Haibike XDURO Nduro Pro Review

Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Electric Bike Review 1
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sprocket Equalizing System Bosch Mid Drive
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Side View Swing Arm
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Carbon Fiber Bar Bosch Intuvia Display
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Bosch Centerdrive Gen 2
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Cane Creek Angleset Tapered
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Fox Ctd X Kashima 180
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Kind Shox Remote Drop Seat Post
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Mavic Crossmax Enduro Wts Tires
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sram Guide Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sram Xx1 Derailleur
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Thru Axle Mavic Rims
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Ebike
Haibike Geometry Chart
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Electric Bike Review 1
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sprocket Equalizing System Bosch Mid Drive
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Side View Swing Arm
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Carbon Fiber Bar Bosch Intuvia Display
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Bosch Centerdrive Gen 2
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Cane Creek Angleset Tapered
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Fox Ctd X Kashima 180
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Kind Shox Remote Drop Seat Post
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Mavic Crossmax Enduro Wts Tires
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sram Guide Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Sram Xx1 Derailleur
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Thru Axle Mavic Rims
Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro Ebike
Haibike Geometry Chart


  • Premium downhill capable electric bike with 180 mm travel on front and rear Fox air suspension, available in four frame sizes for improved fit
  • Excellent weight distribution, Bosch-made Centerdrive motor and battery kept low and center on the frame, quick release on front and rear wheels for convenient trail maintenance
  • Pro-level components including oversized SRAM Guide RSC hydraulic disc brakes 200/180, light weight Mavic Crossmax wheelset and remote Kind Shox seat post dropper

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XDURO Nduro Pro


$9,100 USD

Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Trail, Mountain, Downhill

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


5 Year Frame, 2 Year Motor and Battery


United States

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

49 lbs (22.22 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.5 lbs (2.49 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

Frame Material:

6061 Aluminum Alloy, Hydroformed Tubes, Gravity Casting Interface

Frame Sizes:

17.7 in (44.95 cm)(Seat Tube Stays the Same, Top Tube Length Changes for S, M, L and XL)

Geometry Measurements:

S (560 mm Top Tube), M (575 mm Top Tube), L (590 mm Top Tube), XL (605 mm Top Tube)

Frame Types:


Frame Colors:

Brushed Aluminum with Matte Yellow and White Accents

Frame Fork Details:

Fox 36 Talas RC2 FIT Kashima with 180 mm Travel, 20 mm Thru Axle

Frame Rear Details:

Fox CTD X Kashima with 180 mm Travel, 142/ 12 mm Axle

Gearing Details:

11 Speed 1x11 SRAM XX1, 10-42T

Shifter Details:

SRAM XX1 Triggers on Right Bar


The Hive, Exalite R Forged Aluminum


XDURO Freeride, Platform


Cane Creek Angleset, Tapered


Thomson Elite X4


Thompson Downhill, Carbon Fiber

Brake Details:

SRAM Guide RSC Hydraulic Disc with 200 mm Front Rotor and 180 mm Rear Rotor, SRAM Guide RSC Levers


XLC Enduro Vice Grip


Selle San Marco Concor Kevlar

Seat Post:

Kind Shox LEV-DX, Remote Drop

Seat Post Diameter:

31.6 mm


Mavic Crossmax Enduro



Tire Brand:

Mavic Crossmax Enduro WTS, 26" x 2.4"

Wheel Sizes:

26 in (66.04cm)


Aluminum Alloy Chain Guide, Sprocket Equalizing System (S.E.S.) Tensioner


Quick Release Wheels (Front and Rear), Locking Removable Battery Pack with LED Charge Level Indicator, SRAM XX1 Chain

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Bosch Gen 2

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

350 watts

Motor Torque:

60 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

11 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

396 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

3.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

35 miles (56 km)

Estimated Max Range:

60 miles (97 km)

Display Type:

Removable Backlit Grayscale LCD


Speed, 4 Assist Levels, Battery Voltage, Odometer, Estimated Range, Clock, Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad with Tactile Feedback, Stem Mounted

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Combined Torque, Cadence and Speed), (Eco 50%, Tour 120%, Sport 190%, Turbo 275%)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

Downhill bicycle riders enjoy “bombing” mountainous terrain… Weaving through single track, through the trees and across rock fields where no other bikes could survive. They require smaller light-weight wheels that are nimble with large knobby tires and long travel suspension to soak up the bumps. They need to be reinforced with tapered head tubes and larger hydraulic disc brakes that won’t fade with extended use. They also usually require a chairlift or van… to really focus on downhill riding and avoid the long strenuous climb that can sap rider energy and trigger knee pain. With the advent of electric bikes, freeriding (where the rider goes up and down themselves, reaching otherwise less-accessible terrain) has completely changed. The Haibike XDURO Nduro Pro offers ~30 miles in turbo-assisted climbing range per charge (and more than 60 miles on flat terrain). It’s a leading product with top of the line “pro level” components and at $9,100 it is one of the most expensive ebikes I’ve ever tested. Cyclists who know their stuff will appreciate the light weight Fox air suspension, Thompson Downhill carbon handle bar, Mavic wheelset and Kind Shox remote-drop seat post. I’m not much of a downhill rider myself but I do know electric bikes and the drive system offered here is one of the best available right now in the USA. It is extremely responsive (fast to switch on and off), surprisingly powerful (outputting 275% of matched rider power in Turbo mode) and very well balanced (motor and battery are low and center on the frame). With four frame sizes to choose from and a solid two year warranty (five years for the frame itself) it’s easy to see why this bike won second place in the European MountainBike magazine in 2014. That is, it was recognized as the second best mountain bike around, human powered bikes included.

The centerdrive system on the Haibike XDURO Nduro Pro consists of a 350 watt geared centerdrive motor developed by Bosch. This is one of the best motors around in my opinion and is quite capable of climbing even the steepest off-road terrain while still achieving impressive range. The adjustable fork improves climbing ability on this bike because it can actually be shortened on the fly, reducing bob and wheelies. The motor is activated with a smart sensor control unit that measures your rear wheel speed, pedal cadence and pedal torque ~1,000 times per second! Instead of turning one of the bicycle wheels directly, as a hub motor would, the Bosch Centerdrive spins a small sprocket that pulls the chain and leverages gears in the rear cassette for improved climbing ability or top speed. Note that the smaller front sprocket does not require the rider to pedal faster, it’s actually geared to rotate ~2 times for every pedal stroke. It doesn’t introduce significant drag to the system and can be used as a normal bicycle in non electric mode, you could even take the battery pack off to reduce weight if you wanted to. The true benefit to the smaller ring is that it allows the motor to operate at more efficient RPM’s and deliver more effective torque. One possible downside to mid-drive motors like this is that they can increase the strain and wear on your chain and cassette but the Bosch system minimizes this because it has shift detection built in. It automatically lets up when it senses that you’re shifting gears and this reduces mashing. I’ve tested other Haibikes more thoroughly than the Nduro and had the chance to take them on trails in Colorado. What I found was that I used the motor to climb but shut it off on the way down and even on some flat sections. If you left the motor on constantly but rode in the lowest “Eco” mode, the range and performance are very impressive… like 60+ miles impressive. One big question people often ask is “how loud is the motor” and what I’ve found is that noise output depends on which mode you’re using and which gear you’re in. It’s the loudest in Turbo mode while pedaling in a low gear because it’s spinning faster. When riding on trails I often power down when passing people to be polite but what I’ve been told by friends is that even when left on the sound of my wheel on the dirt and rocks actually muffles the sound of the motor in most cases. Hopefully the video review above helps to give you some idea but note that the frame-mounted shots tend to exaggerate the sound as it gets passed through the frame and into the camera microphone.

