IZIP E3 Peak+ Review

Izip E3 Peak Plus Electric Bike Review
Izip E3 Peak Plus
Izip E3 Peak Plus Compact Bosch Cx High Torque Motor
Izip E3 Peak Plus Removable Bosch Powerpack 400 Battery
Izip E3 Peak Plus Removable Bosch Intuvia Lcd Display
Izip E3 Peak Plus 120 Sr Suntour Xcr Air Suspension Fork
Izip E3 Peak Plus Kenda Havok Plus Sized Tires
Izip E3 Peak Plus Aluminum Alloy Pedals Adjustable Pins
Izip E3 Peak Plus Hardtail Emtb
Izip E3 Peak Plus 10 Speed Shimano Deore
Izip E3 Peak Plus Bosch Four Amp Electric Bike Charger
Izip E3 Peak Plus Electric Bike Review
Izip E3 Peak Plus
Izip E3 Peak Plus Compact Bosch Cx High Torque Motor
Izip E3 Peak Plus Removable Bosch Powerpack 400 Battery
Izip E3 Peak Plus Removable Bosch Intuvia Lcd Display
Izip E3 Peak Plus 120 Sr Suntour Xcr Air Suspension Fork
Izip E3 Peak Plus Kenda Havok Plus Sized Tires
Izip E3 Peak Plus Aluminum Alloy Pedals Adjustable Pins
Izip E3 Peak Plus Hardtail Emtb
Izip E3 Peak Plus 10 Speed Shimano Deore
Izip E3 Peak Plus Bosch Four Amp Electric Bike Charger


  • A mean looking cross country style hardtail electric mountain bike, beautifully integrated battery pack and motor keep weight low and center, has rear-rack bosses!
  • Locking removable battery pack can be charged on or off the bike, the display is also removable and has a Micro-USB port for charging portable electronics
  • Sturdy tapered head tube, 120 mm air suspension fork, rigid thru-axles with Boost for plus sized tires, available in two frame sizes for improved fit
  • Decent price point for a Bosch powered ebike, offers the Powerpack 400 vs. newer 500, mid-level Shimano Deore drivetrain, 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with quad piston calipers

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E3 Peak+



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Urban, Trail, Mountain

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Year Comprehensive, Lifetime Frame


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

51.7 lbs (23.45 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.4 lbs (2.44 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminium Alloy, Hydroformed

Frame Sizes:

17 in (43.18 cm)19 in (48.26 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

Medium: 17" Seat Tube, 28" Stand Over Height, 22.5" Reach, 75.5" Length

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Matte Black with Gloss Black Accents

Frame Fork Details:

SR Suntour XCR Air Suspension with 120 mm Travel, Compression Clicker with Lockout, Rebound Clicker, 73° Slack Angle, Boost 110 mm / 15 mm Thru-Axle with Quick Release

Frame Rear Details:

Boost 148 mm / 12 mm Thru Axle with Quick Release

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Threaded Eyelet on Fork Arch

Gearing Details:

10 Speed 1x10 Shimano Deore Derailleur, 11-40 SunRace Cogset

Shifter Details:

Shimano Deore Dyna-Sys Two-Way Triggers on Right


Aluminum Alloy Cranks, 175 mm Length, 18T Narrow-Wide Chainring with Alloy Bash Guard


Aluminum Alloy Platform, Oversized with Adjustable Pins


FSA, Tapered 1-1/8" to 1-1/2"


Alloy, 7° Rise, 31.8 mm Bore, 70 mm Length


Alloy Flat, 700 mm Length

Brake Details:

TRP Slate T4 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Rotors, 4 Piston Calipers, TRP Slate T4 Textured Levers with Adjustable Reach


Velo Flat Rubber, Locking


Velo Racing

Seat Post:

Aluminum Alloy, 74° Seat Tube Angle

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

31.6 mm


Alexrims MD50, Alloy, Double Wall, 50 mm Width, 32 Hole


Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge, Black with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Kenda Havok, 27.5" x 2.8"

Wheel Sizes:

27.5 in (69.85cm)

Tire Details:

Max 25 PSI, 30 TPI Casing, Wire Bead

Tube Details:

Presta Valve


Rubber Slap Guard, Alloy Vented Motor Protector Skid Plate


Locking Removable Battery Pack, 1.6 lb 4 Amp Charger, KMC X10e High-Torque Chain (Rust Proof)

