Friction-Drive Electric Bike Reviews

This type of electric bike is very rare. Instead of using a hub motor or mid-drive system to propel the bike, it usually relies on a spring-tensioned spinning roller that makes contact with the front or rear tire. While friction drive systems benefit from improved mechanical advantage, simpler designs that can be added as a kit inexpensively, and the ability to remove easily when not in use, they usually suffer from weight distribution (higher up, positioned at one end of the bike vs. the middle), increased drag, and increased noise. They tend to be very rare.
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Alizeti 300C Review

  • MSRP: $849
  • MODEL YEAR: 2019

A fully featured and complete friction-drive electric bicycle conversion kit that allows you take a conventional bike and upgrade it with an electrical system, is extremely versatile in application as well as options available to the consumer, comes with lights, turn signals, display, speakers, and even built in alarm and electric security lock. Driven by a friction roller that electronically engages by the arm extended from it by…...

Go-Ped GoBike Power Rack Kit Review

  • MSRP: $799
  • MODEL YEAR: 2006, 2007

A vintage electric drive system from ~2006 designed to work with a wide range of bicycles offering throttle on demand power in Economy or Power mode. Solid 10+ mile range, spring loaded friction drive motor, clean sleek aesthetic, decent price point...

Rubbee Drive 2.0 Review

  • MSRP: $990
  • MODEL YEAR: 2015

A portable, all-in-one electric drive system designed to work with most traditional bicycles, folding and full suspension included!. Clean professional design, quick and easy to install or remove, sturdy leather handle for transporting,…...

ShareRoller Version 1 Review

  • MSRP: $1,295
  • MODEL YEAR: 2014

Friction drive electric bike kit designed to work with major bicycle share programs. Quick and easy to install, operate and charge, includes LED headlights for safety...