Powering the motor here is a Bosch Powerpack 400 battery (that actually delivers 396 watt hours of juice). It’s a beautiful looking battery that’s easy to charge on or off the bike in ~3.5 hours and the locking core (made by ABUS) is sturdy with each key being securely unique (it’s a routed in-cut key like many cars use). The battery pack itself has a set of five LEDs built in so you can quickly determine the charge level whether it’s on or off the ebike. I recommend charging the pack after at least one bar has been used or before storing for long periods of time. It’s wise to top it off ever three months if you haven’t used it and storing it in an environment that doesn’t get too hot or cold will also help it last longer. In general, keep it between 20% and 80% capacity to avoid straining the cells. The batteries inside the pack are 18650 size and contain a Lithium Manganese chemistry that’s valued for being light weight and durable. These are the same cells used in electric cars like the Tesla Roadster or Model S and of similar high quality. While the battery pack is not fully integrated into the downtube, it’s less expensive to replace because the same pack is used across the entire Haibike line (and other systems running Bosch for 2014/2015). Unfortunately, the pack and rear swing arm suspension point do take up the space where a water bottle cage might otherwise mount and that means you’ll probably want a CamelBak or similar hydration system. The battery should last for 1,000+ charge cycles if cared for but if you do need a replacement (or decide to get a second for extended range) Currie Technologies offers them for ~$600. For maintenance concerns or support note that Haibike is supported through Currie Technologies and Bosch is supported through Magura in the US.

The control interface on the Nduro Pro electric bike is the same as all other Bosch systems for this generation. It shows speed, distance traveled, battery capacity remaining, timer and range estimation for each of the four assist levels. It’s really neat to see (on the fly) just how far the range estimator thinks you can go because it empowers you to plan accordingly and pop the battery off for a quick charge if needed. You can usually get the pack to ~80% capacity in just an hour and a half. In addition to the removable backlit LCD screen (which has four buttons surrounding it including power, reset, information and lights) there is also an independent button pad that lets you go up or down in assist modes. I like the tactile clicking feedback it produces as you navigate because once you get used to it, you really don’t have to take your eyes off the trail to navigate and control the bike. The Intuvia display is one of my favorites on any electric bike because it can be swiveled forward and back to reduce glare and is completely removable for parking in public spaces or simply reducing wear and weight. It even has a micro USB port on the right side which could be useful for powering some small portable electronic devices. If you’re someone who does a lot of trail riding at night, I’ve seen shops that offer to integrate lights to run off the main battery pack and the display has a switch setup to turn them on or off (which also turns on/off the backlight on the display itself, regardless of integrated bike lights).

It’s easy to fantasize about this electric bike but given the price point, not everyone will be able to justify the expense. For those who want the same high performance drive system from Bosch, beautiful Haibike frame design with hydroformed tubes and gravity casting interface and are willing to go with lower-specced components… consider the Haibike XDURO Ndoro RX for downhill or the Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5 for cross country. They’re both excellent full suspension offerings and while none of them offer throttle mode, that’s almost preferable for trail riding where you don’t want to compromise your grip or over complicate the cockpit area. As shown in the video above, this bike operates smoothly, won’t dig up the trail and stays relatively quiet under power. The motor is strong and amazingly responsive so it really feels like an extension of you rather than a powered machine. Growing up in Colorado I would occasionally visit ski areas in the summer months and take the gondola up with a rental bike to bomb down. It was a blast, truly a rush of adrenaline and an experience that would have been difficult to replicate without spending hours hiking up. With the advent of ebikes like the Nduro Pro and RX, just about any mountain becomes accessible and you don’t have to spend the drive time or chairlift money to make it happen. There were always hard core riders who would actually pedal up and then bomb trails but with some knee injuries I’ve experienced snowboarding and surfing, that just isn’t an option and frankly, I’d rather focus on the fun parts with a bike like this.


