rad power bikes

  1. Lobzik

    Hello from North Jersey !

    Hey, I own 2 e-bikes; Radrunner (from rad power bikes) and Juiced HyperScorpion Express. RadRanner is 1 speed affordable utility e-bike but that is it. I spent $$$ upgrading it and now I'm selling this 'beast' ;) . You can't compare it to the Juiced HiperScorpion. It is a well build...
  2. aj_preller

    Which is better? Rad Power Bikes or Ride 1 Up?

    I have been interested in buying an E bike recently and I am wondering which is the best bike for a cheaper price? I am interested in: Ride 1 Up 700 Series XR Ride 1 Up 700 Series ST Rad Power Bikes Rad City Rad Power Bikes Rad City Step Thru If someone could please help me and tell me which...
  3. M

    Narrowing down choices. . .

    New to the forum--very helpful resource! Forgive me for any naiveté; I'm in the information-gathering stage and there's a whole lot I don't know. I bought a Radwagon for my wife a couple years ago, which we love. I understand it's not a high quality piece of cycling machinery, but it serves...
  4. J0nG0m

    EU RadRhino 2018 + Upgrades

    So after long time of reading about ebikes decided that I just had to buy one and get things rolling... The interesting part was that I wanted a cargo bike, and 'the one' that had everything that I wanted was the 2018 R&M Multicharger, here in Finland that means close to 5000€, yes you could say...
  5. O

    Rad Rover Bike Repair Stand Made from a TV Stand

    I had hard time trying to find a heavy duty repair stand for my Rad Rover. Most stands are not built to handle 60+ lbs. I came up with another solution taking an older heavy duty TV monitor stand with a bike repair clamp by Park. Park Bike Repair Clamp...
  6. Barkme Wolf

    My Odometer Reset On It's Own?

    I just passed 6000 miles on the Radwagon (maybe 6200 or so) but today it says 4 miles. What gives?
  7. Barkme Wolf

    Freedom (RAoK Video)

    Years ago when I drove a car, I would often stop if it seemed I could be helpful. Unfortunately it was sometimes impossible due to traffic. Then when I started commuting by bus it was rare I could stop. Now that I ride a Radwagon, I do whatever pleases me at the time. My boss doesn't hassle me...
  8. shawn wolowicz

    New RadCity, wrong fork? Would love for you to opine

    Hi folks, newb to the forum. I'm not a mechanic of any kind and I haven't worked on a bike in years, but I think my new RadCity may have come wither the wrong fork attached. The fork appears to be way to wide for the wheel provided. The very outside edges of the threaded part of the axle BARELY...
  9. Barkme Wolf

    Broke 5000 miles on my Radwagon in just over 1 year

    5000 miles and still going.
  10. MysticalFists

    Help Me Choose A Fat Tire Ebike - RadRover / Yukon / M2S / Hype / ETC

    Howdy, First time poster, although I've been watching Court's videos and reading all your reviews for like 2 months now, and I'm getting closer to biting the bullet. Hell, I'd already have bought my RadRover if they were still in stock, but I'm still having to wait a week. Since I'm waiting...
  11. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking (Butterfly) Handlebars- Anyone use them?

    I am thinking about getting some of these Trekking handlebars. Has anyone else used them?
  12. Barkme Wolf

    Radwagon Derailleur system upgrade suggestions

    I want to upgrade the shifting system on my Radwagon. Any advice would be nice- :) Although I am usually dirt poor, I have a few dollars to put into the bike. I am getting a Thudbuster seatpost and a Diamond Back pillow top saddle. Looking into changing out the handle bars as well. Most...
  13. Barkme Wolf

    RadWagon 3000 Mile Review

    After 3000 miles the RadWagon is still running great. I used to drive a 65 Ford Falcon Ranchero- This feels like the bicycle equivalent but without the gas fumes. Pros: Solid construction- Have had no issues. Reliable- After a disastrous run of flat tires (4 in the first month) I...
  14. Barkme Wolf

    Best Day!

    Had to take my RadWagon into Rad Power because my battery mount was slipping. Getting it back today and from what they say, they have done me R-I-G-H-T! I think they are hooking me up with new spokes and a tune up along with the battery fix. My spokes were trashed after 2,800 miles in the first...
  15. Solarman08

    I like the Rad Power Radcity ebike - What other models in that style can you recommend?

    I've just spent hours watching reviews on your site. Thanks for your great reviews. I was thinking of building an eBike, but I didn't think I could build one that has the features I found on the Rad Power Radcity that your reviewed and save money. I'm 5' 11 and weigh ~ 190 lbs and looking for...
  16. Will Hunter

    SF Bay Area Maintenance

    Hi All I recently got a Rad City, which has been a lot of fun. However, there are couple things that I think i'd like checked out by a professional. I assembled the bike after it arrived in the box. The back wheel came already attached, to the frame, but I am concerned the disk brake isn't...
  17. Barkme Wolf

    HELP! Need to buy spokes

    I need to re thread my rear wheel and am having much trouble finding new spokes. Last time I tried to let my LBS order something for me they did the old bait and switch (I didn't fall for it though) so I want to order them myself. This is for a rear wheel with a hub motor on the Radwagon (Link...
  18. BVC

    RadRover details - Video requests!

    Hey everyone - I'm on vacation for the next two weeks and looking for some fun projects to work on. I own a RadRover and Kuat NV 2.0 hitch rack that I'd like to do some follow ups on and bring content that is either non-existant or limited elsewhere on the web. If anyone has any requests that...
  19. goose2die4

    Charging with a inverter ?

    I like to go camping and want to use my bike more than one charge. Anyone know how big of a inverter (DC to AC) I would need to charge my Rad Rover ? Thanks Keith
  20. Barkme Wolf

    Got HIt By a Car

    Had my first collision with a car. I was in the bike lane, the driver made a right turn into a driveway. She came from behind, passed me, paced me in her blind spot but before I could slow down she turned and THEN put on her blinker. This happened a few days ago and although I did not feel...