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1245 Wh

1245 Wh

100 lbs / 45.40 kgs


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The Aerobic Cruiser is a powerful recumbent electric bike that offers a comfortable ride through adjustable seat, back rest and full suspension design elements. It’s not the lightest bike around at 100+lbs but the 1,000 watt hour battery and near silent 750 watt hub motor ensure you’ll never struggle with medium to large sized hills, large loads or windy conditions. It’s capable of 50+ miles of riding per charge which is great because transporting this thing is not easy. The battery isn’t designed to be taken off and the frame is long and unique so you basically need a truck and at least two people to load it up.

Powering this thing is a 750 watt geared rear hub motor. That’s as powerful as you can legally get on a fully assembled ebike in the USA while still qualifying as a bicycle; avoiding licensing and insurance. It operates very quietly and offers a lot of torque for acceleration and climbing. Considering its size, the motor is small and unobtrusive. It does add some unsprung weight on the rear swing arm but is lighter than a direct drive motor would have been and less complex than a mid-drive system.

The battery pack offers 49.8 volts of power and about 25 amp hours of capacity. It’s a 1,000 watt hour pack (that’s one kilowatt hour) which is enough to cruise for about two hours and around 50 miles depending on the terrain, rider and weather factors like wind. It uses Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 cells that are designed to last through more cycles and deal with heat better than some other chemistries. I love that they positioned the battery pack at the center of this bike down as low as it could go. This keeps the Aerobic Cruiser balanced and stable when mounting and riding. Somehow they were also able to fit a water bottle cage inside the top tube and down tube area which is awesome (you need water during rides and this is very convenient). The one downside to this battery is that it’s basically permanently fixed to the bike, you’d have to unscrew the plastic shields on both sides to get the cells out and that’s not recommended. This means you need a garage or large room in which to charge the bike and can’t make it lighter for transporting by taking the bike off. Keep in mind, Lithium batteries are sensitive to extreme cold and heat. If your garage gets really hot in the summer and that’s where the bike is parked you might shorten its life and getting a new one on there is going to take some work.

The seating position and control dashboard on this bike are superb. The saddle is oversized and very comfortable. The back rest angle is adjustable and the vented fabric keeps you cool. I mentioned the bottle cage earlier for transporting water and this becomes even more important with a bike that basically prohibits backpack wearing. You could always put a camelback on the front of your torso or use a hip pack. The handlebars are long and adjustable so they come to you vs. reaching and straining your back. All of your body weight is positioned over your hips and spread out through the back rest so my neck, back and shoulders all felt great when riding (especially with the full suspension design). Since the control panel is also front and center, it’s not difficult to read or adjust when riding. This ebike uses Cycle Analyst Pro 2.5 which lets you flip through different readouts to determine how far you’ve gone, what your voltage is at and how fast you’re traveling. It’s a great setup.

This bike is clearly not for everyone but for the right person it’s quiet extraordinary. Building an electric recumbent bike with full suspension that also feels balanced and unobtrusive is no small feat. Sure, the battery isn’t removable but at least it’s low, center and out of the way. Yeah, it’s heavy but the thing is quiet, powerful and capable of riding for miles and miles before running low. The Aerobic Cruiser is available in limited quantities and one shop that I know carries and services it is Certified Electric Bikes Specialists in Chattanooga, TN.


  • Powerful 750 watt geared motor is surprisingly quiet
  • Trigger throttle is very responsive, provides a nice gradient of speeds vs. all or none
  • Front and rear suspension really soften bumps and cracks, oversized Maxxis tires also help
  • Cycle Analyst Pro 2.5 display tells you lots of interesting stats about the bike and your rides (power, distance, energy use etc.)
  • Soft oversized saddle, adjustable back rest, extended handlebars create a relaxed body position
  • Wellgo pedals provide excellent stiffness and traction for power transfer when pedaling
  • Shimano Nexus Internally geared three speed hub stays clean, can be shifted at rest
  • This bike has a water bottle cage! Easy low-step frame design is approachable
  • Rear 200mm disc brake provides extra stopping power, front v-brake works well
  • Frame is extended in back for mounting a bag or basket to haul groceries etc.


  • Battery pack is not easily removable for charging off the bike
  • Elongated frame with low-step design is hard to transport, does not fit on traditional car racks etc.
  • Limited availability for support and replacement parts, more custom ebike
  • Heavier electric bike at 100+ pounds (I was not able to weigh it and the website does not say)
  • No pedal assist option, trigger throttle only (but it’s very responsive)

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