. The kickstand got mangled but we were able to take it off and use the bike without issue. I do like that it comes with a kickstand and a fun little bell compass combo. It would be easy to remove if you wanted but otherwise adds to the fun and sense of adventure. My girlfriend loved the narrower tube because she didn’t hit her knee as easily as with some other bikes we tested and I liked that both folding points locked for safety but noticed that there wasn’t a magnetic clasp or bungee system to keep the bike from unfolding. We all had a blast with this bike and the full sized models, VoltBike does sell a larger fat tire electric bicycle called the Yukon that I preferred for its suspension fork and larger tires but given the convenience and impressive performance on the Mariner, I could see myself being swayed by the space savings and flexibility… also being able to share with a wider range of friends. Big thanks to VoltBike for partnering with me for this review.


  • This is one of the most affordable mini-fat bikes on the market and shipping from Canada is just $70 to the US… overall it’s a fun capable bike and the motor is powerful enough to ride in soft sand as shown in the video review (just lower the air pressure first)
  • Low standover height makes this a great option for kids, petite riders like my girlfriend and some other ladies or people with sensitive knees or back that can’t swing their legs up high
  • Longer telescoping adjustable-length stem allows you to dial in fit, this is great if you’re a taller rider and in my experience the stem didn’t feel loose or wobbly as some designs do
  • The top tube is fairly narrow and the joint where it folds doesn’t stick out as much as some competing bikes meaning you shouldn’t hit your knee as easily when getting on or off (still good to be careful)
  • The fact that it folds means you can bring this bike to more fun spots, just stick it in your trunk or back seat
  • A 12 magnet cadence sensor provides very quick on/off motor performance, it felt responsive and controlled to me which is great for riding off road… some other ebikes only use a six magnet sensor which usually requires more time, this e-bike also has brake levers with motor inhibitors so the motor stops instantly whenever you brake
  • I like that the kickstand is mounted far back and out of the way, this makes it easier to work on the cranks, bottom bracket and chain or back the bike up without colliding and bending the stand, I also felt that the stand worked pretty well on the soft sandy beach
  • Suspension seat post adds to the comfort of those larger 4″ wide tires and comfort saddle… smaller wheels usually aren’t as comfortable (less air to cushion) so having this post shock really helps if you’re on a bumpy beach or trail
  • Front and rear integrated LED lights really take this ebike to the next level! It’s ot something I’d fault the bike for not having because I assume most riding would be during the day out on trails vs. nighttime but then again… if it snows or you’re camping those lights can come in handy and do keep you safe
  • Front and rear fenders help to keep you dry when riding, they add to the utility of the lights and rear rack making this both portable and capable as a hauler perhaps for grocery getting or other errands, I was surprised that they are made of steel however because it can rust if scraped vs. aluminum or plastic which would be more durable in salty environments (sea and salted snowy streets)
  • The rear cargo rack is pretty awesome! It’s constructed of standard gauge tubing so you can mount most panniers and even has pannier blockers along the sides to keep your straps from rubbing on the extra-wide tires, the rack can support up to 25 kg (~55 lbs) and protects the rear light
  • The bike is a bit rear heavy but I love that the battery is not mounted on the rack, instead it is kept low and more central just behind the seat tube so you have more space to haul cargo and get better balance when riding
  • Name brand Kenda tires with improved grip and durability, upgraded mechanical disc brakes with a larger 180 mm rotor up front to improve stopping power
  • Fun little extras like the compass bell make you feel like an adventurer but could be easily removed if you wanted (be careful with it when folding)
  • Oversized Wellgo folding pedals are a huge win for me, they are still small (as with most folding designs) but are larger, sturdier and stiffer than the cheap plastic ones I see a lot… great upgrade there ;)
  • Chain guard and a metal rest below the bottom bracket help to protect your chain and sprocket when folding and transporting the bike
  • Upgraded Shimano Acera derailleur should be tighter and provide more shifts between tuneups, it’s two steps up from the base level Tourney component group… you get six gears on the bike which is enough but not great
  • The bike ships fully assembled including the front wheel so you don’t have to mess around much in order to get up and going