  • Excellent long travel air suspension by Fox that is light weight and rugged with great adjustability (climb, trail, descend on rear shock CTD)
  • High and low speed compression adjustment on the fork (right dial) as well as a length adjuster on the left to reduce wheelies when climbing
  • Proprietary Sprocket Equalizing System (SES) reduces chain kickback, keeps the chain from slapping the rear stay when riding on rough terrain and reduces drops, the chain itself has teeth that alternate from narrow to wide which helps reduce slipping
  • The hydraulic disc brake rotors are enormous with 200 mm in the front and 180 in the rear for improved leverage, stiffer thru-axle design keeps brakes and wheel aligned under pressure
  • Seat post dropper with remote activation is perfect for on the fly body position adjustment, drop the seat when bombing downhill sections so you can use your legs as shock absorbers then raise it instantly for climbing and spinning on flats
  • Quick release on front and rear wheel makes the bike easier to break down when transporting it in your car and comes in handy for trail maintenance, also makes the bike less intimidating to work on
  • Excellent range thanks to the efficient centerdrive motor that leverages the rear cassette and high performance Lithium-ion 396 watt hour battery
  • Great torque output, this bike can climb very well in Turbo mode when you’re pedaling with a lower gear
  • Battery pack locks to frame for security using a quality ABUS core, it can be charged on or off the frame for convenience or to reduce weight if you’d like to ride this as a normal bicycle, pack also includes an LED charge level indicator
  • Intuitive display panel that’s large, easy to read and removable – the stand alone button pad is easy to reach without taking your hand off the left grip and “clicks” when pressed for tactile feedback (you don’t have to look down when riding)
  • Stiff cranks, peformance wheelset, decent aluminum alloy platform pedals, rigid frame for good power transfer when riding, tapered head tube for strength and a carbon fiber handle bar for reduced vibration and weight
  • Impressive 11 speed cassette with SRAM XX1 components offering a comfortable cadence at many speeds, 10-42 teeth on cassette sprockets
  • Great customer support and warranty from Currie Technologies in the US (part of Accell Group which owns Haibike)
  • Four frame sizes offer better fit for a wider range of riders (40cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm)
  • Shift detection helps reduce wear on the chain and sprockets, the bike experiences less mashing and is easier to ride as a result
  • Beautiful paint job, brushed aluminum with matte yellow and white accents, all cables and wires are run through the frame which reduces the potential for snags when riding or hauling this bike


  • The most expensive Haibike in the line, you get pro-level components but pay a big price compared with the Nduro RX or FS RX 27.5 models
  • The battery pack takes up the space where a water bottle cage might otherwise mount and there isn’t one on the seat tube due to the rear suspension setup, consider and aftermarket accessory for the saddle rails or grab a CamelBak
  • No throttle mode, this bike only offers pedal assist (like all Bosch powered systems) but will get a better range than if it did, top speed is limited to 20 mph
  • The brake levers do not include a motor inhibitor but the drive system is more responsive than others I’ve tested so it hasn’t been an issue


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3 years ago

Hey, love your reviews and videos, but the frame sizing is not correct, Nduro RX/Pro has one frame height (43 cm). The differece in size, is only the top tube length.
http://www.haibike.de/produkte_detail_en,72221,21185,detail.html under geometry.

3 years ago

Interesting, thanks for the heads up Dan… I double checked the Haibike manual for the Nduro Pro and did see that the seat tube is listed as 17.7″ for every size. After reaching out to Currie I found that you are correct, the seat tube stays the same and only the top tube length changes :)

phil furlong
2 years ago

would like more info thankyou

2 years ago

What kind of information would you like Phil? I’ll be reviewing new Haibike models in the Spring and can try to dig in deeper for you if you provide a bit of feedback here :)

2 years ago

Há representantes no Brasil?

