Dillenger 750W Gearless Electric Bike Kit Review

Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Review 1
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Unboxing
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit 48 Volt 10 Ah Battery
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Lcd Display Panel
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Installed Motor
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit 26 Wheel Preinstalled
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Battery Handle Reflector
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Cassette Installed
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Double Walled Rim
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Frame Bag For Controller
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Hub Motor
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Power Cable
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Installing Rear Rack
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Battery Charger
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Review 1
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Unboxing
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit 48 Volt 10 Ah Battery
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Lcd Display Panel
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Installed Motor
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit 26 Wheel Preinstalled
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Battery Handle Reflector
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Cassette Installed
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Double Walled Rim
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Frame Bag For Controller
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Hub Motor
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Power Cable
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Installing Rear Rack
Dillenger 750w Gearless Electric Bike Kit Battery Charger


  • A powerful electric bike kit designed to replace your existing rear wheel (works with 24", 26" and ~28" wheels)
  • Offers throttle mode and five levels of pedal assist, locking removable battery, great wire management
  • Rear heavy design adding ~25 lbs back and fairly high up, the battery mount rattles and flexes with quick turns, installation is more difficult than a front wheel and requires uncommon tools

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750W Gearless Electric Bike Kit


$999 USD

Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Urban

Electric Bike Class:

Throttle on Demand (Class 2)
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1 Year Comprehensive


United States (250 Watt for UK, Australia, EU)

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

25 lbs (11.33 kg)

Battery Weight:

10 lbs (4.53 kg)

Motor Weight:

12 lbs (5.44 kg)

Brake Details:

Wuxing Levers with Motor Inhibitor (Optional $29 Upgrade for Hydraulic Levers)


Double Wall, Eyelet


13 Gauge Stainless Steel

Wheel Sizes:

24 in (60.96cm)26 in (66.04cm)28 in (71.12cm)


Wire Organizer Wrap, Cable Mount Bracket, Zip Ties, Two Keys, SANS 36V 2A Smart Charger with Balancing (Weighs 1.5 lbs), Optional Hydraulic Disc Brake Levers, Rear Rack with Support Struts and Pannier Blockers, Small Frame Bag for Controller


Locking Removable Battery Pack, Color Coded Water Resistant Wires

Electronic Details

Motor Type:

Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

750 watts

Motor Peak Output:

1200 watts

Battery Brand:

Headway 18650 Cells, 2200 mAh

Battery Voltage:

48 volts (54 Volt Peak)

Battery Amp Hours:

10 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

480 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Manganese Cobalt

Charge Time:

5.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

24 miles (39 km)

Estimated Max Range:

45 miles (72 km)

Display Type:

Fixed J-LCD by King Meter


Speed, Odometer, Battery Capacity, Assist Level (1-5)

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad

Drive Mode:

Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Twist Throttle (Optional Thumb Throttle)

Top Speed:

28 mph (45 kph) (20 mph Default Limit)

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Written Review

Dillenger is an Australian company that has been assembling and selling electric bike kits since late 2007. Their products are value priced and use industry standard parts like 8Fun / Bafang motors but feel a cut above cheaper options because of the excellent packaging, solid year-long warranty and little extras like wire management brackets and brake levers with integrated motor inhibitors.

The 750+ watt kit seen here is going to deliver more power than some of their other kits which is useful for transporting large loads or navigating hilly terrain. The ~$1k price point is great in my opinion but the installation work may require more time and energy along with a couple of extra bike-specific tools that you might not already own. As long as your bike uses 24″, 26″ or 700c ~28″ sized wheels, has a freewheel cogset that can be transferred to the threaded hub on the Dillenger wheel and there’s room somewhere on your frame to mount the small triangular frame bag (for holding the controller and excess wires) you should be good! To be frank, this is not my favorite kit because it makes for a rear-heavy and somewhat top-heavy platform that rattles and feels flexy. There are definitely great applications for a kit like this and I feel Dillenger has done a solid job piecing this one together but there are some big trade offs to consider.

The motor included with this kit comes pre-laced into the wheel size of your choice using sturdy 13 gauge stainless steel spokes. The rim is also very sturdy, using a double walled design. Being gearless, this motor is a bit heavier but should be more durable than a geared design because there are no moving parts inside. One downside of direct drive hub motors like this is that they experience cogging drag which happens when the large heavy magnets inside repel against the electromagnetic stater while coasting. There’s no regenerative braking or “regen mode” built into this kit to capture back some of that lost cogging momentum but this keeps the control system simple and cheap. the rear axle is extra long and feels very sturdy but barely fit in the rear dropouts of my test bike. Once the motor was on the bike and being powered it felt strong but did produce some zinging noises (especially at low speed). The axle does not come with quick release systems so once this is on (and your sprockets are all installed and the cable is connected) it’s not going to be as easy to fix flats or transfer back to your original wheel… You will also have to transfer back your tube and tire if you decide to remove the kit at some point.

