BULLS E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 Review

Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Electric Bike Review
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Brose Trail Tune Mid Drive Motor
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Integrated Removable Bmz Battery Pack
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Ergon Ga1 Locking Grips
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Rock Shox Pike Yari Rc Suspension Fork 150mm
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Rock Shox Monarch Plus Rt
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Diamond Frame Bottle Accessory Bosses
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tires
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Shimano M615 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Shimano Deore Xt 22 Speed
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Electric Bike Review
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Brose Trail Tune Mid Drive Motor
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Integrated Removable Bmz Battery Pack
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Ergon Ga1 Locking Grips
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Rock Shox Pike Yari Rc Suspension Fork 150mm
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Rock Shox Monarch Plus Rt
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Diamond Frame Bottle Accessory Bosses
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tires
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Shimano M615 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Bulls E Stream Evo Fs 3 27 5 Shimano Deore Xt 22 Speed


  • An all-mountain electric bike with beautifully integrated battery, motor and display... it blends in more than most other e-mountain bikes I've tested and runs quiet
  • Sturdy 15 mm thru axle in the front and 12 mm axle in the rear with Boost technology on the wheels (wider axles for better chain alignment and wheel strength)
  • RockShox air suspension in the front and rear with 150 mm travel Pike Yari fork, balanced 27.5" wheelset with tubeless ready Rocket Ron tires by Schwalbe
  • Smaller display shows less detail about your ride (no odometer, max speed etc.) and the motor doesn't offer shift sensing, battery port cover doesn't stick down easily and keyhole is near crank arms

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Video Review

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E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5



Body Position:


Suggested Use:

Mountain, Downhill

Electric Bike Class:

Pedal Assist (Class 1)
Learn more about Ebike classes


2 Years Motor and Battery, 5 Years Frame


Europe, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand

Model Year:


Bicycle Details

Total Weight:

51.8 lbs ( 23.49 kg )

Battery Weight:

7 lbs ( 3.17 kg )

Motor Weight:

6.61 lbs ( 2.99 kg )

Frame Types:


Frame Sizes:

16.14 in ( 40.99 cm )17.32 in ( 43.99 cm )19.29 in ( 48.99 cm )

Frame Material:

7005 Aluminium

Frame Colors:

Matte Black with Gloss Grey and Neon Yellow Accents

Frame Fork Details:

Rock Shox Pike Yari RC 27.5 Solo Air, 150 mm Travel, 15 mm Maxle with Quick Release and Boost

Frame Rear Details:

Rock Shox Monarch Plus RT, 120 mm Travel, Rebound Adjust, 12 mm Thru Axle with QR

Attachment Points:

Bottle Cage Bosses

Gearing Details:

22 Speed 2x11 Shimano Deore XT, 11-40T

Shifter Details:

Shimano Deore XT Triggers on Right


FSA Cranks, 38T / 28T


Wellgo Alloy Platform, Cage Style


FSA Tapered 1 1/8"


7° Angle, (70 mm, 80 mm)


Low Rise, 720 mm, 25 mm Rise, 9° Bend

Brake Details:

Shimano M615 Hydraulic Disc with 180 mm Ice Tech Rotors, Shimano Levers


Ergon GA1 EVO Locking, Flat


Selle Royal Seta M1

Seat Post:

Aluminum Alloy

Seat Post Length:

300 mm

Seat Post Diameter:

30.9 mm


HC-30D 32 Hole


Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge Front 13 Gauge Rear, Black

Tire Brand:

Schwalbe Rocket Ron, 27.5" x 2.25"

Wheel Sizes:

27.5 in ( 69.85 cm )

Tire Details:

Tubeless Ready, Folding, EVO Liteskin, Trail Star 3

Tube Details:

Presta Valve


Velo Battery Protector Pad


IP56 Ingress Rating, Boost Adds 10 mm to Hub Length in Font and 6 mm in the Rear

Electronic Details

Motor Brand:

Brose, Trail Tune

Motor Type:

Mid-Mounted Geared Motor
Learn more about Ebike motors

Motor Nominal Output:

250 watts

Motor Peak Output:

530 watts

Motor Torque:

90 Newton meters

Battery Brand:


Battery Voltage:

37 volts

Battery Amp Hours:

17.5 ah

Battery Watt Hours:

647.5 wh

Battery Chemistry:


Charge Time:

