1. M

    Derestricting Bosch Active Line Plus

    Good morning/afternoon to where ever in the world you are and I hope you and yours are well. Tin foil hat on and deep breath. A year in and thats it. Im done with being restricted. But there seems to be a lack of information on derestricting the ALP motor. From the brief research I have done it...
  2. D

    Chain, cassette, sprocket replace for 2019 FullSeven

    I have around 1100 miles on my 2019 FullSeven 9.0. I measured the chain with a digital caliper and it is time to replace. I ordered, sized and installed the new chain, and then found some pretty bad skipping. So, time to replace the cassette and chain ring also. Seems I was remiss in not...
  3. Saridi

    Export data from Bosch Kiox to Wahoo Element

    Is there a way to export live data from Kiox to Wahoo Element, specifically the power and cadence?
  4. M

    Please Give Us Access to E-bike Bosch Updates

    The following was sent to Bosch Customer Service USA. I'd be interested in knowing what your opinion is. Thanks in advance! Dear Bosch, Please give us a consumer version of the e-bike Bosch updates. Give consumers the option to learn how to use the software (firmware) to update our own...
  5. BruinMan

    **Sold** For Sale Bosch Kiox display only.

    Selling a Bosch Kiox display unit; no other hardware is included. This was on my eBike when purchased and is one month old, has 103 miles on it and never took off the plastic protective film. Like new and works great. Perfect if you need to replace a missing, damage or malfunctioning Kiox...
  6. P

    Best derestricting option for Bosch?

    Hello everybody, I want to derestrict my ebike with Bosch Performance Line CX. I am not sure which product would be the best for me. I am also worried because some people have bad experience with derestricting Bosch motors of 4th generation because of the anti-tuning detection and 504 error...
  7. M

    Kiox handle bar controls issue (I think)?

    Hi All, I have recently purchased an e-bike with Bosch CX (4th Gen) and Kiox control unit. During a ride today when i attempted to move from eMTB to Turbo for a steep climb, the unit went in to OFF setting (which narrowly missed me in the OFF position too), so my question is this, has anyone...
  8. N

    2021 Diamondback Current gravel bike (Bosch Performance Speed gen4 w/Kiox) First Assembly Notes

    So the bike came direct from Diamondback in record time, less than 48 hours after I pressed the order button on the website - which I found to be amazing - Amazon Prime doesn't even really have two day shipping up here! It was sent from an XPO logistics warehouse in Ohio to northern Michigan...
  9. N

    Hello From the Northern Mitten! Just ordered a Diamondback Current to add to the stable!

    👋 everyone! This is the bike I ordered if you are not familiar with how it looks: I've been e-biking for about as long as it's been really possible to do so I think, starting in the early 2000's once lithium first became a reality, so I could ride long and comfortably without concern for my...
  10. MishaUA

    Where can i buy the bosch speed sensor connector?

    Hello! I'm making my custom "speedbox" and i need the speed sensor connector (male and female). Can i buy that somewhere (ali, etc). Thanks))
  11. A

    Bosch Gen4 Perf Line CX stutters in Turbo after update - why? ('21Trek Rail 7)

    I purchased a 2021 Trek Rail 7 in Aug 2020 knowing that Bosch planned an update for the bike's Gen 4 Performance Line CX motor which increases torque from 75 to 85 nm. I had fun riding during August and September, then returned the bike for the software upgrade through the dealer only to find...
  12. P

    Haibike Xduro 29 inch Bosch ebike for sale derestricted

    Haibike Trekking Electric Bike ebike S pedalec 29 inch Bosch dong. Condition is "Used". Haibike xduro trekking large frame. (52cm) I’m 5 foot 10 inches. Perfect battery and motor only covered just over 1000 miles. Needs a service as gears need fine tuning in high range but can still useable in...
  13. S

    Wallmount for Bosch eBike Systems Battery Charger

    Hi Bosch eBike enthusiasts, In a previous post, I shared my eBike Charging Station 3d-print that allows to attach your battery charger to the wall, provides a neat solution for all its cables, and makes it practical to use in combination with a plug-in timer. However, on the #prusaprinters...
  14. Oski1997

    Does Bosch, Brose and Shimano plan on making their own branded eBikes

    I‘m new to the bicycle community. I’ve learned a couple of things (I think). The three biggest bicycle manufacturing companies (by revenue) are Giant, Trek and Merida. Giant not only makes the frames for themselves but also for Pinarello, Colnago and Canyon (to name a few). Trek manufactures...
  15. S

    Convert your Bosch battery charger into an eBike Charging Station

    Hi Bosch eBike enthusiast, Convert your Bosch eBike battery charger into a convenient wall-mounted charging station with this nice looking 3d print: It stores the charger right where it is needed and provides a tidy and compact solution for all its cables. Moreover, if combined with a...
  16. S

    Introducing myself and the eBike Charging Station I designed

    Hi, I'm a new member from Belgium. Although I did not have an account here before, I discovered this site while researching which eBikes to buy last year. It has provided me with lots of valuable information that allowed us to make well informed decisions. Thanks! Our family has two eBikes...
  17. N

    Charging a Bosch Powerpack 500 Battery, 3D printed connectors

    I was looking for a way to charge my Bosch Powerpack 500 in my car. I was able to design/3D print the Bosch connector. I figured out how to put the battery in charge mode ( ). Once I figured that out, I created a Grin Cycle Satiator charger cable ( ). From my tests, I can charge at 6.5A. 7A is...
  18. J

    Bosch Cobi app with Apple Watch during battery change mid ride?

    Greetings all. I have a Riese and Müller Delight bike with the Bosch system and use the Cobi app to record my rides to my Apple Watch/Fitness app. I change batteries mid ride but do not stop the ride on the app... hoping that it records one long ride, but when I check afterwards, it shows up as...
  19. T

    USB power output possible from Bosch based bikes?

    Before I begin - I know about the Kiox, but am not wanting to pay upwards of AUD400/USD290/EUR240 at this time for an upgrade and install to replace the default Purion (ugh) with a Kiox control unit, especially given the price i’ve just paid for the bike (Trek Powerfly 4 2021). So - is anyone...
  20. expat

    Trek w/Bosch Smartphone hub lighting question

    I have a Trek Allant with the Bosch smartphone hub. On this bike, as sold, the lights come on with the bike. There's no way to turn them off or make them flash vice steady, to my knowledge, despite what the manual says (but the shop can unlock the ability to turn the lights on/off). I was riding...