CUBE Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 29 Review

Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Electric Bike Review 1
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch 250 Watt Centerdrive Motor
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch Powerpack 400 Battery
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch Intuvia Display And Button Pad
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Cube Active 1 1 Saddle
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Rockshox Xc28 Fork
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Schwalbe Tough Tom Tire
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Shimano Deore 9 Speed
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Electric Bike Review 1
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch 250 Watt Centerdrive Motor
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch Powerpack 400 Battery
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Bosch Intuvia Display And Button Pad
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Cube Active 1 1 Saddle
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Rockshox Xc28 Fork
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Schwalbe Tough Tom Tire
Cube Reaction Hybrid Hpa Pro 29 Shimano Deore 9 Speed


  • One of the most affordable and versatile Bosch powered mid-drive electric bikes I've seen to date
  • Solid performance for city riding (with bosses for adding a rear rack!) but also very capable off-road on moderate trails
  • Lots of little upgrades including locking grips, hydraulic disc brakes and a suspension fork with remote lockout
  • Kickstand is not included stock but they do sell separately, smaller 15 tooth chainring limits top speed

Video Review





Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 29


$2,999 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Trail, Mountain

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Motor and Battery, 5 Year Frame


United States, Canada, Europe

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

57.5 lbs (26.08 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.5 lbs (2.49 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

Frame Material:

Aluminium Superlite, ARG 29er, Double Butted, Disc Only

Frame Sizes:

15in(38.1cm) in (38.1 cm)17in(43.18cm) in (43.18 cm)19in(48.26cm) in (48.26 cm)21in(53.34cm) in (53.34 cm)23 in (58.42 cm)

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:


Frame Fork Details:

RockShox XC28 Suspension with 100 mm Travel, Rebound Adjust and Remote Lockout

Attachment Points:

Rack Bosses

Gearing Details:

9 Speed 1x9 Shimano Deore, Shimano CS-HG300, 12-36T

Shifter Details:

Shimano Deore SL-M590 on Right


FSA CK-745, 15 Tooth Chainring


Snafu Plastic Platform


CUBE 1.5E ZS, Top Zero-Stack 1 1/ 8" (OD 44 mm), Bottom Zero-Stack 1 1/ 2" (OD 56 mm)


CUBE Performance Pro, 6°


CUBE Rise Trail Bar, 700 mm Length

Brake Details:

Shimano BR-M355 Hydraulic Disc, 180 mm Front, 160 mm Back


CUBE MTB, Flat Rubber with Locking Rings


CUBE Active 1.1

Seat Post:

CUBE Performance Post

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

30.9 mm


Alex ZX24

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Tough Tom Active Front, Schwalbe Rapid Rob Active Rear, 29" x 2.25"

Wheel Sizes:

29 in (73.66cm)


Aluminum Alloy Chain Guide


Quick Release Front Wheel, Locking Removable Battery Pack with LED Charge Level Indicator, Shimano HB-RM66 Front Hub, Shimano FH-RM66 Rear Hub, KMC X9 Chain, RFR Varioclose 34.9 mm Seat Post Clamp, Part Number 664200

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Bosch Drive Unit Performance Cruise

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Torque:

60 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

396 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

3.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

30 miles (48 km)

Estimated Max Range:

60 miles (97 km)

Display Type:

Intuvia, Removable Backlit Grayscale LCD


Speed, Assist Level (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), Battery Level (1-5), Odometer, Trip Distance, Estimated Range, Clock, Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad with Tactile Feedback

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Combined Torque, Cadence and Speed), (Eco 50%, Tour 120%, Sport 190%, Turbo 275%)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

The CUBE Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 29 is a “high performance aluminum” 29er (meaning the wheels are 29 inches in diameter) that offers excellent value as a trail bike or around-town platform. The larger wheel diameter (compared with a standard 26″ or 27.5″ design) feels stable, smooth and efficient. It’s closer to the size of most city bikes that use 700c wheels but offers more cushion and traction due to the wider 2.25″ tires. Further enhancing comfort is a RockShox suspension fork with rebound adjust. If you’re only cruising on streets, the fork does have lockout and the model I rode had remote lockout so it could be activated while riding without even removing my hand from the grips. The official CUBE website lists an SR Suntour fork so I’m not sure why the model I tested was different but sometimes a model will be updated throughout the year. CUBE has an impressive lineup of bikes and the Reaction Hybrid Pro is only the second one I’ve reviewed. To me, it seemed to offer a low price while still maintaining quality and even a full range of sizes from 15″ to 23″. Some of the cost saving measures I noticed were external cabling attached with plastic fasteners vs. being internally routed, the exclusion of a stock kickstand (though there is a nice mounting point ready for it and CUBE does sell them) and cheaper plastic pedals vs. stiff aluminum alloy or magnesium. The bike was stiff, responsive and I love that it offered quick release on both wheels (handy for storage or transport).