4.5 hours

Estimated Min Range:

50 miles ( 80 km )

Estimated Max Range:

130 miles ( 209 km )

Display Type:

Fixed, Backlit Transflective LCD, BULLS CSI


Speed, Battery Level (5 Bars), Assist Level (None, Eco, Tour, Sport)

Display Accessories:

Independent Button Pad with Tactile Feedback on Left, 6 Volt Micro USB Port on Display

Drive Mode:

Advanced Pedal Assist (Cadence and Torque Sensing)

Top Speed:

20 mph ( 32 kph )

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Written Review

Bulls has delivered one of the most diverse electric mountain bike lineups to the US that I’ve seen to date. Their bikes come in multiple sizes, use the latest battery technology and feature premium components (in this case a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain with 22 speeds, Shimano M615 hydraulic disc brakes, Ergon locking grips and RockShox air suspension supporting burly thru-axles on both wheels, Boost technology that widens the hubs and Schwalbe tubeless ready tires). My focus as a reviewer goes from “is this bike capable” towards “how does this specific model fit in the lineup” given that they also have 29er models and speed pedelecs.

As a Class 1 ebike, you get a top speed of 20 mph and no throttle mode with the E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 but are thus allowed to use it on more trails. It’s an ebike that you have to pedal in order to activate and it relies on torque and cadence sensors to deliver smooth responsive power output. The bike doesn’t perform like some others I’ve tested where the motor is clearly on or off, this one feels more natural and is a lot quieter as shown in the video review above. With a nominal rating of 250 watts some may not be impressed at first but the peak out put of 530 delivers and I have never had an issue climbing, even the steepest trails, if I shifted down to lower climbing gears.

Powering the bike on can be a two step process if you haven’t ridden for a day, there’s a button on the top of the downtube that activates the battery and a second one on the display button pad. Once both are switched on you can choose from three power levels, offering increasing torque and speed… you can also click down to zero where the bike performs as a normal pedal-power bicycle would. At ~52 lbs this is not the worlds lightest electric bike but the battery capacity is enormous so you’re getting a lot of extra range in exchange. I found that the battery, motor and rear suspension weight was all kept as low and central as possible to maximize handling. My only grips are that the flap covering the charging port doesn’t stick down perfectly and might let some dust in over time and that the keyhole positions the key very near the left crank arm and could expose it to bending and breaking if left in.

With 27.5″ wheels and longer travel 150 mm suspension up front, I view this bike as an all-mountain model with the potential for enduro riding. Compared with the 29er models, these wheels are more agile and easier to turn. The tires are not super wide and thus, fit between ricks easier but might also sink into soft terrain and slip on angles easier. The tires are tubeless ready and feature Liteskin, meaning they have thinner sidewalls to reduce weight. One of the biggest benefits of this model compared with Bosch or Yamaha driven bikes is that the battery fits into the downtube and the motor is super quiet. This makes it much more invisible to fellow riders… and it makes hanging it on some car racks easier. If you’re looking to ride further and enjoy all types of terrain, not just flatter trails, then this would be an excellent choice. It does not have shift sensing so take care in how you ride and shift those gears, keep an eye on the key when messing with the battery (or just charge with it on the frame) and consider adding an independent cycle computer if you want more feedback. Also consider upgrading the pedals from the stock cages. Big thanks to Bulls for partnering with me for this review.


