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Leed creates single wheel electric conversion kits. While serving in the United States Army, their Founder, Mike Merrell, suffered a career-ending foot injury that literally stopped him in his tracks. Told he would never be able to run or do many of the outdoor activities he used to enjoy, Merrell was determined to find a solution that was easy on his body but still allowed him to do the things he loved. The solution: Leeds Bikes. Operating out of their headquarters in Utah, the Leeds Bikes team remains committed to the founder’s original vision of superior eco bikes kits that help people enjoy the outdoors, no matter their age or physical condition.
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Leed 30k E-Bike Kit Review

  • MSRP: $699
  • MODEL YEAR: 2014

Kit delivers average performance but uses quality Samsung batteries and 8FUN motor. Reasonably priced with excellent bag and wheel options, Leed provides good customer service...

Leed Pocket Bike Juice Review

  • MSRP: $469
  • MODEL YEAR: 2014

One of the lightest weight, most affordable electric bike kits available anywhere (project did not reach funding goal on Kickstarter and was canceled, Leed offers other kits). Modest 24 volt battery and 250 watt motor use quality parts but aren't very powerful...