2 years ago

At this time, unfortunately, I am not sure! I have never been to Brazil but my guess is that there are very few representatives there at this time. You may be able to order online and have one shipped :)

Neste momento , infelizmente, eu não tenho certeza ! Eu nunca foram para o Brasil, mas meu palpite é que há muito poucos representantes lá neste momento. Você pode ser capaz de encomendar online e ter um enviado :)


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Ravi Kempaiah
1 min ago

I carry my lunch and laptop so carrying another set of shoes is unnecessary (with clipless) So, I have been using wide platform pedals.
My first few bikes had wellgo's... they are Ok and inexpensive. Both Shimano saint and CrankBro 5050 are fantastic. The bearings are definitely better quality and for your usage, they will be perfect.

6 hours ago

Yes! But i also really enjoy the research. The nerd in me loves it!

I linked pro-e-bike because elcykelguiden have done that, dunno if that makes it legit or not.

No answer from Sunstorm yet! Im really interested in the B2 model. If you stop by and get a hold of him i'd like to know whats up.

7 hours ago

Nice with some fellow swedes here! The ebike sales in Sweden has really increased alot since the government subsidy was introduced.

I would check out pro-e-bike.se on the site https://www.allabolag.se/5562402015/heat-engineering-technology-europe-ab before deciding to buy from them. The economic numbers doesnt look that good.

Have you got any response from Sunstorm? I might stop by their shop (Batteridoktorn) and check it out.

8 hours ago

I am also in the market for pedals.

I like platform pedals how did they impact your riding compared to the cheap trap mtb pedals coming with haibike?

I was almost set on shimano saints but there are many reviewers complaining about clicking noise after a short period of time.

Because of that I am leaning towards chesters which seem to be perfect in terms of long term durability.

I will be mostly commuting mostly on roads and sometimes on trails.

9 hours ago

Both ends. It's a smaller diameter wire so it makes sense to me. Looking an Andy's build I guess it isn't a problem.

9 hours ago

The pleasures of build-to-order. ;)

That being said I had to wait 2 months for my Haibike, and the guys who bought the same model the year before had to wait a whopping 9 months due to production issues! At least you have a fixed date...

rich c
14 hours ago

Remember that battery life falls off in the winter. Also be aware that the battery capacity probably won't maintain 28mph for 40 miles, even in the summer. It takes a ton of energy to push the rider through the air at that speed. Bike maintenance will be about the same on all bikes at that price range. Commuting in winter takes a lot of special personal gear, same goes for rain. Rain is not supposed to be an issue, but I have no experience riding my Haibike in a driving rain. You get much snow in the winter? You'll need studded tires for that. Not sure about battery life. In the winter, you'll have to charge at work. So 2 charges per day, and then charging every day when it's warmer. I guess it may go 2 years at that rate. You'll need a couple sets a brake pads a year, probably a chain and all gears once a year. Maybe 2 sets of tires each year.

16 hours ago

Yes, they've had that posted for awhile. I was assuming another production run was forthcoming. I check their Facebook page from time to time as they seem to be better about posting info there.

19 hours ago

I bet someone is busy building it right now...

Frank D
19 hours ago

l do have a Bosch ebike. Someone told me that the o ring in the bottom bracket is weak. And not only the center drive motor does get sprayed, but the battery connection to. That's why l thought about a Strömer because the system is more integrated to the frame...

23 hours ago

Thanks @Nova Haibike , that's good to know! Upon further inspection though, I think I can just move the sensors over to my current brakes with some after market magnets and a new hole for the sensor from the ebike kit. I'll try that first before spending more cash. Happy it's not an actual button and switch but this magnetic thing. Will see how it goes.

24 hours ago

@John from Connecticut

Thank you, I actually did just that tried two bikes both were, however, Haibikes at my LBS (2 hours away) which were recommended and neither jumped out at me.

11 months ago

A real Mtn biker with real Mtn bike tastes. The demands of the trail are real and forth telling. A cheap trail or mtn bike will not perform or last. Same thing applies to MTN ebikes. The extra weight demands higher end and rugged components. For 2-3 lbs, sacrificing weight for strength is my motto. Go for lighter/small battery and stay 350 or less watts when riding to support a good hour ride, but less weight.