  • The battery and motor blend perfectly with the frame, from the side it almost doesn’t look like an electric bike at all and the motor runs very quietly so you can blend in
  • Because it uses both a torque and cadence sensor, the bike responds fluidly as you pedal, it’s a great approach for mountain bikes especially because you might be riding on unstable terrain or paths that require quick changes in power output
  • Despite having such an integrated battery design, you can still remove it easily for reduced weight, safer storage or charging separately and it just requires the key to do so… no extra tools
  • I like the minimalist display panel they chose, it’s transflective so you can see it clearly in bright sunlight and it’s super small so it stays out of the way while not taking up too much bar space or standing out
  • Bulls has chosen to use the EnergyBus charging port for the battery which uses magnets (like a MacBook) so if you trip over the cable it won’t bend the pins or tip the bike… it will just unplug
  • Many of the Bulls electric bikes come in multiple sizes and the E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5 is no different, you get three frame sizes to choose from to maximize fit and performance for your body type
  • This bike would perform well on all-mountain terrain and possibly some nduro riding because it has a longer travel 150 mm suspension fork but mid-sized wheels with the popular 27.5″ diameter, it felt responsive but also forgiving to me
  • This is one of the very few electric mountain bikes I’ve seen with more than 11 speeds, the Brose drive system allows you to have two chainrings vs. one so in this case, the Shimano Deore XT drivetrain delivers 22 speeds which is more like traditional unpowered mountain bikes but also increases weight and complexity a bit
  • Solid 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, they deliver smooth powerful stopping that’s important for actual mountain biking, this bike can handle difficult terrain
  • You get quick release on both wheels for faster, easier maintenance and convenient transport, both axles are thicker than normal with 15 mm in the front and 12 mm in the back
  • It’s an excellent climber because of the mid-drive motor design (shift to lower gears to help it climb) and you should get you 40+ miles even on difficult steep terrain because of the larger battery pack
  • Both wheels feature Boost which means the hub is wider or “longer” so the spokes don’t have to be so narrow, this improves strength and is useful for riding on bumpy terrain where big rocks or drops might come up, it also improves chain alignment
  • I love that you can mount a water bottle cage on the downtube here and that the triangle space is left wide open because it makes hanging from certain kinds of car racks possible
  • Most of the cables and wires are hidden, routed internally through the frame to reduce snags and stay out of the way while riding, this along with the nicer paint makes the bike look beautiful


  • I feel like the battery port flap (on the downtube) doesn’t stick into the frame as well as it could, I had to mess with it to get it to stay put and if you don’t take that extra time it might be easier for dirt or mud to get in there
  • Be very careful with the keys when locking or unlocking the battery, the crank arms pass right by the keyhole and could bend the keys or get snagged if you leave them in, maybe future models will position this differently
  • I’m not a huge fan of the cage style pedals, they get bent more easily and don’t offer as much surface area as a platforms like this, you may consider clip-in pedals but given the heavier weight of ebikes I have noticed that I sometimes unclip accidentally when tossing the bike around
  • While the display is more stealth than a big screen, there aren’t as many readouts like max speed, trip distance or odometer and I don’t think Bulls has a smart phone app right now to let you dig in deeper and tune the bike, they went with simplicity here
  • All mid-drive e-bikes tend to put more stress on the chain and sprockets and this one doesn’t offer shift-sensing so it’s up to you to shift smoothly to avoid mashing
  • If you haven’t ridden the bike for a while the battery goes into sleep mode so you have to press power on the downtube and then again on the display panel, not a huge gripe but it’s an extra step and could make you wonder if the battery has gone dead or something if you forget and just go for the display
  • Considering that the bike has 22 speeds and some of the gears lay the chain very close to teh chain stay, you might want to add a neoprene slap guard because the bike just comes with a basic clear sticker which will likely get banged up over time
  • The weight of the battery, motor and even the rear suspension piston is kept as low as possible, it’s all very centered on the frame as well so you get maximum balance and handling


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3 months ago
@Texas Jim the levo is a beautiful bike. The main differences are that 1. the BULLS Enduro (and all BULLS eBIKES whether Brose, Bosch or Suntour) has a compact handle bar control for assist level and 2.the costs is far less on BULLS. Compare E-STREAM FS ENDURO msrp= $5399 v. Specialized Levo at $7500. Similar components such as Rock Shox Pike in the front and you even get 160mm travel with E-STREAM FS ENDURO.
Thomas Jaszewski
4 months ago
Your advice is well given and presented in the video but correct me if I'm wrong that every cell manufacturer says not to solder their cells./QUOTE]
There are recommendations and then there's real world use. Believe me, there are all kinds of builds where solder has been used and used successfully. This will never be a main stream product but for those of us who have experimented, there has been much success.
Heck which bike manufacturer suggests using their frame to convert to a eBike. All warrantees are gone the instant that drive motor is installed. EVERY BIKE MANUFACTURER VOIDS WARRANTEE IF THEIR BIKE IS MODIFIED

You make good points, thanks for the view!
5 months ago
Hi LC1, some of the differences for 2017 are listed below:
  • Carbon fibre frame addition to the existing lineup
  • Hi spec model added - Carbon Wheelset & RS1 Front Fork
  • Lower spec models offered to expand the price range to offer lower cost models
  • Slight modification to the Bulls logo
  • Minor colour changes
The models I have arriving in October are all the last of the 2016 range.
In the E-Stream EVO Range for 2017, the 27.5 model is dropped from the range and due to popularity, the 27.5+ and 29" only are offered.