Powering the CUBE Reaction Pro 29″ is a geared mid-drive motor system from Bosch. Most of the reviews I perform are on US models but this one was done in Canada and I believe the nominal power rating was 250 watts. The official CUBE website calls it a Performance Cruise drive unit an calls out the smaller 15 tooth chainring. All of the Bosch Centerdrive motors I’ve seen tend to have smaller sprockets but this one was extra small. The result is increased power for starting and climbing at low speeds with a limit on high speed performance. As I reached ~20 mph it became difficult to pedal fast enough to keep up with the bike. The Shimano Deore drivetrain is high quality and it shifted quickly and relatively smoothly given the dirt that was caked on (I was reviewing a rental bike). over time, derailleur cables need to be tightened and tuned and sprocket teeth can wear but this mid level component group should hold up under the abuse better than a cheaper option. One really great thing about the motor and controller on this ebike is that it can sense when you shift and pause momentarily to reduce wear and strain on the chain and sprockets. I tried to demo this in the video review above and while it’s still possible to create mashing by shifting hard and pedaling full power while climbing… at least the motor won’t be contributing as much as on some simpler designs. The motor responds to your pedaling by listening for bicycle speed, pedal cadence and pedal torque. It’s extremely advanced and performs very well, one of my favorite drive systems and the main reason for a higher price point than other e-bikes you might see.

Powering the CUBE Reaction 29 is a Bosch Powerpack 400 battery that mounts just above the motor, along the downtube. It’s positioned well for both weight distribution and protection in the event of a crash and it’s removable for transporting and charging off of the frame. You get 36 volts of power and 11 amp hours of capacity here which is a touch above average in terms of size but the way this power is used and the quality of the cells inside is well above average. Inside the pack are 18650 cells made by Samsung, they use an energy dense Lithium-ion chemistry designed to be light weight and long lasting. The pack only weighs ~5.5 lbs so you could conceivably buy a spare and toss it into a backpack for extremely long rides… If you added a rear rack using the threaded eyelets on this bike you could easily carry the battery and the charger which only weighs ~1.5 lbs and is fairly small. Reaching ~80% takes just one hour but completely filling the pack is closer to three due to cell balancing. I like that the pack itself has an LED readout on the left side for showing your charge status (handy if you’re storing it inside and can’t remember if it’s already full or needing a top-off). It locks securely to the frame when mounted and uses an ABUS core and key set which is definitely higher quality. The mounting points for the battery were welded directly to the downtube and felt very sturdy, it didn’t rattle around much when going off-road and that’s a great sign, especially on a well-used bike. The pack has a sort of built in handle that makes it convenient to carry around when off the bike, dropping it could crack the case and potentially damage the connections inside so the handle is great. To really care for this pack and help it reach 1,000+ charge cycles I recommend storing in a cool, dry environment and maintaining a 50% fill when you aren’t using it for longer periods. If you haven’t used the bike for several months time, check in on the battery to make sure it hasn’t dropped below the 10% range. You can easily charge the pack on or off the frame using the same unique connector plug and it fits securely with a nice click.

Operating the Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 29 is a breeze… Once the battery is charged and properly connected to the downtube mount all you need to do is press a power button at the lower left area on the display panel. This is one of the best display panels I’ve tried, being removable, swiveling and backlit! In addition to showing your speed, battery level and assist setting it also predicts range dynamically depending on which power level you’re currently in. If you’ve got a Micro USB cable, you can charge portable electronics directly from the display (using a port along the top right edge). Okay, so the display is on, from here you can change assist settings using the up and down keys on the remote button pad (mounted near the left grip). This pad is easy to reach and creates a satisfying click with each press so you don’t actually have to look down at the display to confirm adjustments. At the cent of this pad is an “i” button that cycles through odometer, trip meter, max speed, range and some other readouts so there’s no shortage of trip feedback. I really like the design and user experience here and have grown more appreciative of it after trying so many basic displays that cannot be removed or require extra keystrokes to complete tasks. This (along with the motor and battery) are what really set the Reaction Hybrid Pro apart from other hardtail trail bikes I’ve tested and why the price is higher.

