BULLS Cross E Review

Bulls Cross E Electric Bike Review
Bulls Cross E
Bulls Cross E Bosch Active Line Mid Drive Ebike Motor
Bulls Cross E I Rack With Spring Latch Pannier Blockers Battery Slot Fuxon Led Light
Bulls Cross E Adjustable Angle Stem Ergonomic Grips Bosch Intuvia Display
Bulls Cross E Sr Suntour Nex E25 Spring Suspension
Bulls Cross E 10 Speed Shimano Alivio Drivetrain
Bulls Cross E Rack Mount Bosch Electric Bike Battery Powerpack 400
Bulls Cross E Plastic Chain Cover
Bulls Cross E Rear Mount Adjustable Kickstand Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Bulls Cross E Bosch Ebike Battery Charger
Bulls Cross E Stock Mixte
Bulls Cross E Stock Diamond
Bulls Cross E Electric Bike Review
Bulls Cross E
Bulls Cross E Bosch Active Line Mid Drive Ebike Motor
Bulls Cross E I Rack With Spring Latch Pannier Blockers Battery Slot Fuxon Led Light
Bulls Cross E Adjustable Angle Stem Ergonomic Grips Bosch Intuvia Display
Bulls Cross E Sr Suntour Nex E25 Spring Suspension
Bulls Cross E 10 Speed Shimano Alivio Drivetrain
Bulls Cross E Rack Mount Bosch Electric Bike Battery Powerpack 400
Bulls Cross E Plastic Chain Cover
Bulls Cross E Rear Mount Adjustable Kickstand Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Bulls Cross E Bosch Ebike Battery Charger
Bulls Cross E Stock Mixte
Bulls Cross E Stock Diamond


  • Well priced considering the quality Bosch-made electric drive system, four frame size choices, and three frame styles (high, mid, and low-step)
  • Integrated LED lights and premium Continental tires with reflective sidewall stripes help to keep you visible in dark riding conditions
  • Packed with useful accessories such as fenders, an adjustable kickstand, adjustable stem, rack-mounted mini pump, and keyed-alike cable lock
  • The Bosch Active Line Cruise motor doesn't offer as much torque but operates more quietly and conserves energy, rack-mounted battery positions weight high and rear vs. low and center

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Cross E



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Neighborhood, Urban, Commuting, Touring

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Years Motor and Battery, 5 Years Frame


Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

59.2 lbs (26.85 kg)

Battery Weight:

5.8 lbs (2.63 kg)

Motor Weight:

8.8 lbs (3.99 kg)

Frame Material:

7005 Aluminium Alloy

Frame Sizes:

17.7 in (44.95 cm)18.9 in (48 cm)19.7 in (50.03 cm)20.9 in (53.08 cm)

Geometry Measurements:

Wave: 18" Stand Over Height, 22.5" Reach

Frame Types:

Step-Thru, Mid-Step, High-Step

Frame Colors:

Matte Black with Gloss White and Blue Accents

Frame Fork Details:

SR Suntour NEX-E25 DS HLO Spring Suspension, 63 mm Travel, Lockout Adjust, 100 mm Hub Length, 9 mm Skewer with Quick Release

Frame Rear Details:

142 mm Hub Length, 9 mm Skewer with Quick Release

Attachment Points:

Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

8 Speed 1x8 Shimano Alivio RD-T4000SGS, 11-34 Tooth Cassette

Shifter Details:

Shimano Acera SL-M310 Triggers on Right


SR Suntour, 170 mm Length, 18 Tooth Chainring


Wellgo 884DU Plastic Platform with Rubber Tread


Semi-Integrated, Threaded, 1-1/8"


Alloy, 90 mm Length, Quill 180 mm, Adjustable Angle 0° to 60°


Alloy, 600 mm or 620 mm Width, 25° Up, 37° Sweep Back, 25.4 mm Bore

Brake Details:

Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Front Rotor and 160 mm Back Rotor, Tektro Levers with Adjustable Reach, Two-Finger


Velo Rubber Ergonomic


Selle Royal Freeway City

Seat Post:

Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

350 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

30.9 mm


Bulls DDM-1, Double Wall, Alloy, 36 Hole


Stainless Steel, 14G Front 13G Rear, Stainless Steel, Black with Nipples

Tire Brand:

Continental E-Contact Reflex, 42-622, 28" x 1.6"

Wheel Sizes:

28 in (71.12cm)

Tire Details:

73 PSI Max Inflation, Reflective Sidewall Stripe, Safety Plus Puncture Protection

Tube Details:

