Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie Review

Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fatty Electric Bike Review
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Single 32t Chainring
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Integrated Battery Downtube Removable
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Clean Bars Seat Droper
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Rockshox Pike Rc Fork
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie 10 Led Charge Level Indicator
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Custom Fox Float Factory Dps
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie 11 Speed Sram Xg
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Battery Charger Magnetic Energybus
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Standard 4 Amp Charger
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fatty Electric Bike Review
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Single 32t Chainring
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Integrated Battery Downtube Removable
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Clean Bars Seat Droper
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Rockshox Pike Rc Fork
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie 10 Led Charge Level Indicator
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Custom Fox Float Factory Dps
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie 11 Speed Sram Xg
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Battery Charger Magnetic Energybus
Specialized Turbo Levo Fsr Expert 6fattie Standard 4 Amp Charger


  • One of the stealthiest electric mountain bikes around with integrated battery and motor technology from Brose, available to demo and buy from a wide network of shops
  • Responsive and zippy without producing a lot of noise, you don't get shift detection here but the motor relies partially on torque sensors so it works naturally enough
  • The battery pack is completely removable, reducing bike weight by nearly 7 lbs and enabling you to charge inside with ease, front wheel offers quick release and you get some neat SWAT accessories for trail maintenance and rear wheel removal
  • Tires are tubeless ready, seat post dropper has internal cable routing (along with most of the wires), frame is ebike specific with custom suspension, larger battery capacity than the Comp model

Video Review

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Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie


$7,500 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Trail, Mountain

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Battery and Motor, Lifetime Frame and Fork


United States, Europe

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

50 lbs (22.67 kg)

Battery Weight:

6.7 lbs (3.03 kg)

Frame Material:

Specialized M5 Aluminum Alloy, Forged and Braced Motor Mount

Frame Sizes:

15.5 in (39.37 cm)17.5 in (44.45 cm)19 in (48.26 cm)21.5 in (54.61 cm)

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Gloss Warm Charcoal with Cyan Accents

Frame Fork Details:

RockShox Pike RC, 140 mm Travel, Tapered Steerer, 15 mm x 110 mm Maxle Ultimate Thru-Axle

Frame Rear Details:

Custom FOX FLOAT Factory DPS, AUTOSAG, Rx Trail Tune, Boost Valve, Kashima Coating, 197 mm x 47.6 mm, 12 mm Thru-Axle

Attachment Points:

Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

11 Speed 1x11 SRAM XG-1180, 10-42 Tooth, SRAM X01 Carbon Cage Derailleur

Shifter Details:

SRAM Gx Triggers on Right


Custom Praxis, Steel, 32 Tooth Chainring, 104 BCD Spider


Nylon Platform, CEN Standard with Toe Clips


Hella Flush, 1-1/ 8" and 1-1/ 2" Threadless, Campy Style Upper with 1-1/ 2" Lower, Cartridge Bearings


Specialized XC, 3D Forged Alloy, 4-Bolt, 6-Degree Rise


Specialized Butted 7050 Alloy, 8-Degree Backsweep, 6-Degree Upsweep, 10 mm Rise, 31.8 mm Diameter, 750 mm Length

Brake Details:

SRAM Guide RS Hydraulic Disc with Metallic Pads and Centerline Rotors, 200 mm Front Rotor and 180 mm Rear Rotor, SRAM Guide RS Alloy Levers with Reach Adjust


Specialized Sip Grip, Light Lock-On, Half-Waffle, S/M: Regular Thickness, L/XL: XL Thickness


Body Geometry Henge Comp, Hollow Cr-Mo Rails, 143 mm

Seat Post:

Command Post IRcc, Cruiser Control Technology, Micro-Adjust Height Adjustable, Alien Head Design, Bottom Mount Cable Routing, Remote Adjust SRL Lever, Small: 100 mm Travel, M/L/XL: 125 mm Travel

Seat Post Diameter:

30.9 mm


Roval Traverse 650b, Alloy, 38 mm Wide, 24/28 Hole


DT Swiss Revolution, Stainless Steel

Tire Brand:

Specialized 6Fattie Purgatory Control Front, Specialized 6Fattie Ground Control Rear, 27.5" x 3"

Wheel Sizes:

27.5 in (69.85cm)

Tire Details:

60 TPI, 2Bliss Ready, Folding Bead

Tube Details:

Presta Valve


Plastic Chain Guide, Zee Cage II Right Bottle Holder, Optional Replacement Battery Pack $800, Optional 1.3 lb Portable 1.6 Amp Charger, Integrated Rubberized Slap Guard, Rubber Steerer Bumpers, SWAT Tool Accessory, KMC X11L Chain with 2 Reusable MissingLink in Stem Cap


Eurobike Gold Award Winner 2015, Locking Removable Battery Pack, Battery Stops with 4% at Top and Bottom to Avoid Straining Cells, 42 Volt 4 Amp Charger with Rosenberger Plug (Magnetic EnergyBus Standard), IP67 Water and Dust Protection Rating on Battery Pack, Internal Cable and Cammand Post IR Routing, 12 x 148 mm Spacing, Fully Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Roval Traverse Front Hub, Roval Traverse 148 Rear Hub with XX1 Driver Body

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Brose, Trail Tune Custom for Specialized

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Peak Output:

530 watts

Motor Torque:

90 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

14 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

504 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

3.75 hours (7 Hours with Optional Travel Charger)

Estimated Min Range:

28 miles (45 km)

Estimated Max Range:

60 miles (97 km)

Display Type:

Integrated 10 LED Console on Downtube


Battery Level (10 LED Dots), Assist Level (1-3)

Display Accessories:

Integrated Button Pad on Downtube, Mission Control App (Bluetooth, iOS and Android), ANT+ Wireless

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Cadence and Torque Sensing)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

This was the second time I’ve been able to test ride a Specialized Turbo Levo model and thankfully I got some help from Garret and John at Rock N’ Road Cyclery in Laguna Niguel California and Erik at Peleton Cycles in Fort Collins Colorado where I ultimately purchased one for myself. These shops have some demo models and even do rentals. In addition to the footage shown in the video review above, Garret and Erik have gone off-road and spent time in the Specialized ebike clinic so I trust their insights. My takeaways as someone who focuses purely on electric bikes were that the Levo models, which rely on the Brose mid-drive motor, are extremely quiet and responsive. I didn’t feel quite the same zip and pull when starting that some other drive systems produce (namely Bosch and Bafang) but the integration is so clean and the power was definitely there to hit and maintain the top assisted speed of 20 mph, the ride just feels more natural. And! If you do want that zippy feeling, there’s a setting for acceleration built into the app so you can get it, just note it will take the battery down quicker. This is one of the few trail or mountain ready electric bikes around that actually blends in… all the way up to the bars but gives you access to the finer settings of how the motor works.

One downside of the clean integration is that display interface and interaction points are limited or cut out all together. To activate the drive systems on the bike and switch between assist levels you use a rubberized button pad near the top of the downtube (on the left side). Ten LED lights come to life when you power on the bike indicating how full the battery is. From here, you can arrow up or down to choose from three assist levels. If you change your mind about this setting once the ride has begun however… you either have to pull over and reach down or try to press the buttons while riding one handed. A part of me misses the up/down button pad that Bosch, Impulse and other ebike makers offer which you can click easily with your thumb while holding the grip. With the Turbo, I just don’t change assist levels as much and ultimately I’m less worried about crashing and breaking a display. You also give up the LCD display panel showing speed, distance, assist level, time, temperature etc. but Specialized has delivered a sort of solution to this with their Mission Control smart phone app. One of the coolest features about this app for me is that you don’t have to be looking at the screen to use it… you can turn it on, adjust your power settings and even map your ride and tell the bike to “not run out of battery” before you get there then toss your phone in a backpack and go. It’s smart, unique in the space and I’m sure it will only get better with time. The app also features Strava integration and keeps your rides marked as “electric” so nobody gets hurt feelings about king of the mountain stats. The upside to Specialized’s “no display or buttons on the bars” approach is that the bike doesn’t look electric, has fewer distractions and less parts that could get damaged as mentioned before. You forego any sort of USB charging but again, no extra wires running around… the bike is decidedly “pure” and devoid of clutter.

