1. T

    USB power output possible from Bosch based bikes?

    Before I begin - I know about the Kiox, but am not wanting to pay upwards of AUD400/USD290/EUR240 at this time for an upgrade and install to replace the default Purion (ugh) with a Kiox control unit, especially given the price i’ve just paid for the bike (Trek Powerfly 4 2021). So - is anyone...
  2. expat

    Trek w/Bosch Smartphone hub lighting question

    I have a Trek Allant with the Bosch smartphone hub. On this bike, as sold, the lights come on with the bike. There's no way to turn them off or make them flash vice steady, to my knowledge, despite what the manual says (but the shop can unlock the ability to turn the lights on/off). I was riding...
  3. S

    Broken battery lock preventing removal

    I have a 2016 BH EasyMotion Xenion City Wave with Bosch Performance Line and rear rack mounted battery. When I turn the key to the unlock position, nothing happens and I cannot remove the battery. I would really appreciate any advice on dealing with this problem. Key easily turns to the open...
  4. R

    2020 Allant + 8S Battery Issues

    Hi all, new to EBR but I’m looking for some help with my new Trek Allant + 8S. I picked up the bike on 4/24 and I’ve been having some serious battery issues. A few times during riding, I’ll get the error code 606 on my Cobi screen and the bike will completely turn off. After a few seconds...
  5. E14Delite

    Bosch Kiox Upgrade:- Suggestions and Improvements

    I have sent the following through to Bosch via "Contact Bosch" on their website. I will keep you posted on their response. If others have upgrade suggestions or agree with this one and wish to also contact Bosch perhaps we can track any communications and feedback from Bosch in this thread. In...
  6. A

    Newton-meters of old Active Line vs new Active Line Plus?

    I am a bit confused about the nm ratings of the portfolio of Active Line motors from Bosch. I read somewhere that the older Active Line motors from 2016-2017 (which were featured on the first Vektron) output 50 nm of torque, the same as today's Active Line Plus. Whereas today's Active Line...
  7. Chris Nolte

    Custom ebikes are now possible with Bosch

    Zach Krapfl discusses the custom eBikes program with Bosch & Saris. Zach has been involved with Bosch since the early days and he’s a master bike engineer. I hope you enjoy his presentation on custom ebikes.
  8. Chris Nolte

    Video: Bosch eBikes CEO Claus Fleischer Reflects on the Early Days at Bosch

    Ever wonder how Bosch started their Ebike division? Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems reflects on the early days and how far Bosch has come with a focus on the US developments at the 5 year anniversary celebration in Lake Forest California. I hope you enjoy!
  9. Chris Nolte

    Bosch eBike Updates for 2020 - Generation 4 Motors | CX | Cargo | Speed

    I had the privilege of meeting up with Jocelyn at the new Bosch Ebike Systems Headquarters for North America to learn more about the updates 2020 Bosch updates. Many new exciting changes including the Bosch Generation 4 motors, addition of the Cargo Line as well as the new Smartphone Hub with...
  10. SillyBiker

    Good quality eBike conversion kits in the UK

    I’m attempting to do my first eBike build. I’m using a Broadman hybrid bike (Can’t remember the exact model) as my donor bike, however I’m struddling to find a decent eBike conversion kit, or the separate parts. My local eBike shop recommended a mid-drive motor, and said the Bosch motors are...
  11. Chris Nolte

    She Fell in Love With Her Commute After Replacing Her Car With an Electric Cargo Bike

    I recently produced a video with my friend Catrin from R&M. It's a story of how she uses her Load to commute to work. I was very inspired and I hope this video inspires others to consider how they get around. I look forward to sharing more of these stories in the future to help others see...
  12. Chris Nolte

    Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem eBike

    I recently published this video of the Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem and figured I would share here. It’s a Bosch powered electric tandem capable of varied terrain. This one is the trekking version but it’s also available as a mountain version. It’s quite a cool bike and a blast to ride! I hope...
  13. Chris Nolte

    Xtracycle eStoker - Longtail eCargo Bike

    I recently created a video of the Xtracycle eStoker. It’s similar to the Edgerunner, but it has 24” wheels front and rear. It’s a great cargo bike for those that want something more rugged or want to go off the path on occasion.
  14. 5

    early adopters/long term support

    I’m looking to hear from people who were Bosch mid drive early adopters. My main question regards long term support. Given that bike frames are built around these motors, and that new motors are not interchangeable with older models due to different size/mounting (at least that’s my...
  15. W

    2019 Homage - customized shifting

    Hi, as promised, here are some pics of my new bike. It's a 2019 Homage HT Vario HS. The dealer (a certified bosch expert center, and a certified enviolo center) was willing to upgrade the bike to automatic shifting. H-sync was not an option, because that has to be implemented at the factory...
  16. B

    Gazelle Bikes Wins Prestigious iF Design Award for Arroyo C8 Elite Electric Bike

    SANTA CRUZ, CA. – Gazelle Bikes, the 125-year-old Dutch brand, has won an iF Design Award in the ‘Product’ category for its electric Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite (known in North America as Gazelle Arroyo C8 Elite). Taking place in Hannover, Germany, the awards are held annually by the iF...
  17. Z

    Pedaling backwards

    In my Bosch Performance Line (Batavus Sella with Deore derailer), when I turn the crank backwards the chain stays in place. It's a strange feeling not encountered in previous bicycles I had. Is it normal or is it a defect? How serious if so? Otherwise the bike works perfectly.
  18. JayVee

    Bosch launches public PowerStation recharge lockers in Central Europe

    You can now recharge your Bosch batteries in publicly available “lockers” in Germany, Switzerland, and France. Looking at the map, the recharging stations appear to be in mostly mountainous areas. Each locker is limited to 6 batteries. How "public" the lockers are remains to be seen. It looks...
  19. OldNSlow

    Initial Thoughts - S Duro Trekking 9

    I picked up my 2018 S Duro Trekking 9 from @sandiegoflyrides on September 30. I had a great experience with Max and the team there. I have the Large Frame, I'm 6' and a 32" inseam. It fits well, but honestly I probably should have gone down to a Medium or a low step. The seat post is at the...
  20. Haibike Rider

    Bosch motors can now be repaired out of warranty!

    Up until now, if your Bosch motor failed and it's out of warranty your options were fairly limited, prey it's a main motor bearing or buy a new motor! can now repair or overhaul your Bosch motor. Repairs to circuit boards or gears are still not possible but...