The CUBE Reaction Pro was a fun bike to test, it felt more active than a city or cruiser bike but could still work great for commuting. The suspension fork was solid and you could easily add a Body Float or NCX suspension post with a use a shim to fit the 30.9 mm post diameter. This would further soften the ride… a set of riser bars could also reduce the active body position. With five sizes to choose from the “high step only” frame design isn’t such a big deal… you can get the size that fits your body and that’s great. For my own ride style, I’d probably get a rack and kickstand and definitely a set of lights. This would be a top contender for commuting and weekend fun, one that should stand up to more rigorous rides, I really appreciate the solid two year warranty offered by CUBE and Bosch.


  • One of the most affordable Bosch powered electric bikes I’ve reviewed for 2015, the motor size is a bit smaller due to European specs ~250 watt
  • Available in a full range of sizes including 15, 17, 18, 21 and 23 so you can really dial in fit and achieve good ergonomics
  • Extremely versatile offering, you get efficiency and stability from the 29er wheels and since it’s a hardtail you could easily add a rack on the back (there are bosses built in for attaching racks)
  • Quick release wheelset (front and rear) makes tuneups and trail maintenance much faster, no tools required (weight savings)
  • Remote lockout on the suspension fork, handy for off-road trail riding when transitioning from hard pack to bumpy terrain
  • Mid-grade hydraulic disc brakes front and rear require less hand strength to activate
  • Removable display panel, battery pack and quick release on front wheel for more compact storage, lighter transport and maintenance and easier charging
  • Great torque output, this bike can climb very well in Turbo mode when you’re pedaling along, try the higher cadence settings for very steep terrain
  • Battery pack locks to the frame for security and uses a quality ABUS core with in-cut routed key, the pack can be charged on or off the frame for convenience or to reduce weight if you’d like to ride unpowered, the pack also includes an LED charge level indicator
  • Intuitive display panel is large, easy to read and removable – the stand alone button pad is easy to reach without taking your hand off the left grip and “clicks” when pressed for tactile feedback (you don’t have to look down when riding)
  • Good weight distribution (motor and battery centered and low on the frame), improved balance and handling for off-road riding
  • I like that they mounted the suspension fork lockout on the right vs. the left, it stays out of the way for using the Intuvia button pad this way and also doesn’t seem to interfere with shifting


  • Smaller 15 tooth chainring is great for climbing but limits cadence range when riding at higher speeds, most Bosch systems I’ve tested have 18 tooth sprockets
  • Limited availability in Canada and the US for 2015, we should see more in 2016 and possibly the chainring thing will be addressed, only one frame type (high step) and color choice (black with gray and red accents)
  • The battery pack takes up the space where a water bottle cage might otherwise mount and there isn’t one on the seat tube due to the rear suspension setup, consider and aftermarket accessory for the saddle rails or grab a CamelBak
  • No throttle mode, this bike only offers pedal assist (like all Bosch powered systems) but will get a better range than if it did
  • More of the cables are mounted externally on this frame vs. being internally routed, this isn’t as clean and may increase potential for snags compared with some more expensive designs
  • The kickstand doesn’t come stock but you can order one separately and there is a mounting point on the left chain stay, if you set this up for commuting a kickstand would be nice to have
  • Walk mode seems to be disabled for some geographies, I tested the bike in Canada and couldn’t get it to work


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Comments (15) YouTube Comments

8 years ago

Thanks for review. I’m thinking of buying this bike to use as a commuter to work and was wondering what other bikes with the Bosch motor should I think about. Also what size sprocket would you recommend for a bike like this that is only used as a commuter on asphalt and light trails.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Hi Sam! I think this would make an excellent commuter because it has the rear rack bosses and is a hardtail. You’ll get efficient rolling from the larger 29″ wheels but comfort from the knobby tires and suspension. I like the Bosch Centerdrive motor and feel that the nine speed drivetrain is plenty of gears. I can’t comment on a preference for a specific size sprocket as the wheel size also comes into play and the motor type… I think you’d get a good balance with this bike but if you wanted to consider another Bosch powered electric bike that is similar I recommend the Haibike XDURO 29.