Presta Valve


i-Rack with Spring Latch and Slide Holes (25 kg Max), SKS Rookie Mini Pump, Rain Force Plastic Fenders, Plastic Chain Cover, AXA Cafe Lock, Flick Bell on Right, Integrated 6 Volt LED Headlight, Integrated Fuxon LED Back Light, AXA Cable Lock (All Locks Use the Same Key), Adjustable Length Kickstand, Sticker Slap Guard


Locking Removable Battery Pack

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Bosch Active Line Cruise

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Peak Output:

500 watts

Motor Torque:

50 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

36 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

13.4 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

482.4 wh

Battery Chemistry:

Lithium Manganese Cobalt

Charge Time:

4.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

40 miles (64 km)

Estimated Max Range:

130 miles (209 km)

Display Type:

Bosch Intuvia, Removable, Adjustable Angle, Grayscale, Backlit LCD, (Hold Reset and i to Enter Settings)


Speed, Assist Level (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), Battery Level (1-5), Odometer, Trip Distance, Estimated Range, Clock, Max Speed, Average Speed, Trip Time, Shift Assist Recommendation

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad with Tactile Feedback on Left, 5 Volt 500 mA Micro USB Port on Display

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Combined Torque, Cadence and Speed Measured 1,000 Times Per Second), (Eco 40% 35 Nm, Tour 100% 40 Nm, Sport 150% 45 Nm, Turbo 250% 50 Nm)

Top Speed:

20 mph (32 kph)

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Written Review

Depending on your frame of reference, $2,800 may not sound like a bargain price, but considering the Bosch motor, upgraded 500 watt hour battery pack, advanced Intuvia display panel, and the many frame size and style options that this bike offers… I think it’s an incredible value. The Bulls Cross E is a city style ebike that would make an excellent commuting platform or casual neighborhood ride. It comes standard with nearly every accessory you could want and they all match and fit properly. It’s fairly comfortable thanks to a name brand saddle, suspension fork, ergonomic grips, and adjustable stem but starting with the optimal frame size and style should not be overlooked as they are generally not an option on cheaper products. When you combine the correct size with some well integrated comfort features, you end up with a bike that you can ride further before feeling uncomfortable, and that’s a huge deal on an electric bike rated from 30 to 100+ miles per charge. Instead of a one size fits all approach, the Cross E caters to your needs. Want the easiest frame to mount and don’t mind a bit of frame flex? Then the wave step-thru model is best… want to look a bit sportier and improve stiffness but still have an easier time mounting? Then the mixte mid-step model is best… trying to optimize stiffness, power transfer, and possibly make the bike easier to lift and hang on some car racks? Then the traditional diamond high-step is your best choice. As a guy, I love that the mixte frame looks a bit more masculine but still provides lower stand-over height and love that Bulls chose a color scheme that looks professional and appeals to both men and women. There are so many little details to discuss about this electric bicycle, and they are all listed in the stats section above and mentioned in the video, but they could be easy to overlook or not appreciate if you haven’t seen as many electric bicycles as I have. The only area I would even think about upgrading is the seat post. I’d consider swapping the 30.9 mm rigid Aluminum post with a suspension post to provide a bit more cushion because my back and neck are extra sensitive from a sports injury years ago. Keep in mind, if you think about swapping the post out, it will raise the minimum saddle height by a few inches and thus impact your fit. Only go for this if you don’t mind the saddle being a bit higher.

Driving the Cross E is an internally geared mid-motor from Bosch. It’s not their fastest or most powerful model, but it is their smoothest, quietest, and longest range because it sips power. The Bosch Active Line Cruise is the same size and weight as the high-powered Performance models but has a slightly different styled. It offers 200 watts nominal with peak 500+ watts and up to 48 Newton meters of torque. Compared to the CX motor which offers 75 Nm, it’s weaker, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Cross E was designed for smooth, paved environments where acceleration isn’t encumbered by rocks and trail obstacles. It moves efficiently, even without motor assistance, thanks to larger 700c (28″ diameter) wheels and hybrid tires. And the tires Bulls opted for here are made from puncture resistant material and have reflective stripes on the side. When you pair a locking short-travel suspension fork with those firm tires (rated to 75 PSI) you get a smooth coasting machine. I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that the Active Line motor fits the use case and build choices of the bike. Yep, it’s a bit slower and weaker, but it works just fine. And just like all of the other Bosch motors right now, it delivers shift detection to reduce strain on the chain, sprockets, and derailleur. With eight gears to shift through and a mid-level component group (Shimano Alivio), I feel that the overall pedaling experience and reliability are good.

