Cruiser Style Electric Bikes

Offering a relaxed, upright seating position with larger tires and soft wide seats. Perfect for relaxed riding on pavement surfaces.


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City Style Electric Bikes

Traditional frame designs built for pedaling and keeping the rider safe and clean on the streets. Most have fenders and some have lights.


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Electric Road Bikes

For those who want to pedal, even though they've got a motor on their bike, these bikes offer lots of gears and aggressive positioning.


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Electric Cargo Bikes

Built with heavy duty racks and tougher frames, these electric bikes can haul a load or accommodate child seats and trailers.


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Electric Mountain Bikes

Capable of handling off road conditions, usually includes a shock absorber and knobby tires. Not all are mountain capable however.


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Electric Bike Kits

Want to build your very own electric bike? These kits include the motor, wheel, battery and control systems to get you started.


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Folding Electric Bikes

Compact and light weight, these electric bikes break down quickly and easily making them perfect to stow in a closet, RV or boat.


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Other Electric Bikes

These are your motorized trailers, electric tricycles, recumbent electric bikes, tandems and moon lander style ebikes.


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Affordable Electric Bikes

Ebikes are espensive but these models all cost less than $2K (most are under $1,500) keep in mind that can mean lower quality.


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