The motor and battery are completely built into the frame which looks great and they don’t rattle which is nice for a serious off-road ebike like the Levo FSR Expert. One potential complaint about the battery however, is that the thru-axle mounting point that is used to secure it to the frame doesn’t offer a keyed lock… so anyone with a hex wrench could steal your $800 battery if you left the bike unattended. Probably not much of an issue if you keep the bike close and use a u-lock through the frame, hopefully people will play nice or you’ll be keeping an eye on this $7,500 product. The Levo series was was one of the first lines of electric bikes to reach the US market that used the Brose motor and this motivated me to buy one. Unfortunately for my budget, the Comp version of the bike wasn’t available (sold out) so I got the Expert and ended up very happy about the upgrades. The rear suspension is custom tuned to the added weight and you get 11 gears vs. 10 as well as larger battery capacity! That means longer rides and less need for bringing along the charger. The included charger is compact, light weight and pretty fast, putting out 4 Amps vs. 2 or 3 on many others I see and test. I love that they chose to use the magnetic EnergyBus charging standard and feel that the charging port is easy to access (both on the bike near the bottom bracket and on the battery pack itself). The port is covered by a magnetic rubber plug thing so it stays clean and dry while riding. Note that the charging port on the bike is near the left crank arm so if you’re plugged in charging, you could snag the wire or even collide with the plug as the cranks rotate… but the plug will just pop out and nothing should get bent or broken because of the interface design. In addition to a removable battery you also get thru-axles on the front and rear wheels for improved stiffness and they have quick release up front. It’s nice to be able to bring the weight of your bike down when working on it and remove large components (like the wheels) when you need to stuff it in your trunk. Given the 50 lb curb weight of the bike, it’s worth using a hitch mounted platform rack if you can (especially if you’ve got multiple bikes going along).I also own a Specialized Stumpjumper which this bike was modeled after and I prefer the suspension on the Turbo Expert but of course miss the easy-to-lift weight of the non-electric model. I ride each bike a lot still but always end up going further on the Turbo. It comes down to who I’m riding with most of the time, my Girlfriend has a regular mountain bike and we train together as she’s preparing for a triathlon.

One thing I’ve been concerned about with the Brose motor system is chain, sprocket and derailleur wear because there’s no shift sensing mechanism. If you pedal hard and shift, gears mash (and that’s true on non-electric bikes as well) but when your pedal power is multiplied, even doubled, this damage can be more pronounced. Because the Brose motor listens for both cadence and torque to operate and cuts out extremely quickly when you stop pedaling, I found that easing off a bit and delaying during shifts worked very well. I also don’t have to shift as frequently when riding the Turbo Levo models because I can power through short climbs in higher gears and keep the speed going with motor assist. After an entire year of use at this point, I can say that the motor is holding up well and is still quiet and strong. I am careful with my stuff, haven’t crashed hard and have been careful with my shifting so the chain, sprockets and derailleur are all still original and doing great. One thing that really impressed me about the Turbo line is that they come in several sizes. Given their popularity, you may have to jump up or down in trim level to get the perfect fit but once you’re there, the bikes are awesome. I also love that you get a seat post dropper because it becomes even more useful when riding nonstop up and then down trails. The larger tires offset some of the heavier weight and smooth the ride. This is an electric bike that will take you further and ease the pain in your knees like the rest but won’t stick out so much visually or audibly.

A few little delighters I wanted to share include optional stickers (so you can keep the look calm if you want) and the SWAT tool and extra chain link in the stem cap! Surprisingly, there are a lot of e-mountain bikes on the market that forego bottle cages but the Turbo Levo models all have one. I tend to ride with a hydration pack but there are so many potential uses for bosses such as a folding lock, mini-pump or the SWAT bottle storage box where you can put accessories and maintenance tools beyond the little tool that’s included. I purchased an extra tube and mounted it to my saddle rails but ended up going tubeless on both tires to reduce the weight of the bike and lower the minimum PSI. My tires have gone flat a few times since purchase because my bike isn’t hanging and the weight just pushes down and slowly deflates the tires… check them frequently as you would a road bike, especially if you go tubeless. As a 650b “fatty” tire set here, you get 27.5″ x 3″ and they work well on soft terrain, you get more surface area and decreased deflection in rocky terrain. Sure, you loose a bit of efficiency with tires like this but you get such incredible range from the Brose mid-drive system that it doesn’t matter to me. Again, weight of the motor and battery are both low and center, right where you want them. Specialized has a great commercial with some professional riders using the bikes and the consistent feedback is that you just go further and have more fun… you can flow up the hill as well as down. I’m an admitted weekend warrior and my knees get sensitive so having assist means I can keep up with friends, ride to unique destinations and most importantly, blend in. Yes, I do wish the App would let you turn the control panel LEDs off, that’s the one area that stands out, but otherwise the bike is stealthy and super fun. One more quick shout out to John who is a mountain bike trail builder and maintainer volunteer in Southern California. He said that he’s used the Turbo Levo to help him carry more gear and get more done recently which I think it awesome. John, thanks for your contributions!


