2014 Easy Motion Neo 29er Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



Neo 29er


Class 2


Front Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



316.8 Wh

316.8 Wh

48 lbs / 21.79 kgs


FSA Integrated


Emotion Cross Alloy

Ergonomic with Lockers


Emotion Performance

Aluminum Alloy Anti-Slip Platform

Hydraulic Disc

Tektro Auriga E-Comp Hydraulic Disc with 160 mm Rotors


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The Neo 29er is a well rounded hardtail electric mountain bike that’s well balanced, feature rich and easy on the eyes. Easy Motion offers a wide range of trail ready ebikes ranging from the Neo Xtrem with standard 26″ wheels to the Neo 650B with 27.5″ wheels and ultimately the Neo 29er is similar to these models in terms of drive system. To me this is a good thing because it means the motor has been scrutinized and the batteries are actually cross-bike compatible which makes replacements easier to come by. While it only comes in one size, Medium, this bike is slightly higher than the others due to its larger wheel diameter.

The motor on the Neo 29er delivers 350 watts of power through a planetary geared design that keeps it small, light weight and torquey. There’s enough room on the rear cassette for 10 gears and with three rings on the front crank, you get 30 speeds to choose from here making it easy and fun to ride across varied terrain. Uniting these two systems (rider and motor) is a responsive torque sensing pedal assist program with four levels. It works exceedingly well for climbing which is a major draw for someone like me with sensitive knees. Ultimately, the motor is effective and relatively quiet without being too large or heavy.

Powering this system is a 36 volt 9 or 12 amp hour battery pack (depending on the year you’re looking at). 36 volts relates to the power of the pack and the amp hours designate capacity so with the 2014 12ah design you’ll be able to ride further. The cells use a Lithium-ion chemistry that’s light, durable and configured to spread weight across the frame while keeping it as low as possible. This is critical for a trail bike that may encounter precarious riding conditions or need to be jumped around a bit.

One of my favorite parts about this system is the LCD control panel. It matches the frame, has a backlit display for nighttime use, is easy to reach with your thumb when riding and is removable for safe storage when parked. It shows your speed, distance, pedal assist level and remaining battery capacity. To use it you press the middle power button for a few seconds then use the up and down buttons to select a power mode. When you’re in the lowest level the bike operates with the twist throttle and with each incremental assist level it responds based on your pedaling and contributes a higher percentage of power which subsequently drains the battery faster ;)

Ultimately, the Neo 29er is a capable trail ready electric bike from a company with good warranty support and a great reputation. If you’re into the larger 29″ wheels then this is your choice but with only one frame size make sure it fits right before buying. In my experience as a 5’9″ individual at 130lbs it felt great and you can always swap out the stem or adjust the seat position and height to really dial it in. Easy Motion cares about the details and that’s evident in the matching paint, custom integrated battery and slim control panel.


  • Offers twist throttle and four modes of pedal assist for increased range
  • Pedal assist uses a torque sensor which is smooth and responsive
  • Integrated battery pack keeps weight low and distributed across the frame
  • Battery locks to frame with key for security, LCD computer can be removed easily to avoid tampering
  • LCD computer is backlit and water resistant, paint job matches frame
  • Oversized metal pedals feel great and offer good traction
  • 30 gears for excellent climbing ability or higher pedaling speeds around town
  • 29″ wheels are capable in off road environments and efficient on road if you use it for commuting (the lockout on the shock also helps here to decrease bob)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power and don’t fatigue hands as much as mechanical brakes
  • Braze on mounting points on fork and seat stays for fenders or a rack
  • LCD computer is powered by main battery pack, no need for separate batteries
  • Integrated wires look great and stay out of the way, great paint job, looks like a regular bike
  • Larger 12 amp hour battery pack will go further than other Easy Motion Neo bikes that offer just 9 amp hours
  • Trigger shifters are ideal for off road riding where gripping the handle bars takes priority vs. twist shifting gears
  • Excellent two year warranty covers frame and battery pack, upgrade to five years by registering online (will not include battery)


  • Only available in medium frame size, 19″ (490mm) make sure it fits you right
  • No mounting points for water bottle holders (battery is mounted on downtube)
  • No integrated fenders, lights or chain guard
  • Motor is 350 watt vs. larger 500 watt options but is geared for higher torque, weighs less and performs well in pedal assist mode
  • Battery must be completely removed for charging

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