Eddie recommend KTM, but he is in Britain.

bob armani
12 months ago

Hi Ravi-
I was at Lenny's website and the following link is not directing me to these bikes. Is it currently down? Thanks!

For All 2016 Haibikes Now on CLOSEOUT!Click the Bike Below

Ravi Kempaiah
1 year ago

The Full Seven S Pro is a bike that has the Bosch Performance speed motor. The tilted up motors are Bosch CX drives but the speed motors are just horizontal. There is no Bosch speed motor in the CX version. Some of the BULLS bike have the speed motor tilted up like this one but still they are not the CX version though.

We bought all the remaining stock of Haibike Full Seven S Pro in medium and large size. If you are unable to find the "medium-45cm" or "large-50cm" size, feel free to reach out. We have quite a few of them in stock.


Regarding the Xduro Nduro Pro, it will be an overkill for pavement riding. It's heavy duty mountain bike that is designed for extreme performance (180mm travel etc, SRAM XO). Other than that, it's a great bike. I have a hardcore MTBiker friend who has been riding this Xduro Nduro Pro for few weeks and he absolutely loves this thing.

If you want a fast bike that can handle both trails and pavement, S Pro would be a better choice. With the Schwalbe Super Moto X tires, they can be turned into a very versatile machine.

Ravi Kempaiah
1 year ago

All are great bikes!
It comes down to what you personally like the best.

1 year ago

I ride technical trails on a regular trail bike (Giant Trance X 0 29er). I love the bike. I would also like an e-bike with the most trail capability.

My only experience is that I converted an old hard-tail to an e-bike with a 1500 watt pedelec hub-motor and 1000 wh battery behind the seat, and it was fun on the street, but it was terrible on trails. Unridable really, due to the weight and balance of the battery and motor. Also, the direct drive would not be good for off-road climbing. Battey and motor should be mid-bike and as low as possible, and battery should be about a 500 wh. I sold off the parts.

So I have decided a few things that I want in my next e-bike.

1. Must have a mid-drive - like Shimano, Yamaha, Bosche, or Brose.

2. Must have stealth look with well integrated motor and battery.

3. Must have torque-sensing and a pedal feeling be as transparent as possible without awkward surging.

4. 250, 350, 500, or 750 watts are all ok. I don't mind at all if it is 250 as that will be lighter, save battery power, and I am happy to pedal.

5. 15 or 28 mph are both ok. I would prefer 28, but not if the bike is worse in other ways.

6. Prefer compatibility with 3.0 inch tires (650B+).

These are the bikes I have found so far that look like what I want, but I have not ridden any of them. Which are the most trail-capable and have the most natural pedal feeling?

Giant Full-E+
Haibike XDuro NDuro Pro $5,800
Lapierre Overvolt AM 900+ £6400
Moustache Samedi 27 Trail Limited £7600
Rotwild R.X+ FS €6,999
Scott E-Genius 700 Plus Tuned $5,400
Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED £6,099
Specialized Turbo Levo FSR (Four trim levels - $4500 to $9500)

3 years ago

Dear Chris Nolte,

I am desperate for answers! to very technical questions on 2016 USA Haibike model ( XDURO Nduro PRO ), the 180 mm travel bike, NOT the 200 mm ( XDURO DNWHILL PRO ) model.

Please reply directly to my e-mail address MRHVAC@AOL.COM to communicate one on one with each other if possible?

PS: Time is a factor...I am ready to spend almost $10,000 TODAY! on 2015 model or wait till 2016?

from Florida.

3 years ago

updated today.

3 years ago

Have already spoken to USA sales director @ HAIBIKE & found web-site for European model bikes, but need technical data on 2016 USA models?
If anyone has local or out country #, or web-site that I have not found? Have most of questions answered but, have most important ones not?
The bike that I want really needs to be special ordered or mortified at supplier / factory...A XDURO Nduro PRO - 180MM travel not the DWNHILL PRO with 200MM travel, double crown fork.

