2020 Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



Ultimate T10+ HMB


Class 3


Front Suspension



Hydraulic Disc



482.4 Wh

482.4 Wh

57.3 lbs / 26.01 kgs



Frame Details

Aluminum Alloy


Front Suspension


SR Suntour Mobie 45-AIR, 80 mm Travel, Progressive Lockout, Preload Adjust, Black Anodized Stanchions, 100 mm Hub Spacing, 9 mm Axle with Quick Release Skewer

Ryde Dutch, Aluminum Alloy, Double Wall, 19 mm Inner Width, 36 Hole | Spokes: Stainless Steel, Extra Strong, 12 Gauge, Black with Silver Spoke Nuts

Schwalbe Energizer Plus, 28" x 1.75" (47-622), 45 to 70 PSI, 3.0 to 5.0 BAR, ADDIX Rubber, G-Guard 5 Puncture Protection, Reflective Sidewall


Integrated, Sealed, Straight 1-1/8"

Aluminum Alloy, Tool Adjustable Angle, 80 mm Length, 60 mm Height, 32 mm Clamp Diameter

Aluminum Alloy, 650 mm Width, Swept Back

Ergon GP1, Rubber, Ergonomic, Locking, Black with Grey Accents

Aluminum Alloy


Selle Royal Essenza, Large Comfort, Black

Gazelle Linea, Aluminum Alloy Platform with Rubber Tread and Reflectors

Hydraulic Disc

Shimano BL-MT402-3A Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Front and 160 mm Rear Rotors, Dual-Piston Calipers, Three Finger Levers with Adjustable Reach

More Details

Neighborhood, Urban, Commuting, Touring

United States, Canada, Europe, Australia

2 Year Comprehensive, 10 Year Frame

6.6 lbs (2.99 kg) (Including Plastic Cover)

6.3 lbs (2.85 kg)

22.4Mid-Step:18.1 in (56.89 cm)20.9 in (53.08 cm)

57cm Large High-Step Measurements: 23" Seat Tube, 26" Reach, 33" Standover Height, 36.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 25.5" Width, 72" Length

Champion Red Gloss, Dust Light Gloss

135mm Hub Spacing, 10mm Slotted Axle with Anti-Rotation Washers, Quick Release Skewer

Rear Rack Mount, Fender Mounts, Bottle Cage Bosses, Bosch Range Boost Battery Mount (High-Step Only)

Aluminum Alloy Rear Rack (27kg 59lb Max Weight, Standard Gauge Tubing, Bungee Clip), Aluminum Alloy Fenders with Plastic Toe Strike Guards, AXA Defender Cafe Lock (Keyed-Alike to Battery Lock), Plastic Chain Cover, Handlebar Integrated AXA Blueline 50-E LED Headlamp (50 Lumens, Side Windows), Rack-Integrated Hermans Rear Light (4-LED, Side Windows), Ursus Mooi Rear-Mount Tool-Free Adjustable Length Kickstand, Flick Bell on Left, Optional Bosch Range Boost Second Battery Mount (High-Step Only)

Locking Removable Donwtube-Integrated Battery Pack, 1.6lb 4 Amp Charger, 120RPM Maximum Cadence, 340% Maximum Motor Support

Micro-USB Port for Diagnostics and Software Updates Only

Speed, Assist Level (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), Battery Level (1-5), Odometer, Trip Distance, Total Distance, Estimated Range, Lights

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence and Pedal Torque, Over 1,000 Readings Per Second, Power Output Relative to Pedal Input: Eco 40% 35nm, Tour 100% 40nm, Sport 180% 45nm, Turbo 270% 50nm)

28 mph (45 kph)

Video Reviews

Written Reviews

To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This in-depth review was sponsored by Gazelle. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Gazelle products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below and in the Gazelle electric bike forums.


  • The Ultimate bicycle was one of Gazelle’s more popular non-electric bike models in years past, now they have produced an electrified version! A Class 1 version of this Ebike was released last year, you can check out that review of the Ultimate T10 HMB, or compare them head-to-head using our Comparison Tool.
  • Gazelle hails from the Netherlands where cycling is an integral part of the culture, demonstrated by their bycicle ownership per capita – highest in the world! This article has some more details: Dutch Cycling Figures
  • The dual-battery range extender option was not available to test at the time of filming which is why we don’t show it in the video… but it’s an official feature now! You can add a Dual Battery Kit which allows you to attach an additional PowerPack 500 to the frame, effectively doubling your range. To preserve your warranty this add-on should be installed by a Gazelle dealer, you can read more information in the Dual Battery Kit Ultimate Factsheet. This upgrade is only available for the high-step frame, not the mid-step!