8 years ago

I am in my 50’s and bought this bike with the 500ah battery and 17 inch frame having been impressed on taking one for a test ride. The aim of the purchase was to improve fitness and have some fun. The bike is a joy to ride and the range provided by the battery is very impressive. I have tried all assistance levels but have found that in practical use the Eco setting is used predominantly and occasionally the Tour setting for steeper inclines. In my opinion this will make an ideal commuter bike as I am riding the bike daily and I can comfortably manage a 12-14 mile journey in an hour and I can confirm that the battery charges up to the 80% level very quickly. I live in the UK and have the 15 tooth sprocket and I have no issues with it. If it is possible you should take one for a test ride. Hope this helps.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Wonderful feedback Dave! Thank you so much for sharing your experience on the CUBE electric bike. It sounds like you’re doing well with it and enjoying yourself :)

8 years ago

I am purchasing one of these this morning and cannot wait to give it a go, thanks for the reviews I am massively excited and plan Manchester to London along the canals in the next few weeks. I will post comment on my opinion of this bike on return.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Awesome! Sounds like a great adventure… yeah I like the CUBE bikes, was impressed with the quality components and reasonable prices. Have fun, look forward to reading your updates someday :D

Alan Riley
8 years ago

I own a 2015 haibike xduro 27.5 with nyon and absolutely love it, because I live in two countries I knew I would miss my bike, so when back in the uk I bought a cube reaction ebike 2015, although not as good as the haibike, for the money this bike was a real bargain. I did a 40 mile ride on it over the Lancashire hills with no problems at all. It really is a well made, solid, quality bike and in my opinion is the best value Bosch bike.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Awesome, great to hear your perspective Alan! I’m wondering what the main differences between your Haibike are like what you prefer or rank higher with it vs. the CUBE? I like the Haibike designs a lot personally… the colors and just how they are setup. Pretty sweet setup getting to ride two continents :D

[email protected]
8 years ago

Four days in 80+ miles and am COMPLETELY SOLD. The best thing I have done in years, just loving it. Yesterday I mullered the only hill near me that I hadn’t managed before, been on an off rd route that’s way to much for my skill ( or want ) with my pal whom loves it, and I just smashed it, I mean it was like nothing. Of course I broke into a sweat, it sure ain’t cheating, but I just rode over and through all obstacles like they were nothing.

Alan riley
8 years ago

The haibike (mine) has rear suspension which I find easier on the behind on rough surfaces, it seems to have a little more torque, an expert may be able to explain why I think this, the cube has a stand which makes it easier to lean with less scratches. The haibike is prettier n design and colour scheme.

All in all as mentioned the haibike is a superior bike, but the cube is better value and if you have never ridden a haibike you would be more than happy with a cube.

Court Rye
8 years ago

Cool, I believe the Cube models use a 250 watt programmed Bosch Centerdrive vs. the Haibikes which go for 350 or may have the new CX with higher torque (at least in the US). This may explain why it felt more powerful to you. Thanks for the response :)

8 years ago

I purchased mine in march 2016 I have only ever had cubes because well I just love them. I’m 400 miles in and I love it, and it actually has improved my fitness because I can stay in my zones. Highly recommend the 500 battery keep the chain clean after every two rides the chain is off (added a quick link) decreased cleaned and blown dry then front sprocket cleaned rear gears off and decreased all assembled back together and I have had no wear on the chain. Just a top tip lol.

Court Rye
8 years ago

That’s an awesome tip David! So you added a quick-disconnect link in your chain and you actually take it off then rinse and dry the sprockets and submerge the chain or something? How do you clean the chain… feel free to link to any parts and cleaning supplies you use like the link or the chain lubes etc. definitely interested in your methodology :D

8 years ago

Hi so the quick link like this one I remove the chain and place it in a bowl it’s actually an old dandwich box, I poor in some gunk degreaser and just gently brush it until you can see its clean, then get the air line and give it a quick blast, then u use a tiny amount of deagreaser on the front sprocket and use a rag and cotton buds to clean and then dry, no air line as this could foreshadow deagreaser through the seals.

Then back wheel off release the nut that holds the gears on (you need a shimano or equivalent) in the degreaser (remember order of the spacers between gears) until clean and shiny, quick blow dry with the airline. I then clean the hub and the spokes you can’t normally reach, it’s also at this point if required I will clean the bike with some soap and water I just use normal hand soap and warm water and a micro fibre cloth. Then a gentle hose down and towel dry. I then use this on the frame an wheels this stuff is the holy grail an the secret to keeping your bike looking new, I apply with a cloth and it’s also carbon friendly. Then re assemble drive chain and lube. I only use muc of wet or dry lube depending on the season. Now seems allot of work but for me this is as enjoyable as riding, but it’s just a habit I have had for years, on all my bikes. They all look as new seriously new and save me money because things don’t rust or wear ;)

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