2022 EVELO Atlas Review


Technical Specs & Ratings





Class 3


Front Suspension


Hydraulic Disc



720 Wh

720 Wh

66.2 lbs / 30.05 kgs


Integrated, Sealed Cartridge, Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" 44 mm Outer Diameter

Zoom Aluminum Alloy, 20° Angle, 100 mm Length, Two 10 mm Spacers, Three 10 mm Spacers, One 20 mm Tapered Base Spacer

Zoom TR-AL-28, Aluminum Alloy, Swept Back, 20° Back Sweep, 80 mm Rise, 650 mm Length

Custom Designed, Ergonomic Rubber, Locking

Aluminum Alloy, Single-Bolt Forged Head


Selle Royal Shadow+, Black (Optional Upgrade Program)

Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform with Rubber Tread

Hydraulic Disc

Zoom HD875 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Front Rotor, Dual Piston Calipers, Three-Finger Zoom E-Comp Levers with Adjustable Reach and Motor Inhibitors and Brake Light Activation

Ebike Systems

More Details

Urban, Commuting

United States

21 Day At-Home Trial, 4 Year Comprehensive (20,000 Mile)

8.5 lbs (3.85 kg)

8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)

17.25 in (43.81 cm)

17.5" Seat Tube, 23.8 Reach, 29" Stand Over Height, 33" Minimum Saddle Height, 42" Maximum Saddle Height, 26.5" Width, 75" Length, 46.25" Wheelbase

Satin Black with Gloss Black Accents

135mm Hub Spacing, 2 Piece Sliding Dropout, 10mm Threaded Keyed Axle with 1mm Pitch and 15mm Nuts

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses, Second Battery Quick Connect

Rear-Mounted Single Side Kickstand, Fully Integrated UGOE Headlight (Alloy Casing, Cree LED, 400 Lumens, Side Cutouts), Spanninga Lineo Integrated LED Backlight (10 Candella Output, Bright Mode when Braking), Plastic Fenders (80mm Width, Rubber Mud Flaps), Plastic Bottle Cage and Bottle, Optional Battery Pack and Rack: Capacity: 25kg 55lbs, Second Battery Weight 3.3kg, 7.2lbs, Battery Capacity 14.5ah, Custom 4 Bolt Rack with Spanninga Lineo Integrated LED Backlight (10 Candella Output, Bright Mode when Braking), Pre-Wired. Single Port Battery Connection Port, Optional Cargo Rack: Custom 4 Bolt Cargo Rack, 25kg Capacity with Spanninga Lineo Integrated LED Backlight (10 Candella Output, Bright Mode when Braking), Pre-Wired.

Locking Removable Integrated Battery Pack 21700 Cells 48V 15Ah, Sans 1.5lb 54 Volt 3 Amp Battery Charger, 350lb Max Weight Rating, Gates Carbon Belt Drive with CDX:EXP, 110 RPM Max Motor Cadence Support, Prewired for Quick Connect Optional Second Battery Kit (7.2lb Second Battery, 48v 14.6ah)

Independent Button Pad on Left, Buttons: +, -, Set, Power, Lights: Hold + Button, Settings Menu: Double Tap M Button, USB Type A Port on Battery Pack (5 Volt 1 Amp Output)

Current Speed (MPH/KMH), Odometer, Trip Distance, Battery Charge Level (Percentage), Assist Level (0-5), Range Estimate

Advanced Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle (Measures Rear Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence, and Pedal Torque)

28 mph (45 kph)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

This review was provided for free using a demo bike. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of EVELO products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the EVELO electric bike forums.


  • The Atlas is configured for urban use with smooth tires, fenders, and integrated lights… but it could easily double as a cross country mountain bike if you swapped the tires for knobby tread. The frame is fairly rigid, and the 110mm air suspension fork with 15mm thru-axle is definitely off road capable.
  • This model only comes in one frame size and color, to achieve economies of scale and keep the price lower. I noticed the sloped top tube with lower stand over height and swept-back handlebar which help improve fit for different sized riders.
  • EVELO is recognized for having good customer service in the ebike industry, including a trial period where individuals can buy and test a bike and then receive a full refund if it’s not a perfect fit. They offer an outstanding four year warranty, and they have been in business since 2011. This makes them one of the oldest dedicated electric bike companies in North America that I’m aware of.