In summary, the 2016 models I have arriving are different in colour and Bulls logo only. The 27.5 will no longer be available (only 27.5+)

As far as support goes, your local bike shop will be able to handle any regular servicing issues regarding the actual bicycle componentry.
We are the Service Agents for Brosë in New Zealand and Australia will be able to assist you with any electronic issues.

I can organise shipping to anywhere in Australia on your behalf using my freight forwarder if you like.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to know more.
5 months ago
Hi Karlos.
I am also in Australia and am actively looking at how to get my hands on a Bulls E-Stream Evo.
Reading your above post, does this mean there will be warranty support in Australia soon?
Any changes to that model in 2017?
6 months ago
Can you please list or provide a link to the Australian agents who are or will be stocking Bulls e-bikes. Would also be good to see the range and specs of the e-bikes that will be coming to the Australian market and when they will be available
At this stage the first bikes to hit those markets will be the E-Stream EVO models from Bulls.
I am still looking for suitable dealers in other states. Thanks!
7 months ago
Hi All-

Yes the plan was to take a meandering route, and do some fishing, camping, site-seeing, and related on the way down. The hope was this an electric bike I could take some routes I wouldn't comfortably manage with a conventional bike. I was budgeting $3k or so for the bike, and spare batteries but that is flexible. I'm 5'7" 165lbs, 37 years of age, and am thinking a pack of 40 lbs or so will accompany me, but the more I ponder that and exactly what it will encompass, the more tempting it is to load more gear on.

While I know electric bikes bring complications, I can always pause the trip or modify mid-stream, and am lucky to have a flexible schedule and the means to do so. I'd prefer to go electric for the comfort it will afford, relative to the amount of gear I am packing.

I'm checking into the Juiced bikes you mentioned @Court appreciate the tip there!
8 months ago
This is the best ebike I've ridden and I have owned and/ or built 6 ebikes over 12 years ( all trottles). The full suspension is great....the battery is removable in seconds....and the battery is 17.5 aHrs....650whrs...50lbs.... MSRP $4600. LOVE IT

Before you spend $6000 on the Specialized, or get a Haibike, check out the BULLS. Super quiet. I tried all the major mid drive ebikes....(I demoed Haibikes with Bosch CX, Yamaha and Specialized Levo w/ Brose). E-stream FS3 27.5 is the quietest ....more hillclimbing torque than the Bosch CX or Yamaha IMO.

I just did a major uphill, rocky, banked switchback trail and it blew me away with the smooth torque sensor and balance/weight distribution. It felt like I was magnetically held on the trail as I was climbing rocks, effortlessly. Less wheelie prone. On the flats, you determine how much assist and just cruise.....but you must always pedal to keep the assist working. Brakes are incredible.

I'm 60 with two bad knees, so I know instantly when the pedal resistance is causing too much pain. Usually level 2 is the best on the trails. There is a "sweet spot" in certain gears at certain speeds for the cadence and torque sensing. It took a day or two to find it, and once I did, the steep climbing is effortless.
Nice to hear. I'm in the process of getting an ebike and torn between the Bulls E-stream fs3 and the Specialized Turbo Levo. I did demo the Levo HT and was very pleased. Couldn't get my hands on the Bulls FS3 but any feedback on comparisons would be appreciated.
Ravi Kempaiah
8 months ago
Riding this E-stream EVO was like "Bikegasm". Really enjoy the quiet and smooth power delivery.

I'm trying to import a Speed pedelec version and with a 640Whr battery, that's going to be a blast to ride.
8 months ago
This is the best ebike I've ridden and I have owned and/ or built 6 ebikes over 12 years ( all trottles). The full suspension is great....the battery is removable in seconds....and the battery is 17.5 aHrs....650whrs...50lbs.... MSRP $4600. LOVE IT

Before you spend $6000 on the Specialized, or get a Haibike, check out the BULLS. Super quiet. I tried all the major mid drive ebikes....(I demoed Haibikes with Bosch CX, Yamaha and Specialized Levo w/ Brose). E-stream FS3 27.5 is the quietest ....more hillclimbing torque than the Bosch CX or Yamaha IMO.