  • Neither wheel offers quick release, perhaps this allows for tighter stronger axle mounting but it does mean you’ll need a tool for repairs or flat fixes
  • At ~60 lbs this is not a light electric bike but given the larger tires, stronger motor and high capacity battery pack I can understand where the weight comes from, at least the ~7.7 lb battery is removable (highly recommended if you’re folding and lifting the bike)
  • I didn’t see any rubber bands or clasps to help keep the bike from coming unfolded… consider purchasing some of your own adjustable bungee cords and maybe using an old towel to keep it from rattling and coming undone
  • Considering the off-road nature of fat bikes, I was surprised to not see a slap guard? the chain is upgraded to be rust resistant and the tubing is aluminum so rust isn’t the issue, just the little chips in the paint, consider an after-market neoprene guard like this
  • During our tests, the bike must have fallen over or bumped into the bars of another bike because the plastic button pad got bent, the cover sort of bent upward and didn’t protect the clicker beneath as well so be careful with yours, these might just be more delicate than the rubberized flat button designs I’ve seen on some other bikes
  • I love that the bike offers assist and throttle mode but would have liked a throttle-only option, minor gripe… I also found that whenever the bike is on, the throttle is always active which can lead to more easy accidental motor bursts (especially if you’re trying to fold it without shutting it off first), that said… it’s a trigger throttle so slightly less likely to bump than a twist throttle and this is my preference for off-roading because it allows for more grip options and just a sturdier feel on the grip
  • The keys have to be inserted and twisted then left in the bike in order to activate and use it, this presents some challenges like jingling keys and potential snags when riding, consider a small carabiner? Once the battery is on you have to press and hold the power button on the control pad to activate the bike fully… you’ll see the display come to life then
  • The black color was a good choice because the wires blend in, they aren’t integrated through the frame and stick out a bit up front and below the frame… but that makes them easier to reach for repairs, mixed…
  • The motor was a bit louder than some other hubs but performed very well, even for larger riders, it’s an fat-tire specific wider motor from a well known company in the space, Bafang
  • The motor power cable protrudes directly from the end of the right side of the axle so be careful not to tip the bike onto it (or bump it when folding and transporting), this is also where the derailleur is so the right side of the bike is just more delicate in general
  • I think they could make the bike tougher by adding a derailleur guard, tucking the motor cable in further (I’ve seen some different designs that do this) and adding a second bash guard plat to the chainring so you’d have a guide which prevents dropping the chain as easily
  • The display can be swiveled forward and back to reduce glare but is not removable, this means it could get bumped easier if the bike tips, when you’re folding it and when it’s being stored and transported
  • As with a lot of the folding electric bicycles I test, this one didn’t include bottle cage bosses so you might want to get a trunk bag with a built in bottle holster like this for bringing along fluids


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2 days ago
@america94 I have the Heavy Duty Kenda tubes purchased for replacement you mentioned but.. when I got a nail in my tire, I had it patched. I know some people say change the tube when you get a hole but I've put on almost 500 miles since with no problems and now likely to patch vs replace (knock on wood). My tire tread is showing little wear and still running well at about 1200 miles.. (mostly road miles & higher psi). I have picked up some replacement tires from Vee that were not cheap (from the USA and has a flexible bead) that gives the option to go tubeless when replacement arrives. I think George had some tires for 20 x 4 (Kenda's) on the website for a short period of time around $80 a tire so... I think it is better to go with a more expensive as opposed to cheap tire. My thought is that the factory tires on the Volt bike Mariner (Kenda's) are quite decent ones.. but perhaps I have been lucky.
1 month ago
Here is what I've been able to gather from various sources for my Voltbike Yukon 750 (maybe same for the Voltbike Mariner?). Hopefully someone will be able to add to it:

S7 - (km/mile)

bL1 - backlight brightness display (3)

OFf - auto time(min) display off (5)

W d - wheel diameter (26)

bU0 - voltage set (48V)

PSd - password (1919)

SPL - speed limit (45km) - gov cuts off at 32km

CUL - MAX Current Limit set (default 15A)

HAL - Magnetic Pole numbers of speed sensor (default=1. Use Unknown ???)

