2016 Stromer ST1 T Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 3




Hydraulic Disc



522 Wh

522 Wh

62 lbs / 28.15 kgs


1-1/8" Top 1-1/2" Bottom

Custom Alloy

Low-Rise, 25" Length

Ergon GC1 Ergonomic Rubber with Lockers

Quick Release Collar, Aluminum Alloy Post


Ergon SME3 by Velo, Ergonomic

Aluminum Alloy Platform

Hydraulic Disc

Tektro Dorado HD-E715 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm MT4 Carbon Steel Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitor and Regen Activation on Right

More Details

Forward Aggressive

2 Year Battery (Or 1,000 Full Charge Cycles), 2 Year Motor, 3 Year Frame

United States


16.5, 20

Small 16.5" (30" Stand Over Height, 16.5" Seat Tube Length", 22" Reach) Medium 20" (32" Stand Over Height, 20" Seat Tube Length, 22" Reach)

Metallic Brown

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Water Bottle Cage Bosses

Tektro Dorado HD-E715 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm MT4 Carbon Steel Rotors, Tektro Levers with Motor Inhibitor and Regen Activation on Right

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Written Reviews

Compared with the ST1 S, the T (which stands for touring) has a more upright geometry due to low-riser bars vs. the flat bars, it has thicker ergonomic grips and an integrated Racktime carry rack at the rear. The two are very similar electric bikes and aside from color differences, could be easy to confuse. Both deliver impressive power and speed (maxing out around 28 mph with the POWER 48 motor) with responsive output thanks to a custom tuned TMM4 torque sensor. While there’s no true throttle mode on these ebikes, you can enter one of the special codes to unlock a low-speed boost mode that allows you to hold the plus button on the display for power boost up to 12 mph (great for starts or crossing a puddle without putting your feet in harms way… or even as a zippy walk mode if you’re willing to jog). The ST1 T is one of my favorite models in the Stromer lineup because it hits a reasonable price point while still delivering premium features and offering a higher top speed.

The large Schwalbe Big Ben tires cushion the bike at high speed which is a big deal given the lack of suspension. The rigid frame and thicker heavier build quality (with custom thru-axles front and rear) give this and other ST1 models a fluid, solid ride quality. It feels more substantial this way and there’s very little frame flex. I confirmed that Stromer does offer a basic suspension fork upgrade for ~$350 but you could also add your own and go for something lighter (theirs is an SR Suntour oil based fork with lockout)… the head tube is tapered 1 1/8″ at the top to 1 1/2″ at the base. The fork that ships with the bike is rigid but made with Carbon fiber to cut down on weight while simultaneously improving ride feel by dampening vibration. The ST1T weighs around 62 pounds (varying slightly by frame size) and in my book that’s heavy… but I understand why and am happy to make the trade off here. A lot of the weight comes from the powerful gearless direct drive hub motor from Ultramotor which is very satisfying. It powers you quietly (not as quiet as the ST2 motor but still unobtrusive) and it also helps to slow you down while recouping energy. This is one of the few ebikes that offers regenerative braking… but you have to squeeze the right lever to make it work as the left is not wired in. Alternatively, you can arrow down using the display interface to one of the two “recoup” levels which are great for long hills or moments where you actually want to challenge yourself and get a workout. Yes, you could pedal this bike to charge the battery but it wouldn’t be very efficient. I’ve heard something like only 10% of the energy being put into the motor (by you pedaling for example) actually ends up in the battery due to heat loss and inefficiency in transfer, they don’t want to over-charge the pack and I found that when it’s completely full regen and recoup don’t work at all so you’ll have to rely on the hydraulic disc brakes.

Powering the bike and its integrated LED ligtset is a beautiful, custom designed, Lithium-ion battery pack. The look is awesome, with a colorful aluminum casing and a slide-in door mechanism that nearly completely hides the pack (especially with the dark-brown color on the ST1 T models. You can charge the battery on or off the bicycle but unfortunately the plug adapter is different depending on whether you’re plugging into the side of the frame (circular) or into the base of the battery off the bike (rectangular) so Stromer gives you a dongle with the charger to switch between the two… All I can say is don’t lose that piece if you can help it ;)

Aside from a couple little quirks like the single-lever motor inhibitor/regen thing and the dongle adapter for the battery pack this is a really polished electric bike. The full length aluminum fenders are silent and hug the oversized tires closely which reduces toe clip and just looks cool. The integrated rack uses standard gauge tubing and would be perfect for commuters hauling panniers or a narrow trunk bag. The lights are both very high quality with the front being a Supernova that offers adjustable angle and is housed in aluminum. It’s the same one used on some of the Specialized Turbo models. Part of me wishes the lights could be controlled through the display panel (and that the display was metal, center-mounted and removable) but the flip side is that the lights work independent from the control systems and can be used while the rest of the bike is turned off.