I just did a major uphill, rocky, banked switchback trail and it blew me away with the smooth torque sensor and balance/weight distribution. It felt like I was magnetically held on the trail as I was climbing rocks, effortlessly. Less wheelie prone. On the flats, you determine how much assist and just cruise.....but you must always pedal to keep the assist working. Brakes are incredible.

I'm 60 with two bad knees, so I know instantly when the pedal resistance is causing too much pain. Usually level 2 is the best on the trails. There is a "sweet spot" in certain gears at certain speeds for the cadence and torque sensing. It took a day or two to find it, and once I did, the steep climbing is effortless.
My Bulls Outlaw E45 ships Tuesday. I agree Bulls appears to be the new leader in components for the money. Speed bikes with big batteries and top of the line equipment.

I can't wait to try mine!
Ravi Kempaiah
8 months ago
We rode this bike at the Expo today, our consensus was that it is a nice bicycle with a rather weak (250w Brose) motor. Totally forgettable compared to some of the other ebikes that were there.
I have been riding this bike for over 2 weeks now at our shop and have put close to 100 miles. I am really impressed by the build quality and bicycle-like handling.
I would say it's a biker's bike. It's very subtle and very different from hub motors. It's rated for 250W nominal and because of the dual chain rings, it has no problem climbing steep hills.
There are tons of user reviews on Brose here: http://www.pedelecforum.de/forum/index.php?forums/brose.53/

Compared to the Bosch batteries (400Whrs), these have 640Whrs. On assist level 2, I have gotten 65 miles at an avg speed of 18mph. For off-road, this is a great bike. I would not use it for commuting as it's limited to 20mph.

A friend of mine owns Pedego Ridge Rider, BULLS EVO E-stream FS 3 and few other ebikes. We were discussing about the differences between the Ridge rider and the BULLS.
He did post a very objective review here:

9 months ago
I test rode a Bulls evo stream 29 HT with Brose motor and 620wh 17.5 aH battery recently.....this is after riding a Haibike Yamaha, Haibike Bosch CX and a Specialized Levo w/ Brose ( $6000!!).

Went up some very steep hills ( street). They all made it but the Yamaha struggled a bit. They are all very good.

BUT.....My favorite is the Bulls with Brose!! Silent, smooth, elegant, RANGE (no one has this big a battery), torque, sleek looking setup. Rep said 2 yr. warranty.
10 months ago
If ya think it sounds pretty steep, you sure ya got the st2s? Thats pretty steep too. but both are " ya get what ya pay for" steep.If it is as bright as pictures show relative to st2, I would say its priceless.; My eyesight is not that good, and I've got a substantial stream light flashlight strapped to fork leg, doubles my light capacity and allows me to ride top speed at night, but it sucks through pricey cr123 batteries pretty quick. I inquired to supernova directly(not looking to by-pass stormer, or their dealers, btw) and was told "I'm sorry Barry, it is not technically possible" Might not be, and if nothing else, it might be considered too ugly to steal, but check out your velo insurance, I don't remember how that part of insurance worked, you might be pleasantly surprised. Plus, a bigger concern for me and easier, bigger money item would be the battery. And, imo, messing around unloosing allen heads would be slower and as conspicuous as cutting lock and grabbing bike.
I use my electronic lock and a super wazoo folding abus and back that up with common sense and Velo. quick, easy way to secure bike.
Worth mentioning, a huge majority of harleys are lifted into trucks when stolen. abus cures that, gps backs that up, and velo handles it when those two fail. I will give a shout out to folding abus combination , switchblade speed, and hold tight for 1000 miles in bottle holder spot, and I no longer have to decide fighting huge heavy u-lock, chain lock bouncing around, every different lock you can imagine or just jamming in and jamming out of store or wherever. cause locks take so long to mess with for me.
11 months ago
Not to fuel the lawless kit frenzy either. I do not think crazy DIY kits on flimsy bike frames is a good idea, or fortunately even an option for most people, and are potentially lethal with undersized brakes, flexy frames, slim tires with poor grip, dangling wires etc. They also often have poor efficiency and design.

BH of course has their Revo (Brose) and Xenion (Bosch) lines that are "tuneable" with speed mods, but their Evo (Dapu) hub motor line still isn't.

If US hub motors were available to buy a year ago, I would not have had any further interest in this subject. I feel I'd do fine with 20mph, and indeed whenever I reach it on downhills, it feels crazy fast.