ASs(AS5) - 1-15 ??? # of Cadence magnets?

Hd6 - sets the throttle to 6km/h; 1=ON, 0=OFF (default 0)

HdP - toggles the throttle power/current level to match the PAS level. 1=ON; 0=OFF (default 0, full power independent of PAS level)

PAs - levels of assist (set to 0-9; default 1-5)
1 month ago
Check this thread for an explanation of the settings: https://electricbikereview.com/foru...happy-observations-as-they-happen.7239/page-5

Yes, I am in Canada
2 months ago
thomas what brand of scooter lift is that?

i was thinking of something like these dirt bike/atv lifts



or maybe this type


then mount one of these bench stands on a flat plate welded onto a pipe that slides in another pipe with holes for a pin so you can adjust up and down


flat plate on the bottom of the pipe and bolt it to the motorcycle lift

most of these lifts weigh about what my ebikes do so hoping it would not tip over, but would have to play with it
it could also be strapped down on the opposite side to stop it from tipping

if you mounted something like i described onto that scooter stand do you think it would tip with a 65lb ebike on it?

what i have will work but a setup like this would be much cleaner and smaller

i totally get what you are saying about the smaller folding bike
love riding my rad rover and all my fat bikes but do NOT like having to lift them onto the car rack much less the bike stand

this is a lot of the reason i bought an enclosed trailer with a ramp and had it modified to haul the bikes
that and having to stop if it started raining and covering/strapping down covers etc

but my prodeco mariner seems totally easy to lift and manage with the battery off, really light compared to the others

i hope the ebikes get lighter in the next several years
2 months ago
KNOG OI Bicycle Bell Review

As I mentioned in my review of my eMoto/Voltbike Mariner, the original equipment, combo bell/compass, cracked and fractured.

The Good:
• Available in 4 finishes: Black, Cooper, Silver and Brass
• Fits various diameter - ROUND - handlebars: LARGE 23.8 mm to 31.8 mm, SMALL 22.2 mm bars
• Both their tones are very good
• Large bell's volume being louder
• Designed to capture cables
• Seem well made

The Bad:
• None so far

View attachment 11180View attachment 11183View attachment 11186View attachment 11189View attachment 11192View attachment 11195
2 months ago
Snow Daze Mariner

Snowed here, snapped a couple of pics.
The ride was bit challenging but fun!
View attachment 13049View attachment 13051
3 months ago
Voltbike Mariner and radmini are both great options

I do not know the answer as to whether you can pedal past 20 mph on the mini since I have never tried to do it
but think you can, post on the rad power forum and someone will answer you I'm sure

I would imagine both of these bikes are heavier than the one you had stolen
But the fat tires are awesome

Sorry about your bike, that sucks
3 months ago
APT Intelligent LCD (800S) as the Mariner...
I believe the HD6 parameter sets the throttle to 6km/h; 0 for off and 1 for on. HDP toggles the throttle power/current level to match the PAS level (1 for on) or off (0) for full power independent of PAS level.

I would like to know what ASs (or may be it is AS5) does. Input choices are 1-15 so I'm wondering if this parameter is supposed to match the number of magnets on the bike? Yukon 750 has 12 magnets near the pedals.

Of course still curious what the outstanding ASs or AS5 does as well if you connect the dots..
3 months ago
My Mariner is getting shipped within Canada and it's coming via Vitran Express.
I paid $40 shipping and was told it would go to Vitrans closest depot.
With my tracking number email it stated that I be home on the expected date of deliver so I can help the driver unload my box.

