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    For Sale: Riese Müller SuperCharger

    sold - thanks!
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    RM New charger vs Super charger

    Hi people around the World! I’m all new to this forum so I hope I post this in the right place. At the moment I’m pretty close to buying a speed pedelec e-bike. (here in the EU these are limited to 45km per hour) My commute is about 22 km times two mostly flat, on good roads. The bikes that my...
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    Supercharger Rohloff HS vs Delite Nuvinci HS

    Hi, I’m looking for a HS bike which I will mainly use for my commute (50km one way). I’m living in a flat area with almost no slopes. The roads I’ll be biking on are asphalt/pavement with a not so occasional pothole. I have test-driven the Delite Nuvinci. I liked it, but the highest gear is not...
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    New Charger vs SuperCharger, what's the difference?

    Genuinely puzzled by this. R&M site isn't helping to clarify it. The price difference is significant with the SuperCharger costing more. What am I missing?