Powering the Cross E is a Bosch Powerpack 500 rack-mounted battery (despite the demo model in the video having only a Powerpack 400). To me, this battery is almost overkill! Expect excellent range because of the Active Line motor and efficient tires. The battery contains Lithium-ion batteries that are known for being lightweight and long lasting, the pack weighs ~5.8 lbs and charges in roughly 4.5 hours from empty. You can charge the battery while mounted in the rack or slide it out and bring it into your room or office. Note that the first half of the battery charges faster and might only take an hour and a half or two to fill because the cells aren’t having to balance. Bosch offers two chargers and I cannot say for sure which one you’ll get with this ebike. They are both relatively light and compact but one puts out 4 Amps and the other just 2 Amps. Considering that this bike has the larger battery and nicer Bosch Intuvia display panel, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with the 4 Amp. And you’ll have no problem taking that charger with you because the bike comes with a really great rack. Consider grabbing a trunk bag or panniers at your local shop. And, to really extend the life of the battery, I suggest storing it in a cool, dry location. Extreme heat and cold can wear the cells down more quickly. Part of what you’re paying for on this bike is the Bosch name which promises quality and longevity. Their battery designs are backward compatible so far which makes finding and replacing packs easier. You get a two-year comprehensive warranty on the bike because that’s what Bosch offers and I hear from shops frequently that they rarely ever have issues.

To operate the bike, just charge that battery and slide it into the rack interface. Make sure it’s locked securely and then press the power button on the display panel. The Intuvia display is my favorite, now that Bosch has a smaller Bosch Purion model, because it’s easy to read and has a USB charging port built into the right side. With a cheap adapter cable you can charge your phone on the go and take advantage of the high capacity battery. The display panel is greyscale but backlit by a faint blue glow. It can be swiveled forward and back to reduce glare while riding and even removed completely for safe storage! Considering that this bike weighs nearly 60 lbs, I really appreciate the quick release wheels, seat, battery, and display panel because they make it so versatile for transport or maintenance. The display panel has a bunch of settings that can be explored by holding reset and i together once it’s on, and you can navigate through the four levels of assist that it offers by pressing + or – on the independent button pad. This pad is positioned very close to the left grip, making it easy and safe to use while riding. It produces a tactile click which lets you keep your eyes on the road vs. looking down to the display for confirmation. I usually ride efficient Bosch powered bikes like this with the two lowest levels of assist but might explore the third (Sport) here because of the weaker motor. All in all, the display interface is great except that you cannot turn off backlighting. You can press the lightbulb icon to turn the integrated lights on or off, but not the backlighting of the display.

Other highlights of this bike include a cafe lock with cable insert that uses the same key as the battery pack, integrated lights that run off the main battery, plastic fenders that have extra support arms to keep them quiet (plastic is light and durable but tends to be noisier), a well-positioned kickstand with adjustable length, a bell, and hydraulic disc brakes. Getting up to speed, being efficient, and feeling comfortable are all important but stopping is critical. Hydraulic brakes tend to be easier to actuate and in this case, adjustable-reach levers allow you to dial in fit. Whether you have small hands, large hands, or wear gloves for part of the year, these levers are going to fit you well with a bit of quick adjustment. Staying clean really matters if you’re cycling to work daily (and have to deal with wet conditions) and so, in addition to fenders, Bulls has also included a plastic chain cover to keep your pant leg clean and snag-free. It may see minor and obvious but so many other bikes don’t do this (many which are mountain or trail bikes… but some city bikes as well). Coming back to that price point, yes, it’s way more than some of the online-only direct to consumer products. But you do get something for your money here. This is an electric bike that I would expect to last longer, perform better, and be safer than many alternatives. The convenience of integrated lights that won’t be left on accidentally or stolen so easily is great. The list of Pro’s and Con’s below goes into more details and links to some good accessories but the vast dealer network of Bulls retailers can also help you to get this thing setup right for your needs. Really think about the frame style that works best for your body and then pick the correct size. One final little note, they even threw in a mini-pump that fits into the rear rack! To me, that’s awesome, and makes this a candidate for e-bike touring. Big thanks to Bulls for partnering with me on this review and inviting me out to their headquarters for back to back test rides. It allowed for a better comparison of motors and appreciation for the differences between commuter models (of which they have several). Frame specifics for the Cross E here are: Wave: 45/50cm, Mixte: 45/50cm, Diamond: 48/53cm.


