eZip Tri-Ride Review

Ezip Tri Ride Electric Bike Review 1
Ezip Tri Ride Electric Tricycle
500 Watt Hub Motor And Fenders
Lead Acid Battery On Off Switch
Twist Throttle Battery Indicator
Chain Guard 1
Ezip Tri Ride Fits Through Doors
Ezip Tri Ride Front Hub Motor
500 Watt Front Hub Motor
Ezip Trike Foldable Basket
Front Disc Brake Torque Arm
Flip Seat Removable Battery
Rear Axle Protector
Rear Disc Brake And Axle
Ezip Tri Ride Electric Trike
Ezip Tri Ride Electric Bike Review 1
Ezip Tri Ride Electric Tricycle
500 Watt Hub Motor And Fenders
Lead Acid Battery On Off Switch
Twist Throttle Battery Indicator
Chain Guard 1
Ezip Tri Ride Fits Through Doors
Ezip Tri Ride Front Hub Motor
500 Watt Front Hub Motor
Ezip Trike Foldable Basket
Front Disc Brake Torque Arm
Flip Seat Removable Battery
Rear Axle Protector
Rear Disc Brake And Axle
Ezip Tri Ride Electric Trike


  • Affordable, entry level electric trike is well designed and gets the job done
  • Lead-acid battery pack is very heavy and won't get as many cycles as a Lithium option would
  • Top speed of bike is kept low, 12 miles per hour, but motor provides good torque
  • Lots of great options: foldable rear basket, dual disc brakes with brake locks, removable battery

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$1,399 USD

Body Position:

Upright Relaxed

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Urban, Cargo

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


6 Month Comprehensive, Original Owner


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

107 lbs (48.53 kg)

Frame Sizes:

17 in (43.18 cm)

Frame Types:

Step-Thru, Trike

Frame Colors:

Silver with Blue Accents

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses

Gearing Details:

1 Single Speed


Plastic Platform



Brake Details:

Rim Brake Front (Lever on Left Bar), Coaster Brake Rear


Comfort with Back Rest

Wheel Sizes:

24 in (60.96cm)


Folding Rear Basket with Removable Pins, Brake Lock to Stabilize Bike When Loading or Parking, Front and Rear Fenders, Fold-Forward Seat for Easy Battery Access

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Front-Mounted Geared Hub
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Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

12 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

432 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Sealed Lead Acid

Charge Time:

6 hours

Estimated Min Range:

20 miles (32 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

LED Console


Battery Voltage (Full, Half, Low)

Drive Mode:

Twist Throttle

Top Speed:

12 mph (19 kph)

Written Review

The eZip line of bikes from Currie Technologies offer entry level performance at an affordable price. The eZip Tri-Ride is an electric tricycle that provides stability and storage for riders who aren’t looking to go fast and don’t want to spend a lot getting there. The downsides include overall weight of the bike (a whopping 107lbs), longevity of the battery (estimated 200 cycles), low top speed (12mph) and overall quality of the system. If you’re wondering whether this bike is worth it however, you should wonder a little longer and read on because there’s actually a lot of bang for the buck here :)

The biggest drawback of this bike is also what makes it work so well. The battery that comes stock is a 36 volt 12 amp hour Lead-acid pack that is heavy and won’t last very long before needing replacement. The good news is that this bike is very stable so the battery weight doesn’t really impact ride quality. The top speed of the bike is limited to 12 miles per hour and this helps extend range. And, the pack is affordable to replace and less environmentally hazardous than a Lithium option. The real win with this battery is that it keeps the cost of the bike extremely low, $1,399 is an amazing price for any ebike. The battery is also easily removable and that makes the bike a lot easier to transport.

The biggest design highlight on this bike is the three wheel configuration which keeps it stable for mounting and dismounting or loading. You can use this thing for groceries, books, pets, or whatever you want as long as it’s not over 200 pounds. The basket can be folded flat or completely removed if you want to create a do-it-yourself project and add something custom like an insulated food storage box. I like the quick-release pins that were used in the design of the stock basket but they do rattle a bit. Overall the bike rides well but uses more “bolt on” design than welded and that means it will get loose over time and make more noise. Keep and eye out and just make sure it stays tuned but don’t worry too much, at just 12mph the bike should stay solid with use.

The motor chosen for the Tri-Ride is a powerful 500 watt geared front-mounted hub motor that provides lots of torque and helps to balance out the weight of a full basket and mid-mounted battery. By mounting the motor on the front wheel, the rear drive system is kept very simple and clean. To provide ample stopping power, the bike uses two disc brakes and has automatic cut off to the motor when the hand brakes are squeezed. Pedaling this bike can be a challenge since there is only one gear, but you don’t have to pedal if you don’t want, just twist the throttle on the right handlebar and the front wheel spins into action.

Instead of adding a coaster brake (where you brake by cranking backwards) as some other single-speed electric bikes have opted to do, this bike lets you pedal backwards kind of like any normal geared bike. I like this because it makes getting on and off the trike easier by letting you move the pedals out of the way without maneuvering the bike forward.