  • The Ultimate T10+ is packed with features including a rear rack, full-size fenders, bright integrated lights, adjustable rear kickstand, bottle cage bosses, optional range extender, and a cafe lock! It was designed from the ground up as an Ebike with extra attention given to the strength of the frame, and many Ebike-specific components. This makes a big difference when it comes to long-term durability as Ebike components receive much higher levels of stress and wear than non-electric bike components do
  • Supported by a vast dealer network which makes it easy to get fitted and take test rides, available in three sizes accross two frame types, and backed by an excellent warranty with two years of comprehensive coverage and ten years of frame coverage. Gazelle has been operating for over 125 years and has received numerous awards recognizing their quality and influence in the Dutch cycling industry
  • Unlike the original Ultimate T10, the T10+ is a Class 3 electric bike capable of pedal-assisted speeds of 28mph, making the T10+ a compelling option for those with longer commutes. In addition to reducing travel time, higher speeds can actually help you to ride more safely by allowing you to “keep pace” with traffic instead of riding slowly off to the side
  • The included charger is 4 amp which is twice as powerful as most Ebike chargers, allowing you can charge up much more rapidly. Faster chargers to tend to weigh more but this one is only at 1.6 pounds, still within reason for carrying easily in a backpack
  • Smooth and capable shifting is provided by the Deore XT derailleur, this is an excellent top-tier setup from Shimano. The rear cassette has a reasonably wide range of 11 to 36 teeth across 10 speeds, narrow-wide teeth on the 42-tooth steel chainring help keep the chain from jumping, and the derailleur is equipped with Shadow Plus which helps provide cleaner shifting as well as limiting derailleur movement and helping to reduce the risk of damage. Rounding things out is the full plastic chain guard keeping the entire drivetrain safe and clean, and the chain itself is an Ebike-specific chain designed to handle higher levels of wear and tear
  • Shimano hydraulic disk brakes with dual-piston calipers provide excellent stopping power, hydraulic brakes provide instant response and require very little force to actuate compared to mechanical brakes, and 180mm/160mm front/rear rotors provide good heat dissipation
  • The frame is rock-solid sturdy, if you watch the video review you can see me coasting at 32mph downhill, completely stable with only one hand on the grips! I did only test the high-step frame so it’s possible that the mid-step version of this Ebike might have a bit more frame flex… although I would expect it to be just as sturdy, based on my experience with the low-step Ultimate T10 last year
  • The integrated cafe lock is a great safety feature that is easy to engage and useful if you need to lock your bike for a short period, such as a quick run inside the store or just when running around at the park with friends. It runs a bolt through the rear wheel preventing anyone from just jumping on the bike and taking off, and AXA also offers a lot of accessories that connect into the cafe lock allowing you to then lock it to a rack or other solid object. The key for this cafe lock is keyed to like with the battery lock, allowing you to use just one key for both
  • Seamless integration of the Bosch PowerTube 500 battery into the downtube, this is a nice perk of the PowerTube as it allows manufacturers to customize the fit and finish a bit more. I appreciate the two-step removal process that helps to keep the battery a bit more secure, as well as the placement of the charging port: high up on the frame where it is out of the crank arm “danger zone”
  • Bosch has a variety of displays and they all have their tradeoffs, I am a big fan of the Purion because it’s less obtrusive, very easy to read in any light setting, and it keeps things simple! It does only show basic information but that does include a range estimate that I have found to be fairly accurate, much more useful than the five-bar battery meter which can be a bit frustrating when trying to estimate how much riding you have left
  • Another Ebike-specific component is the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires, a great fit for a speed pedelec like this. Reflective sidewalls for maximum side visibility, top-tier puncture protection, and a nifty hybrid tread pattern that is more efficient when riding on flat surfaces while providing more traction when turning
  • The T10+ shares many components with the original T10… but not in the motor department! Here the T10+ is equipped with the fourth generation of the Bosch Performance Line Speed, capable of much higher speeds and higher levels of torque, assistance, and supported cadence. It is incredibly responsive, gathering over 1,000 readings per second while measures torque, cadence, and wheel speed, and it’s also lighter than ever before at just 6.6 pounds! For more details on how this motor stacks up against other Bosch motors, check out the Bosch Ebike Systems Motor Comparison on the EBR Forums
  • The SR Suntour Mobie suspension fork is a nice upgrade from the mono-shock suspension on the original T10, this air suspension fork provides 80mm of travel with clicks for progressive lockout and preload adjust, it provides an excellent amount of cushion for riding on rougher roads at high speeds. I think it also looks great from a visual standpoint with the black anodized stanchions complimenting the frame primary color
  • Ride comfort is further helped by the premium Selle Royale Essenza saddle and ergonomic rubber grips, the grips are also locking and won’t twist around if you bear down on them
  • I loved the original Ultimate T10 for how it performed as a mixed-use bike, working well for riders ranging from casual to trekking. The T10+ tips the scale further in the trekking and touring direction with a more aggressive forward riding position and a dual-battery option, but it will still perform great for commuters and more casual riders, especially those that loved everything about the original T10 except for the slower Class 1 status
  • Integrated lights are always a plus for convenience, and it’s even better when they’re high-quality like the ones we get here! The AXA Blueline headlamp has side cutouts for safety and is powerfully bright at 50 LUX, the rack-integrated taillight from Hermans has four LEDs and is visible even in daylight, I recommend riding with lights on even during the daytime to help make yourself more visible to traffic
  • Full-length fenders are constructed from aluminum alloy which means none of the rattling that sometimes happens with plastic fenders, plus more durability than steel fenders which can ding and rust. The fenders are mounted securely and also have a toe-strike guard on the front
  • The rack is mounted on top of the rear fender but surprisingly sturdy thanks to the steel supports that run along the inside of the fender and connect to the frame, this rack features a bungee clamp that comes in handy for securing smaller items without needing to carry extra tie-downs, plenty of mount points if you are using those other tie-downs, and a slightly higher-than-average weight limit of 27kg (55lb)