Eruo Website
Eruo bike

Any Help would be appreciated, but no I think so answerers or not needed!
Please give me a support phone #, sales director has not or cannot help enough?
MRHVAC = MR. Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning.

3 years ago

My information was based on the percentage being sent back by dealers to Bosch. What I don't know is how accurately they counted, if their customers' use is representative or if there are geographical differences (e.g. UK vs US). For that reason I did to want to quote figures as it may paint an excessively harsh or lenient view. I find it discourteous when you call me a basher. I have bought three Bosch Haibikes in the last year and after my first experience of the Rotwild I may be adding a fourth Haibike (a 2015 Xduro Nduro Pro). I would like you to find another user who has demonstrated a greater commitment to the Bosch system. I have tried to paint a balanced view based on a realistic expectation of the bikes derived from the marketing literature and the dealers. I have repeatedly stated the areas where I have found Bosch to represent the best of implementations yet you seem compelled to respond to any criticism of Bosch. Accordingly I will bow out of this forum and leave you to your mission.

3 years ago

Updated 4/17/14
Updated 8/6/14

Here is my short list of bikes that can handle it, by weight.http://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-amt-pro/
[*]Nicolai E-Boxx2, 42 lb, 36V/11 Ahr, 350/550W, Gen2 Bosch mid drive, $5.5k
[*]Haibike Xduro AMT Prohttp://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-amt-pro/
[*]BMEBikes, 48lb, 36V/8.8Ahr, 350/600W, 8fun mid,26" wheels, 43.9k
[*]Haibike Xduro FS RXhttp://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-amt-pro/
[*]*http://electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/neo-jumper/, 48 lb, 36V/9Ahr, 350W, BH geared rear hub, 26" wheels,$4k
[*]Focus Thron Impulse Speed, 48 lb, 36V/17Ahr, 350W, Impulse II mid drive, 27.5" wheels, $7k
[*]Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro, 49 lb, 36V/11Ahr, 350W, Gen2 Bosch mid drive, 26" wheels, $9.1k
[*]Haibike Xduro AMT RXhttp://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-amt-pro/
[*]*http://electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/neo-650b-jumper/, 52 lb, 36V/12Ahr, 350W, BH geared rear hub, 27.5" wheels,$4.2k
[*]http://electricbikereview.com/optibike/r8/, 59 lb, 37V/26Ahr, 750W, Optibike MBB mid drive, 26" wheels, $12k
[*]http://electricbikereview.com/optibike/r11/, 63 lb, 48V/18Ahr, 1100W, Optibike MBB mid drive, 26" wheels, $14k
[*]http://electricbikereview.com/m55/terminus/, 65 lb, 43.2V/37.2Ahr, 3000W, mid drive, 26" ? wheels, $38k
[*][URL='http://electricbikereview.com/stealth/fighter/']Stealth Fighter[/URL], 75 lb, 48V/20Ahr, 3000W, dd rear hub, 24" wheels, $7.9k
[*][URL='http://electricbikereview.com/stealth/fighter/']Stealth Bomber[/URL], 116 lb, 72V/20Ahr, 4500W, dd rear hub, 24" wheels, $9.9k

* Not for heavy off road use.

3 years ago


Updated 4/17/15

4 years ago

Updated 8/6/14

Jerry Pierce
5 months ago


5 months ago

Sure thing Jerry, I am now putting price in the video titles too, to help out ;)

7 months ago

This color scheme needs to be a standard with Haibike bright loud colors!!! Version 2.0 in 2019? I say yes

J Clar
11 months ago

no tested torque, top speed, time to speed, or real world range. Time to charge. Recommended maintenance. How well does it coast. Problems reported by owners and dealers.
No basics, so, finding all these reviews totally missing and useless, I had to go to my dealer and ride 12 different bikes before deciding on my kalkhoff. Also he's not talking to dealers about reliability and support, which is how I decided on mine vs Stromer, Haibike, ESV, Reise and Muller. I had to spend two afternoons at my dealer really learning about OBJECTIVE PERFORMANCE because these videos are really useless. Especially mounting a camera on the chain stay and filming a ride. What on earth does that show or prove.