The battery pack powering the kit is a generic looking aluminum encased rectangle that slides onto a rear rack. It offers 48 volts of power which is above average and 10 amp hours of capacity which helps the larger motor reach its full power potential. I love that it’s removable and appreciate the integrated plastic handle and the clean black aesthetic but there aren’t any LED charge level indicators built in and you have to leave the keys in while riding which can produce some noise and be more vulnerable to bending and breaking if you try to add packs. I found out after installing the kit and doing the review that there are rubber pads included to help reduce the rattling noise produced as the battery slaps the rack mounting point as you ride over rough terrain so keep those in mind… All in all, the battery is fine and even the rack is acceptable (though somewhat flexy and limited for use with bags) but I did not like how close the cable mount came to the rack mount, I almost had to bend the plastic to get it to fit into the battery and the wires inside seemed more exposed and just cheaper than I’ve seen on other Dillenger kits.

Operating the kit is fairly intuitive. First you insert the key into the battery and turn it all the way to the right for “on” and then hold the “Set” button on the control interface for a couple of seconds. The backlit LCD display comes to life and lists your standard speed, battery level, odometer, trip meter and time data. From here you can arrow up or down to choose from one of five levels of pedal assist. There is also a zero level which is basically “throttle only mode” and at any time the throttle can override assist. I love this interaction because I like to use throttle mode when starting from rest to help avoid straining my knees. The kit uses a 12 magnet pedelec disc which is responsive but still requires some pedal movement and that could prove difficult if you’re starting in a higher gear. The included mechanical brake levers do include motor inhibitors and these are useful for immediately stopping the motor but again, the pedal assist sensor is quite responsive. Installing the pedelec ring is very easy with this kit because you don’t have to remove the bottom bracket, the disc comes in two halves and clips around the left part of the crank spindle. All in all, it’s a good setup and one that I’ve become fond of while testing other Dillenger kits, the one big complaint is that the display panel mount can sometimes collide with the curves of your handle bars.

In conclusion… while it was fun to ride, I found that this kit was tricky and time consuming to install, probably wouldn’t work well with a trunk bag or panniers (despite the extra rails they include) and rattled a lot (but again, that was likely my fault for not installing all of the rubber pads correctly). Having used mid-frame batteries with fancy LED charge level readouts and integrated USB chargers this type of pack feels antiquated now and that may be why it’s priced so low despite offering a sizable capacity. The 750W Gearless Kit does offer power but you also hear the motor more than I would have expected. It is compatible with a lot of different bikes but it will always be rear heavy and more prone to impact handling or tip as a result. The packaging and customer support are good but there may be superior products to consider. If I were to buy this kit I think I’d stick to smooth, paved roads and avoid lots of quick turns. I would also use a bicycle platform that I didn’t intend to switch back to non-electric frequently because there’s a lot of work involved with taking the rear wheel off. For a larger rider who is looking for more power or possibly someone who wants to reach greater distances this could be a decent choice and one that’s available in multiple global regions.


  • Fairly affordable at just under $1,000 considering the powerful motor and large battery pack
  • The four signal-input connector cables are color coded so you know which ones to connect! This includes the two brake levers (Red), the twist throttle (Yellow) and the LCD display (Green) in the front
  • A unique plastic bracket is included that allows the front wires to connect to your frame (it resembles a reflector mount) and this keeps wires out of the way while riding, the kit also includes a plastic wrap for gathering cables and a hand full of zip ties
  • The battery pack locks to the rear rack for security and is removable for easier transport and charging
  • Comes standard with twist throttle and a five-level pedal assist function which will extend your range, it felt very natural and responsive with a 12 magnet disc
  • Available in three standard sized double walled rims including 24″, 26″ and 700c ~28″ with sturdy 13G stainless steel spokes (tube and tire not included)
  • Solid one year comprehensive warranty, Dillenger has been doing business in Australia since ~2007 and is now a global brand with a good website and solid customer support


