Daymak New Yorker Review

Daymak New Yorker Electric Bike Review
Daymak New Yorker
Daymak New Yorker 250 Watt Internally Geared Hub Motor
Daymak New Yorker Lcd Display Twist Throttle Ergonomic Grips
Daymak New Yorker 20 Inch Kenda Tires Shimano Tourney Tx Derailleur
Daymak New Yorker Rear Carry Rack And Light
Daymak New Yorker 160 Mm Front Disc Brake
Daymak New Yorker Independent Led Headlight
Daymak New Yorker Electric Bike Review
Daymak New Yorker
Daymak New Yorker 250 Watt Internally Geared Hub Motor
Daymak New Yorker Lcd Display Twist Throttle Ergonomic Grips
Daymak New Yorker 20 Inch Kenda Tires Shimano Tourney Tx Derailleur
Daymak New Yorker Rear Carry Rack And Light
Daymak New Yorker 160 Mm Front Disc Brake
Daymak New Yorker Independent Led Headlight


  • A light weight, compact, folding electric bike available in one size but adjustable with seat and handlebar height
  • The battery is completely concealed and protected in the downtube, the motor is relatively small and quiet
  • You get full length fenders, a rear carry rack, ergonomic grips and LED lights front and rear but they are not powered by the main battery which isn't quite as convenient or efficient
  • Shipping is expensive at $200+ but Daymak has a lot of stores in Canada and a few in the US so you could save by purchasing locally, the warranty isn't quite as impressive as many competitors with six months on the components and battery (1 year on frame and motor)

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New Yorker



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Commuting, Travel

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
Learn more about Ebike classes


1 Year Frame and Motor, 6 Month Components and Battery


Canada, United States, Worldwide

Model Year:




Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

37 lbs (16.78 kg)

Battery Weight:

3.6 lbs (1.63 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Types:

Mid-Step, Folding

Frame Colors:

Sparking Metallic Black, White

Frame Fork Details:

Rigid, Aluminum Alloy

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses

Gearing Details:

7 Speed 1x7, Shimano Tourney TX

Shifter Details:

Shimano SIS Index


Folding Aluminum and Plastic Platform


Telescoping Height and Quick Release Fold



Brake Details:

Front Mechanical Disc with 160 mm Rotor, Rear V-Brake, Wuxing Levers with Motor Inhibitor


Ergonomic Rubber


Vader, Active Firm

Tire Brand:

Kenda, 20" x 1.75"

Wheel Sizes:

20 in (50.8cm)

Tube Details:

Schrader Valve


Front and Rear LED Lights (Run on Separate Batteries), Full Length Plastic Fenders with Rubber Mudflaps, Rear Carry Rack (25 kg Max Weight), Derailleur Guard, Single Side Spring Loaded Kickstand, Plastic Chain Guide, Flick Bell


Locking Removable Battery Pack, Quick Release Seat Tube, Quick Release Front Wheel, Metal Bar Below Bottom Bracket Stabilizes the Bike When Folded and Protects the Front Chainring

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

9 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

324 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

15 miles (24 km)

Estimated Max Range:

25 miles (40 km)

Display Type:

Fixed Backlit Monochrome LCD


Speed, Current, Assist (0-5), Odometer, Battery Charge Level

Display Accessories:

Throttle On/ Off Button

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Twist Throttle (12 Magnet Sensor Disc)

Top Speed:

15 mph (24 kph)

Written Review

The New Yorker is Daymak’s smallest and lightest weight folding electric bike. It’s the perfect size for closets or corners in apartments or a cabinet on a boat or motorhome. In addition to folding in half along the downtube, the stem also telescopes down and folds at an angle. The pedals fold in and the front wheel comes off quickly and easily (tool free) using a standard quick release mechanism. While the frame used for the New York is not especially unique in the electric bike space (I’ve reviewed several electric bikes that use a similar if not the exact same frame) but what you get is an affordable price, widespread dealer outlets (at least in Canada) and some nice accessories. There’s a basic flick bell, rubberized ergonomic grips, plastic fenders, a rear carry rack and two lights! The lights are kind of basic and require their own battery cells to operate (so make sure you shut them off at the end of your ride) but they definitely improve the safety aspect and could be life savers if you’re riding in unfamiliar territory or riding past when it gets dark. My overall take is that this folding e-bike is average… the warranty is only six months for the battery and components while the motor and frame get a year and the motor is only 250 watts while many newer ebikes are at least 350. It gets the job done and offers five levels of pedal assist with a very responsive 12 magnet cadence sensor and you’ve also got a twist throttle (that can be shut off completely or used to override assist) and the display is nice. For me it comes down to availability because shipping can range from $200 to $400 depending on whether you’re inside Canada, the US or another country. Daymak does ship globally, though I’m not sure that extends to every country, and they’ve been selling electric bicycles since the mid 2000’s.