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Bosch Performance Line CX

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

350 watts

Motor Torque:

75 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

396 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4 hours

Estimated Min Range:

30 miles (48 km)

Estimated Max Range:

65 miles (105 km)

Display Type:

Bosch Intuvia, Removable, Adjustable Angle, Grayscale, Backlit LCD


Speed, Assist Level (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), Battery Level (1-5), Odometer, Trip Distance, Estimated Range, Clock, Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time, Shift Assist Recommendation

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad with Tactile Feedback on Left (Up, i, Down), 5 Volt Micro USB Port on Display

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Measures Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence and Pedal Torque, Power Output Relative to Pedal Input: Eco 50% 40 Nm, Tour 120% 50 Nm, Sport 210% 60 Nm, Turbo 300% 75 Nm)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

Written Review

IZIP completely updated their hardtail trail bike, the Peak, going from the 2016 season to 2017. The price did rise $300, but in my opinion, it looks a lot better and is definitely using a smarter, more durable electric drive system. Moving from TranzX to Bosch brings shift detection which reduces drivetrain wear, faster pickup, and a lighter battery. The motor controller measures wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque 1,000x per second making it one of the most efficient systems I have tested. Ultimately, if you shift properly, you get more range per charge and the bike rides more naturally. The previous model used a TranzX M07 motor which just measured cadence and didn’t feel as fluid. In addition to looking great, the new Bosch system is forward compatible to work with the latest Powerpack 500 battery as well as the original Powerpack 400 which is included with the Peak+ here. Both batteries are compact, can be charged on or off the bike, and are easy to carry around thanks to a little loop at the top. Note that the pack requires a bit of effort to push and click onto the frame, especially when it’s new. I immediately noticed how custom the IZIP E3 Peak+ frame was on this bike, notice the custom tubing for inset battery and angled motor. Drive system weight is positioned low and center, where you need it for optimal handling and clearance. Ground clearance is also higher to deal with rocks and other obstacles one might encounter on the trail. And the bike comes in two frame sizes! Some of the mid-level lower priced electric bikes forego sizing because it costs more, but I feel that IZIP hit a perfect balance here with price and options. And regardless of size, notice the sloping top tube which allows easy stand over. The seat post is fairly long and highly adjustable, measuring 31.6 mm in diameter, this post is a bit sturdier than the traditional 27.2 mm and could easily be swapped out for a seat post suspension like the Suntour NCX for improved back and neck comfort.

Driving this electric mountain bike is an internally geared centerdrive from Bosch. It’s their high-torque CX model which is rated up to 75 Nm peak output and now features eMTB mode if you get your shop to help upgrade the software to the latest version. What eMTB mode offers is a full range of power output and a torque sensor feel. It’s perfect for “Just riding” when you’re in varied conditions like trails. One moment you’re pushing softly because the ground is hard packed and smooth, then you’re pushing harder to scale a rocky incline… and the motor responds naturally. You don’t have to think about clicking an arrow for more or less assist, it just does its own thing. So the motor is rated at 250 watts nominal but peaks above 500 watts and is one of my favorites. Shops all around the US tell me that Bosch is reliable and my experience with the product has been good. I often wonder about long term maintenance because my ride tests are short and usually company marketing reps are on hand to make sure there are no problems. It’s great to have a second source of less biased feedback saying the motors are good too, and that’s what the shops do. Note that the motor is tipped up, built into the downtube and seat tube, and uses minimal plastic shielding. It’s sleek and compact in appearance but still has an Aluminum alloy skid plate along the bottom to protect from rocks and other obstacles. IZIP took an additional step to keep the motor functioning properly by using a narrow-wide tooth chainring and adding an alloy bash guard/guide. This keeps the chain on track, reduces slips, and helps to protect your pants. I did notice some clicking and sticking, however, and have heard some riders in the UK comment on chain suck for some Bosch drive systems. I’m not sure if it would be an issue here but the 10 speed Shimano Deore drivetrain felt great and offers good mid-level performance. it’s more than enough range to climb and maintain 20 mph top speeds, the top assisted speed here is 20 mph making this a Class 1 trail-legal electric bike.

