2022 Stromer ST5 ABS Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 3




Hydraulic Disc



983 Wh

983 Wh

72 lbs / 32.69 kgs



Frame Details

6061 Aluminum Alloy


Rigid Aluminum Alloy, Boost 110 mm Hub Spacing, 15 mm Proprietary Axle with 10 mm Hex Bolt

DT Swiss, Aluminum Alloy, Double Wall, 28 Hole Front, 32 Hole Rear, 584x35, Reinforcement Eyelets | Spokes: Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge, Black with Nipples

Pirelli Cycl-e, 27.5" x 2.4" (57-584), Custom Rubber Compound, Thicker Puncture Resistant Tread, 1.9 to 2.9 BAR, 27.5 to 42 PSI


Threadless Internal Cups, Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/2"

Custom, Aluminum Alloy and Plastic, Internal Circuit Board, Internal Cable Routing, 7° Rise, 110 mm Length, No Handlebar Clamp (Merged with Handlebar)

Custom Aluminum Alloy with Carbon Fiber Inserts (22 mm Diameter), 690 mm Length

Ergon GS1, Ergonomic Rubber, Locking

Aluminum Alloy with Integrated Head, 38.6 mm to 31.6 mm Shim in Seat Tube


Stromer Branded Ergon SMC40 (Ultra Thin Y-Flex Construction)

Aluminum Alloy Platform, K79, Fixed Diamond Pins

Hydraulic Disc

Stromer Branded HD944 TRP Hydraulic Disc with 203 mm Carbon Steel Rotors, TRP Quad-Piston Calipers (Red), Three-Finger Levers with Ball-Ends and Brake Light Activation and Recoup Activation, Front Brake offers Anti-Lock Braking for Safety on Slippery Surfaces by Blubrake

Ebike Systems

Class 3


SYNO Sport


Stromer OMNI Interface C, Integrated, Color, Backlit, Capacitive Touch Screen LCD on Top Tube

Omni Cloud Mobile App (View and Enter Service Records, Update Firmware, System Status, Location Tracking, Motor Block, Lock and Unlock, Performance Tuning)

Omni Cloud Mobile App (View and Enter Service Records, Update Firmware, System Status, Location Tracking, Motor Block, Lock and Unlock, Performance Tuning)

983 Wh

983 Wh

BQ983 48 Volt, Lithium-ion, 20.5 Amp Hrs, 10.8 lbs

Optional Compact Charger with Battery Maintainer

More Details

Commuting, Urban

United States, Canada, Europe

2 Year Comprehensive (75% Battery Capacity), 10 Year Frame

10.8 lbs (4.89 kg)

10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)

17 in (43.18 cm)20 in (50.8 cm)22 in (55.88 cm)

17.5" Seat Tube, 21.5" Top Tube, 14" Reach, 30.25" Standover Height, 31.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 40" Maximum Saddle Height, 27.5" Width, 43.5" Wheelbase, 73.25" Length

Granite Grey

Boost 148mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Proprietary Axle with 10mm Hex Bolt

Fenders, Bottle Mount, Rear Rack, Stem Mount

Custom Alloy Tubular Fenders with Light and License Plate Mount at Rear (73mm Width), Supernova M99 Pro Headlight (1250 Lumens), Supernova M99 Tail Light (5 Red Back Facing LED's, 3 Down Facing LED's), Daytime Running LED Headlight in Head Tube, Electronic Horn (Button Near Left Grip, 69 Decibel, Integrated Into Plastic Shield Below Downtube), Hebie Center-Mount Kickstand, Optional WREN Inverted Air Suspension Fork with 30mm Travel and Compression Adjust and Rebound Adjust, Optional Rear Rack (Interfaces with Fender, 22.5kg 49lb Rating), Optional Compact Charger with Battery Maintainer

Keyless Electronically Locked Removable Battery Pack, Enhanced Security Features (Electronic Motor Lock, 4G GPS Location Tracking Within GSM Network), Rosenberger Standard Energy Bus Charging Port with Plastic Magnetic Cover, CR245 2.7 lb 4.5 Amp Battery Charger