  • Because this is a kit, there are extra wires to run along the frame which creates clutter… this one also requires a frame bag to store the controller and that may block your bottle cage or not fit if you have a step-thru bicycle
  • You may have to buy a special freewheel remover tool to remove and transfer your cog set as well as a chain whip to reinstall it because the Dillenger axle is so wide (our tool would not fit due to the length and width of the axle), this could delay the install or cost extra mone… consider getting help from your local shop if they don’t charge too much
  • Despite the sturdy clamp and two supporting arms for the rear rack, it can flex side to side in a sort of “crack the whip” feel and creates a lot of noise while riding because the plate comes into contact with the battery pack
  • I love that the rack includes pannier blockers but the top rails are almost completely blocked by the battery box which means it may be difficult to actually put a bag on, there are also no mounting points on top of the battery box
  • The power port at the back end of the battery (where it connects to the controller) is very close to the rack tubing which actually requires the plug to bend and scrape the rack a bit
  • Unlike the other Dillenger kit with the mid-mounted battery, this one does not include a USB charging port or an LED power level indicator
  • The rear-rack battery design positions weight high up and makes the bike rear-heavy, especially with the larger motor also being positioned in the rear
  • The key must be left in and turned to the “on” position while riding, this means it could jingle around or get bent more easily if you try to put a bag or panniers on the rack, the key head does not bend down like some others I’ve seen which would reduce the potential for unwanted contact
  • This is not the quietest gearless motor I’ve tested, especially when starting from rest as there is a noticeable hum, it also suffers from a bit of drag due to cogging (as with other direct drive motors)
  • The LCD display unit is a bit small and was difficult to mount on our test bike because the edge of the unit collided with the curved handle bars
  • The stock brake levers will only work with mechanical brakes, Dillenger will replace them with hydraulic levers for an upgrade fee of $29 which would be worth doing to get the motor inhibitors in my opinion, alternatively you could simply forego this feature (not sure if the kit will work without plugging in the brake levers?)
  • Does not include a tube or tire like some kits, this means you’ll have to do extra work setting it up and that if you want to switch back to your old wheel temporarily you’ll have to move the tire again
  • There doesn’t seem to be a throttle only mode or a zero mode for riding the bike with the display on but not having any drive systems active, basically you are always in some level of pedal assist and the throttle can be used at any time


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3 years ago

Yep, cracked my ankle on that battery at least 3 times. The feeling never improves. I bought the front wheel kit. It comes with one torque arm. It should have come with 2 because I was able to spin the axle and destroy the fork. Thankfully, I noticed it before the wheel came off. Other than THAT, it was great fun, but I’m thru with kits. I plan to buy an ebike.

3 years ago

Hey Dusty! Wow… glad you didn’t crash hard with that wheel issue. I like tinkering and appreciate kits but given the higher power rating here (and the rear battery pack design) there’s definitely room for improvement on durability and ergonomics (or at least mounting). Do you know which bike you want or have any ideas? We’re almost into 2016 so a bunch of new models are on the way :D

Christopher Harker
2 years ago

One pro you didn’t mention is that the bike does not look obviously like an electric bike. I am 76 and get great satisfaction whizzing past roadies on steep hills; apparently under my own steam. Increases the fun aspect of cycling.

2 years ago

I bought a Dillenger Hunter Hub 2016, in summary, the ‘bulletproof’ hub motor broke after about 200 miles of gentle use not offroad. Dillenger took 2 months to diagnose the problem, then offered to deliver after a further 2 months or deliver faster for 150gbp. The bike is under warranty only 3 months old. The marketing proudly pronounces this bike is based on their popular and proven tried and tested kit, using exactly the same motor. However Dillenger say they cannot send a motor from the UK (where I’m based) from one of their kits which are in stock. So overall 4 months to send another ‘bulletproof’ replacement motor or pay alot of money. Sent tens of emails to sort it out, and had to take the bike apart for their diagnosis, in total messing about probably over a week’s work.

2 years ago

Ouch, I’m sorry to hear about all the hassle you’ve gone through Drummond. Thanks for sharing here… and waiting to do so until you tried working with them a bit to find a solution. I hope that your problem is resolved soon and that they are able to avoid this type of situation with other customers in the future :/


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5 months ago

That battery is too rear top heavy. The axle is good for Bob trailers and others so long axle ain't so bad. The controller needs to be out of the bag to cool it down. I've not had problems with water in mine yet. Definitely not off road. Daily commute ok. My hub motor has done over 2000 miles. Cross fingers.

Ray Murph
11 months ago

This guy makes some great videos very informational very easy to follow great job you are doing.

Brian Trend
2 years ago

with magnets and a dead battery u may feel drag and with the heavier motor and batteries I want to wait until they invent lighter gear but that may take a few years???. we never think too much about motorcycle weight as we do about bicycles but dam if youre a cycle tourist weight can make or break you. ive travelled half way around the world touring and twice across Europe on my specialized tri cross but now I have a medium spaniel dog 20 kgs and his doggie hut trailer 15kgs and 20/25 kgs gear so it all adds up and the hills are the problem as ive have developed foot pain problem (planta fascia)  and don't want to hold up traffic on a steep narrow road with no pavement and impatient motorists giving u the finger! ha ha!. Where I live there are no pavements in many places to ride on and with high hedges on each side of the farm country lanes. and to make it worse the cops fine you in UK if you have more than 250watts Ebike ive heard? if the cop has balls he will tow me an my dawg up the fuckin hill homes! It will cost about 7 million tto put in pavements on these 500 year old country roads out of town. the UK is 150 years behind Holland an Belgium in looking after its growing cyclists. if you don't supply cycle paths then get lots of patience or allow an increase the Ebike wattage .