  • This is one of the most feature complete electric bikes I have tested, especially at the $2,800 price point, you get lights, fenders, a bell, adjustable kickstand, mini-pump, and a cafe and cable lock that are keyed to match the battery so you don’t end up with extra keys weighing down your keychain (you get four copies of the key vs. just with many other ebikes)
  • It offers an exceedingly comfortable ergonomic experience through a combination of basic suspension fork, gel saddle, swept-back handlebar with ergonomic grips and adjustable-angle stem, consider adding a 30.9 mm seat post suspension for even more back and neck comfort if you ride on varied terrain (but note that it will raise the minimum saddle height by ~3 inches)
  • Your choice from four frame sizes and three frame styles (wave, mixte, and diamond) allows for proper fit and confidence when riding, you can optimize for stiffness and power transfer with the diamond frame or easy-approach and stand-over with the wave
  • Sometimes, plastic fenders can rattle and produce more noise than Aluminum or Steel but Bulls has opted for nicer fenders here with additional support struts so they aren’t so loud… I did hear the kickstand chatter a bit when I went off of the curb
  • Hydraulic disc brakes tend to require less hand strength and feel smooth and powerful, you get mid-level Tektro brakes on the Cross E and the levers offer adjustable reach to accommodate different hand sizes
  • In addition to a nice set of fenders, the Bulls Cross E also comes with a plastic chain cover to keep your right pant leg clean and snag-free
  • The Bosch Intuvia display panel is large and easy to read even if you’re sitting up straight and further away, I love that it has a Micr-USB port built in so you can charge your phone or other portable electronic device while riding, use cables like this for many devices and a USB-C or Lightening cable depending on your phone
  • With eight gears and a mid-level derailleur, you get enough cadence range for climbing or cruising at the 20 mph top assisted speed, the Bosch motor offers shift detection to keep it smooth and protect the hardware a bit more than many other ebikes I have tested
  • The rear rack is impressive, it uses standard gauge tubing, which should work for most panniers, and has two slots for lower clips or bungee cords
  • Bulls is an international e-bike company with many dealers and a solid two-year+ warranty, this means the bike should be assembled more professionally, fit to you, and supported over the long run
  • Overall, I like the color scheme that Bulls chose for this model because it’s gender neutral and professional, the black cables, grey battery, and motor casing all blend into the black frame


  • The suspension fork is kind of basic with limited adjustability, it’s a spring design which weighs more but at least it comes with lockout so you can stop dive (when the bike tips forward under hard braking) and increase efficiency by stopping bob as you ride if the terrain is smooth
  • Weighing in at nearly 60 pounds (27 kg), this is not an especially lightweight electric bicycle, the fenders, rack, lights, kickstand, longer bars, gel saddle, mini-pump etc. all add up… but at least the battery and display panel are removable and both wheels have quick release for easier flat fixes and maintenance
  • If you opt for the wave step-thru frame style, there may be some frame flex because of the rear mounted battery (and this flex could increase if you load up the rack), it’s not the end of the world and I noticed a cross-bar reinforcing the lowest section of frame, but it is a compromise in strength to optimize for easy-mounting
  • The Bosch centerdrive motor systems use a smaller than normal sprocket which spins 2.5x per crank arm revolution and this tends to produce a bit more noise (especially at high RPM), the Active Line Cruise model is the quietest version because it isn’t as zippy or powerful as the Performance Line models but it still produces some extra noise
  • To save costs, some of the accessories are generic or off-brand including the fenders, non-locking grips, and lights but other areas are still high-end including the Selle Royal Saddle and AXA frame and cable lock
  • I didn’t have an issue with this during my test ride but have noticed that some adjustable angle stems can get loose over time if you ride on bumpy terrain, just keep an eye on the stem and consider swapping it with a rigid stem someday if you do have issues, it’s a good way to determine which angle and length you like by adjusting over time and then narrowing down and buying one that’s rigid
  • I’m not a huge fan of plastic pedals with rubber tread because they can get a little bit slippery in wet riding conditions, but at least they won’t scrape your shins if you slip off, these pedals are probably fine for urban riding and can be replaced with something like this that’s affordable and good looking
  • I love that the high-step and mid-step frames come with bottle cage bosses (and they all have a rack) but the deep step-thru model does not have them


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Of the four you listed, I would not recommend the Cannondale, because of the proprietary fork. While their Headshok is pretty reliable and easy to work on, it is still proprietary. Also, it is an ugly bike. LOL. The R&M is more expensive relative to the other two. The Bulls is the best value; it is the only one with an air fork.