Independent Backlit Button Pad on Left, Buttons: Light, +, -, Horn, Walk Mode with Adjustable Speed, Hold - to Enter Recoup Modes, Rubberized Power Button Below Top Tube, Omni Cloud Mobile App (View and Enter Service Records, Update Firmware, System Status, Location Tracking, Motor Block, Lock and Unlock, Performance Tuning)

OMNI Interface C Display on Top Tube: Current Speed, Battery Level (Precise Infographic), Range Estimate, Assist Level (0, 1-3, S), Clock, Trip Average Speed, Trip Distance, Trip Time, Settings Menus: Press Power Button Below Downtube, Mobile App for iOS and Android: Battery Percentage, Trip Distance, Average Trip Speed, GPS Map, Motor Tuning (Speed, Torque, Agility)

Advanced Pedal Assist (Torque Sensor at Rear Dropout, Accelerometer and Gyroscopic Incline Sensor)

28 mph (45 kph)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

This review was provided for free, but Reckless Shipyards supplied a temporary demo bike for me to test. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Stromer products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Stromer electric bike forums.


  • Stromer is a Swiss company that was started in Oberwangen (near Bern Switzerland) in 2009. It merged with BMC, a Swiss bicycle and cycling product manufacturer, in 2011 but eventually split off in 2016 with a new round of investment. In May of 2021 the company was acquired by a private equity firm called Nexicap Partners who are focusing on international sales in an effort to scale the company. I’ve been covering Stromer ebikes since 2013, and visited their California offices in 2016 while covering the ST2 S. They are one of the few companies that offer regenerative braking functionality and high-speed 45km/h 28mph Class 3 performance.
  • My take is that Stromer could be trying to reach economies of scale while streamlining their product offering and improving their relationship with dealers and expanding that network. Their products are very unique and satisfying to ride, some of the quietest and fastest feeling ebikes I’ve tested. The current generation offers special special feature like anti-lock brakes, belt drive, pinion gearbox, and GPS enabled theft prevention.