The seating position of the Tri-Ride is very upright and relaxed. The handlebars are wide and swept back so you don’t have to lean forward and the pedals are also positioned out in front so it feels like sitting on a bench when riding. One downside here is that the pedals are plastic and rubber and when wet, they get a bit slippery. The wide, soft seat provides good cushion and even includes a nice backrest but you might consider adding a seat post shock for further comfort as the bike has no shocks and the tires are fairly firm. The seat also flips forward to reveal the battery beneath which has a nice handle for removal. Taking the battery off the bike makes a lot of sense when moving or even charging due to the overall size and weight of the bike. That said, the Tri-Ride can fit through any standard 3 foot wide door without issue… just get someone to hold it open for you ;)

All in all, I’m very impressed with the Tri-Ride but that’s primarily due to its low pricepoint. There are tons of ways it could be improved but not many that I’d be willing to spend hundreds of dollars for. I’d add a seat post shock and some new pedals, keep the screws and basket tight and plan to replace the battery after a year or two and call it good. This is a great entry level electric bike and one that could provide a lot of freedom and mobility to someone who worries about the stability of a regular bike. Currie is a big company that has been around for years and provides good support. If you’re less price sensitive and are considering other e-trike options check out the Pedego Trike.


  • Very affordable, made by a company that has been around many years and provides replacement parts and support
  • Stable, easy to mount and dismount without concern for falling
  • Brake locks that help stabilize the bike stable on slanted ground
  • Nice aesthetic and well balanced weight: motor at front, battery in mid and basket at rear
  • Low center of gravity, smaller 24″ wheels combined with front hub motor
  • Foldable basket works well in many situations and is easy to adjust
  • Seat easily flips forward for easy access to the battery pack
  • Battery replacement is affordable and can be completed through Currie website
  • Built in chain guard protects pants and legs from touching the chain
  • Corners well and can make u-turns easily, also fits through standard three foot wide doors


  • Extremely heavy due to Lead-acid battery pack
  • Fewer charge cycles on the battery before noticeable decrease in range and ultimately replacement
  • No keys for locking the battery pack or starting the bike, lock it yourself and avoid leaving it where people might mess around with the system
  • Bolt-on design of bike gets loose and rattles over time vs. welded design
  • Lower top speed may bother some who want to go faster than 12mph
  • Drum brakes vs. disc or rim/v-brakes don’t stop as quickly under load


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Comments (14) YouTube Comments

Ben Calvo
11 years ago

I think there should be a lock on battery case. Also the basket should have a top rack so you can lock it.. I plan to order one today. My E88 trike was stolen yesterday when lock at Freddies .. Over all your trike looks well design. .
The store of purchase is Electric Bikes Northest. Very good new owner.


Rick Swan
11 years ago
10 years ago

I owned an izip tricruiser (the predecessor to the tri ride) and I loved the open top of the basket because this was my main transportation (i have cerebral palsy) I could load the basket up with groceries….. you might do like I did and buy a cheapo backpack and put some bungee cords in it to hold stuff down in the basket.. I also got tired of the pins in the basket falling out so i bought matching padlocks and put them through the top loops.

10 years ago

Feb 16, 2014

Just bought used 2011 eZip Currie Tri-cruiser for $600. I pray you buy a NEW Tri-cruiser as it is MUCH BETTER: disc brakes as opposed to sub-par scooter drum brake rear and cheap v-brake in front of this model. Also the new model’s front hub motor is superior:

– quieter
– no drive chain
– no pulling to left when power applied
– more efficient, I think
– more reliable

If Consumer Reports evaluated this beast they would give it back to the manufacturer and tell them to go back to the drawing board. This trike is VERY poorly engineered compared to the excellent e-bike choices. It’s a real POS. The only redeeming quality is the very large but very rattly basket. I was able to reduce the rattling by strapping heavy bungees around the cage.

– Jim S.

10 years ago

Love my trike. I am an older female that didn’t want another car when mine had to be taken off the road. I can get around to just about any place I need within reason and with the basket I can shop about as much as I want and not have to worry about carrying heavy bags. I get the distance I want and the speed is fine. The trike is heavy but I feel quite stable on the road due to that weight. If I hit a bump in the road it doesn’t go flying. It may rattle a bit from the basket but that seems from the other post something I can remedy. This is a great way to get around for the fun of it or for the small necessities of getting around on a daily basis.

Court Rye
10 years ago

Cool! It’s always great to hear from an ebike owner about their experience. Thank you for sharing yours Lynn, I’m glad the eZip Tri-Ride has worked so well :D

Arthur Melnyk
9 years ago

Where can I purchase this bike?

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hi Arthur, I was checking around online and couldn’t find the bike. Some shops may have left over models but it appears that many are out of stock. You could try to find another tricycle style electric bike or build your own with this kit.

9 years ago

I’ve just replaced my battery pack and charger and the trodles excellerator on the handle doesn’t work. All lights light up when switch is on. But no excellerator any ideals

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hi! Gosh… I have no clue here, you might want to contact Currie Technologies Support and try to get some support (or ask your local bike shop if you bought it there).

9 years ago

i have a question about this bike, how long does this battery last before you have to charge?

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hi Minji! The eZip Tri-Ride is no longer being made and if you buy one from a shop (or second hand) it could have an old battery that will have poor range. Most of the time a bike like this would get 8+ miles depending on how you rode it and how much weight was being carried. There are other companies that sell electric trikes and some very cool designs coming soon. I can’t talk about them right now but if you reach out again in a month by leaving a comment or using the contact form I could help direct you :)

9 years ago

My daughter just started college and has some difficulty getting around and I am trying to find a good company to purchase an electric trike w/ a lithium battery from a reputable company. Need help.

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hi Andrea, I recommend checking out Raleigh or EZIP. They both have a good reputation, can be found at dealers around the USA and are launching a bunch of new models for 2016 that are pretty cool. So… you might be able to get a 2015 model on sale or you could wait a month or two and catch one of the new models. I’ve got some video updates on my YouTube channel about them here just look for Raleigh and IZIP in the titles. Also, eZip is no longer being made so you can’t get the Tri-Ride here or many of their other models unless they are really old or used.


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