The sad thing is, I just want a second rear wheel for the 600-700 bucks, and I want it to be the faster US wheel.

For a $250 part (Dapu motor), that's a reasonable markup for all parties involved, and yet they aren't selling. What a world!

And how green is the grass? Well, I've been eyeing the Bulls Evo FS 3 27,5+. 650Wh battery, thru-axles and 27,5+ (boost) wheels. Take notes, BH!

Alex Smith
12 months ago
@PowerMe - you nailed it. Today's commute over the GGB was nothing short of awesome. Classic SF weather, blue sky with a thin stream of fog across the bridge. Total commute time was 40 minutes, on a normal bike it's an hour.

Updates: I put the Likiliki chain ring up front, replacing the stock heavy 46 tooth with a light 42 tooth. There's no question that I've lost some top end, as on the flats I can get up to around 27mph before the cadence is too fast for me to pedal (probably 105-110rpm). Last week I hit 30 on the same stretch. On the flip side, the gearing seems more "right" for the bike, and I feel more power across all levels, especially on the climbs. And I was faster today overall by a few minutes. Not exactly sure how to explain it. I suspect I was slightly slower on the flats but faster on the climbs. But I'll take it! Honestly, it feels safer to top out around 27 on the busy streets of Sausalito. Going 30+ and I'm passing cars on the right, which feels unsafe (they're not expecting it).

@George S. - I do suspect my battery wasn't at a full charge. Today's ride left it with a little more juice on the way in. I brought my charger and will charge at work just in case. Thanks for the tip about 65% discharge - it was below that and definitely dead. I eeked out a tiny bit of support up two hills in PAS1, and that killed it completely.

@Logan Gogarty - thanks, I do feel like I've learned a ton and I know my bike far better than I would have with a purpose built model. As far as shifting, I have some regrets about not getting the lectric cycle with the shift sensor. The loud thunk thunk means I'll probably be replacing the rear cassette every year. That's about a $100 cost, and true it doesn't make up the difference in price, but it would be more for piece of mind and smooth quiet shifting. I don't want to go the cutoff route because I've heard the cutoff time is pretty long, and I'm not into long pauses with shifting. I ordered the hydraulic ebrakes, I'll play around with a light tap on those before shifting.
1 year ago
Another day another ride.

Knee pain has prevented me from riding over the last few weeks, but I decided to pop out yesterday afternoon for a mixed off road/on road ride, and managed to take a tumble.
The weather has been dire over here, with non stop rain and many floods. Off road riding has been pretty difficult going and I was expecting that I'd probably fall off at least once, but stayed on board the bike, despite the technical going.
My fall happened when riding on the road of all places. I was riding along a lengthy patch of very shallow flood water, when the front end of the bike suddenly dropped into what must have been a collapsed trench. The bike stopped instantly and over the bars I sailed. The brake lever went across my chest, and I ended up having to cut the ride short with neck pain. The remaining five miles to get back home, seemed to take forever.

View attachment 5161

At least the off road riding was up to the usual fun. I would normally ride down this stream to cross it, but despite the water level not being particularly deep, I decided that it just wasn't worth the risk yesterday. The water wasn't that clear, and the bottom of the stream is very slippery. I'd rather be able to play another day, than risk the motor.

View attachment 5162View attachment 5163

Free secure bike parking.

View attachment 5164

Here is one of Intuvia in place of Nyon. Intuvia slots straight on, but Nyon won't work if sliding on in place of Intuvia. It requires the toggle switch to function.

View attachment 5165

Finally, it's back to wet and muddy shoes. Although wet on the outside, these Gore Tex Shimano boots remained lovely and dry on the inside, until the point of my fall, when I was left laying on the ground in the water!

View attachment 5166
Tom Murphy
1 year ago
I scouted my intended route over the weekend on a hardy mountain bike. While some of the dirt track is easy/smooth, there are some pretty hairy sections (large gravel beds, steep rooty/rocky slopes, a couple stream crossings) that I would not want to do daily on an urban-leaning bike (sorry Specialized Turbo). This shifts me from "trail-tolerant urban bike" to "urban-tolerant mountain bike." Now I know. Some of the more challenging bits ask for a lot of torque (low speed, steep, technical). I love that kind of riding, and don't flinch at the challenge of self-power when it's recreational. On a commute I want the e-bike to do the sweating instead of me. So I am now leaning heavily toward mid-drive for the low-speed torque delivery.