  • The major differences between the ST5 ABS and original ST5 (that is still available for sale by the way) include the Blubrake anti-lock braking system on the front wheel… which really works! and the different color. Both still come in three frame sizes, but only high-step frame style.
  • The paint matched fork and battery door on the left side of the frame look beautiful and deliver a clean cohesive look. The welds on this ebike have been smoothed out perfectly and there’s a finish quality that sets it apart… even from the other Stromer models.
  • While the large battery, direct drive hub motor, thicker tires, and extra-sturdy frame do add weight, they also create inertia that dampens vibration. I was surprised that hopping the bike off of a curb wasn’t as jarring as I expected.
  • For those who want a bit more cushion and comfort to balance the high speeds, Stromer offers an inverted WREN air suspension fork that is amazing! I love the way it supports the same tubular aluminum alloy fender style as the rigid fork so you’re not losing utility. Pair this with a Kinekt suspension seat post (or other 31.6mm suspension post) and the ride starts to feel even more amazing. I tested both of these options on the ST3 during this review ride and was totally sold… even though it changes the look of the bike a bit.
  • The bike is just super powerful, the acceleration is above almost all other Class 3 electric bikes I’ve tested. Perhaps it’s the combination of torque sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope… and the fact that it relies on a hub motor vs. a mid-drive where you’d have to switch gears to go faster, but it just works.
  • Since the bike is very solid and stable, it feels comfortable and safe at high speeds. I think the wider 2.4″ tires with thick tread help with the stability, and they also roll smooth and quiet. The silent motor and sturdy fenders all combine to make this feel like a luxury sports car like an Acura.
  • A thoughtfully designed conveniently located charging port is built into the base of the rubber tab in the center of the running light on the steer tube, just pull the rubber out out from the bottom to expose a USB A female port. This could be very useful if you add the phone mount to the top of the stem and use the smartphone app or a GPS system while riding.
  • The hidden power button doubles as a menu button which reduces clutter on the main button pad and might deter tampering if the bike is parked outside at a public bike rack. I love that the charging port is mounted up high on the left side of the frame, and that they chose the magnetic Rosenburger plug standard that won’t crack or tip the bike if snagged.
  • The fenders on this ebike are really incredible. They are tubular (multiple layers) aluminum alloy that won’t rust, don’t rattle, and are sturdy enough to support the rear rack and light as well as work with the optional suspension fork. I jumped off of a curb and the fenders didn’t rattle at all… though I did notice some rocks would get kicked up and rattle through occasionally.
  • Great touch points including locking Ergon GS1 grips, Stromer branded Ergon saddle, and wide aluminum alloy pedals with diamond pins. The stock setup works well for me, and I don’t feel like I’d have to change anything to enjoy the bike and feel comfortable, even at higher speeds.
  • The brakes are a big focus on this particular bike, because the front offers anti-lock braking (ABS). I found that the system actually worked and would not lock up. As someone who has crashed due to front wheel sliding out, and also gone over the handlebars on occasion, I appreciate this system more than I thought I would. It’s not just a gimmick, and Stromer did a great job hiding the additional cables and sensors.
  • Large 203mm disc brake rotors front and rear ensure a good mechanical advantage and cooling, which is important at speed and with such weight. You get dual piston calipers and motorcycle style ball-end three finger brake levers for improved leverage and safety vs. a traditional two finger square end mountain bike brake lever.
  • The drivetrain is very well done. In addition to a highly rated Shimano XTR derailleur with electronic shifting and one way clutch (to reduce chain bounce, click the orange lever to the upper left as shown in the video review), you also get a narrow-wide chainring for improved chain retention, and a sturdy aluminum alloy chainring guard that doubles as a bash guard. The integrated crank arms and hollow spindle provide a clean sleek look while reducing weight.
  • Very unique hub motor setup here. It’s large and heavy because it’s full of magnets vs. plastic or metal gears like almost all other ebikes. There’s no rubbing happening, it’s all magnets and that makes it durable, quiet, and capable of regenerative braking and “recoup” mode to recharge the battery. Being a hub motor vs. mid-drive, it can provide fast acceleration and reach higher speeds without requiring the rider to shift as many gears.
  • It’s easy to miss, but the DT Swiss rims and front hub are awesome. Notice that they require fewer spokes, that the spokes and nipples are black to match, that they have reinforcement eyelets for improved strength, and that they have some cool looking stickers and offer a bit more width to support the big tires.
  • The touch screen display is bright, the colors can be inverted (think dark mode with dark background vs. light to reduce distraction at night), and since it senses pressure as well as touch, you can use it more easily with cycling gloves. It’s a little small, and some of the back arrows can feel difficult to press perfectly, but overall it’s a great setup.
  • The battery pack can be charged while mounted inside the frame or stored separately, which allows you to keep it in a cool dry location and perhaps check on it more often to extend the life (avoid letting it drain below 20% or get super hot). The default charger offers very high speed 4.5 amp, which is great considering the nearly 1kwh battery size. Stromer also sells a compact charger with smart maintaining feature that will keep the cells from discharging slowly over time if you aren’t riding for months.
  • The updated OMNI display panel uses color and the top level of assist “S” is bright red, so even though it’s mounted a bit low down vs. on the stem or handlebar, you can kind of tell what mode is selected without having to focus on the small numbers. I love that the button pad for the display is within reaching distance of the left grip and also backlit for easy use at night. It’s simple, with just three buttons (light, +, and -). I was amazed that you can actually adjust walk mode speed! Some ebikes doen’t even have a walk mode, so this was amazing to me.
  • The horn button is easy to reach, and the sound is instant and very loud. I love that it could keep you safe when riding with cars (since the bike can nearly keep up with them in the city and neighborhoods).
  • I believe that every battery that is shipped with a Stromer electric bike, including the ST5 ABS, is charged with solar power (which also powers the myStromer AG headquarters in Oberwangen, near Bern / Switzerland).
  • Any time you brake with either lever (not just the right one like with ST1 models) power regeneration kicks in and the bike “recoups” some energy, you can also hold the minus button and select from five recoup levels to get a workout or for longer hills to get more energy.
  • Stromer is an established brand dating back to 2009 with global distribution, the ST2 received a Eurobike Gold award, Red Dot Quality Seal award, two Testsieger awards, an Outside magazine award, a Taipei Cycle show award and an iF design award and the ST5 shares many design features and just builds on that platform with a stronger motor and more integrated systems. The ST5 ABS won some awards in 2021.