A couple of other bikes that look good to me are the Moustache Friday 27 Speed and the Trek Crossrip+. I like the Moustache for its bulletproof wheels. It is a rigid bike, but to me that is a plus; it is lighter and there is no suspension to service...the tires will offer plenty of cush on their own. I like the Trek because (for me) there is nothing more comfortable for longer rides than a good set of drop bars.

Ravi Kempaiah
5 hours ago

6 hours ago

Hi Everyone!

Thank you, in advance, for reading this through and providing any insight or advice!

About 4 years ago, frustrated with the rising cost of public transportation, I decided to eliminate my dependence on it as much as possible and purchased a bike. It's a folder; Tern P24h and I've loved it. It's a workhorse and has taken all the that abuse I, and nature, could through at it. It also manages our many hills like a champ.

My ride is about 12 miles round trip. I use one form of public trans to get me in the City. It's a regretful compromise and also the reason I have a folder.

Lately I've been thinking about getting an upgraded ride for my commute and discovered the cost of a higher-end folder is close to that of an e-bike! Why pay for folding, when I could pay for power? :)

And this brings us to one of the main reasons I'd like to go electric: to exchange my current route for a picturesque, pub-trans-free route which goes up and down the Hudson River (for those who know the area). It's a 40 mile round-trip journey. I have taken this route with my folder and found that life keeps getting in the way of being able to build the endurance needed to make this a typical weekday commute.

Other reasons include just being able to take longer trips, pick up more groceries, visit friends with ease...normal stuff that probably most of us here want to do.

My budget is about $5k.

I've tried the Bosch CX, Performance, and Active line. I like Performance the best (if that's the one that reaches 28 mph).

These are four bikes I'm considering and I'd love your opinion about them, and am open to suggestions if you have a better option:

[*]Cannondale Contro-E 2017
[*]Bulls Urban Evo 2018
[*]Kalkhoff Endeavour Advance B10 Speed
[*]Riese & Muller Roadster HS

The main issue that concerns me is durability. I could put 10,000 miles on the bike in a year, in all kinds of weather and in all temperatures. Will these engines last? Which bikes are the easiest to maintain? Which need it the least?

Thank you for reading this and for offering any experiences and/or advice you have. I really appreciate it! :)

14 hours ago

"...still some models"
XM700 is listed on Trek website as 2018 ; has it been discontinued ?
I think new model line up is announced late summer ?
I'd like to see the XM700 develop into something similar to the Bulls Urban EVO ; 500 Wh battery , 700c x50 tires , Suntour fork .

2 days ago

The Swedish Bike Show in Stockholm this weekend wasnt much to write home about.

It was the big swedish retailers showing off their bikes and only some ebikes from standard brands like Scott, Merida, ecoRide, Wallerang, Crescent, Monark etc.

No smaller retailer with any for me more exciting and interesting brands where there like Bulls, R&M, Haibike, Stromer, Cube or Moustache.

I will go to Elovelo (ebike store in Stockholm) this week and test ride and compare R&M and Moustache.

The search continues!

2 days ago

Hello fellow Swedes!
So im in the same position as you are. Been researching for over a year now.
Me and my spouse have moved from the city to the more rural forests of Närke and we want to go more sustainable.
To replace the diselvan as much as possible is our goal.

I've been reading everything and watched so many reviews from different manufacturers and i can't really decide.

So this Saturday we went and bought a rawbike from "blocket" for 12k SEK. It's a class II moped, 750w, 48v 15.4 Ah. 25km/h topspeed but i unlocked it to 35km/h. It's for my spouse so she can go to the bus and home.
We have a hill that is 3.5km long and has an elevation of 150m. I have to take that one home after working 12h nightshift.

For myself i cant decide what to buy. I'd like an electric ATV but there is only kidsized ones available.

The models i have researched so far:
Haibike trekking 7.5 or 4.0 (dual battery)
R&M - all of them, but supercomuter with 2x500w is the one i think.
Bulls Evo street http://www.pro-e-bike.se/sv/elcyklar-emtb-ebike/marken/bulls-six50-evo-street.html
Scott Sub Tour 10
Butcher and bicycles cargobike

Radrhino fatbike 750w - the Eu model is not updated with the larger battery yet according to their website.

My requirements are Bosch CX and 500wh battery. I'd like a dual battery setup since i have 25km to the city and i want to make sure i can go home at max assist and speed if i need.
And yes i will buy a dongle for it if i get one.

I think there is not much that differs between these models. Motor and battery is key. The rest i "meh".