  • The saddle and handlebars don’t have quick-release and will require tools to adjust, this is especially missed on the saddle if you share this Ebike with someone else and need to adjust the saddle height frequently. Interestingly, there are quick-release skewers on the wheels, while this will help to make maintenance easier in the event of a flat tire… that isn’t going to be a frequent occurrence thanks to the durability of the Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires, and premium tire and wheel components like these can be a theft target when they are so easy to remove. To help discourage this I recommend always engaging the cafe lock and a chain or cable lock through your wheels in addition to your other locking components
  • The Purion display is the most basic of Bosch’s displays, it is not removable which leaves it more exposed to weather or getting damaged at bike racks, there is no USB charging port for powering your phone or additional lights while riding, and it lacks some of the more enhanced features of other displays like the Intuvia or Kiox. These upgraded displays are interchangeable so a Gazelle dealer should be able to upgrade these for you, and you could also check out Bosch’s newer Smartphone Hub (now called the Bosch SmartphoneGrip) for even more features
  • I love the cafe lock but I do wish that you didn’t have to leave the key in while it is unlocked, this makes it easier to lose the key since it’s not on your keychain. You could put it on your keychain, of course, but then you’d have your whole keychain rattling around in the cafe lock when riding… not a good solution! My recommendation is simply to get a small carabineer to leave on the cafe lock key so that you can easily attach and remove it from your keychain
  • The lack of throttle and use of a Bosch mid-drive motor means this Ebike may not be a good fit for riders with knee sensitivity that need some extra help from the motor when starting out. Bosch’s motors are incredibly responsive and the assistance kicks in quickly, but it does require some effort when starting out, and the torque sensor means that in order to get extra assistance you have to press harder on the pedals, this is compared to a cadence-sensing system that only requires cycling the cranks around with minimal effort
  • The range extension option is awesome to see… but it’s not available on the mid-step frame, which is a bummer for those who might want both the extra range and the approachability of the mid-step design
  • No derailleur guard which would help protect it from damage in the event of bumps or a tip-over, although this is a minor issue since the derailleur has Shadow Plus – this limits the derailleur movement and keeps it positioned in closer to the bike, as opposed to protruding on the side and being more exposed the way most derailleurs are


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