  • The motor and battery are truly integrated into the frame which improves the aesthetic and sort of hides the fact that they offer assist, the battery is rated at IP67 against water and dirt
  • Motor activation is very smooth and fluid (both powering up and cutting out), it’s much less noticeable than on some of the other mid-drive ebikes and it rides more like a bicycle in this sense but it also feels less powerful sometimes (at least to me)
  • Tight tolerance on the battery pack alignment and locking system, you don’t hear it rattling around at higher speeds off-road, the sturdy thru-axle pin holds it in securely, can be charged on or off the bike
  • The frame looks beautiful in part because the cables and wires are all internally routed but maintenance is still relatively easy because the wires can be accessed directly in the downtube once the battery is removed
  • Available in two distinct frame colors (matte black and gloss green) as well as four sizes to accommodate different body types
  • The Gx derailleur utilizes a stiffer spring to reduce slap, this is important given the 11 sprockets (wider range of chain lengths during operation)
  • Built around the four bar Horst Link suspension arm to reduce bobbing when pedaling, the frame is made with light weight but sturdy mountain bike specific M5 Aluminum
  • The Mission Control App works with iOS and Android, it offers turn by turn GPS, trip planning (to arrive with a set power level remaining) and has Strava integration for the electric bike section of the app, the app also monitors battery health and provides traditional ride stats
  • The bike is extremely well balanced, we weighed it using a hook that connected just above the motor and it stayed straight, note that the wider tires help to distribute some of the extra weight of this bike given that it’s ~50 lbs (depending on size) and may be ridden over soft terrain
  • Extremely responsive motor, since it measures cadence and torque I noticed that the chainring wasn’t spinning after I stopped pedaling and this is very important given that there are no brake lever inhibitors and you may be riding the Levo off-road in some precarious conditions with hazards like cliffs, trees and large rocks
  • Proprietary M5 Aluminum alloy is sturdy and light, sloped top tube lowers standover height which makes the bike easier to hold given the extra weight
  • Unique “6Fattie” 650b wheelset with 3″ diameter tires offers increased traction, reduced deflection (flex in the fork) and improved rolling momentum, floatation and gap spanning
  • Fully enclosed cable routing, everything from shift wires, brake cables, electrical and the seat post dropper wires are hidden and protected from snags
  • Autosag feature on the Fox Float rear suspension makes setup easy… pump it up with air then sit on the bike and let the pressure equalize using Autosag
  • While many electric bikes forgo bottle cage bosses (and nearly every full suspension ebike) this one offers them! Specialized managed to work in bottle cage bosses right where you’d expect them on the downtube and they toss in a right mount Zee Cage
  • The motor and battery fit really well and have a high ingress rating so not only are they quiet (not rattling) but you’ve got some water protection… most of the cabling is drawn through the battery area so you can get to it easier if there are adjustments needed but it’s still protected, not exposed to the sun etc.
  • The brake levers have adjustable reach and it’s tool-free so you can dial things in on the trail as you need more control or switch from gloves to bare hands


  • While the battery does lock in securely with the unique thru-axle pin, it does not rely on a locking core and key so in that sense it could be stolen more easily
  • Limited display options without the app, you get 10 LED’s that show your power level and assist level (1-3) as you click up or down, to change levels you have to take your hand off the bar and reach down which isn’t as convenient as an independent button pad up on the bars but does reduce bar clutter and keeps the bike stealth while reducing potential for damage during crashes or tips
  • Considering how minimal the integrated LED console is and how cool the advanced Mission Control App is, I think a USB charging port that feeds off of the main battery port would be a cool addition to help maintain your phone battery, this could be mounted near the head tube or top side of the downtube out of the way for pedaling but close enough for a short power cable to reach
  • There’s no shift sensing built into the software or hardware (shift cables) as I’ve found on Bosch and Impulse drive systems, this could lead to more chain, sprocket and derailleur wear unless you’re conscious about how you ride (ease off when shifting gears)
  • I wish the LED lights on the control pad could be turned off, they stand out a bit and I’ve thought about covering them with duct tape or something so I could blend in more, they should put this feature in the App someday…


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Comments (14) YouTube Comments

3 years ago

Hi Court, I’ve been following your videos. Thanks for all the insight and research. I’m considering the Turbo Levo comp vs Bulls FS3+. What would be your recommendation between the two?