I guess we'll see where it ends up.
3 months ago
A 48v 20Ah battery will likely cost almost twice as much as a 48v 10Ah battery, so the benefit is not cost savings, but convenience of not having to carry a spare battery.

You could buy two 48v 10Ah batteries (to double your distance) and bring the spare only on long trips.

Better yet, since the price of the battery alone is already around 40% of a complete bike, you could justify buying another bike for a family member, and "borrow" their battery when not riding together.

For example, the 48V 10Ah battery for the Yukon 500 is listed for US$550 today. I would estimate that a brand new 48V 20Ah version (if available) will cost around US$1,000. For US$350 more, you could buy an entire new Yukon 500 (US$1,350) with the battery included!

Also, the smaller 10Ah batteries will be lighter. If your routine includes a stopover (like the office), simply keep the extra battery in the office to swap to double you distance.

Carrying a 2nd battery -
• A 48V 20ah battery is believed to deliver approximately 100km/62 mile range!
• It won't have to charged as often that may increase its life.
• I could be wrong, but I assume that if the battery is purchased in quantity the battery won't cost that much more:
Example 2.

It's inevitable for battery tech to improve resulting in more power and greater range.
3 months ago
Are these battery definitely compatible with the Mariner? Since my Mariners expected to arrive by the end of this week and I have no experience with it thus far,if i am using moderate levels of PAS with occasional moderate hills (nothing too crazy). How long will the mariner included battery last in terms of total distance traveled averaging 12-15 MPH, of course leaving a bit of charge left at the end of the ride so I dont end up walking the bike home the last 5 miles.
Are there currently GOOD HIGH QUALITY cell 48 Volt 20 AH battery that are currently available that would be compatible. I don't recognize the brand name of the one mentioned, and I would be hesitant to purchase. I sure hope Volt offers this choice in the very near future both as something you substitute for there current battery they offer when purchasing their bikes and also in accessories for people that already own one of their bikes.
Your Actual Milage May Vary

The distance that the bike can traverse depends on a number of factors.
Such as terrain, overall weight of the bike, tyre inflation pressure et al.
Generally, a 48V 10ah battery will render approximately 20 t0 24 mile range.

A number of ebike manufacturers are now offering multiple battery options.
Enabling the bikes to be ridden farther.

Greater range is now a thing.

3 months ago
I like the forward pivoting seatpost as a means to quickly access/remove the battery. It would look to be a useful upgrade to the Radmini or the Voltbike Mariner bikes. Any thoughts?
4 months ago
Just got word my Mariner will be shipped out on Monday. This weekend looks like my maiden voyage.......yeah Im psyched.....I waited a long time, my wifes had her bike for over 2 months now......glad I didnt cave and waited for the Mariner!
4 months ago
Running out your battery is a great way to get an extra workout in. Hills are fun until you need to go up them and gravity kicks in on a 50+lb bike has been my experience so far. Not terrible on flats, you just don't go as fast. I have a Volt Mariner.
4 months ago
@zap016VOLTAGE I was just wondering when you started to notice your battery start to degrade on the Mariner if you happened to recall?
You happen to know how many miles you've put it so far with no battery degrade? I figure I have lost between 10-15 km's on a charge. Still looking for a possible source of the issue. Could be the lights, could be the rain, could be a tad heavier winter rain gear load. Overall, there still seems to be some battery overall loss though. Will be doing a battery swap soon to see if is my bike or the battery.
4 months ago
I ordered a Mariner from this shipment. Might get lucky and have it by Friday.
I wanted green but I got white instead due to black being the most popular.

I'm thinking of painting it satin brown...wonder if that would be an issue with warranty.
Did you receive your bike or have a tracking number yet? I also ordered, and was just wondering about the turn-around time......
1 week ago

Same as the hoverfly bike. Both claim to be the manufacturer.

Dean Champion
2 weeks ago

I've had 5 electric bikes. I liked the folding bike with small tires, except when hitting the crappy streets and potholes of Boston (it nearly broke my spine). Forget off road, except on a smooth beach. But good if your city has good, smooth streets. If your city has hills, definitely opt for more power... period. And a swing arm or shock absorber on the back is really great; but a shock on the front is a flat-out necessity.