  • Perhaps it was just the bike I test rode, but the plastic cover that runs along the downtube and includes the horn seems like it was bending out a bit and could have been more flush or better fitting. I also noticed the rubber grommets below the handlebar were not perfectly seated and actually kind of pushed to the sides with so many wires and cables running through.
  • As cool as the stem and handlebar design is, you lose optionality. Notice how the base is wide and hides all of the cables, how there’s a rubber cover that removes for a phone mount, how the handlebar ends are actually carbon fiber… it’s all very custom, but you can’t get a shorter stem, a steeper angle, a low-rise or swept-back handlebar replacement. It’s all set, so at least they offer three frame sizes and are sold at dealers where you can test ride and make sure it feels right.
  • The extra frame material that makes the bike feel sturdy and stable, also adds weight. There’s also the heavier tires, thick sturdy fenders, super high capacity battery pack in a metal housing inside the metal frame of the bike, and the gearless direct drive motor. This 72lb ebike is much heavier than average, but once you’re on, it feels light and fast because of the high power.
  • Expanding on the heavy weight, since it has fenders and no quick release wheels, you might have to spend extra time loading on car racks or figuring out transport. Please be careful when lifting, and consider removing the battery pack temporarily to shave 10.5lbs and make it easier.
  • The electronic shifting systems run on separate batteries from the ebike itself. This means you have more things to check and look after over the long run; it would be cool if they all ran off of the main pack. I was also mixed on the shifter design that they chose, which are square buttons on a ring vs. triggers that hang down like most other bicycles I’ve tested.
  • The charger is really big, especially with the cords all connected. I love that it’s fast, and that Stromer offers a slower more compact charger option, I just wish the main charger was more like the Bosch Standard 4 amp charger in terms of size and form so that it would be easier to transport.
  • The rear rack is great for what it is, looks streamlined and offers decent capacity at 22.5kg (49lbs) but it doesn’t have bungee loops at the base and isn’t as wide as most others. This means it might not work for child carriers and might not support a wide trunk bag on top. At least the rails appear to be standard gauge and would work with a range of aftermarket panniers in addition to Stromer’s own.
  • Maybe it’s not an issue given the tight derailleur with clutch system, but I didn’t see a slap guard sticker or neoprene protector on the right chainstay. The paint is so nice, I might use a piece of clear box tape as a guard to keep it from getting chipped and dirty.
  • While it’s nice that Stromer sells exclusively through dealers, so you get the service, proper fitting, and warranty support. The shops seem a bit scattered and limited in North America. Perhaps the high price tag means they can only sell in fancy cities where people can afford it or are replacing their cars. I think they are expanding with some other less expensive models and adding dealers in Europe.
  • This is a minor complaint, but the display is mounted on the top tube vs. the handlebar or stem, so you have to look down further and might be distracted from the road. There is a phone mount option for the stem, so you could use your smartphone for easier and larger display positioning. It’s not a bad setup, just something Id consider as you ride at high speeds… don’t get distracted.
  • No reflective tires here, as apparently they aren’t allowed in Europe? The glossy metallic grey frame should be fairly visible… especially with the bright lights and side-viewable running light on the steer tube, but consider adding some black reflective stickers to the frame for an even larger visual footprint without ruining the nice look.
  • If you try to ride the bike without powering on or you just use level zero assist, there will always be some magnetic drag from the motor. It’s not a lot, but this is one of the trade-offs from using a direct drive vs. planetary geared freewheeling hub motor.
  • Only available in one color and one frame style, high step. Some of the other Stromer electric bikes have this mid-step that’s more approachable and easier to stabilize when standing. That said, the top tube on the ST5 is fairly sloped and I didn’t have an issue. This design leaves room for the bottle cage mount on the downtube and makes it easier to lift and hang on some bike racks.
  • It seems like the display panel still takes a while to boot up, it’s not instant (or nearly as fast as Bosch or Yamaha systems), and I think it’s best not to pedal the bike while it’s powering on because the torque sensor has to calibrate.

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