  • Sturdy high-step frame is capable of handling heavier riders and loads, up to 350lbs total. The suspension fork and 15mm thru-axle are very capable, so this could be used for light trail or cross country riding if you swap the tires and remove the fenders.
  • The bike uses a high powered mid-drive motor that’s setup as Class 3 for high speed. It’s also pre-wired for an optional trigger throttle, making it extremely versatile. It ships as Class 3 but could be used for off-road with the throttle. If you decide to purchase the rear rack, it would be great as a commuting platform.
  • For those who wish to ride farther, or rely on the higher assist and throttle modes, EVELO sells an optional second battery pack that mounts using a special rear rack (shown in the video and photos above). This effectively doubles range, and is a unique feature in the world of ebikes. I was impressed that it only costs $800.
  • I appreciate that the optional trigger throttle is setup to override assist, so you can use it to start from standstill and reach top speed, or override lower levels of assist to climb or catch up with a friend all without pressing additional buttons and looking at the display.
  • The bike comes pre-wired for the second battery, and I’m told it will balance and charge in tandem with the primary downtube battery using one charger. The charger itself is rated at 3 amps, which is faster than the 2 amp chargers I usually see.
  • I love that they positioned the locking cylinder and charge port up high on the sides of the downtube. They are easy to reach and less exposed to water and dust in these locations. Apparently the electronics on this ebike are all rated to IP65 which is pretty durable!
  • the product designer, John O’Donnell, told me that the bike is using CANBUS communication standard, which improves the battery charge level read accuracy and makes diagnostics and communication between the parts better.
  • The main downtube battery is easy to remove, and can be charged off the bike. This will reduce weight, making the bike easier to service and lift. I’ve read that lithium-ion batteries last longer if stored in cool dry locations and kept at 50% capacity over long periods of non-use. try not to let it drain to zero.
  • The battery pack contains high capacity 21700 cells that reduce overall weight. This is the cell size that Tesla developed for their electric cars, and is considered premium in the ebike industry.
  • The battery powers the motor and color display, as you’d expect, but also runs the integrated lights and a USB charging port at the base of the display! I love that the display shows estimated range, battery percentage, and offers a settings menu to change units and adjust brightness.
  • The rear light goes bright whenever the brakes are pulled, this improves visibility and is a great safety feature. Note that the upgraded dual-LED rear light that comes with the optional rack battery also has brake light activation. Furthermore, the motor is also designed to shut off whenever the brakes are pulled.
  • The motor controller is fairly advanced, measuring rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque. It feels smooth and responsive vs. on/off like a more basic cadence sensor.
  • Gates Carbon belt drive is more durable than a chain, and super quiet and clean. The frame had to be specially engineered with a break on the right seat stay in order to use a belt drive like this.
  • The Enviolo continuously variable planetary transmission hubs are recognized for being smooth, able to shift at standstill, and very durable. They are also clean and quiet, especially when paired with a belt drive like this. The half-grip twist shifter is easy to understand and use, even for new cyclists.
  • Great attention to detail with the bottle cage mount on the seat tube, adjustable length kickstand that’s clear of the left crank arm, additional mounts for aftermarket rear racks (or the official EVELO rack), and the custom locking ergonomic grips that match the half-grip twist shifter. Note that the EVELO rear rack uses heavy duty M6 bolts with multi-use threadlocker, they put a lot of attention into it.
  • Premium fenders with sturdy support arms that are rounded, so they won’t snag clothing. The plastic is light and durable, but still fairly quiet here because of the thickness and supports. Note how the front fender mounts directly to the suspension fork lower vs. using plastic cuffs.
  • With a torque rating of 120 newton meters, this is one of the most powerful ebikes around. I was impressed by how well it climbed the dirt hill during my demo, and feel that it would inspire confidence for people who live in hilly areas or who weigh more, or plan to carry heavy loads with that optional rear rack. I was told that the controller has been optimized to start smoothly, despite the high torque, so it feels comfortable and is easier on the drivetrain.
  • The plus sized Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires provide excellent comfort and stability because they’re wider at 2.8″ and that means increased air volume and surface area… this allows you to ride over grass, packed Earth, small rocks, and even some gravel and light cross country trails without losing traction, you can reduce weight and make them more durable by converting to tubeless (as I am told that they come tubeless ready).
  • The frame is purpose built, meaning that it was designed to handle the additional forces of a motor and internal battery. Most wires are internally routed to reduce the possibility of snags, and to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • EVELO offers many accessory options to help you optimize the bike for comfort, safety, or commuting and in my experience with this sort of thing, the parts tend to look nicer and work better than if you try to guess on your own (and it costs a lot less this way). I’m a big fan of the suspension seat post upgrade that will create a full suspension feel and makes riding faster and farther more comfortable.
  • Both optional rear racks are rated to carry up to 25kg and are designed well. For the battery rack combo, that means you can support 25kg in addition to the battery pack which weighs ~7.4lbs already. Note the pannier hanger on both racks that will work with most pannier bags.