But then there is the Super soco moped with 2kw and 29Ah battery for 32k SEK with option for another battery.
With the new EU rules there is the speed bikes too. Elcykelguiden.se had an article about it and they mentioned this site:

2kw, 60v 18Ah and topspeed 60km/h for 23k and possible less if you are chosen as a testpilot. I sent an email yesterday.
I like fatbikes and have an Kona Wozo fatbike as my current MTB.

E-Bike or Moped or something in between... That is the question.

3 days ago

Have a 2016 FullSeven Xduro RC and it came with Rock Shox 120mm travel Recon solo air forks. They were OK, but nothing like the Pikes on my Bulls. Also liked the slacker 66 degree head angle on the Bulls as apposed to the 69 degrees on the RC. I found a great deal on a new 160mm travel Lyrik but wondered if installing the longer travel forks on the 120mm travel frame would mess up the geometry. Turns out it totally improved the handling far more than even hoped! Don't notice the higher BB (maybe 20mm), but it gave me about 1 degree slacker head angle and just makes the bike so much better for the rocky terrain I ride. Before the upgrade I preferred my Brose powered Bulls, but now with the new fork and the e-Mtb mode software upgrade it's a total toss up!

I'm wondering if the geometry of this series of Haibike frames are pretty much the same. A buddy has the same year Sduro AMT with 150mm front and rear suspension and it has a 68 head angle which is the same as I now have.

3 days ago

"What’s that!?!?!? It’s a mountain bike! It’s a commuter bike! It’s the Six50 E TR STREET." (From Bulls website)

Ravi Kempaiah
4 days ago


This can certainly do light off road given the 120mm travel.

6 days ago

i been looking hard at Rad products. i like the way they answer questions. I did ride an older model rad city and it was soooo nice. I also rode a BULLS EVO and that was really nice... different ride all together. I am checking used bikes now and shops that sell used. I think for noobs an accessible repair guy is key. I'm prolly going with the rad mini but its hard too make up my mind... i think carr--less folks with e-bikes are the new badass's in town

Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center
2 weeks ago

Have MT5/MT4 front/rear on my Bulls Monster E FS...one of the nicest break setups I've had. Really hauls those big meats down.

2 weeks ago

The belts are a great low maintenance feature found on several bikes. Riese & Muller is probably the largest ebike manufacturer to offer these on many of their models.

Bulls also have the 2017 Lacuba E8 that uses the Shimano Nexus / Belt set up which is great. https://shop-usa.scooteretti.com/products/bulls-lacuba-evo-e8

Once people know and hear about the benefits of going with a belt we should hopefully see more and more manufacturers producing models for the NA market. The issue, for now, is basically the price as many NA's are still very price sensitive vs many EU regions when it comes to how much they want to pay for their bikes.

But the long-term benefits of these products should actually cost the owner less to operate and certainly require less maintenance which can be very convenient for a lot of people.



Gene Keyes
2 years ago

I've been searching EBR and the Web for 16" e-bikes, and after posting that article [in Other] on the gazillions of e-bikes in China, I suspected that might be a place to look, especially Alibaba. Initially here in Canada I found something for $1,499 called EBikeBC UltraLight Foldablehttp://ebikebc.com/product/ultra-light-foldable-e-bike/ from a shop of the same name in Burnaby, British Columbia. (I'm on the other side of the continent, in Nova Scotia.) By instant message, I cross examined a support person as to whether that 24 lb. (11 kg) weight included battery; he insisted it did. It is single speed; he said the chain is rustproof steel; motor is Alkema brushless; 250 W; no carrying bag.

I was just itching for Court to get out his selfie stick and give that bike his full video treatment.

Then I went to Alibaba, which is a huge candy-store of e-bikes, and found that same one in the $400 price range

I'm still comparison-shopping for this sort of e-bike. (As mentioned elsewhere, I'm also pondering the https://electricbikereview.com/energie-cycles/excursion-2-0/, with shaft drive — but that one is twice as heavy as this!) I've bought some small cheap electronics directly from China: some good, some not so much; but haven't dealt with Alibaba on something this big. Assuming that one is not a total piece of junk, it would fit my situation: am a retiree in a nice small relatively flat town of Berwick, and only need to get around for groceries and fall scenery and such. Any comments? Nova Scotia is way off the beaten path when it comes to e-bikes, so I can't test drive these things, and must let Court do it for me.

