2014 Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser Review


Technical Specs & Ratings



Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Class 2




Mechanical Disc



480 Wh

480 Wh

59 lbs / 26.79 kgs

More Details

Upright Relaxed

1 Year Components, 3 Year Battery

United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe



(Wheelbase 46 in)

Black, Coral, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Bottle Cage Bosses on Downtube, Welded Rear Rack with Spring Latch

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Front with 160 mm Rotor, Dia-Compe Band Rear, Tektro Levers with Electronic Cutoff

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The Comfort Cruiser is one of Pedego’s original designs, dating back to 2009, and the Step-Thru variation is meant to be easier to mount and ride for smaller individuals. The bike is simple, sturdy and powerful but less sophisticated than some of the newer designs offered by Pedego and others. That’s part of its charm and what makes it a wonderful choice for tours and rentals. It performs somewhere between a bicycle and a scooter, leveraging a twist throttle design that doesn’t require any pedaling to move. The fun colors, optional upgrades, friendly dealer network and solid warranty make this a high quality offering despite its more limited feature set.

What you aren’t getting with this design is a fancy LCD computer console showing your speed, distance or precise battery level. Instead, you get a red on/off button and three LED’s (green, yellow and red) approximating how much capacity is left. There’s not pedal assist option, no fancy suspension forks and only six gears but as mentioned before… this keeps the bike simple to operate. Six speeds is enough to climb hills or reach medium speeds but it’s not so many that the derailleurs require regular tuneups or that the chain will bounce off. It’s a happy medium.

The motor driving this electric bike delivers 500 watts of direct drive power. It’s a gearless design that is very durable, quiet and smooth and it’s built right into the 26″ rear wheel. One downside to any hub motor design is that wheel and tire maintenance gets a bit more complex with the hub motor in there. For this reason, Pedego has added quick connectors to their wires here and just after the throttle. This hub motor is a bit larger and heavier than a geared equivalent might be but there’s still room for the 6 speed cassette and a band brake. Note that on the front wheel there is a disc brake which provides more stopping power. It’s a minor trade off and works well enough.

The battery driving the Step Through Cruiser comes in three variations including two 36 volt options offering 10 or 15 amp hours of capacity (more amp hours = greater range) and one 48 volt 10 amp hour option. The chemistry of the cells in the same and consists of Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 which is known for enduring a greater number of charge cycles, offering a greater energy draw rate and superior thermal and chemical stability providing greater safety than something like Lithium Cobalt which is used in consumer electronics but weighs less. The battery pack itself is removable for easy charging inside or at the office if you use this to commute. The casing has a button to activate the rear LED light and one to display how full the battery is (similar to the LED indicator on the throttle).

In 2014 the rear rack design was updated and now fully encloses the battery pack offering improved style, stability and rack mounting options. It also has a spring arm built in so you can secure basic items like clothing or papers without the use of a bag. Overall I like the design and appreciate that it’s welded directly to the main frame (adding strength and reducing the possibility of vibration loosening over time) however, the larger tubing is not standard and may not work with all panniers. I’ve had good luck with the Basil Elements set. It’s worth calling out that this and other ebikes that position both the motor and battery at one end of the bike tend to be more difficult to lift because they tilt backwards. The removable battery makes this easier (since it weighs ~8 pounds). Keeping weight lower also improves balance and the new rack does this to an extent but is still higher than some other electric bike designs.

To sum it up, this is a fun electric bike that’s easy to operate and very durable. Not only is the design solid, the company behind it is very supportive and that extends to their network of dealers. Pedego has created a culture of fun with meetups and group rides, custom paint jobs accessories and even wood accents being produced by owners and fans. With a relaxed upright riding position and easy to use drive system this bike is very enjoyable to cruise on but not optimal if you plan to pedal along regularly due to the larger seat and body position. It’s perfect for individuals looking to relax while getting a stretch and the upgradable battery means it can be one of the most powerful ebikes around.


  • Powerful 500 watt motor is smooth, quiet and capable for climbing moderate hills – also very durable
  • Six speed drive train is durable (requiring fewer tuneups), easy to manage and less likely to have the chain fall off
  • Twist throttle control is foolproof, the bike is very approachable and good for rentals
  • Welded rear rack design is sturdy, functional for mounting bags or panniers and protects the battery pack
  • Battery pack is removable for convenient charging and features a built in LED light and one-touch LED capacity indicator
  • Step through design is easy to mount and smaller than full sized Comfort Cruiser, great option for petite riders (consider the 24″ Cruiser for very small riders)
  • Several battery options including 36v 10ah or 15ah or 48v 10ah for increased power and range
  • Oversized handlebars, oversized tires and large seat with rubber bumpers smooth out cracks and bumps when riding
  • Pre-Slimed tubes are durable, designed to reduce punctures and slow leaks
  • Full range of colors to choose from, optional tire upgrades, optional fender upgrades


  • Rear heavy design places the hub motor and battery pack at the back end of the bike, battery is also mounted higher up which is less stable
  • Single disc brake design (band brake in rear) provides a bit less stopping power
  • Throttle only operation is simple to use and durable but less versatile than if it also had pedal assist
  • Direct drive motor is heavier than geared equivalents and is not setup to offer regenerative braking
  • No LCD display console for precise batter level readout, speed or range – limited to two LED panels with rough battery level readouts
  • Key has to be left in the battery pack in order to operate the bike

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