3 weeks ago

Rad Mini vs. this one?? Anyone???

Zaw Aung
1 month ago

is there any other video about this bike?

Zaw Aung
2 months ago

Radpower mini bike vs this one. which one do you recommend?

oo walker
2 months ago

this 36v 500w motor ? what was the volume of the battery?

David Frobel
2 months ago

I don't think I would take a bike on the beach what ever they say,,the sand and salt will kill it ,,unless it is an old junk bike

Owen Morrrison
3 months ago

yeah I speak to a few people and they all share the same sentiment , but am just hoping for a smooth transaction .

Owen Morrrison
3 months ago

Can anyone please respond to me , I want to know is it right if am buying a bike from Canada I pay for it whit my credit card the seller requesting my social security number claiming that government agencies say any purchase to the US over 1000 they want the customer social security number anyone can relate to this activity please thank you ?

Darryl BEAN
3 months ago

Sounds kinky? Call customs and ask them. As you are no doubt aware, be careful who you give your SS number to.

Ken A
3 months ago

For just general riding around city streets in Florida which one do you think would be better for comfort and handing the SSR Trailviper or this one. Thanks

Miguel Garbanzos
3 months ago

I need to know if this bike coasts? I read other people's opinions on this bike and I heard you can't go faster than 20mph? What if your going down hill and you don't need to use to throttle? Can you just coast and use gravity to go faster or does it still slow down because the speed is fixed? Please let me know I like the functionality of this bicycle

3 months ago

Miguel Garbanzos The motor speed cuts out at 20mph. Not the bike itself. You can ride down hills faster than 20mph.

3 months ago

omg... it doesn't impact the sea life... what has this world come to.

Osama Baig
4 months ago

for longer distances would you recommend the mariner or the Yukon 750watt. Also, kinda paranoid about bike getting stolen, would the mariner be less tempting for someone to steal?

Vagelis 4VP
1 month ago

You just keep it in house.... and when outside, always lock it with a good u-lock, and keep in eye-sight distance....(also they sell gps trackers for to know where your bike at, at any time)

Osama Baig
4 months ago

But I still wonder, would the 700watt one be a lot faster? Im thinking about getting it, but scared it may be stolen. So I migjt just go with the smaller Mariner (looks less tempting for people to steal).

Sub bass
4 months ago

i think they would still both .. they look realy awsome man ..
i live in peru i was thinking the same shit they will still it so fast

4 months ago

You can get a level 0 on the bike inside the settings menu. It's just not set as default when you first get the bike. It is completely manual so no throttle and no PAS but it's nice to have the lights and bike monitor or if you'd like to pedal without power. Also of note there is a walk assist.

Mark Woods
4 months ago

Another great review. This one would be great for carrying around while you travel. Especially for older folks.

4 months ago

Yes Mark, and you also feel very stable when you ride, thanks for the 4" fat tires.

Roger Dueck
4 months ago

I've been waiting for this particular review for a while now :) I'm saving up for an electric bike but am not sure how well the transition is gonna go cause I live in Edmonton, Canada and it snows alot here. So I want a bike that can handle the winter but at the same time be able to fold it up and put it into a car. So I'm really happy to know that you liked it :)

4 months ago

Hi Roger..thanks for your feedback. Just to mention that shipping anywhere in Canada is just $49 CAD. Sweet heh...

John Moura
4 months ago

Nice bike - - Great location!

4 months ago

By the way thanks for all the beach rides - it's a great test for the torque and climbing power of the motor. I have an M1 license - could I request a 1000w motor upgrade?

4 months ago

Waiting for the day ebikes, including folding ones, will be belt-driven, with a mid-drive motor.

Diego Villatoro
4 months ago

belt? what is this; the 1700s?

Is it worth it?
4 months ago

Do moped reviews please