I also test-drove a 19-inch IZIP E3 and found the frame to be too small for my long legs, even with seat at max extension. Looking at mid-drive mountain bikes over 21 inches leaves me with a small pool at prices I can (gulp) afford. Haibike RX 29, Focus Jarifa Impulse 27R, and Felt Nine are the <$5k contenders, in order of cost. The RX 29 is looking like my best bet. I would surely appreciate pointing out any missed models, or feedback on these bikes.
1 year ago
After fussing to buy supernova without fenders for st1, and getting it and my supernova on st2, I went back to supernova + quick attach/detach stream light. 60$, batteries kinda pricey, but adjusted far and supernova close- I can comfortably cruise at 25. Flashlight comes in handy when needed elsewhere too. Even this super m99 is of little help when changing flat at night. But I am impressed with that comparison photo of the two.
Kinda takes the super out of my mighty supernova.
Marc Gonsalves
3 months ago

Court I love your channel. Great review! I'm very interested in this bike, I like the simplicity of it and the fact that it doesn't scream "E-bike". I do wish it had an odometer though. Maybe I'm nitpicking but I like knowing how many miles are on the bike. Can anyone recommend a good bike computer with odometer distance?

Marc Gonsalves
3 months ago

Crazy Lenny's Ebikes I looked hard at the Garmins, specifically the edge 25 and 520, but it looks like those don't store odometer distance on the device, I guess it's on your home computer after you transfer your rides. I'm looking at the Lezyne computers now.

Crazy Lenny's Ebikes
3 months ago

Garmin makes very nice GPS systems along with cadence and speed sensors. You could also use it as an odometer.

4 months ago

Why do they make these bike with such a weak motor? 250 watts? Many Ebikes are now 500 watts some actually have more. Also, the bike is limited to only 20 mph but in terrain you wouldn't want to go any faster I suppose for safety. I love the pedalec systems myself 28 mph, good efficient motors. They should make an all purpose bike for commuting with a good motor, 500 watt, electronic display, and 28 mph now that would be a great bike

Crazy Lenny's Ebikes
3 months ago

You would enjoy this bike. We have it at the store. Stop by and take it for a spin.

Propel Electric Bikes
4 months ago

I agree with the other posters below. It's especially important to look at torque values. Just because your burning energy (ie Watts) does not mean your producing power. Yamaha produces a motor that you're speaking of, but I prefer the Bosch system personally. - Chris

Fer Enda
4 months ago

Mid-drive systems are much more torquier than rear-hub's. Having said that, a 250W mid-drive will smoke a 500W rear-hub going uphill. Also, a 250W mid-drive is more efficient and thus will give you a much greater range compared to any 500W motor. I see your point, but I think 250W mid-drive is the sweet spot.

jc hg
4 months ago

Awsome, very nice. I've got the plus version and it is incredible. Very good review as always.

Mathieu Bouvier
4 months ago

agreed, this channel BADLY need drone footage, lets get the DJI Mavric to work

4 months ago

Dang, Nice review! My 2014 evo-650b is feeling old, so goes great, no issues over 1000 miles, but off road i'd like more torque.

Mark Woods
4 months ago

Another great review, thanks. I wish someonw would make a full suspension street/trail bike.

Propel Electric Bikes
3 months ago

Yeah. That Delite is the stuff dream are made of ;) I feel very fortunate I will get to enjoy our demo bike. But if I had to pick a bike to own it would be very high on my list.

Mark Woods
3 months ago

The Riese-Muller with the belt drive dual battery with full suspension is now my dream bike. A little out of my price range for now but maybe in a year....

Propel Electric Bikes
4 months ago

I think we are starting to see more and more. I listed some bikes below you should check out the below bikes:


Adam Samadi
4 months ago

chgofirefighter I live in London and we have the worst roads to commute put holes every where and mainly all hills

4 months ago

YEAH me too! I purchased the Stromer ST2 and I have encountered nothing but issues ever since my purchase. Chicago's streets are not like the streets in Europe, better paved, etc. The Stromer brand needs to be adjusted for the American market, our major cities don't have the best communiting streets. They need to add suspension etc. But I love its 500 watt motor and performance. No other bike performs like the Stromer but things are improving w other manufacturers

4 months ago

top Quality Bulls bike nice 150 travel comfy.

