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The Big Cat USA story has its roots in a compassionate response to help others. Vincent Gebbia, the company’s CEO and Founder, wanted to help his mother to get more exercise and overcome a knee injury. Inspired by the e-bikes he’d seen during business trips to Asia, Gebbia went to work creating a pedal assist, electric powered bicycle to help his mother regain her confidence and freedom, and improve her level of physical activity and mobility. Since then, Big Cat USA has rapidly grown into a premium electric bike company that offers flexible business opportunity dealership packages, alongside direct to consumer sales. The company’s e-bikes are ideal for all levels of riders, and are available in a wide range of designs, colors, styles and models. A photo gallery is available at, and a video gallery is available at BigCat USA offers two flexible, turn-key electric bike dealership opportunity packages: the “Little Cat” package that includes 8 e-bikes, and the “Big Cat” package that includes 20 e-bikes, in addition to construction consultation and protected territory rights. Both packages feature easy setup options, ongoing product and sales training, online and offline marketing support, promotional materials, and more. Financing is also available, and aside from the one-time dealership cost, there are no additional fees and no royalties. “Since launching Big Cat USA, I’ve been extremely humbled by the experience,” commented company CEO and Founder Vincent Gebbia. “We’ve expanded territory across the USA, mastered the design of an affordable e-bike, and are actively contributing to the next generation of transportation. I owe all of Big Cat USA’s success to a high quality product, fantastic business partners, and ambitious dealers. We’re very excited to be expanding our Big Cat USA family!” Prospective dealers that want to learn more about Big Cat USA’s flexible, turn-key electric bike dealership opportunity, along with owners of bike businesses that want to expand their offerings with a line-up of e-bikes that are earning rave reviews from riders and experts alike, are invited to visit

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