There are only a handful of ebikes that really feel thrilling and satisfying on pavement and the Stromer lineup is definitely on that list. The TMM4 torque sensor is responsive at start but purposefully delayed when you stop pedaling to reduce the feeling of surge. It’s also designed to operate at lower levels and more slowly if you push gently (regardless of your assist level setting) and that’s cool. It feels more like an extension of your body but does require increased effort to achieve the highest top speeds and zippiest feedback. This trade off boosts range and I’ll close by saying that riding above 20 mph, while fun, significantly shortens range due to air resistance. As far as speed-pedelec Class 3 ebikes go, Stromer is a trusted name with a big following. You pay a premium for their designs but for a limited time it sounds like they are tossing in a second battery pack with purchase (a slightly smaller 36 volt 11 amp hour pack) and the 2+ year warranty is hard to beat.


  • For a limited time you get an additional (smaller) battery pack for free with the purchase of ST1 models, the battery is 36 volt 11 amp hours for ~20+ miles of additional range and weighs 6.6 pounds so you could toss it onto the rack or in a backpack with the charger
  • Custom thru-axles (15 mm front and 12 mm rear) for added strength and stiffness, performs better at high speed and with the heavier weight, the rear spokes are also larger 13 gauge to support the added power of the motor
  • Unique drivetrain with a 9 speed Shimano Deore XT cassette and 2 speed bottom bracket gearset by Schlumpf delivering 18 gears total… requires fewer shifters on the handlebar and requires less maintenance than two derailleurs
  • Larger 2.15″ tires improve traction and add comfort when riding at high speed, built in puncture protection to reduce flats
  • The integrated Aluminum alloy fenders look amazing, they hug the tires closely and have struts for added strength and reduced rattling
  • Premium Supernova headlight is bright, tough and mounted on an adjustable swivel… both it and the back light run off the main battery for convenience but you have to switch them on with a rubber button on the back of the front light vs. using the display panel
  • There’s a unique “start mode” built in that works like an under powered throttle (just hold the up button for several seconds), this could be used for walk-assist or to get you going without pedaling
  • I love the nice little extras you get with this bike including large alloy platform petals, bottle cage mounting point on the downtube, neoprene slap guards on both chain stays (to hide wires), a flick bell, Ergon ergonomic locking grips and the upgraded spring kickstand
  • Powerful oversized hydraulic disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and are ebike specific so they cut power to the motor when activated and activate energy regen mode to recapture some energy (~10% efficient but this also reduces wear on the brake pads)
  • The fork is custom Carbon fiber vs. Aluminum alloy which reduces weight slightly and improves ride comfort… this is really nice at high speeds along with the larger tires
  • Purpose built frame is available in two sizes for improved fit and the unique slide-in battery stays very hidden while keeping weight low and center for improved handling
  • You can enter special codes to change setting in the LCD display… hold the power button and the plus button for a few seconds then arrow up or down to change the four digits (press power to move to the next digit) then hold power to submit the code, the full list of codes was shared in the EBR Community here


  • Both wheels require tools to take off, an adjustable wrench for the rear and 7/32″ allen key for the front which makes changing flats and doing maintenance more involved but also deters theft
  • The rear rack is nice to have but I wish it could support more weight, it’s a sleek design with standard gauge tubing (so it will work with most clip-on panniers) but has a 22 pound (10 kilogram) limit
  • This is a heavier electric bike… the gearless direct drive motor is powerful and fast but it weighs ~16 lbs and the larger 14.5 amp hour battery, fenders and rack add even more (but at least the battery is removable so at least ~6.4 lbs can be taken off, the rear wheel would require tools)
  • Only available in one color with these specific features, you could consider a standard ST1 in black or white as well as the ST1 Special Edition in metallic blue or the ST1 S in metallic green
  • One of the more expensive electric bikes at close to $5k but you get premium components like the Schlumpf + Shimano Deore XT drivetrain and a solid 2+ year warranty
  • Only available in high-step “diamond” frame style for now, if you want a step-thru Stromer for easier mounting and stand over consider the ST1 Platinum or ST2 models
  • I love that the bike offers regen and has a motor inhibitor built in but wish that both levers had that vs. just the right

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