Fat Bike Freak
4 months ago

Rockshox and Sram came up with boost spacing...not Trek...

4 months ago

I've been reading more about it here, looks like Trek was one of the first companies to use it but they do mention SRAM http://enduro-mtb.com/en/tech-talk-whats-the-boost-standard-all-about/

4 months ago

Really? Perhaps I got some misinformation, appreciate the tip. I was just learning about it on the Bulls bikes and filmed them all at once so you may here mea say it incorrectly a few more times

4 months ago

Where were you riding? Is it a legal trail? How does the bike compare to the Haibike with the Yamaha motor?

4 months ago

Yeah, this was a dirt road with some trails snaking around it somewhere south of LA. I went there with the team from Bulls and don't know the exact name. I prefer the Brose to the Yamaha motor.

El Cangrejo
4 months ago

No way I am taking a 50lb bike off road. E bikes belong in the city.

4 months ago

Well, I've taken 100+ lb dirt bikes off-road and had a blast, even jumped them :D have you seen this video with Travis Pastrana? One of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQa3mnXawF0 watch around 22 seconds and beyond in the fields... incredible

John Moura
4 months ago

Cool bike - - Great review and scenery!

4 months ago

Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed the scenery, this was such a beautiful day... awesome spot to ride with all the views to the ocean :D

4 months ago

Love it.

Mark Hepple
3 months ago

Start doing more ebike reviews durianrider Keen to see if bikes similar to this are available in Adelaide aus.

4 months ago

Me too, this is a winner for sure :D

Bart Beek
4 months ago

Buy an auto-following drone for better footage whilst cycling!

4 months ago

Yeah, I'm looking at the new DJI Mavic Pro and saving up... also trying to balance describing bikes and testing with entertainment. It takes a lot longer to do drone shots and to pack and care for a drone vs. the handhelds. I appreciate the tip and actually used a drone a few days ago for an upcoming bike ;)

Fat Bike Freak
4 months ago

I don't think he wants to die through submersion in and inhalation of water.

Music Keeps Alive
4 months ago

I wish you're having a good day because I haven't

Music Keeps Alive
4 months ago


4 months ago

Aww, that's a bummer... Not every day is good, sometimes I'm filming these reviews and being happy on camera but having some challenges to work through. It's okay to have tough times, in a way they balance out the good times and help guide you towards better ways to spend time and better people to surround yourself with :D

Rastafari Jah
4 months ago

Please start putting price in your Video Description . Thanks

Rastafari Jah
4 months ago

+Simon Colby Just saying I wish he would put the Price in the written description of each Video . Maybe some Specs as well .

Simon Colby
4 months ago

He did at the very end of the video.

4 months ago

I hear ya, it's in the description back at the site, I like to this at the top of the description and this allows me to update the price in just one place as it changes. Also, back at the site you can use the advanced search to filter and sort by price, bike type, size, etc. :)

Steve Petttyjohn
4 months ago

Great review as usual! However, I would have liked to see how the battery is removed. Is it as easy as the Bosch or Yamaha to remove?

4 months ago

Great point Steve! We got out to the trail and they hadn't brought all of the chargers or keys so I wasn't able to show it... I find that it's very easy to remove but you want to avoid accidentally dropping it as you unlock then tilt it to come out. Compared with Yamaha or Bosch I'd say it's slightly trickier but looks way better.

4 months ago

beautiful bike but why not a 1000-1500w version (for off road only mode)surely the internal gears/driveline could handle it?

4 months ago

They limit it for legal purposes, different markets have different limits and I think this helps with liability for the bigger companies with more to lose. Some kits offer more power but you could be putting yourself on the line if an accident happens. In California this qualifies as Class 1 to be allowed on more trails and is legal in the US as it has under 750 watt motor.

Adam Samadi
4 months ago

I love ur channel bro

3 months ago

by any chance could you review the M2S All-Go,its also quite stealthy.

Adam Samadi
4 months ago

ElectricBikeReview.com do you have one personal electric bike ? what is it?

4 months ago

Thanks! I work really hard to make it good and help people discover the perfect bike for their budget and needs... and to really see it up close ;)

Benjamin Jehne
4 months ago

...This bike looks so stealthy. Very cool...

4 months ago

I completely agree... it's an awesome bike all around but the blending in is one of my favorite parts ;)