Court Rye
3 years ago

Hi Jack, I think they are both great but would probably lean towards whichever has a dealer nearby. I bought the Turbo Levo Expert for exactly this reason and have been very happy with it. I do like the display interface and Micro-USB charging port on some of the Bulls models but the stealthy no-display setup on the Turbo is also great. You’re getting a very similar drivetrain and both have frame mounted batteries… these are both excellent bikes in my opinion :)

3 years ago

Hi Court, I just purchased a Turbo Levo Expert and love it. I’m looking for a pair of platform pedals. What would you recommend?

3 years ago

Hi court, my turbo expert is running great. However, when climbing, there is a click noise coming from within the motor casing. It sounds like something is making contact with the plastic. I took the bike in to the dealer, but he was not able to fix the problem. Apparently, Specialized has a tool that he does not have to get into the casing. He recommended that I do a search online to see if anyone else had seen this and what solutions there might be.

Court Rye
3 years ago

Interesting, I haven’t seen or heard this Jack but the Specialized forums would be a good place to post, I created a thread for known issues here that might serve you well. The interesting thing about the Brose motor is that it usually runs very quiet but there are times with demo models (that have been ridden hard) where I feel like it was louder and sort of sandy sounding vs. smooth and soft.

3 years ago

Hi, My wife rented a Turbo Levo Comp. We went on a MTB ride, she followed me using the #2 (trail) setting (I rode my standard non assisted mtb). She was in the #2 trail setting the entire ride, except for the last 2.5 mile climb. Because the battery level was getting low, she switched to the Eco setting. She was only in this setting for a short time, because she could not keep up with me. So she switched back to the trail setting. After 2hr15min, her battery died. We know for sure the battery had 100% charge before we started. We rode 22 miles with 2,400 of gain. Does this battery life sound normal? I was expecting better range. I called Specialized, but they said they can not give battery life details. Unfortunately the person I talked to never has been on a Turbo Levo and was no help. Thanks for any input you can provide…

Court Rye
3 years ago

Interesting, that does sound a little bit low but if the terrain was rigorous and your wife weighs 150+ lbs then that would be close to the estimated minimum I have posted. I make the numbers up based on my own ride experience and feedback from a number of users and brands. Mid-motors are efficient and the Brose is a leader but if you’re riding in a high gear and really leaning on the motor for support it could definitely drain faster. The 504 watt hour battery is fairly large or on par with other systems (on par with the Bosch Powerpack 500). I believe Specialized has several battery pack sizes, maybe you had the smaller one? I hope other people chime in and maybe I need to adjust the range estimate here but I agree, the distance seems a bit low. I hope you both still had fun! Thanks for sharing here.

2 years ago

Great review, Court, Just to let everyone know, these bikes are unbelievably awesome and the battery is no problem. I was skeptical on the whole thing but i want to do week long XC trips and ride longer and more technical terrain without torturing myself, so me and my buddy just rented/tested two 2017 Comps in State college Pa where 10 minutes away are some of the nastiest trails you can imagine. These things powered us up the steepest rockiest trails ever. words cannot describe how well they worked, not just the drivetrain, the wheels and tires were amazingly smooth on the sharp rocks and had unreal traction. It was also the quietest bike i have ever ridden, no rattles anywhere. Remember when the first i-phones came out? Well its almost like that. Its not evolutionary, its revolutionary. The first day we rode 30miles and climbed 3000ft. The 460w batteries were blinking red the last few miles but still had enough charge to blast up a super steep hill near the trail head in turbo mode. This is normally an extremely hard ride called the coopers gap epic that has no flow only rocks and roots and requires training for even a fit rider to complete. The factory settings worked great and Eco mode at 30% was more than enough most of the time and we only needed to use trail briefly on the steepest of climbs. You still want to feel like you are riding a bike and getting a workout so you only use as much power as needed to take away that annoying painful edge that normally sucks the life out of you and drowns out the fun. I say “Ride to your hearts content”. The bike has waaay more power than needed if your a regular rider and it doesn’t even feel right if you use too much. We were still very tired at the end of the ride but our legs and lungs weren’t ruined and that was the plan because we wanted to do an even longer ride the next day (normally you would need a day or two off or do a short ride at most). we charged the batteries that night and started a different 36mile loop that went straight up 1000ft right at the start. Normally you wouldn’t even bother riding these trails, too steep and rocky to be fun. We were in trail mode a lot the first two miles. we had chain problems, my buddy bent his once then broke it (the chain guide is a problem). we had to shorten the chain twice so we cut out early at 15 miles before we got too deep into the backcounrty with no spare chain or derailleur hanger. the batteries still had over 50% left even after blasting up a few climbs just for fun. I think that draining the battery completely and giving it a full charge helped but really the battery is not meant to do all the work so don’t expect it to, you still have to pedal you ass off to make it through 30 miles of gnar. I thought i would last longer than the bike but that was not the case. Sure my legs and lungs weren’t fried but the rest of my body was. I had blisters on my hands, my arms and shoulders ached, i was tired but elated like a kid at Christmas. As a 52 yr old engineer who loves bikes and has garage full of them and competed in every type of MTB event from trials to DH i’m here to tell you that this bike is a friggin’ miracle on wheels. My 2018 comp alum in black ships monday and i couldn’t be more stoked. All i need now is to get my buddy to ante up and we are going to plan some long trips to some big mountains. What animal has two thumbs and loves to climb 4000 ft a day?……..THIS GUY!!