Powering the bike is a standard Bosch Powerpack 400 with minimal graphics. It would be super easy to replace in the future if you completely wear it out or happen to damage or lose it. The battery only weighs 5.4 lbs and fits snugly into an inset on the downtube. Notice the cup shape towards the bottom of the pack that blends it into the rest of the frame visually. This is in stark contrast to the 2016 IZIP E3 Peak which left the battery hanging in mid air. The top tube is a lot lower on this latest version, making the bike easier to mount and less dangerous to almost-crash on. I have found myself jumping off the saddle last minute to put my feet down and it’s nice to have some squatting room before you rack yourself. Anyway, there wasn’t enough room for a bottle cage here and getting the pack on and off can feel a little tight. On the left side of the downtube, just below where the battery starts, there is a rubber plug that covers and protects the battery charging port. Yes, you can charge the battery on the bike and while it takes a bit more finessing to get the plug into this large hole, I love how well the plug protects the area and how nice it all looks from the side. Just be very careful with that rubber plug because it would be easy to set down and forget. Perhaps in the future, they will include a little leash connector like a lot of cars have on their gas caps.

Operating the E3 Peak+ is very straightforward. You charge the battery and press power on the Bosch Intuvia display panel. From here, the display sparks to life listing several important stats which are large and easy-to-read. The main stat is your current speed, above it is a five-bar battery infographic, and to the side is your current assist level. You can interact with assist by arrowing up or down using the independent button pad mounted near the left grip. This pad is within reaching distance so you don’t have to take your hand off while riding to use it… you might not even need to click at all if you get the eMTB mode working (which takes the place of the second to highest Sport level). I tend to ride in Tour mode when I’m on relatively flat trails or urban environments. And that’s the sweet thing about the E3 Peak+, it includes rear rack bosses so you could add a disc brake compatible rack! I would totally do this myself, and use the bike as a weekday commuter with light trail potential. And one of the cool features about the display, if used in this capacity, is that you can take it with you. Say, you’re parked at a bike rack with no plugs nearby and possibly rain, other bikes, and random strangers passing by. You’d want to lock the frame, rear wheel, front wheel, and saddle (since these all have quick release) and then take the battery and display inside for filling and protection. The bike is mountain capable with its tapered head tube, thru-axles, large knobby tires, and trail geometry but can do so much more.

Taking another look at the bike, note the integrated cables and all-black dark grey color scheme. I love how well this works with the stock Bosch motor and battery. This is an electric bike that approaches stealth mode (where people can’t tell it’s electric) but gives you the convenience of removable and upgradeable systems. I love the way some Bulls bikes look with their integrated batteries but wonder how long they will be supported? This is an ebike that you could take beyond trails for a bit of all mountain riding because the plus sized tires reduce vibration (this is what the Peak+ name comes from btw) and smooth out hits along with the 120 mm air fork. The Alex rims are extra wide, so the tire won’t roll from side to side and this also gives it a flatter surface area which can handle soft terrain. They custom engineered and welded on a wide yolk to keep the rear wheel closer to the seat tube, keeping the ride nimble. You get Boost (wider axles) for a strong spoke bracing angle, and you get some very nice 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with quad-piston action. These tend to be slightly heavier but offer great power for stopping and wicking heat away from the rotors. At just over $3k and weighing in at just over 50 lbs, this e-bike checks a lot of boxes for me personally. I like how it looks and appreciate how truly capable it is, even if you don’t need it for off-road riding. Big thanks to IZIP for partnering with me on this post, inviting me out to their headquarters to test a bunch of models back to back, and introducing me to the product manager so I could learn about some of the custom design features (like the yolk and battery interface).