Chicagoland Ebikes
4 years ago

Hi Brad,

Unless the more clean decal look of the Carbon is worth a grand to you…I would probably choose the Cross. Both are great bikes as BH is a great company that builds great bikes and backs them. I have asked them about toning down the decals to have more of a clean stroker look but not sure they will. I agree that the Carbon looks better, but you really can't go wrong with the Cross either. The Cross comes in 2 sizes (M 19" & L 21") whereas the Carbon is a Medium frame only….it also weighs 7-9 lbs less (if that is an issue to you). Of course the Carbon has a Carbon frame which is expensive, and a few other upgrades but I bout anything the average rider would really notice. Hope that helps. If you want to get another quote feel free to reach out info@Chicagolandebikes.com. Enjoy your Easy Motion…they are great bikes so I know you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

Electric Bike Specialists
4 years ago

Good picks. You're going to love them.

Larry Basinskl
2 months ago

Did you ever think reviewing all the e-bikes would keep you this busy? I am impressed with how many different models there out there! BTW I just bought a new 2017 E3 Dash, and am looking forward to spring here in WI.

3 months ago

Can't stand a bike that has fenders that rattle. Poorly supported and noisy fenders make me look elsewhere.

Baron Of Hell
7 months ago

I think you should try rigging your bike with c4 to deter thieves. They'll never take another bike after being blown to hell. Insurance will cover any damage to the bike.

Greg Palmer
7 months ago

There's some great things to the Bosch motor. I just sold an Electra Townie Go! Mainly because I grew to hate the top speed cutout. When you hit 19+ mph it felt as if you ran into wet cement. Too bad , great Hill climbing motor but just no fun to commute , they need to do something !

Derber Masliph
8 months ago

I like having a close look. I stay more informed with every video. Thanks man!

Aziz Messaoud
8 months ago

Why don t you make a graphene bike review

Aziz Messaoud
8 months ago

Hey .please make the super 73 scout & rose ave EBIKE PLEASEEEEEE

Michigan Mister
8 months ago

can you explain the "adapters" deal with the valve stem? also, you always mention "frame flex" with the step through's, even with the battery over the rear wheel, is it honestly such a big concern for just "cruising"? thanks buddy-

8 months ago

I think the valve is for Dunlop tubes, that's what Chris (Propel Bikes) told me. The model reviewed here does reflect the final consumer edition closely but not perfectly, I shot this in May and they have only just now begun selling them, I had a press embargo to honor so during that time little things might have changed like the inner tubes in the US vs. the sample bike from Europe. As for frame flex, I don't think it's a big deal for medium and low speeds and especially for cruising... more of a deal for mountain bikes or if you have a heavy load and start to experience speed wobble (where the front wheel shimmies and resonates with speed, ultimately crashing you). I mention it because it is a compromise or consideration... but it's relatively minor with this particular bike, and you could reduce it by opting for the mid-step or high-step frame styles.

Crazy Lenny's Ebikes
8 months ago

We have been expecting this model for few months and we are delighted to offer this to our customers. BH Xenion City Wave was one of the top sellers and once we sold out of them, we were looking for a step-thru bike that is high-quality yet affordable. BULLS has done a great job with this bike and the fact that they offer 500 Whr powerpack with this bike is really cool.

8 months ago

I agree with you, wouldn't be surprised if this became one of the more popular Bulls ebike models. How is your new store doing?

Tracey McNeel
8 months ago

Idea: An e-bike with a carbon belt drive.

8 months ago

That's a great idea! A few of them have created models that do indeed use a carbon belt drive (usually from Gates) and internally geared hubs or even continuously variable transmissions. Here's one with both: https://electricbikereview.com/riese-muller/charger-mixte-gt-touring-hs/ but there are many more on the site, just search for NuVinci or Gates :)

frank doster
8 months ago


8 months ago

Totally, this one hits a sweet spot :D

E-Biking Now
8 months ago

Looks so modern!
Will you be getting any of the eMTB from 2018 lineup?

E-Biking Now
7 months ago

True, I like that idea! That's more helpful to the consumers, and especially for us Aussies since we get things so much later. Love your work! Hope to one day see how you run all of this

8 months ago

Yeah, I sort of review nonstop but try to focus on current year models, in the case of this review I actually covered it in May but was asked to hold off on publishing until they were in stock and ready to sell in the US. My goal is to help people navigate and select from products that are ready for purchase vs. exploring what's coming or might be (like Kickstarters and stuff... even though I have done a few reviews of prototypes)

Renzo Riga
8 months ago

$2800 and cost-saving measures left and right...what do you consider the best value for money in the market today?