Brian Trend
2 years ago


Brian Trend
2 years ago

dude your wrack will allow you another inch of drop adjustment on the diagonal adjusting stay supports then push the battery box forward tucked right behind the seat post and cradle the end in packaging dark flex foam to the seat post snug fit. This will stop the rattle and wobble and make it easy to pick your leg up and over. Its obviously hanging way out and wrongly placed at the moment cause the shaking and rattle .you can join your Ortlieb German type pannier bags like saddle backs at the top over the battery and let them hang each side. To form a cooling space above for the battery use a 1 inch hole x 12 inch plastic electrical wire (white plastic wall skirting)cover with the hole going through for the air(cut to length of battery box) or just cut 3 or 4 short plastic pipe tubes inside for air to pass beneath the panniers and keep battery cool. problem solved . flat rubber bungie straps will also dampen the noise. Full Ortliebs will dampen the rattle noise instantly.

2 years ago

Please review the BBSHD 1000w.

2 years ago

Are the dillinger kits waterproof? I have a 1000W (back rack battery) dillinger kit conversion - can I ride it in the rain or must I come up with something to protect it? Thanks

Gavin R
2 years ago

Siddharth Sahu these kits if fitted correctly will be water proof heavy down pours snow just don't dip your bike in a lake (:

2 years ago

For the love of God use BLACK zip ties on a BLACK bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a little OCDness

G Henrickson
1 year ago

I like pink ties on my brown bike. Is that OK?

2 years ago

I feel you...

Fancy a Bev Mate?
2 years ago

court that rattling would Really annoy the hell out of me! which is a crying shame as that rear hub looks sweet over most other designs

Fancy a Bev Mate?
2 years ago

these bike shop guys are pretty cool doing the assembly court, the guy with the van (not sure what you call those big white vehicles in the states :)) that built your other bike was cool to watch too

2 years ago

My older bike gots some drag. Can't find the source probably so old the bearings are worn. I guess. Friction gremlin. The second you stop pedaling it starts slowing down. Now we got magnetic resistance??!!! NO thanks. If the battery ever died I'd be done for. Plus the wheely thing, too old for that. But MAN does it go !!!!! This is more of a car replacement to get to work. Provided of course you work fairly close and don't need to get on the free way. You won't be late that's for sure. But in the end, rear wheel enough said.

Jessica Krone
2 years ago

The guy that does Electric bike solutions actually used a strap and wraps it around the battery so it doesn't make that noise.

2 years ago

What is the nominal and peak torque for this kit?

2 years ago

Will this kit work on a full suspension 29er? The supports for the rear rack look like it will interfere with the rear suspension.

3 years ago

I wish you would stop saying twist throttles are no good for off road its simply not true ask anyone that does MotoX

Anthony Kamau
3 years ago

Can you install both front and rear motors on the same bike?

Anton Nym
3 years ago

It would be KILLER to have this rear-wheel kit AND a front-wheel kit installed on the same bike.  You could have a throttle on left and right of the handle bar and select front, rear, or both, as they case may require. :D

Mestari J
3 years ago

Why you can't buy a camera harness, so you wouldn't have to keep your camera in you hand?

Orion Xavier
3 years ago

I have the Dillenger 1000W (front wheel) kit. I put it on a Trek 7.2 FX without any major issues. I had to file the dropouts slightly and use extreme force to get the wheel to fit, however. I'm glad I didn't go with less power because this is exactly what I need as a 260 lb. rider, going uphill, against strong wind. The front wheel motor offsets the weight too of the battery in the back, instead of all the weight in the back (plus the weight of the cyclist).

I use Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires with the thick rubber compound to eliminate flats, and all that extra rubber also adds a lot of cushioning. Which helps considering how much extra weight is added to the bike.

3 years ago

Dude what kind of filming technique is this? No offense but this is really bad, all that motion makes me sick. Maybe you should get a camera tripod or try to use a more steady way of filming. Just saying.

3 years ago

Did you investigate purchasing a 48 V 20 AH 1000 W Lithium Ion battery with built in BMS from Ali Express? They had lots of sellers with prices around $400, including shipping from China to USA.

3 years ago

+terryjones12 No, I haven't used Ali Express, what are your thoughts? Do they basically ship stuff from China and is it like a low quantity version of Alibaba?