  • The E3 Peak Plus just looks amazing, I love the all-black, limited graphics and logos, and the big plus sized tires, it’s my favorite looking IZIP in the 2017 lineup
  • Beautifully integrated battery and motor, notice how they are embedded into the frame to smooth out the lines, add protection, and raise clearance, the alloy skid plate below the motor casing is vented but should provide great protection against rocks and other obstacles
  • Wide Alex MD50 rims allow the tires to spread out at the top and run with lower pressure without unseating as easily, they are extra tough and should work well on trail and all mountain rides
  • Strong tapered head tube and rigid thru-axles on both wheels offer control and strength, the axles are slightly longer with Boost technology to allow for a stronger bracing angle with the 27.5″ wheelset and more space for the plus sized tires
  • Available in two frame sizes for improved fit and comfort, longer 350 mm seat post with QR collar enables a wide range of adjustment, sold through dealers so you can take a test ride
  • Both the battery pack and display panel can be quickly and easily removed to lighten the bike, charge, or store separately
  • The E3 Peak+ comes with the Bosch Performance Line CX high-torque motor for sporty zippy feel and improved climbing power, you can update the display panel software with your dealer to enable eMTB mode (Sport level assist becomes more like a torque sensor with a full range of power output from very low to very high, this allows you to not have to switch assist levels at all while riding mountain terrain)
  • The frame comes with rear rack bosses so you could purchase a disc brake compatible rear rack and use it for urban commuting during the week, I love setups like this because they are comfortable and sporty, can go anywhere, and still offer utility
  • They had to custom engineer the yolk (where the bottom bracket connects to the chainstays) to be wider for the plus sized tires but also strong enough to handle increased forces of the motor and trail riding conditions, this yolk allows the rear wheel to stay closer to the center of the bike vs. a longer bent yolk and that makes the bike handle better
  • If you purchase this bike primarily for urban riding and want to change the feel from hardtail to full suspension, you can find several great suspension seat posts that fit the 31.6 mm diameter used here, the Thudbuster ST is pretty affordable and won’t raise your standover height much
  • Minor point here but the pedals are pretty great, wide, stiff, and adjustable traction points (little set screws that you can raise or lower), the only thing is that they will cut your shins if you do slip off
  • The 18 tooth chainring uses a narrow-wide pattern which fits perfectly into the narrow and wide sections of the chain, this increases grip (reducing chain slip and drops)


  • Maybe it’s just me but the fork slack angle seemed a bit high (angled forward), as if this bike was intended for enduro or downhill vs. cross country, this makes the steering feel a bit looser and slower
  • Plus sized tires do add a bit of weight and drag because of their increased surface area, this will impact range a bit and of course, they make some buzzing noise on pavement
  • The Bosch center drive motor is efficient and very responsive but it also produces some whirring or whining noises at high RPM, especially the CX version because it’s zippier
  • Not really a con but consider swapping out the quick release hardware or using multiple lock systems if you do get a rear rack and use this for commuting, the wheels and seat could be stolen easily if you don’t
  • The top tube is angled down pretty aggressively which allows for a lower standover height but it also makes for a tighter frame triangle which makes the battery a bit tighter to get on and off (since it clicks in from the top) and there aren’t any bottle cage bosses for fluids, consider a hydration pack or saddle rail adapter like this
  • The battery port is covered by a rubber plug that you can take out to make room for on-bike charging, the thing is… it doesn’t have a leash and would be easy to set down and forget, and lose
  • It seems like some of the Bosch batteries can be difficult to click into place when the bike is new, I appreciate that it’s tight because this reduces rattling later on, but if you don’t click it all the way in, it could fall off and get damaged so just be careful
  • The chain made a bit more noise and seemed to stick to the chainring (in part because of the narrow/wide tooth setup) I have heard some owners of Bosch powered ebikes say that if the drivetrain gets really muddy you can end up with chain suck so I could see that happening here (chain suck is when the chain doesn’t let off of the chainring and gets sucked upwards possibly jamming or jerking the derailleur)


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  • MSRP: $1,899
  • MODEL YEAR: 2009

A relaxed, comfortable and stable cruiser style electric bike with integrated downtube-battery that keeps weight low and center. Smooth torque sensing pedal assist is responsive but requires more care when working on the…...

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Dan Mata
7 years ago

Have seen the Bosch CX motor described as 250 watt nominal in other reviews, and the motor comparison graphic on their website shows the CX motor in 250 watt only. So this is a 350 watt version of the CX motor? I know the Bosch motor used on used on the 28 MPH pedalecs are rated 350w.

Court Rye
7 years ago

Hi Dan! It’s really confusing… in my experience, the motor hardware is the same for all versions but the software is slightly different. They originally designed it to meet European specifications which is 250-watt nominal but the US market is all about big numbers and the peak output for the CX is somewhere around 530 watts… so calling it a 350-watt motor is sort of true and in fact, the CX may be a 350-watt nominal. I was given some literature a while back but don’t have it on hand. The peak Newton meter output is 75 which is telling. This is a capable motor, in my experience, if you switch down to a low gear, the motor will keep the rear wheel turning to the point where the road is so steep that the tires slip. If you aren’t in a low gear, however, it may fade or stall on the steepest terrain. I hope that helps and sorry for the confusion :/


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