8 months ago

That's such a difficult question because it depends on budget and how the bike would be used. There are plenty of $1,500 ebikes that offer great value for people who don't ride as far or as frequently (see Rad Power Bikes, Voltbike, Juiced Bikes, and Magnum as the price rises)... but if you need the bike to perform on a daily basis, need, fenders, lights etc. and maybe ride further, then the Cross E here is at or near the top of the list. Again, not that these other products couldn't also be reliable and capable... they just aren't using the same systems). I'm a big fan of Bosch based on how it feels and how you interact with it as a user but I constantly hear shops saying that they are also reliable which goes a long way to earning my trust. Not just the initial purchase and support, but also backward compatibility, their Magura service partner in the USA, and their long-term support for parts and stuff, that's easy to overlook at first blush with a range of bike products with different price tags but I feel that it's important and worth paying for if you need a reliable form of transportation so to speak.

Stan Ko
8 months ago

How to order this e-bike.

8 months ago

I'm not completely sure, maybe reach out to Bulls to find a local dealer? They could order the size and style you want. Here's their website: http://www.bullsebikes.com/edealers/ if you can work with a local dealer, they will help you get fitted and offer great support, but there are some shops that also sell online if you don't live near a dealer.

James Mason
8 months ago

Good to see a new video you must be busy

8 months ago

Hi James! Yeah, I have been traveling and filming nonstop for the past three weeks. Just got to a stable place and will be publishing new videos every day, got 40+ to do in the coming month and a half before Interbike :D thanks for saying hi

Rick James
8 months ago

This one being "inexpensive"...how does that compare to the RadCity I have? I am surprised how well built the RadCity is, so wondering what an extra $1000 would get me for this BULL Cross E bicycle. Thanks!

8 months ago

Great question Rick, I feel like Rad Power Bikes is doing a great job and has solid products that seem to be holding up well. They are a leader in the space and able to sell for less because they go direct. So you end up doing more of the setup and maintenance on your own or with a possibly reluctant shop vs. a focused dealer. Some of the areas that it wins aside from having a lower price is how quiet it is and that it has a throttle (if you're okay with Class 2 vs. Class 1 where you live). I built a tool to help compare ebikes side by side and you can see the RadCity vs. the Cross E with this link: https://electricbikereview.com/compare/items/88616,91984

To help clarify, I have listed some of the differences here for you: compared to the Cross E, the RadCity drivetrain has one fewer gears, there are more exposed wires, you can't get a deep step-thru frame and even their mid-step is higher (too high for some customers who have left comments), it only comes in two sizes vs. four, it's slightly heavier, uses mechanical disc brakes vs. hydraulic which don't have adjustable levers and require more hand strength to operate, doesn't come with a keyed-alike lock, isn't as capable at climbing based on switching gears and probably won't go as far per charge despite having a higher capacity battery, the battery isn't as cleanly integrated and may not be support as long, nor are the fenders as well secured, there's no chain cover and overall, the system is just less refined... you can't remove the display and interacting with it isn't as quick or seamless in my opinion.

For someone who takes care of their bike, desires value, wants that throttle, is willing to setup themselves, fits the higher frames, appreciates the look etc. the RadCity is great. It's one of many good products on the market today and sometimes comparing is less about price or style vs. having a dealer or appreciating a different drive system. Based on my experience with Bosch and hearing from many sources, it is one of the most reliable systems out there but gearless hubs also work well and are known for being reliable too. I call the Cross E "inexpensive" in this video relative to the systems it offers more than where it's positioned in the overall market. You can get ebikes for under $1k or even make them these days... but it's difficult to find a Bosch powered ebike for under $2.5k and this one has lots of great supporting systems and sizes. I hope this helps to clarify. I'm glad you're doing well with your RadCity! It's a solid bike :)

Alfred lucky
8 months ago

Long time to see you doing this. I like it you're back.

8 months ago

Thanks Alfred! I was driving from San Francisco to Portland, Seattle, Vancouver Canada, and down to Utah. Shot 40 new models which I will be posting in the coming months on a daily basis :D

8 months ago

Way more quiet with that shift sensor. I am on a home theater pc with 7.1 surround to when I listen to your stuff it usually makes me cringe with anything you do mid drive and no shift sensor. This one I am impressed.

8 months ago

I think part of the quiet shifting has to do with the smoother, weaker, Bosch Active motor and the efficiency and ease of terrain I was riding on. All Bosch motors have shift detection but the CX models are just so zippy and powerful that there is still some mashing. Glad you liked what you heard/saw though :D

Theo Wink
8 months ago

It's the hand from the Adams family
No pun attended ..Good neutral reviews,as always.

8 months ago

Thanks! Doing my best, lots more new content on the way, some really fun unique rides and adventures mixed in with the bikes ;)

8 months ago

wow thank you for the great reviews and for getting back to me