Driving the New Yorker is a modest 250 watt motor, this is the standard legal size in the UK so it definitely works and is nothing to scoff at… but might not impress on steeper hills or for larger riders. The rating alone however is only half the story, because it’s a geared hub motor you get more torque for the rating and because it’s built into a smaller 20″ wheel you get improved leverage. This mechanical advantage translates to slower speeds but more power. The official top speed is ~15.5 mph but during my ride tests it passed 17 (note that I only weigh ~135 pounds). The motor is fairly quiet and has been painted black to blend in with the seven speed cassette and black spokes. Note that seven pedaling gears is pretty good for a folding ebike… it’s enough to climb or reach the 20 mph mark. The front chainring is extra large to help offset the smaller wheels and provides a comfortable cadence. The derailleur is an entry level Shimano Tourney TX but should hold up if you keep it clean and lubricated. To help protect the chain, cogset and derailleur there’s a metal bash guard mounted near the rear right dropout.

Powering the Daymak New Yorker is a Lithium-ion battery pack offering an average 36 volts and 9 amp hours of capacity. I see a lot of 250 watt motors being powered by 24 volt batteries so the upgraded 36 here contributes to increased power and speed. The pack itself is completely enclosed in the downtube of the bike and can only be removed by folding it. You can take the batter out to reduce the weight of the bike but it’s already less than 40 lbs which is great for an electric bike and the pack is very small, only weighing ~4.5 lbs. To extend the life of this thing I recommend storing it in a cool, dry location. Avoid extreme heat and freezing cold and if you know you’re not going to be using it for several months, I’ve been told by shops that 50% capacity is the best place to leave it… so you’re not stressing the cells at the high or low ends. Again, you’ve got a six month warranty here and Daymak does sell replacement parts and work with customers to achieve high levels of satisfaction so you should be good if you’re thoughtful about how you use it.

Operating the New Yorker is pretty intuitive but you do get some extra readouts on the backlit LCD display which is nice. The standard items are battery charge level and speed but this one also shows your assist level and odometer which can be fun for adventures (to see how far you went). I’ve seen this particular display before and it can be difficult to read when viewed head-on. Tip it forward and view at a bit of an angle for improved contrast. To activate it you press a rubberized power button and then use an up and down arrow to go from flashing 1 assist (basically no assist) up through five levels of power output. The more power you get, the faster you’ll drain your battery but you’ll also climb easier and go faster. The display is on the left side and is fairly reachable while holding the grip. On the right side is your twist throttle and a big red button. This button activates and de-activates the throttle. I love this feature because it reduces accidents when loading and mounting the bike. On more than one occasion I’ve been repositioning an ebike and had it spin out and do a wheelie because I bumped the throttle. When you do want to use it however, the throttle adds extra power and can override assist which is brilliant.

The Daymak New Yorker isn’t perfect and the price is about on target but not especially great if you have to add shipping. I’m only being critical here because there are near-exact clones of this thing available from other companies at a similar or lesser cost with better warranties and free shipping. I’m talking about the e-Joe Epik Lite for ~$100 less or the Epik SE or EZ Pedaler X350 which have a suspension fork for improved comfort and only costs ~$100 to ~$200 more respectively. For $200 more you could get the Enzo eBike which has tough magnesium wheels, rust proof titanium hardware and an integrated light. All of these models have 350 watt motors vs. 250 and many have name brand 8Fun motors and Samsung batteries with 1+ year warranties. Still, if I were in a retail outlet that carried the New Yorker and the shop fit the bike and offered some tuneups… it would do a solid job, I have no major complaints. You get two colors to choose from with this bike (black and white) and I liked the sparkly metallic paint that Daymak uses for many of their models because it’s more visible while remaining professional demo bike.


  • Great utility and safety with the rear mounted carry rack, full length fenders and LED lights
  • I’m a fan of this folding ebike frame style because it protect the battery and also hides it from view, it operates relatively quietly and the motor is also small so fellow pedestrians might not even know it’s electric
  • Available in two different colors (white and black), the sparkly metallic paint is cool without being tacky, Daymak uses the same colors on many of their bikes
  • Fairly adjustable with seat height and handlebar height along with a quick release front wheel for transporting or doing wheel maintenance, the ergonomic grips are soft and feel good
  • Even though the motor is a bit less powerful than some full sized ebikes, the smaller rear wheel gives it a mechanical advantage… also, the larger chainring creates a comfortable pedaling cadence
  • The New Yorker uses a 12 magnet cadence sensor which responds more quickly to pedaling starts and stops, the brake levers also have an integrated motor inhibitor
  • To make this bike even more compact when folded, it has folding pedals and they used the upgraded half metal half plastic versions that are stiffer and tougher than all plastic
  • The rear rack lets you carry extra gear, a lock or water (since there’s no bottle cage on this bike) I like that it uses standard sized tubing and has the spring latch built in


  • The lights run off of their own separate batteries, I prefer systems that tie everything into the main rechargeable battery pack because it reduces waste (compared with disposable cells)
  • The motor power here at 250 watts is a bit modest compared with some other very similar folding ebikes, that’s great for efficiency and reduced weight but won’t climb as well or travel as quickly
  • Shipping for this ebike in Canada is ~$200 and ~$300+ for the US, they have a bunch of resellers in Canada and a handful in the US so this could be a way to save money, try to find it in person
  • The saddle is a bit more firm and designed for active riding… this works alright on smooth paved surfaces but there isn’t any suspension on this ebike so it can become uncomfortable depending on terrain
  • The viewing angle on the LCD panel can be limited, If you look at it straight on at a 90 degree angle it appears faded… I’ve had better look viewing it tipped forward
  • No integrated bottle cage bosses here, consider a trunk bag like this with a bottle holder


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