  • Although the bike only comes in one frame size, it does include a standard length 350mm seat post, several spacers on the stem, and a swept back handlebar that can be swiveled to refine rider fit.
  • Weighing roughly 66.2lbs, this is a heavier electric bike because of the high capacity battery, more powerful motor, enviolo CVT hub, and included fenders and lights. The weight is positioned very well (low and center on the frame). The air fork and smaller rear brake rotor helps reduce weight a bit. Consider removing the battery before lifting and transporting to save ~8.5 pounds.
  • The all-black tires look clean and professional, but they do not have reflective sidewall stripes which could enhance your visual footprint and overall safety… especially since the bike frame is all black. I appreciate that the headlight has side window cutouts so you’ll be visible from more angles, but it is mounted to the suspension arch which is unsprung. This means it will bounce more than if it were mounted to the steer tube or handlebar.
  • From what I could tell, the rear light is blocked by the rear fender. This is resolved if you purchase the optional rear rack with battery, because it has a second light built in that’s actually brighter with two LED’s.
  • Since EVELO mostly sells direct, customers will have to perform some assembly. The bike is fairly heavy, and that requires extra strength to unpack carefully and then dispose of the cardboard. It’s less convenient than going to an ebike shop, and that goes for maintenance service as well. Thankfully, this mid-drive motor, belt drive, and CVT hub should be extremely reliable… and they tend to be very clean.
  • The Enviolo CVT hubs tend to weigh more and be less efficient than a traditional cassette and derailleur. There’s traction fluid and metal orbs inside. I also noticed that shifting under load can be difficult, so I usually ease off a bit when shifting… though it’s very easy to do at standstill.
  • The bike is fairly expensive, but offers a unique blend of performance and hardware (especially with the second battery option). Furthermore, EVELO has been around for so long and is known for their build quality and customer support. I think it’s worth it if this is the bike setup you want, it just costs a bit extra at $4,699.
  • This is a minor thing, but the rear wheel speed sensor is a bit exposed. Be careful not to bump it if you’re riding through high brush or sticks, or if you’re cleaning the frame aggressively with a rag.
  • Because this ebike has motor inhibiting brake levers, a display, a control pad, and an optional throttle, there are more wires up front and that creates some clutter. That said, the internal routing helps to keep the rest of the frame clean of clutter.
  • If you purchase the optional second battery pack with the rack, it will use a separate locking key. This means you’ll have two keys to bring along and keep track of. some of the very fancy dual battery ebike systems only require one key.
  • Minor complaint, it seems like walk mode was not enabled or functioning for this bike. It seems that the top speed is also not adjustable (set at 28mph 45km/h as a Class 3). I also noticed some frame flex and change of balance when using the optional rear rack with battery because it becomes more top and rear heavy.
  • Note that if you do purchase the optional throttle, the bike may not fit into the traditional ebike classes since the throttle can make it go faster. I was not able to test this during the demo rides.

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