Thomas Klee
11 months ago

Do you think the CX motor is louder than the performance motor (as seen in the video)?

Daniel Johnston
2 years ago

I have been looking for a bike like this! I was planning on the stealth bomber, but the speed is just too dangerous. I desire to remain in the legal rules of my province's regulations for motor assisted bikes. This bike is perfect and only has a 20mph top speed with the motor. I won't kill myself, and cops will leave me alone. Thank you for the video.

Potato awa
2 years ago

Please review the new one

2 years ago

can one pedal backward like a regular bike?

2 years ago

Love the reviews keep it up. Can you also review the haibike hard seven Sm please..try

Cutler Cycles
2 years ago

Excellent review Court!

2 years ago

Ohh i like the look of this bike! Its gorgeous!

Restraining Dylan
3 years ago

ive heard that on a normal bike you can actually ride faster than the ebikes because the ebikes are heavy and the motors arent really powerful enough is this true ?.

Mitchell Davis
5 months ago

The battery on these bike usually cut out at 20 miles per hour. It is hard to go faster than 20 MPH with most ebikse on a straightaway because the bikes are heavy with the battery. A very fit person on a carbon bike will be able to go faster than 20 on a straightaway. Ascending steep hills is where these ebikes really shine.

2 years ago

+Blake Garvey I have one, its fantastic!

alex z
3 years ago

can you give me the name of the dealer that sales this bran of ebike. i want to get the haibike xduro allmtn pro 2015 model. thank you for the videos and kip it up. but pleas can you give me the name of the dealer.

Terry Brightwater
3 years ago

Nice review ;0) When are you planning to review the 2016 Pro Downhill Model? Seen some pics today! It looks awesome :0)
Thanks for posting ;0)

White Pawn
3 years ago

Bought one of these bad boys, and bought a touch display for the front with gps, music ect. Its so nice :3

Barnabás Szakál
3 years ago

Are those pedals serious on a 9000$ freeride bike? :D

3 years ago

+Barnabás Szakál I think so, this bike was tested at the Accell North America / Currie Technologies headquarters in Southern California. There have been moments where a model had the wrong pedals or grips or saddle but usually they try to get it right for reviews :) also, if your comment was more about quality, I'd say that on a bike like this many people replace stock with clips and instead of trying to guess which style people would want they just went with a generic platform. Which pedals would you recommend for something like this? This bike is super fancy compared to what I usually ride and my knowledge on downhill is admittedly limited.

3 years ago

Your reviews are very helpful and they offer many information , what would make your videos even better I believe would be if you had a camera mount for your head or you chest to show some POV footage when you ride the bike

3 years ago

Yes I found it interesting because with the frame mounted shots I could see the suspension how it was absorbing the bumps

3 years ago

+12Achilleas Thanks for the feedback, I've got a couple of new accessories that might help with future videos. Did you like the frame mounted shots that I did on this bike?

Matthew Sherman
3 years ago

love this bike

brighton dude
3 years ago

It is expensive but I think that it is good to spend money and keep the product for longer as long as it is reasonable value for money. Keeping things for longer makes sense environmentally I think. If you keep a bike for a long time and don't keep replacing it then there will have been less manufacturing in total.

Gardener Rob
3 years ago

Wow that bike looks amazing! I would be scared to ride a $9100 bike but it must be beautiful to ride. Its like they have thought about every possible thing they can do to make this the most perfect electric mountain bike and they've not only done that they have done it 100 times better!

3 years ago

What the helmet do you use? :-)