Stromer ST1 Platinum Review

Stromer St1 Platinum Electric Bike Review 1
Stromer St1 Platinum
Stromer St1 Platinum Hub Motor
Stromer St1 Platinum Battery Door
Stromer St1 Platinum Computer
Stromer St1 Platinum Pedal
Stromer St1 Platinum Electric Bike Review 1
Stromer St1 Platinum
Stromer St1 Platinum Hub Motor
Stromer St1 Platinum Battery Door
Stromer St1 Platinum Computer
Stromer St1 Platinum Pedal


  • High quality components, beautiful clean aesthetic, pedal assist only
  • Powerful 500 watt gearless rear hub motor with regenerative braking
  • Upgraded 27 gears, top speed of 27mph, 14.5 amp hour battery and front fork shock option as compared with Stromer ST1 Elite
  • Heavier and more expensive than comparable electric bikes

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ST1 Platinum


$4,399 USD

Body Position:

Forward Aggressive

Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting, Road

Electric Bike Class:

Speed Pedelec (Class 3)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Battery (Or 1,000 Full Charge Cycles), 2 Year Motor, 3 Year Frame


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

62 lbs (28.12 kg)

Battery Weight:

6.6 lbs (2.99 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Sizes:

17 in (43.18 cm)20 in (50.8 cm)

Frame Types:

High-Step, Step-Thru

Frame Colors:

White, Black, Red

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid Carbon Fiber, Optional SR Suntour Raidon Suspension with 80 mm Travel and Lockout

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

27 Speed 3x9 Shimano XT, 11-32T

Shifter Details:

Shimano Sora Rapid Fire on Left and Right Bar


50 x 39 x 30T


Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform


Low Rise

Brake Details:

Magura MT2 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors and Motor Cutoff Sensor




Stromer Special

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Big Ben, 26

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)

Tire Details:

Reflective Sidewall

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Single Side Kickstand, Optional City Kit with Front and Rear LED Lights (B+M Lumotec IQ Fly/Supernova E3 Front and B+M Toplight Mini Rear), Fenders and Rear Carry Rack by Racktime


TMM4 Torque Sensor, Regenerative Braking

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

TDCM (Power 48" Model)

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

500 watts

Motor Torque:

40 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

14.5 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

522 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Manganese

Charge Time:

4.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Estimated Max Range:

55 miles (89 km)

Display Type:

Backlit Monochrome LCD on Right Bar


Speed, Odometer, Trip Time, Battery Level, Assist Level (4 Modes), Regeneration Level (2 Modes)

Drive Mode:

Torque Sensing Pedal Assist

Top Speed:

28 mph (45 kph)

Written Review

The ST1 Platinum is the top of the line offering from Stromer offering more gears, a higher top speed, better range, front shock option and an extra color to choose from… and the price difference is $600. This is a well designed bike that rides smooth and looks amazing. It does not offer twist throttle mode which means you’ll have to pedal continuously to activate the motor, but that reduces complexity in the system. On the upside, this bike offers regenerative braking and the motor is activated via torque sensor vs. the simpler pedalec system. It truly feels like you’re flying when you ride this bike but the price tag might drag you back down to Earth.

Powering this bike is a gearless 500 watt rear motor rated at 600 watts (which basically means you get extra power). Gearless motors coast silently and in this case, offer regenerative braking which extends range and reduces wear on the brakes. The brakes themselves are oversized hydraulic discs that work very well. The system is clean with minimal wires and cables that are integrated seamlessly below the downtube. It’s easy to fall for the aesthetic of this bike and forget it’s electric at all. If you’re a heavier rider, the motor will be capable of pulling you but note that the ergonomics are more aggressive and forward-leaning than a cruiser style bikes like the Pedego Interceptor.

The battery pack driving the motor on the ST1 Platinum delivers 36 volts of power and 14.5 amp hours of range in the form of Lithium Nickel Metal Hydride cells. Stromer offers an amazing three year warranty on this battery and you can also buy a second one to extend range for $700. All in all, this battery pack is average in terms of power and great in terms of distance. The LCD computer system that connects the battery with the motor is intuitive, sleek and well protected offering the standard speed, capacity and power settings you’d expect. There’s an on/off switch and two buttons for up and down which control the different pedal modes.

The truth about this bike is that it works much better than some of Stromer’s older designs like the Sport but it’s not perfect. For one thing, it’s heavy! weighing in at 62 pounds (a bit more with the shock absorber option). That’s due in part to the gearless hub motor which enables regenerative braking. If you compare this bike with the Easy Motion Neo Cross (which also has a shock absorber), you’d spend $1,200 less and save 14 pounds! Now you won’t get a three year warranty or a 14.5 amp hour battery… but the ride will be comparable and you’d gain twist throttle support.