2 years ago

Hey Court, I love your reviews, always so thorough! Since you own this bike I wanted to ask your opinion. I have been debating on getting the HT version of this bike for my 15 mile commute to work. It’s all paved though (trails not street) but there is no other ebike frame I love more than this one. Do you think with some smoother tires that this would be a good bike for a commute like this or would I be better off with something like a Vado? The Vado is more practical but the frame is ugly and this one just has so much style! It is 2x as much as one of the discounted commuter bikes (like a 2016 Haibike Trekking model) so I don’t want to purchase if it’s too impractical for my main use. But I love the integrated battery. Luckily where I would lock it up is secure so I wouldn’t have to worry about the battery being stolen and I do love the simplistic style (no computer). Looking forward to your response and keep up the great work!

Court Rye
2 years ago

Hi Rob, yeah, I’m in love with this design too… It sounds like you’re thinking about getting the Turbo Levo Hardtail like this? I wish they would have included rear rack bosses because that would have made adding gear a lot easier. I do not recommend using a beam rack because they can get pushed side to side when riding or adjusting the seat, instead, I’d pay more for something like the Thule Pack ‘N Pedal rack that attaches to the seat stays. I think you could use that and get some smoother (but still big and comfortable) tires like these Schwalbe Big Bens. I cannot say for sure whether the rack or tires would fit perfectly as I have not tried them, but that’s where I would start… and yeah, the clean cockpit, stealthy look of the bike, integrated battery and quiet mid-drive are all awesome. I do like the Haibike Trekking but it wasn’t as comfortable for me and the Vado was decent, but I agree that the style wasn’t nearly as cool. I hope this helps and welcome your feedback on whichever ebike you get!

2 years ago

Specialized Levo expert is my third e-bike (stealth bomber & specialized turbo road bike prior to the LEVO) & its amazing in many ways. its only downside to me is the gear change is a bit of an art, i.e. it requires good timing & backing off of the pedaling power & cadence while shifting. once you master that, this bike shines with awesome geometry, comfort, incredible adjustability in power, suspension absorption, geometry adjustments etc.

Don’t bother with lots of comparisons reviews test rides etc. just get one! it will reward you with a blissed out smile every ride. by the way I ride a large size am 6’1″ weigh 110kg & it works great for me. It even climbs well with my weight. The fat tyres are fantastic adding great traction while softening the ride. regarding geometry, it’s so in tune with your moves it’s almost telepathic. Sit up take your hands off the bars & stear via small weight shift & it just follows exactly as you would wish. that said I mean on good flat surfaces. Beautifully engineered, great looking go anywhere beasty. I Love IT! Truely a work of art thats state of the e-bike art.

Cheers Drewsky

Court Rye
2 years ago

Fantastic! I enjoyed reading your comment Drewsky, so happy to hear that you’re loving the Turbo Levo and THANK YOU for sharing your height and weight so that others can relate. I owned a Turbo Levo for a bit (I try to buy a different bike each year for testing) and I loved it too. Very well balanced, quiet but also powerful, great geometry and bicycle design… not just electric


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