Overall I’m very impressed with the ST1 Platinum but a little intimidated by the price tag… even if it is Swiss made. The bike is fun to ride, looks amazing, comes in multiple sizes for a good fit and the battery warranty is one of the best in the industry. Stromer has been around since 2010 and continues to refine their bikes. They now offer a City Kit with integrated lights, fenders and a rear rack with basket system but that costs even more. It’s also one of the few bike manufacturers setup to paint your company logo onto the frame as an option. If you’re looking for a top performer and can afford a bike that costs as much as the name implies, this might be a good fit.


  • Clean, focused design with limited clutter and complexity
  • Awesome regenerative braking system, extends range and reduces wear on brakes
  • Larger 14.5 amp hour battery will take you further than the Elite
  • Strong 500 watt motor 36 volt battery combination, battery is removable
  • Sturdy, oversized tires are puncture resistant and provide shock absorption when riding
  • High quality “City Kit” upgrade includes lights, fenders and rack + basket
  • Multiple frame sizes, including step-through, and two colors to choose from (black and white)
  • Awesome three year warranty on the battery pack
  • Ability to customize graphics on the frame if you pay extra
  • 27 gears to choose from for all types of riding conditions
  • Optional front shock enables trail riding


  • Only supports pedal assist whereas other ebikes also offer a throttle mode
  • Bike is heavier than comparable ebikes, partially due to gearless hub motor vs. geared
  • Very expensive as compared with similarly specced electric bikes


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Comments (21) YouTube Comments

10 years ago

What is the top speed on the Easy Motion Cross and Neo bikes? 20mph, or could you actually go faster? This Stromer platinum should spin up to 28mph and has 14ahr vs 9 ahr, 55% more energy. To say it s heavier to comparable ebikes, assumes the specs are comparable.

If the NEO bikes can actually keep up with this 500W dd hub on the flats and hills, then I’d agree that they are lighter, cheaper and flat out a better deal.

10 years ago

About ebike weight:
a “heavy” ebike use to be in the 70lb+ range. With newer models being better intergrated and lighter, this metric seems to be reducing. If 62lbs is heavy, what is a light ebike?
45 lb and Under Light?
45-60lb Typical?
60+ heavy?

Court Rye
10 years ago

The NEO bikes from Easy Motion offer the same ~28mph top speed when using pedal assist mode. You’re correct that the amp hour capacity is less however. I wish I could weigh the two without their battery packs in but I am fairly certain the frame on the Stromer is heavier. The hub motor is definitely heavier (and more powerful as you mention). They are both great bikes, I’m a medium sized person but even my larger friend who weighs 220 lbs was thrilled with the performance of my Neo Jumper when he rode it, and that bike uses the same drive systems as the Cross and other NEO bikes.

Court Rye
10 years ago

In my opinion, a medium weight bike is now in the low 50lb range and lighter bikes are low or mid 40’s. The size of the frame comes into consideration however and so does weight distribution. I would rather have a heavier bike that spreads the weight out from front to rear vs. a bike with a very heavy rear end. And even this depends on how you use your bikes. I like to be able to put mine on car racks and carry them up stairs. If you have a garage and like the style of a cruiser bike then something with a rear rack and motor like the Ford Supercruiser might be just fine.

10 years ago

Does the Neo Cross and Carbon provide pedal assist up to 28 mph? Or does it cut out past 20 mph??

Court Rye
10 years ago

Yep! All of the Neo bikes from Easy Motion can reach 28 miles per hour in pedal assist mode, good question Vern.

Argyriades Minas
10 years ago

Hi I am from GREECE does anyone represents you in my country and especially in Thessaloniki? Thanks Minas

Court Rye
10 years ago

Hi Minas, I’m not sure where you could buy a Stromer electric bike in Greece… Some shops may be willing to ship from within Europe? I’d look up “electric bike shops” on Google for surrounding countries and see if one will ship it to you or maybe you could drive there to get it.

James Roberts
9 years ago

Hi Court, When I last wrote I was thinking of buying a Stromer. Now, one year of commuting on a Stromer later I have the following personal observations:

– The bike is fun to ride on my somewhat hilly 20k commute and I average 30k/hr on the highest setting called “Power”. It also feels very safe, much safer than my road bike as the large “Big Ben” tires go over pot holes etc with ease and the weight of the bike is an advantage when crossing one of our long bridges here in Vancouver that are often exposed to cross winds.
– I’ve ridden 7,000 k in my first year in total and I’ve been somewhat fastidious in drying and oiling the chain after each wet ride. So far there have been no maintenance issues at all and everything runs smoothly.
– Part of my decision on this bike was the fact that Stromer offers a 3 years warranty on the battery. I’m no electrical engineer but I can confirm that lithium ion batteries do degrade. One year into use and the maximum the battery will charge is 95% and it quits when the computer says there’s 15% power left. So, in other words, I read that to mean I’ve lost 20% of the battery’s capacity. With my commute that meant it was easier to purchase a second charger ($125.00) and put it under my desk at work and charge the bike at both ends of my commute.

The bottom line: no more traffic jams for me, a great half-hour of riding before and after work, hills are no longer grunt work, no more dumping CO2 into the atmosphere, no more paying for gas or parking and at age 57 I plan to ride the “e” path until I retire. And, by the way, thanks for your reviews. James.

Court Rye
9 years ago

James! What an amazing testimonial, thank you so much for reporting back. This is the kind of information that only someone who owns a bike and uses it regularly can provide. I’m so glad the reviews here have helped you and thrilled to hear that your bike is still doing its job and saving you money, time and improving your health. Thanks man :D

9 years ago

Thanks for the review and all of the comments. I’ve been following this site for a few months now, and about to pull the trigger on an ST1 purchase. Everything here has been very helpful. Thanks everyone and especially Court!

9 years ago

Hi Court, Between Stromer ST1 Platinum vs. Easy Motion Nitro City bike. Which would you choose? Stromer is heavier bike so I’m assuming on Flat ground speed will be comparable in pedal assist but when going uphill, Nitro will be quicker right?

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hmm… that’s a tricky question! Great job selecting two very similar bikes, both companies are solid and both offer higher top speeds and the city kit. In terms of ride quality, the Stromer does feel a bit heavier but also more solid and the larger tires offer a sort of cushy fluid feel vs. the more narrow nimble feel of the Nitro. You also get regenerative braking with the Stromer and the motor is quieter… I think I’d go with the ST1 Platinum, I like how it looks and rides better even without the suspension fork. Here’s a video I shot of some off-road riding with a Stromer ST1 vs. an Easy Motion Neo that might highlight how they both ride (even though we were using an off-road Easy Motion model and not the Nitro).

9 years ago

Another thing I noticed on your review was gearless hub motor on Stromer is so much more quiet than geared motor on Nitro. Also no charging port on Nitro bike itself and having to remove the battery everytime is a huge negative as well. Stromer’s weight is now the biggest concern. I assume range on Stromer is better as well right?

Court Rye
9 years ago

The weight isn’t as much of an issue for me on urban style ebikes like these, the big difference is the type of motors, gearless being heavier because it has to use more large magnets vs. plastic gears to step down RPM for power. I’m not sure on the range to be honest, I haven’t ridden either bike to their full limits. Regen helps but it’s not that efficient. I’d estimate that each model will go 35+ miles in pedal assist mode, since they both have twist throttles as well, range will decrease depending on how you use those, your speed, your weight etc. ;)

9 years ago

Court, after test riding both the Nitro Cross and Stromer ST1 Platinum. I wish all there was a bike that had both Pros of each bike. Nitro – was really responsive on low-end, ST1 – makes you work for your power. It takes much longer to get it to go; while Nitro is more responsive right from the start. Nitro – battery removal to charge is a big minus and almost a deal breaker for me. However the thin width of tire and lighter weight is a welcome compared to ST1’s big ugly tires. Nitro also has ugly and tacky writing on the frame vs. ST1 which has classy black frame. Both brakes are good. Removable LCD display is good on Nitro, but no such feature on ST1. Top speed on both are pretty comparable; Nitro will get to 25mph much quicker but top speed once it gets going – ST1 should be 1 or 2 mph higher. ST1 makes you work for your power; and you will get much more exercise on this than Nitro. I probably will go with ST1; since price is comparable since battery charging issue and ST1 beautiful clean looking frame. I want your wish list bike. One last comment; I tried ST2; this one even has low-end torque covered. Don’t really like the LCD on the body frame but motor wise; super smooth and nice. Wished ST2 could have had for price of ST1.

Court Rye
9 years ago

Hey Young! Great feedback… I agree, there are some big tradeoffs with these bikes. It’s nice to see the ST2 improving upon the ST1 lineup but the price is definitely a huge tradeoff. I hope you enjoy the ST1 and appreciate you sharing your thoughts here since you got to test and compare it with the Easy Motion Nitro :D

Dailey Rider
8 years ago

Stromer only warranties the battery for TWO years -not three. The battery in my Stromer ST1 Platinum went dead at 2.5 years and Stromer is not covering it or even giving me a small discount to buy a new one. So figure on spending around $800 every two years on a new battery. Other than that – it’s a great bike.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Ouch! Thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear about the expensive battery replacement but stoked that you’ve liked the bike otherwise :/

Daily Rider
8 years ago

Other than the battery issue, the ST1 Platinum has been great. I lost over 25 pounds in the 2.5 years I’ve been riding it. It’s really too bad Stromer doesn’t step-up to the plate and offer some sort of minor discount on their battery if you’re the original owner and have less than three years on your bike.

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